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Chapter 214 – Breaking the Formation

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 214 - Breaking the Formation

    Empress Dong said lightly as she moved her arm and pointed towards the light curtain in front of her.

    Then, with a “weng” sound, the white scar that appeared in the light curtain instantly disappeared after a flash of blue light.

    After finishing this, the woman ignored those outside the light barrier and returned under the protection of many guards.

    The three commanders for Gold Spirit Guests and imperial cultivators stayed behind and watched those outside of the barrier.

    The upper echelons all looked at each other in confusion.

    “How is it, mother! These human cultivators really will stop attacking the palace?” Empress Dong had just gotten back to the center of the palace before Xuan Zhi who had been waiting impatiently around immediately walked up and asked with worry.

    Next to him was a large man and a middle aged woman that had an ordinary appearance.

    It was Big Zheng and Aunt Lin!

    “Relax, although these humans have joined together right now, they are after all from different factions. After I showed my large strength and then gave them another specific timeframe for their escape, they won’t have any thoughts of fighting till the end. In addition, even if they want to keep on attacking, I will personally man the formation and give them a harsh punishment and make them realize how difficult it is. However, we need to take care of the ministers. Although they are all weak, they have large amounts of influence among the normal people in the county and as long as we are able to have them work for us, there will be a lot of good when we want to conquer the mortals of Da Xuan Country.” Empress Dong said lightly.

    “Relax mother, the ministers all have been put under with Hundred Day Sleep and as long as they don’t get the antidote, they won’t be able to wake up.” When Xuan Zhi heard this, his heart relaxed as he replied.

    “That’s good. Aunt Lin, Gongsun Long and them leaving their cultivation early has been all due to you. Once we return to the clan, I will personally request a reward for you from my father.” Empress Dong turned around and talked to the middle aged woman.

    “I do not dare claim credit. I only used some small techniques to have them leave a few days earlier. Now they are all stronger by quite a bit due to Miss’ demonic cultivation method. However, their lives are in your hands. As time passes, their own mind will also become muddled and they will become Blood Aura Puppets that follow every order.” Aunt Lin said with a smile.

    “This was due to a bottle of Blood Aura that father gave me. Otherwise, even if they successfully cultivated the method, we would not see progress so soon. In the remaining time, we can only wait. That’s right, because we activated the Four Seas Overturning Skies Formation, our communication with the outside world has been cut off. I remember in the original plan, the Red Scale Clan’s princess would meet up with us in two months. If I’m not wrong, she should have left from the Hai Yue Country.” Empress Dong suddenly thought of something as she said.

    “That is indeed the case. However, the Red Scale Clan and our Green Scale Clan has never had good relationships. Why would they arrange for that girl to come to Xuanjing.” Aunt Lin asked respectfully.

    “Simply, according to the agreement between our three clans, half of the Da Xuan Country will be under the Red Scale Clan’s rule. To balance things out, the princess of the Red Scale naturally needs to come to Xuanjing. Alright, let’s not worry about the matter with the Red Scale Clan, father and them will argue for the profits for our clan. In addition, once she arrives at Xuanjing, everything will be settled. All I hope for is that the date for the start of the plan hasn’t changed, otherwise, we will be in a very bad spot.” Empress Dong sneered before talking seriously.

    “Miss, be at ease. Our three sea clans have been planning for this dozens of years ago and the date for the start of the plan is something vital. There is no way that it would get changed easily.” The large man replied.

    “Hopefully so, I will be holding down the fort at the middle of the palace in the remaining days. All other matters will be your and Big Zheng’s hands. That’s right, Big Zheng! Qiu Longzhi escaped from your hands last time, if there’s another mistake, don’t blame me for executing the clan’s laws.” Empress Dong said with a cold voice towards Big Zheng.

    “Yes, I definitely won’t make another mistake! Last time, it was because I didn’t think that Qiu Longzhi had the mythical Clone Bug which helped him escape from the palace. It won’t happen again.” When the large man heard this, his heart began beating hard.

    Empress Dong nodded without saying anything.

    In the next few days, the Xuanjing alliance organized another few attempts to attack the restrictions on the palace but anyone could see that although the number of people attacking didn’t change, the actual effort lowered each time the attack was organized.

    In the last attack, over half of the cultivators gave a feeling that they were there because they had to and had no intention of actually using force.

    With this, the upper echelons of each faction started blaming each other and left on unhappy terms.

    The alliance, although still existing in name, had no weight behind it.

    Of course, no one said anything about dissolving the alliance. Afterall, if in two months, the restrictions on Xuanjing still existed, they would have to join hands again and fight with their lives on the line.

    Immediately, the entire Xuanjing went from boiling to calm.


    Half a month later.

    A large bone boat that had black gas circling around it appeared seven to eight miles from Xuanjing.

    At the front of the boat was the Master Lei and Lin Cailin standing together. As they looked at the large blue light barrier, their faces became serious.

    “With such a shocking amount of water attributed Spirit Power, it definitely is the Sea Race that has done something. I wonder how the situation in Xuanjing is!” Master Lei said slowly.

    “Since these Sea Race young ones are using the restriction, they obviously couldn’t go against the loose cultivators in the city with their own strength. Thus, nothing big should happen. However, this restriction is obviously not something that a normal Sea Race formation could form. Even if we want to break it, it probably won’t be an easy task.” Lin Caiyu’s brows were furrowed.

    “Since Senior Lei and Lin both think that the restriction is hard to break, why don’t we wait for the Heavenly Moon Sect to get here before we move as one?” A clear voice sounded from behind the two of them.

    The person speaking was a dark man that looked around thirty years old. The moment he opened his mouth, he showed a mouth full of white teeth.

    Next to the man was an old man that had a face full of wrinkles. He was wearing a crane robe and held a skull headed staff. However, he looked like he would fall over with a slight breeze.

    “Junior Wei doesn’t know that when we came here, Sect Leader ordered that we must take care of things as quickly as possible. If we wait too long, it’ll leave the impression that our sect is weak.” Lin Caiyu explained with a smile.

    “That’s why. Otherwise, why would there need to be four Spirit Masters to take care of some young Sea Race members.” The man with the dark skin said with some realization.

    “Junior Deng, you have quite a bit of experience with formations. We might have to bother you in a bit.” Master Lei said towards the crane robed old man.

    “Senior Lei, please be at ease. I will use my utmost strength. In addition, even the strongest formation can’t do too much damage if there isn’t someone who has a strength that matches it manning it.” The crane robed old man coughed and said confidently.

    Master Lei and everyone relaxed after hearing this. They then urged the the boat to shoot towards the blue light barrier and stopped about a mile away, levitating.

    At this time, the crane robed elder took out a plate shaped Totem and started to chant.

    Master Lei and the rest quietly waited on the bone boat.

    Time slowly went by. After six to eight hours, the crane robed elder let out a long breath and stopped his chant: “I know what formation this is. It’s the famous Four Sea Overturning Sky Formation!”

    “Four Sea Overturning Sky Formation! I heard of this formation, it is regarded as one of the largest formations of the Sea Race with it being known for its defense. Junior Deng, do you have

    “Senior can relax! If there was a Spirit Master Sea Race managing the formation, it would indeed be extremely hard. However, there are only Spirit Apostles, I will break the formations within five days.” The crane robed elder said confidently.

    “Five days? It’s a little long. Even if we have to make some sacrifices, we need to be able to break the formation in three days.” When Master Lei heard this, he shook his head.

    “It’s not impossible to break the formation within three days. However, I will have to borrow Senior Lei’s Life Totem.” The old man paused before speaking with sincerity.

    “My Life Totem! That’s no problem!” When the large man heard this, he agreed without hesitation.

    “Great! Then, I hope that Junior Wei and Senior Lin can help in the following actions. I’ll start putting down some tactics to help with breaking the formation.” The crane robed man said seriously.

    Of course, no one had any objections.

    In the following time, they landed the bone boat within a dense forest.

    For the next few days, they moved the bone boat around and under the crane robed elder’s instructions, placed various counteracting formations.

    On the third day, there a huge stone stage that had been erected overnight appeared before the west gate of Xuanjing.

    Under the protection of the three other Spirit Masters, the crane robed elder appeared on the stage.

    With a shake of the elder’s sleeve, countless crimson red formation flags shot out and after a flash, stuck themselves around the stone stage, forming a strange formation.

    The crane robed elder stood at the middle of the formation and after making a single handed technique, the surrounding crimson formation flags all started buzzing. Waves of heat rolled out and in mere seconds, formed a light red cloud above the stone stage.

    This fire cloud started to turn and toss under the elder’s actions and after the time it takes to eat a meal, it was about an acre large and almost covered the entire stone stage under it.