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Chapter 228 - Floating Ghost Tattoo and Beast Transformation Method

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 228 - Floating Ghost Tattoo and Beast Transformation Method

    “Night maid! I’m going to kill you. I will dismember you into a thousand pieces and peel your skin and muscles.” When the tall black-clothed person saw the phantom woman beheaded in the blink of an eye with no way of saving her, he furiously yelled with rage.

    “Are you crazy! It’s only a soul servant, don’t forget about our big deal. My spirit beast was also easily slain by him.”

    The fat black clothed man jumped in shock but hastily reminded his partner.

    The Flying Head took this opportunity to return back to Liu Ming’s side in a flash.

    Liu Ming looked blankly at the two of them while he adjusted his sleeve as the Jade Shadow Needle slid down in it.

    “What do you know? Night maid was my …. Forget it, there’s no point talking to you about it. I only have one question for you, are you going to help me to take that kid down?” The tall person asked fiercely as he ripped off the black cloth from his face, revealing a gloomy middle-aged man’s face.

    “This fellow can unexpectedly operate two totems at once in the spiritual realm, I’m afraid that even if we cooperate together, we may not be able to defeat him. We should talk before taking action.” The fat clothed person’s eyes flashed as he looked to the left and the right nervously.

    “Hmph, as long as you help me kill this kid, I'll only take one third of the treasure, you can keep the rest.” The tall middle aged man said with teeth clenched.

    “Is this for real?” The fat man asked, eyes glittering.

    “We've cooperated so many years, when have I not been straight with you. However, you should bring out the trump cards that you've been hiding. Your cultivation level is lower than me, yet you're still coming with me to find treasure. You have to be keeping something back.” The tall man said with a gloomy face.

    “Since it's like that, I will agree. As we're here for the treasure, we’ll have to take some risks anyways. If I use my trump card, you'll need to take yours out too Number One. Otherwise……” The fat man said seriously.

    “I don't need you to say this, I will definitely no longer keep anything back.” The tall black clothed man said bitterly. He suddenly ripped his top off, showing off his chest.

    The fat man glanced at his chest and took in a deep breath in surprise.

    Liu Ming looked at him in concentration and was slightly shocked as well.

    There was a ghost tattoo on the tall man’s chest.

    The tattoo was of a green faced ghost that sat cross legged on the floor; it was chewing on a bloody human leg of a woman's corpse that lay on the floor next to it.

    The tattoo was so lifelike that one unconsciously felt chills from looking at it!

    “Floating Ghost Tattoo! You have a lot of guts to dare to go that far and use your own soul to cultivate this bloody secret technique. Are you not afraid of losing your soul after death?” Liu Ming said slowly, exposing what the ghost tattoo was with one look at the black-clothed man’s chest.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect, being a large sect that cultivated ghost path methods, naturally had records of extremely evil and poisonous ghost related secret techniques.

    However for these kinds of methods, even though they were very powerful, cultivating them was quite savage and brought unending troubles later on. The Barbarian Ghost Sect naturally would not allow its disciples to practice such methods.

    “Kid, you actually know this Floating Ghost Tattoo secret technique. I only demand that I live without a worry in this life, who cares what happens after I die. If I can use this secret method to become a Spirit Master, it’s not like there’s no way to remove the side effects.” The tall black clothed man laughed violently and then spit a mouthful of blood mist on his own chest.

    An astonishing scene appeared.

    The moment the blood mist hit his body, the originally inanimate ghost wriggled to life.

    Then, the blood mist twisted forward!

    “Boom”, there was a loud noise!

    A thirty feet high, blood red single-horned ghost appeared out of nowhere in front of the tall black-clothed man. The ghost was still holding the female corpse’s leg that was depicted in the drawing and was still chewing on it.

    Liu Ming saw this and gave a cold ‘hmph’, however, his hand on the Cyan Moon Sword became tighter.

    “Fantastic! Never thought that you, Number One, would have cultivated this Floating Ghost Tattoo secret technique. I’ve heard that once this method is cultivated to the highest level, it’s possible to call out ghosts that are at least at the ghost king level! Hehe, if it’s like this, then I won’t hold back anything as well.”

    After the fat man stopped being shocked, there was a giant grin on his face. He didn’t seem to make any technique but his shoulders suddenly bulged out. With a low shout of pain, a bloody tiger head appeared out of the side of his neck from nowhere.

    At the same time, his ribs under his clothes also started to crack open and from there, two more hairy arms appeared.

    “Beast Transformation Method!”

    Liu Ming’s brow wrinkled when he saw this scene.

    Even though he knew that these two from the Black Spirit Group were not ordinary evil cultivators, he did not expect the two of them to have cultivated these strange secret methods.

    “Hehe, kid. I originally did not want to use this method. However, seeing that you are so difficult to deal with, even able to command the legendary Flying Head, I will make an exception this time.” The black cloth covering this fat black-clothed person had fallen off by itself when he was transforming into a two-headed four-armed beast. He had a seemingly kind and chubby face, but after growing the new head and arms, as soon as he spoke, his words were filled with an endless killing intent.

    “Beast transformation method! That’s great, Number Two. Since it’s like this, that kid is going to die for sure. Let’s go.” The tall man was overjoyed after seeing his partner fully use this secret method, but after a cold breath, his two hands executed a technique.

    The blood red ghost tossed the human leg it was holding aside and suddenly crouched down. Then, it leaped straight towards Liu Ming like a bullet. His enormous frame was like a small mountain that came crashing towards Liu Ming.

    On the other side, the two-headed, four-armed fat man twisted his body and became a blur of motion, maintaining the spinning motion like a top.

    Liu Ming only gave the fat man a glance and his Flying Head hovering over him flew out with a strange laugh. Before getting too close, it became like a ‘spinning top’ and its hair fiercely shot at the fat black-clothed man. In an instant, it was fighting with the transformed fat man.

    As for the giant ghost that was pressing down from the sky, Liu Ming simply moved with both feet to dodge. His whole body floated aside like a feather. At the same time, with a flick of his sword, he was about to slash towards the giant ghost.

    However, at that moment, the giant ghost in the sky was faster than Liu Ming by a step and flicked out two hands.

    Liu Ming was startled, unsure why the ghost did this. Suddenly, two”pu, pu” sounds were heard. Two large skull-sized, gray colored rocks shot out from the middle of the giant ghost’s hands. They brought a fierce wind and shot towards Liu Ming.

    “Stone Bullet Technique!”

    When Liu Ming saw this situation, he could not help but be surprised. With another twist of his body, the two rocks just narrowly missed him. At the same time, the Cyan Moon Sword released several sword qis all at once.

    He still felt apprehensive as the giant ghost fell down towards the ground. Its huge body flashed with a yellow light and then without a pause, it disappeared into the ground.

    The sword qi had slashed at the ground, but the only remaining signs were a number of shallow sword marks.

    Liu Ming had a solemn look on his face and did not let his two feet land on the floor. Suddenly with a flick of his sleeve, a silver chain whipped at the tall black clothed man opposite him.

    He was very clear that this giant ghost was very strong. As long as its master was still maintaining the technique, the ghost would still exist. To stop this ghost from coming back, he could only directly attack its master.

    It was at this time, with a roar, the giant ghost came out of the ground underneath him. It’s two arms reached out, fiercely aiming to hold onto him.

    But Liu Ming only twisted his body and deftly avoided it again.

    At this moment, the tall black clothed man opposite him raised a hand and a glyph floated out. With a flash, it became a sparkling crystal ice cover, it covered him entirely and kept him protected.

    The silver chain hit the ice cover with a flash of cold light and was unable to break the protection.

    The ghost’s figure flashed in and out of the ground, chasing after Liu Ming nonstop. Even though the Cyan Moon Sword was occasionally able to slash at it, it’s body blurred for a second before it was able to recover to its original state immediately.

    This situation gave Liu Ming a huge headache.

    On the other side with the Flying Head, it was able to use its full potential and demonic qi swirled around it. It was fighting with the two-headed, four-armed fat black clothed man and was difficult to separate them.

    However, once the ghost rushed out from the ground again towards its opponent, Liu Ming had suddenly replaced the sword in his hand in a flash with a scarlet red iron tube.

    With a “ga beng” sound, a sparkling silk screen net spread out...

    The giant ghost wasn’t ready and tried to avoid it, but was unable to.

    It let out an angry bellow as the net covered it completely. At the same time, cold air formed and a layer of cold ice spread across the surface of its body. It was immediately frozen and stopped from moving.

    When Liu Ming saw this, he happily shook his sleeve. The silver chain once again shot out. In a blur, it wrapped around the giant ghost completely.

    He made a single hand technique and a red fireball appeared in his hand. In no time at all, it became as large as a water tank and he directed it at the trapped giant ghost.

    The tall black clothed man saw this from afar and his complexion changed. He hastily released the ice cover with a flash and with a turn of his hand, suddenly multiple small red bows and multiple arrows of the same color appeared. With a lift of his hand, he was about to shoot them at Liu Ming.

    However, at this moment, a black shadow suddenly leaped out from behind him. In a flash, there were two giant pincers holding on to his foot and at the same time, it’s tail moved. A dozen black holes appeared in a flash and appeared through his calf.

    There was a bloodcurdling shout.

    The tall black-clothed person lowered his head in alarm and saw that on his own calf there were at least a dozen small black holes. A layer of black gas spread up from his foot area at a lightning speed and at the same time, the strange itchy feeling in his calf spread as well.

    To the tall black-clothed man’s knowledge, he knew that he had been poisoned and that he would not have the antidote on him at this point in time.

    However, he could be considered as a decisive person with grand dreams. His expression simply changed and he suddenly moved his arm. His fingernails had become inches long and razor sharp as he slashed at his knee in a flash.