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Chapter 236 - Glazed Magma Metal

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 236 - Glazed Magma Metal

    “The Glazed Magma Metal can be put aside since it only is useful for Body Cultivators. However, one drop of First Yuan Heavy Water is a remarkable water attribute treasure that only Crystal Level Experts adept in the water element can refine. Whether it is made into a totem or used as a material in refining another totem, it still has countless uses. Moreover, if the First Yuan Heavy Water is able to become Second Yuan Heavy Water or Third Yuan Heavy Water, the price would definitely increase by hundreds or thousands of times. Hehe, at that time…” Master Chu laughed.

    “I do understand your meaning Master Chu. These treasures are what a Spirit Apostle should not possess. I have sent the Guo brothers, there should be a reply soon.” Shopkeeper Meng pondered a moment before replying.

    “Good. You are not a pedantic man indeed. If we were to hand over this drop of First Yuan Heavy Water to headquarters, we would definitely be rewarded heavily. It seems that it was the right thing to not get to those who asked for appraisals before. If not, it would have drawn the big fish here.” Master Chu said in delight.

    “In the past, the ones who came for appraisals would at most bring items that ordinary Spirit Masters could use. Even though they might be rare, how could they compare to these two items? However, I have already instructed the Guo brothers to strike when there is no one around. In this case, even if he goes missing, it would not raise suspicion. The only thing I am worried about is that since this person dares to take out this treasure to appraise, I’m afraid that he would have some measures on his own. If the Guo brothers fail…” Shopkeeper Meng said hesitantly.

    “You don’t have to worry about this. You might not know this, but a few days ago the Guo brothers took both the Bloodsucking Crossbow and Exploding Needles from me. These two treasures are sneak attack gems that are impossible to defend against. As long as the Guo brothers are not that stupid, they should not fail.” Master Chu laughed a little.

    “What, there is such a thing. Now that you have said this, I feel more at ease.” Master Chu was stumped for words at first, but very quickly he gave a relaxed sigh.

    However, at this moment, some footsteps were heard on the outside, followed by two men in a black tight suit, one taller and one shorter.

    “Both of you have returned! Is it that you have succeeded so quickly!” Shopkeeper Meng asked in surprise as soon as he saw the two men.

    These two men were the Guo brothers that he mentioned earlier on.

    Master Chu also saw them and gave a surprised look.

    “I’m afraid we will have to disappoint both Master Chu and Brother Meng. The boy was very sneaky, after turning at the end of the street, both of us could not find any trace of him.” The taller one spoke, his face giving an unsightly expression.

    “What, you both lost him. How do the both of you work, do you know that that person is carrying a precious treasure on hand?” Shopkeeper Meng asked angrily.

    Master Chu face turned gloomy.

    “Meng, although you are of a slightly higher level than us, you still do not have the rights to point directly at our faces. Although we have failed our mission this time, we will report it but that would only cost us the punishment of deducting our Spirit Stone income by half a year.” The shorter one said.

    The two then bowed to Master Chu and quickly left.

    “Master, the Guo brothers have failed their mission but look at how arrogant they are. How about we report their name directly to the headquarter about this. Listing them guilty for losing the First Yuan Heavy water and the Glazed Magma Metal, that would make them unable to ever recover.” Shopkeeper Meng responded in anger upon seeing this scene, his face red with fury.

    “I’m afraid this is not going to be easy. Fellow Meng, do not forget that in that boy's hand lies the two valuable materials that only the two of us know about. Without evidence, headquarters would not listen to only our side of the story. Don’t forget that those two are only arrogant because they have someone backing them up. If I were you, I would leave this matter aside for now, there would always be a next time.” Master Chu replied with a wry smile.

    Knowing that the Guo brothers have lost the person, Master Chu was quite disappointed. He naturally did not want to get in any conflict between Shopkeeper Meng and the Guo brothers.

    “Thank you, Master, for pointing it out to me. I have lost control of myself, but when I think of such treasure like the First Yuan Heavy Water that I missed right before my very eyes, I just could not accept it.” Shopkeeper Meng barely let out a laugh.

    “This is something we can’t do anything to help. Since that person could easily get rid of the Guo brothers, it shows that he is already cautious against the Thousand Refinement House. Knowing that he was carrying a huge treasure, I’m afraid that he would leave Xuanjing immediately, and the both of us have no choice.” Master Chu sighed.

    Upon hearing this, Shopkeeper Meng was dejected.

    As the both of them were speaking in Thousand Refinement House, the person they were talking about did not leave Xuanjing. In fact, with the change of face, he easily got rid of the suspicious person behind him and left the market right away. He then headed to the cave on Immortal Dawn Mountain.

    Liu Ming did not find anything weird about the Thousand Refinement House sending someone to follow their own people.

    If it were up to him, knowing that someone was carrying such treasure that would move the hearts of Crystal level experts, he would have done the same. After all, in the underground market of Xuanjing the so called public praise was relative. It was just that they didn’t find an item that moved them.

    When Liu Ming returned to the cave, he entered the secret room. He cast spells again before letting the cauldron out with a ringing sound. With his vision shining, he then started to size up the cauldron’s drop of black liquid, while an excited look was plastered on his face.

    Although the item is not an ordinary material, he never thought that it would be the rumored “First Yuan Heavy Water”

    If not for “Master Chu” doing tests to confirm various characteristics of the water, he probably still would not believe the results.

    The “First Yuan Heavy Water” was rumored to take a master in the water element tens to hundreds of years before a lake or river could be compressed into a single drop.

    For a Crystal Level expert to take nearly a hundred years to practice in order to create a single material, naturally, it was something that wouldn’t be worth it for the expert.

    With that, the First Yuan Heavy Water rarely ever existed.

    Even though there was only one drop, perhaps it was originally a small lake that was compressed. If it was a Second Yuan Heavy Water or Third Yuan Heavy Water, it might be from an entire river or even the entire sea in order to form this treasure. The First Yuan Heavy Water could not compare to them.

    Of course, aside from the weight of the First Yuan Heavy Water, it was an extreme grade water attribute material. If it was the right blacksmith, they would be able to use it to create a high-grade totem instantly. For itself, it could be refined into an extremely strong “Heavy Water Pearl” that was in the rumors.

    Liu Ming circled the huge cauldron and sized up the black liquid once again for a while. The more he saw it, the more he grew to like it.

    It was a pity that a treasure this grade was much too precious and expensive to the point that he was not able to use it right now. He would have to wait until he became a Spirit Master before being able to consider the actual use of it.

    Liu Ming thought for a little while, before moving his sleeve a little, letting out a bright ray of multicolored light to roll by and the huge cauldron was put away into the Sumeru Conch.

    Following that, he took a dazzling golden ball from his sleeves and after examining it with a look, he let out a pensive look.

    The Glazed Magma Metal did not have such a huge reputation as compared to the First Yuan Heavy Water. However, in the eyes of body cultivators, it would make them much more frantic compared to the First Yuan Heavy Water.

    According to what Master Chu said, the Glazed Magma Metal was a type of precious material. Born from something called a ‘Glazed Wom’. In ancient times, after these unusual worms engulfed countless ores, they would produce this rare metal from their body.

    Despite these rare metals being unable to mix with any totem to become a refinement material as well as being unable to be refined into any weapon in the form of swords or blades. However, it could be refined through specific methods.

    As long as the refining was a success, it could be made into any shape, be it soft or hard. It could even attach itself directly to a totem weapon, allowing it to increase its strength by a lot. However, to some Body Cultivators, attaching this precious metal onto one’s body could bring about a great wide array of uses.

    Master Chu seemed like he had more to say but didn’t do so. Obviously, there were probably some other great uses.

    Liu Ming thought about it in his heart. Naturally, he would not refine it without careful consideration.

    For the next two days, Liu Ming had disguised himself and went around the underground market a few rounds. He then started to seek ancient books on the First Yuan Heavy Water as well as the Glazed Magma Metal. From this, he would then be able to ensure that “Master Chu” was right about the items and they were not fake.

    If he were to examine the materials right away, it would definitely be a difficult task. However, because he knew the names of it and being able to search the record for it, even if it was a rare item, it would be a relaxing task for him.

    This was why there were appraisal masters in the cultivation world and ordinary appraisal masters would definitely not make up appraisals.

    By the time Liu Ming could confirm the materials, he purchased supplementary materials once again and headed right back to the cave to start cultivating.

    Half a month later, Liu Ming was still seated cross legged on a praying mat with a pale face. In the heart of it was a light gray formation that was imprinted on the ground. Surrounding it was over ten middle tier Spirit Stones that varied in sizes sticking out.

    Liu Ming shut his eyes tightly and a bright ray of golden light floated before him.

    At the middle of the golden light was a golden pearl that was the size of a fist. On the surface, it seemed like there were streaks of blood stains on it. Following Liu Ming’s breathing, the pearl expanded and contracted.

    Following the passing of time, Liu Ming then recovered some redness in his face before opening his eyes. As soon as he opened his mouth, he spit out a ball of blood essence.

    “Peng”, the blood essence exploded in a split second, transforming into a fog of blood that trapped the golden pearl.

    In a short moment, the entire room reeked with the smell of blood!