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Chapter 229 - Steel Zombie

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 229 - Steel Zombie

    The pitch black calf was instantly separated and fresh blood immediately spewed out!

    At the very same time, the tall black-clothed man moved his one leg, causing his entire body to fly out like a bolt shot from a bow. A glyph was quickly slapped on his thigh and bits of green light began flashing. The loss of blood promptly stopped while at the same time the wound rapidly began healing.

    But right at this time, the White Bone Scorpion flew up and chased after him, seemingly having no intention of letting its opponent go.

    The tall black clothed man endured through the pain and was barely able to land on the ground. When he saw the scorpion in hot pursuit, he was immediately shocked and angered. With a flick of his sleeve, he once again brought out that bronze mirror he used before. He only pointed it at the bone scorpion, and instantly a cloud of lightning fire showered down towards the scorpion.

    However, the bone scorpion simply twisted its body and flashed within a cloud of purple gas. In this way, he was able to avoid the lightning fire. Subsequently, it moved its tail, again, turning it into some tens of black lines that shot through the air. It was, however, once again forced away by the lightning fire from the black clothed man's bronze mirror.

    Just at this time, an earth-shattering sound came from where Liu Ming was.

    It was shockingly Liu Ming who had thrown out a gigantic fireball in his hands, firmly hitting the giant ghost that was trapped below him.

    The ghost monster released a great roar and was then completely swallowed by the mushroom like fire cloud. It was turned into dust in an instant by the high temperatures.

    The black clothed man currently using his bronze mirror to hold off the bone scorpion suddenly had his ghost tattoo on his chest turn blood red. At the same time, the ghost in the painting became blurred. It actually tunneled into the tall black clothed man’s chest and disappeared.

    The tall black clothed man immediately screamed out loud and threw away the bronze mirror in his hands. He then fell to the ground as he turned. He held his head with his hands as he rolled around on the ground in a frenzy. At the same time, screams could constantly be heard coming from his mouth. It was as if he was enduring through some unimaginable torture.

    The white bone naturally didn’t let go of this opportunity as it watched this scene. Moving its body, it pounced onto the tall black clothed man, its two large claws and its tail raining out attacks at once. In an instant, it turned its opponent into minced meat.

    Large amounts of black blood began flowing out of the minced corpse accompanied by a ‘gu gu’ sound.

    When Liu Ming saw this, the look in his eyes relaxed a bit. Moving his eyes, it fell upon the battle at the other side.

    At this moment, using the bursts of flame released by the tiger head, the fat black clothed man was in a stalemate with the Flying Head. When he saw his companion lose his life in a blink of an eye, he couldn’t help but be greatly shocked. The tiger head once again sprayed out a pillar of fire, forcing the Flying Head back a few steps. Then, he suddenly turned into a shadow as he dashed towards one of the black coffins.

    “Stop him!” Liu Ming ordered.

    Another black shadow flew that way and with a headbutt, it heavily collided with the fat black clothed man.

    It was the ghost monster, the White Bone Scorpion

    And this small moment of delay allowed the Flying Head to come flying back with a weird laughter. His long hair swept out.

    The bone scorpion also opened its mouth as a burst of purple flame was sprayed out.

    Just like that, the fat black clothed man was caught in between the combined attacks of both the bone scorpion and the flying head. Even though the tiger head was continually spewing out bursts of fire and his four arms each held a bone sword relentlessly counter attacking, after only a short moment, he had already lost the momentum.

    Right at this time, Liu Ming flicked his short sword and green Sword Qi after Sword qi also joined the attack.

    With this, the fat black clothed man naturally had an even harder time resisting. Failing a dodge, his shoulder was pierced by the bone scorpion's tail and an itchy feeling began at once to spread out from the wound.

    “Wait, I surrender! Without me, I am afraid that Fellow cannot obtain the true treasures.” The fat black clothed man heart sunk and he suddenly began shouting loudly.

    “The true treasure?” Liu Ming heard these words and his expression moved a bit.

    “Yes, Fellow wouldn’t truly believe that the former dynasty’s treasure are in these coffins? There should only be some ordinary treasures here; there’s a trick to get to the place with the true treasures.” The fat black clothed man was struggling to hold off the attacks from the Flying Head and the bone scorpion. He desperately shouted at the top of his lungs.

    In this small moment of time, his shoulder had become numb and with it, two of his arms couldn’t move it. Seeing the oncoming attack but having no way of blocking it, one could imagine the panic in his heart.

    Having heard those words, Liu Ming, slightly wrinkled his brows. He didn’t do any action but the Flying Head and bone scorpion that were attacking in a frenzy suddenly stopped and even took a few steps back.

    When the fat black clothed man saw this, he finally let out a breath in his heart. Hurriedly he took out a small bottle from his chest and in one mouthful swallowed seven to eight pills.

    By now, he could no longer feel half of his body. The shock in his heart could be imagined.

    “It’s of no use. This bone scorpion of mine is a mutated ghost monster, normal antidote pills can at best only temporarily restrain the poison. If one wants to completely remove the poison, doing so in a short amount of time is nothing but wishful thinking. Release the Beast Transformation technique, otherwise, I wouldn’t mind taking care of you first before I slowly search this place for the treasure.” Liu Ming calmly walked over and said with a calm voice.

    “I understand, I will do according to what Fellow said.” The fat black clothed man heard what Liu Ming said and clenched his teeth as he answered. His hands made a sign and the tiger head and two beast arms on his ribs rapidly began shrinking. It took only a small moment before they completely vanished. At the same time, the aura that he gave off immediately weakened by more than half.

    “If it wasn’t because I lost too much essence blood when I had to open the restriction, causing me to be unable to display the true power of the Beast Transforming Technique, then I wouldn’t have lost that quickly.” The fat black clothed man released his technique, all the while showing a depressed face.

    “If you can’t accept it, then you can just as well go ahead and join that guy as a companion.” Liu Ming expressionlessly said, eyes glancing at the body pieces of the tall black clothed man.

    About the same time as those words left his mouth, the White Bone Scorpion and the Flying Head began becoming restless.

    “This one was only joking around, don’t take it to heart, Fellow.” When the fat black clothed man saw that, he naturally got a scare and hurriedly spoke up.

    “It doesn’t matter whether you were joking or not, tell me now where the true treasure is hidden. And don’t hold onto some thoughts about delaying things. If I feel like that you have that kind of idea, then I immediately let those two attack.” Liu Ming stared at the fat black clothed man and coldly said.

    “How could I have any thoughts? The true treasure actually lies underneath these caverns and is furthermore also sealed by another formation. The way to open this seal, is only something only I, alone, know.” The fat black clothed man heard this and answered bitterly.

    “Then first tell me where the true treasure is.” Liu Ming, after hearing what was said, expressionlessly asked.

    “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the true treasure should actually be an aura pit!” This time, the fat black clothed man hesitated a bit, before answering with a face full of helplessness.

    “Aura pit!?”

    Even though Liu Ming has always been very calm but even he couldn’t help but exclaim loudly after hearing what the fat black clothed man said.

    “That’s right, it isn’t a very large aura pit, and I’m also not sure exactly what kind of Pura Aura Qi it contains. But for it to have remained unopened for this many years, the amount of Pure Aura Qi it has accumulated definitely isn’t a small amount.” Since the fat black clothed man had already started this secret, he went ahead and didn’t try to hide anything more.

    “Very good, then let me see whether what you have said is true or not. But before this, I still need to do another thing first.” Liu Ming firmly held back the excitement in his heart, resumed his calmness and said.

    “What? Just what does Fellow want to do?” The fat black clothed man asked in a daze.

    But before he could do anything, the Flying Head at his side suddenly shook its head. With the sound of piercing air, a strand of long hair flew directly towards the fat man.

    The fat black clothed man’s face changed when he saw this but after taking a glance at the restless White Bone Scorpion, he could only bitterly smile and stand there without moving.

    The result was that after a ‘pu’ sound, the long hair instantly vanished into his body. With a quick twist, it wrapped around his beating heart, causing him to quiver.

    “When you are opening the seal, it would be best to be sincere. Otherwise, I can transmit a thought and the Flying Head will crush your heart. With that said, you can go and open the seal.” After Liu Ming saw this, his expression loosened a bit.

    “Alright, please wait a bit. For me to open that seal, I still need to take out an instrument from these coffins.” The fat black clothed man lowered his head as he looked at the place where the hair had entered his chest. His plump face suddenly beamed with flattery, as if he truly was a peaceful mortal.

    “What kind of instrument do you need, and from which coffin?” Liu Ming naturally wouldn’t be fooled by that kind of expression and coolly said.

    The opponent was someone who was able to become the second leader of the Black Spirit Group and normally had to lead so many evil cultivators. If he wasn’t ruthless and sly, then no one would believe him to be the second leader.

    “It’s a steel plate and it should be in the coffin with the silver chrysanthemum mark on its corner.” The fat black clothed man saw that Liu Ming didn’t want to let him immediately retrieve the item. He hesitated a bit before pointing towards one of the coffins and replying.

    Liu Ming after hearing this moved his line of sight and quickly saw the aforementioned coffin.

    It was exactly the coffin that the fat black clothed man had been running towards.

    He pondered for a bit, before flicking the short sword in his hand, a green Sword Qi flew out and struck the coffin from far away.


    The green Sword Qi hit the coffin but it was only able to leave a faint sword mark. It wasn’t able to cut through it at all.

    “Fellow, these coffins are made of ten thousand year ebony. The material can be considered as a treasure.” The fat black clothed man saw this and the corner of his eye twitched slightly before hurriedly began his explanation.

    “Is that so? If that’s the case then destroying it would be a waste.” Liu Ming heard what he said and his expression slightly moved. Storing away the short sword in his hand, he threw out a punch.


    This time, the lid of the coffin was hit with a giant force, forcefully causing it to fly away. At the same time, the rotten smell of a corpse was released.

    Liu ming frowned and his body flew up in the air, slowly moving towards the coffin, only stopping in the air after being af few feet away. Lowering his head to take a look at its content, the corners of his lips lifted up as he showed a smile with a trace of ridicule. He flicked his sleeves and a series of fireballs were shot from the sky down towards the coffin.

    “Peng” was the sound as the fierce flames exploded in the coffin, coiling up to form a fire pillar.

    In the next moment, a strange roar came from the coffin and a zombie wearing black iron armor actually jumped out of it.

    On its chest, a fist sized steel plate hung along by some strings. After it staggering out of the flames for a couple of steps, in an air piercing sound, a gigantic wind blade came flying down and cut its head off.