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Chapter 227 - The Phantom Demon

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 227 The Phantom Demon

    After he walked for a few miles, Liu Ming estimated he’d reached the base of the Immortal Dawn Mountain. Then, the terrain began to rise again.

    This time, he hadn’t bumped into any restrictions. Half an hour later, he finally reached the end of the road, where he spotted a Cyan Stone Gate emitting white light.

    Although the surface of the stone door seemed to be covered in silver spirit markings, it was missing almost half of its frame. The door leaned against the tunnel exit, as though someone had already used brute force to pry it open.

    At the sight of this, Liu Ming had an idea. He waved his hand, grabbed the floating talisman and stored it away. Then, he took another glyph and slapped it on himself.

    With the sound of a “poof”, a layer of pale yellow light shrouded his body. He moved and silently submerged himself into the stone wall.

    He actually used the Burrow Glyph. He slowly and silently made his way towards the stone gate beneath the earth.

    After a short while, Liu Ming suddenly stopped and made a motion with one hand. He let out his strong mental strength in one go.

    In that moment, an extraordinarily clear picture appeared in the sea of consciousness from the end of the several feet thick tunnel.

    To his amazement, beyond the Cyan Stone Gate was a forty to fifty feet wide, over ten feet tall giant stone hall.

    The giant hall was built with smooth cyan stone and thick large stone pillars all around. However, only a few stood complete, as the hall was mostly ruined beyond recognition.

    To his surprise, there were over a dozen of masked people dressed in black with twisted bodies on the ground. Each one was oddly shriveled and had no signs of life. It was clear that they had died for who knows how long ago.

    Besides these, the corners of the hall had a few fragmented grey statues that looked like puppets. There were many corpses that had some semblance to humans and cows.

    In the hall, there was an even larger Rusted Copper Gate that faced the Cyan Stone Gate. It was ordinarily ancient in style with what appeared to be imprints of mysterious Crystal Inscriptions. The sides of the gate were covered in numerous closely written colorful inscriptions that glistened a dangerous glow.

    In front of the rusted copper gate, there stood two masked men dressed in black, one tall and the other fat.

    The fatter of the two held the blood-red crystal with both hands and was about to put it in a groove of the giant Rusted Copper Gate.

    Once the blood crystals were placed in, the rusted copper gate suddenly buzzed. The blood crystal began to flicker while blood red crystal inscriptions started to spread in every direction.

    What at first looked like an ordinary ancient copper gate, in this moment, had become awfully demonic.

    Seeing this, even the two men dressed in black took a few steps back in shock. They also took a defensive stance.

    At this moment, the Crystal Inscriptions dropped off the copper gates with a flash of blood light. These inscriptions started to quickly spin mid air.

    Every twist and turn it made, the bloody light on the rusted copper gate became thicker.

    In a couple of breaths, the bloody light became sticky like real blood. It made people's souls shiver and subconsciously aggressive with just one look.

    Luckily for both men, they had trained as Evil Practitioners. Although they were secretly surprised by what they saw, they did not waver. But, instead, they stared intensely at the copper gate.

    “Kabang!” Finally, the rusted copper gate gradually opened.

    “It’s done.”

    The tall man dressed in black was delighted to see this.

    The moment his voice fell, the crystal inscriptions that darted sharply suddenly slowed down, as the bloody light also dimmed.

    After a while, the copper gate unexpectedly and gradually closed.

    “This is bad... The blood crystal doesn’t have enough essence blood!” The fatter man dressed in black said in a low voice, frightened by what he saw. He abruptly took a step forward with his palms gleaming. He then cut his wrists, used Fa Li, and forced the fresh blood to pour out violently onto the inscriptions.

    The moment the fresh blood touched the inscriptions, it disappeared in a flash.

    The inscriptions quickly traveled on a new route.

    In the thick bloody light, the copper gate gently opened once again.

    A muffled thud!

    The crystal inscriptions also broke out with a tremble and the bloody light started to dim. The giant copper gate was at last fully opened. Shockingly, vast curtains of white light out flowed from behind the doors. This made it impossible for people to see what was inside.

    The man dressed in black stopped his hand sign, which stopped the bleeding from his wrists. He then swiftly took out a glyph and slapped it on.

    A dim cyan light emulated from the wound and it recovered at a rate visible to the naked eye.

    However, the fat man dressed in black had extremely lifeless eyes and had clearly lost a lot of his strength.

    “Number two, you've done well. If it weren't for you, this could never have succeeded.” The tall man said, relaxed.

    “Hmph. I’ve lost out a lot this time. I hope the treasures inside will not disappoint me. There won’t be any more powerful restrictions anymore. Let’s enter.” The fat man grunted as he took big steps towards the rusted copper gate.

    The tall man dressed in black stared at the back of the fatter man with a hint of murderous intent. Seemingly thinking of something, the tall man suddenly snapped back to reality in an instant and silently followed behind the fat man.

    As expected, both men walked one after the other. In no time, they were engulfed in the white light screen but did not intend to stop.

    After a while, a face of the stone wall lit up the hall with a dim yellow light. Then, with a flash, Liu Ming appeared in the center of the hall.

    After he took a quick sweep around, he looked at the white light screen not too far away, and a trace of hesitation crossed his face.

    It was then, that a tragic cry was heard, followed by an extremely angered voice which came from the white light screen behind the copper gate:

    “You… you dare lay a hand on me!”

    From the sound of the voice, it was the man dressed in black beside him.

    “Heh heh, as the treasure has been found, there’s no use for you anymore. I still feel that this treasure would be best enjoyed alone. That'd be most wonderful indeed. Ah... You had this thing on you all this time...” The tall man dressed in black first spoke drearily. But then, he immediately broke into an agitated scream.

    “If I can’t get my hands on the treasure, I definitely won’t let you have it. You can stay here with me forever.” The fat man dressed in black said as he gritted his teeth.

    On the other side of the light, a brawl erupted and the sound of two people cursing endlessly was heard.

    After a loud explosion sound was heard, all noise ceased!

    The other side of the white light screen returned to silence.

    When he heard this, Liu Ming squinted his eyes. He abruptly slapped the bag on his waist and out emerged a waft of black smoke. After concentrating, the smoke transformed into a man’s skull with a full head of long hair.

    It was the Flying Demon Head!


    He waved towards the white light screen.

    The flying head heard this and with a sinister look on his face, he threw himself into the white light screen.

    But then, a screech came from inside and the strange muffled sounds of the flying head, “kaakaa” laughter was heard.

    “Of course, there’d be something fishy! But how was I found out?!”

    When he heard this, Liu Ming didn’t reveal a look of surprise but mumbled.

    Then, he shifted his body. He transformed into shadow and rushed towards the white light screen.

    After the blinding white light in front of him disappeared, Liu Ming saw everything before him clearly.

    To his surprise, the hall in front of him, which he thought would of been stacked full of countless treasures, had a damp cave roughly an acre in size. The damp cave was about the size of the hall outside. However, inside, there were several ordinary black coffins and a large ancient million year old lantern. Besides these, there was nothing else.

    In the heart of the tunnel, the flying head spat green flames in the sky as it flew around. At the same time, the piercing air whistles as he wrapped strand upon strand of his long hair around himself in protection.

    The two men dressed in black chased closely after the flying head and continuously attacked it. One man was armed with a bronze mirror that spewed red thunder flames, and the other with two bone swords that formed endless rumbling black smoke.

    Beside the two, there was also a pitch black bat that was almost a foot long in size that also joined in on the attack. Under the vibration of both its wings, it constantly released faint grey blades of wind.

    Even though both men and the monster brewed a violent storm in the whirlwind of attacks, under the flying head focusing on the defense, they couldn’t down the flying head quickly.

    But after Liu Ming arrived at the cave, the tall man’s face dropped. He suddenly let out a whistle.

    When the black bat heard this, it turned around and rushed towards Liu Ming with a bitter wind.

    Practically at the same time, a half translucent phantom demon appeared from the air in a flash by Liu Ming’s side and rushed ruthlessly forward.

    With a cold grunt...

    Countless Cyan Sword Qis swept out from Liu Ming’s sleeve and at the same time, a crimson red fireball was shot out from his other hand.

    “Bang!” “Bang!”

    When the half translucent demon phantom was swept by the Cyan Sword Qi, it couldn’t help but fly out of control. It was actually a ghostly spirit of a woman. Her face was completely pale white drained of blood, and she had sharp emerald green nails.

    The black bat dodged the fireballs with a swift turn.

    But at this moment, the fireballs vibrated and self-exploded. In the roaring flames, an unexpected green streak fired straight through the bat’s head with a flash.

    After the black bat squawked, it fell from high above with a “ba-donk”. It landed on the ground, motionless.

    With this opportunity, Liu Ming shook the cyan short sword again and sliced at the half translucent phantom demon with misty green sword qis.

    At the same time, the green streak turned around and let out a “chi chi” sound. It rushed to shoot the translucent phantom demon.

    “Halt, my fellow. We can sit and talk this through.” The tall man dressed in black gave a low grunt in shock at what he saw. He made an effort to stop his attacks on the flying head.

    The fat man on the other side saw what had happened and also stopped his attacks.

    As though he never heard this, Liu Ming didn’t stop his green short sword. The Jade Shadow Needle neared the phantom demon girl with a flash. With a blur, it turned into countless shadows that shot out.

    The phantom demon already had her hands busy with the Cyan Sword Qis, so with one mistake, its brow was pierced with countless Shadow Blades.

    A high pitched cry!

    The phantom demon woman was reduced to a puff of green smoke and disappeared. It left behind a dull, emerald green crystal bead.