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Chapter 212 – The Start of Changes

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 212 - The Start of Changes

    And within this time period, another strange matter happened within Xuanjing.

    Some of the factions had suspicions that the imperial family might not be human and thus sent groups of cultivators to the houses of the marquis’ and princes to verify their identity.

    However, the result made them shocked. Their houses had been completely emptied out since an unknown time ago. No matter it was the owner or the servants, no one remained behind.

    This included the Third Marquis’ House.

    Among the cultivators that rushed into the Third Marquis’ House was Elder Mian from the Hundred Spirit House.

    However, after he brought a couple of underlings and searched the entire Third Marquis House without discovering anyone, his face turned ugly.

    Two days ago, Sun Yin and Late Perfection Spirit Apostles that were his friends entered within the Third Marquis’ House and sent word that they needed to stay the night to discuss something.

    However, after a day and night, no other information came out.

    Now, he could not wait any longer and joined among the factions to break into the Third Marquis’ House. However, he saw a strange scene that made him both shocked and angry.

    If he didn’t listen to Liu Ming’s words and found an excuse to not enter in the Third Marquis’ House, he might have ended up like the other guests and disappeared.

    Although he did not know what happened to those disappeared, under the chaotic situation, he could imagine that the disappeared people weren’t in a good position.

    However, at this point, the old man had nothing that he could do and could only go back to discuss future developments with Qian Chao.

    Right when Elder Mian was going back to the Qian House, in an area near the borders of the Da Xuan Country and Hai Yue Country, a hundred foot flying ship that was covered in white light was flying high in the air.

    In an exquisite cabin within the ship, a woman wearing a white dress was currently playing on a light silver ancient zither with her head down.

    The sound of the zither was soothing to one’s ears, it was as quick as a waterfall at times while at other times, it was crisp like pearls falling onto a jade plate. At times, it was even like a small whisper that absorbed one into the world created by the zither music.

    Suddenly, the woman in the dress paused. The zither music immediately stopped. She raised her head and showed an extremely simple and pretty face. She lightly asked: “What, you still can’t communicate with Thirteenth Miss from the Green Scale Clan?”

    “Master, the communication totem seemed to have been covered by something. The other end has not responded.” Hearing the woman’s question, a handsome young man walked from outside the cabin and bowed respectfully.

    “What is this Thirteenth Miss thinking. Although we were asked by their clan to help them in Xuanjing, now that we can’t communicate with them, we have no idea what the situation is in Xuanjing.” The lady in the dress frowned as she said.

    “Please be at ease! We have already let them know that we are heading to Xuanjing and although we’re slightly ahead of schedule, it shouldn’t change too many things.” The young man gave a smile and responded.

    “Maybe so. Although I’m some “Divine Secret Goddess” with a Divine Secret Body to those human loose cultivators, you know that we merely bought those humans and played a trick. Although we used our clan to make the sects within He Yue Country ignore us, our clan’s cultivators rarely communicate with Da Xuan Country Cultivators. If we meet a Spirit Master of those sects, this “Divine Secret Goddess” title won’t be of much use.” The lady said coldly.

    “With master’s identity of the Red Scale Clan holy maiden, even if you meet Da Xuan Country’s cultivators, they wouldn’t dare slight you. After all, our three clans haven’t started our plans yet and haven’t torn all face apart with the sects on this Yun Zhou Island.” The young man said with confidence.

    “Hopefully so. However, for XUanjing to have lost communication so suddenly, I fell a bit worried. Go send word to the clan and let Third Uncle come over. Even if he starts traveling later than us, with his speed, he should get to Xuanjing at about the same time.” The lady in the dress paused before saying with conviction.

    “Yes, I’ll go give word to Third Master.” The young man’s expression became serious as he agreed and walked out.

    Moments later, the sound of the zither once again rang in the ship.

    However, this time the zither music was more high pitched with sounds of metal clashing making anyone who heard it feel their blood boil.


    At the same time, above a plain, a white bone ship that was over three hundred feet long was shooting forward while surrounded by countless strands of black gas.

    At the forefront of the bone ship was a large man wearing a silver robe. He looked out without expression.

    Suddenly, footsteps sounded behind him and a pretty woman walked over. She quietly asked: “ Senior Lei, although we found Sea Race in Xuanjing, it didn’t require our sect to send out for Spirit Masters including two faction leaders, you and me.”

    “Junior Mei didn’t hear the whole story. Our sect got wind that the Sea Race were planning something big recently and were targeted towards the countries along the sea and countries that are close to the sea. This time, sect master senior wants us to use lightning like methods to handle the Sea Race in Xuanjing and give the Sea Race a strong warning, telling them to not extend their hand too far. In addition, the Heavenly Moon Sect seems to have similar thoughts and sent out quite a few Spirit Masters. This time, with our two sects moving simultaneously, even if the Sea Race in Xuanjing have support, we will keep everyone within the Da Xuan Country and not let anyone escape.” The large man said calmly.

    “To be doing this isn’t too hard. However, would it enrage the Sea Race? With how large the Sea Race is, there must be quite a few Spirit Masters within them and their strength isn’t something that our couple of countries can defend against.”

    “Junior Lin’s words are incorrect! Towards these other races, we humans can not show weakness. Otherwise, it will only let those Sea Race push further and further. Look at the Hai Yue Countries, because they were afraid of the Sea Race, they ignored the actions of the Sea Race within their borders and the result was those Sea Race becoming less and less cautious. Some of their actively are even half public, not even bothering to perform them secretly. Sect Leader Senior has also asked Martial Uncle Yan before making the order.” The large man said with a sneer.

    “So Martial Uncle Yan actually agreed. If that’s the case, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, from here to Xuanjing will take about a whole month. Hopefully nothing big happens in Xuanjing.” The woman heard Martial Uncle Yan’s name and expression stiffened.

    “Relax! With Bai Chongtian’s intelligence and strength, even if there are any mishaps, he should be able to take care of them. However, I never thought that he would find out that the entire government had been overtaken by the Sea Race after getting to Xuanjing in just a couple of months. Compared to him, the other supervising disciples were all useless. After so many years, they heard nothing about the Sea Race!” The large man said with anger.

    “Our Martial Nephew Bai is indeed quite the person. Unfortunately, he only has Three Spiritual Pulses. If he just had one more Spiritual Pulse, he would have a large chance of becoming a Spirit Master.” The woman said with pity.

    “That might not be the case. The chances of a Three Spiritual Apostle becoming a Spirit Master are just low, not actually impossible.” The large man was quiet for a moment before replying as such.

    “What, Senior Lei looks favorably on him?” The woman said with surprise.

    “It doesn’t count as looking favorable. I only think that Martial Nephew Bai won’t be stopping at this point. That’s right, I heard that when we left, Gao Chong had prepared everything to start trying to go for the Spirit Master realm!” The large man said expressionlessly before he asked.

    “Yeah, he has indeed started to break through. However, we will only know whether or not he is successful after a whole year. However, our Martial Nephew Bai is pretty intelligent. Apparently, as soon as he got back to the Bai Clan, he return the marriage with Mu Clan. With this, even if Gao Chong becomes a Spirit Master, he can’t easily find trouble with Martial Nephew Bai.” The woman said without much emotion.

    “Return the marriage! Hmph, what’s the use of that! Since Gao Chong has already tried to break through to the Spirit Master, he obviously has another Human Cauldron in mind. Even if that Bai Kid didn’t return the marriage, he has already offended the other party. It’s just a matter of time before he receives backlash.” The large man said with a cold hmph.

    “At least there’s a period of pause. There might be some change within this time period. However, this matter does not really involve us and those that really do care would be Senior Gui and Junior Zong.” The woman said with a smile.

    “That is true. However, this time, successfully attacking the Sea Race is in large part due to Martial Nephew Bai. We’ll have to reward him. In addition, besides the Sea Race, we’ll need to go through the other various factions in Xuanjing. Otherwise, those Loose Cultivators might think that Xuanjing is theirs.” The large man said with anger.

    “I agree. Those Loose Cultivators in Xuanjing have indeed have become a little outrageous and we need to remind them who’s really in charge.” The woman agreed after hearing what was said.


    Liu Ming sat in the middle of a secret room and was holding onto the blue flag. Black smoke came out of his mouth and circled around the blue flag and it seemed like he was in a crucial moment of refining.

    Suddenly, he gave a low roar and the small flag in his hand trembled. It gave a large shine and three layers of blue restriction formations appeared on it. With a flash, they then disappeared.

    “It’s done!”

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face was quite excited and he grabbed onto the blue flag before urging his Fa Li to pour into the flag.