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Chapter 226 - Former Dynasty’s Treasure

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 226 - Former Dynasty’s Treasure

    There was a strong heavy stench of blood after a fist-sized blood red crystal was taken out.

    “Good thing it’s still here and wasn’t discovered by those sect members. Number Two, it was totally worth hiding it here.” The tall shadow happily said this.

    An unmoving Liu Ming hidden inside the large tree was surprised as soon as he heard the two words “Number Two”. Inside his heart, he thought that it couldn’t be such a coincidence that he would be able to meet those two escaped enemies from the ‘Black Spirit Group’?

    “Hehe, of course. This blood crystal was formed from the Marquis’ and Princes’ essence bloods. The treasure gate opening will depend on this item. However, at the same time, if it wasn’t for our worry that someone would use the royal blood to find the nobility and potentially find this crystal, we wouldn’t have had to temporarily hide the crystal here and wait a whole month.” The fat shadow gloomily mused while looking at the blood red crystal in his hands.

    “This place took me half a year to set up, even if those Spirit Masters personally came looking, they would not be able to find this place. However, at the same time, if we didn’t place the item here, would we dare to keep it on us when the Spirit Masters came.” The tall shadow responded.

    “That is true. Also Number 3 didn’t reveal our secret. Such a pity, he originally wanted to hide as well but didn’t realize that those sect members moved really quickly and ended up getting caught at the base. I didn’t get caught because I left earlier by around an hour, otherwise this treasure would only have been left to you alone Number One.” The fat shadow nodded and then sighed.

    “Number Two, are we not already safe and sound, why do you still need to say this?

    However I am curious, how did you know that the current imperial family and the previous imperial family came from the same bloodline?

    When it comes to treasure related things, you went to look for the two of us and came together with the ‘Black Spirit Sect’. Before when Number 3 and I asked you, you were never willing to explain anything. Now that Number 3 is no longer here, you can finally explain some of it to me right?” The tall shadow quietly asked with a glint in his eye.

    “Hmph, Number One, when did you become so curious? However at this point in time, since the situation is already like this, I can no longer hide it. I have the previous imperial bloodline flowing in my veins. The current imperial family is actually one of the more distant descendents of the previous imperial family. At the time, the Five Sects discovered the previous imperial family had wanted to cultivate their own Spirit Masters which is why they supported the rebellion. Otherwise how would they have been able to take over the previous Emperor’s rein if they were on their own? This treasure was left behind by the previous imperial family. Originally, only a single direct descendant disciple’s essence blood would be enough to remove the last restriction. However, the previous imperial family was destroyed too long ago and my bloodline is no longer that pure. Thus, we had to borrow the essence blood from these Marquis’ and Princes.” The fat shadow was silent for a moment, and then mockingly said a bunch of things.

    “So you used to be a part of the former royal family. But listening to your tone, you don’t seem to care that they were overthrown and even willing to share the former dynasty’s treasures with others.” With a dry laugh, the tall shadow said this with a straight face after hearing these things.

    “Hmph, the previous imperial family was foolish for not realizing how strong the Sects are. They just wanted to rely on mortal force and expected to overthrow the Five Sects. How can I be resentful when they were asking to be killed? Besides, after all these years, the most important thing for me was to cultivate myself and become a Spirit Master. Unfortunately I am unable to remove this restriction by myself and can only ask you guys for help so I am willing to split the treasures equally because of this. Okay, this is the largest secret that I’ve told you, so rest assured. Come, Number One! We have already stayed at this place too long. Once we’ve split the treasure equally, we should also go our separate ways.” The fat shadow said quietly.

    “Hehe, ok! As long as there’s enough spirit stones, both you and I should be able to buy enough Pure Aura Qi. Even though we’re old, there’s still the possibility that we could become Spirit Masters with the various portions of Pure Aura Qi.” This time, the tall shadow only said a few words before turning around and floated away towards the palace.

    Still holding the blood crystal in his hands, Number Two’s shadow hurried after him.

    A small noise sounded.

    Like a leaf falling from the giant tree, Liu Ming first looked towards the two people that were going further in the distance and then glanced back towards the tower while hesitating. After thinking quickly, he muttered to himself in a low voice: “Forget it, it’s already been so many years, it wouldn’t make a difference with a extra day and a half. I should follow those two fellows and see what this so-called former dynasty's treasure is.”

    Having said this, Liu Ming took out a yellow glyph and stuck it on himself; grey misty inscriptions appeared and surrounded his body.

    This glyph was not just an ordinary stealth glyph that was effective against mortals. It was also an illusion glyph that can be used to block the mental strength of Spirit Apostles. Even though it could not truly make one’s body invisible, it could let one’s aura lower to almost nothing. At the same time, a layer of stealth is spread across the body and constantly changed with the environment around it to provide camouflage.

    As long as there was a certain distance between him and the other Spirit Apostles and he was careful with his movements, he did not need to be worried about getting discovered.

    In the next moment, Liu Ming’s body began to darken and blend with the night to become a gray shadow.

    Liu Ming moved quickly and silently to catch up to them.

    The two in front were extremely cautious, when they left the palace, they had immediately cast spells to hide themselves and travelled on lesser used roads.

    If Liu Ming’s mental strength was not unusually strong, there would have been several times where he almost lost the two of them.

    After the time it takes for a meal, Liu Ming showed a trace expression of surprise.

    The two were heading towards Immortal Dawn Mountain.

    Was the so-called former dynasty’s treasure at Immortal Dawn Mountain? However if one thought about it, Immortal Dawn Mountain was the ideal place for cultivators so it wouldn't be strange to find a rare treasure there.

    Liu Ming thought quickly and became even more careful with his movements.

    Fortunately, the two of them did not fly directly through Xuanjing or it would not have been easy to continue tracking them.

    However once Liu Ming saw the peak of Immortal Dawn Mountain, the two shadows in front of him suddenly disappeared with a flash into one of the nondescript homes.

    Liu Ming paused but immediately knew what had happened.

    He did not immediately head towards the housing but decided to land instead. A black shadow flashed by and his White Bone Scorpion drilled out of the ground.

    “Go and find out whether those two people are still in there or not.” Liu Ming gave a brief command.

    As the White Bone Scorpion has been with him for quite a while, he no longer needed to mentally connect with it to give simple commands.

    The White Bone Scorpion instantly nodded its head and waved its tail before burying itself back into the ground.

    Not long after, Liu Ming received the White Bone Scorpion’s mental signal. He looked downwards and silently ran over to the house.

    After a moment, Liu Ming appeared in the middle of the extremely ordinary looking house.

    The White Bone Scorpion crouched at his feet, both of it’s green flame eyes flashing towards a seemingly heavy looking black cabinet.

    “You’re saying that the two’s aura disappeared inside that? Interesting, I will have to inspect it.” Liu Ming looked over the black cabinet a few times, eyes glinting.

    Accordingly, he made a single hand technique and released his powerful mental strength into the cabinet in front of him.

    “There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions, it looks like there are just ordinary mechanisms. That’s quite clever, at least cultivators won’t suspect this place.”

    Liu Ming released his mental strength and went up to the cabinet. He didn’t hold back when opening the door in one go.

    There was not the slightest thing inside and was completely empty.

    However, this was Liu Ming. He gave a simple inspection around the cabinet and immediately found some traces of use on one of the sides near the wall.

    He raised his eyebrow and with a flick of his arm, took out the Cyan Moon Sword. In a cold flash of light, a big circle was cut into that cabinet wall.

    Liu Ming placed away the sword. He then put a hand in the middle of the circle and used some force.


    With a pop sound, an empty black hole suddenly appeared in this cabinet.

    Limestone steps leading far down appeared.

    Liu Ming smiled coldly and called out to his bone scorpion before silently floating in.

    After a moment, Liu Ming was around a hundred feet underground. He was currently traveling along a crudely made tunnel going towards the center of the Immortal Dawn Mountain.

    Several feet in front of him, there was a Glyph suspended in mid air.

    After a few steps, the Glyph suddenly exploded with a flash and a bang.

    “As expected, the two of them laid some warning restrictions. However these simple restrictions can’t stop me.” Liu Ming calmly stopped with a small smile on his face.

    Squinting his eyes, he muttered to himself. A crystal light appeared in his eyes and a strong mental strength swept outwards from them.

    In a moment, his eyes registered that there was a rather dim light formation shining around ten feet in front of him, blocking up the passage.

    With the short cyan sword in his hand, Liu Ming cut into the wall next to the passage with a flurry of slashes.

    After a while, Liu Ming opened up an alternate small passageway around the blocked passage and made his way around the light formation, leaving it behind him.

    Liu Ming took out a glyph and suspended it in front of him before he calmly and unhurriedly continued on.