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Chapter 211 – Disappearance

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 211 - Disappearance

    Then, dots of blue light started to appear in the black cloud and after a muffled sound, they combined together to form an extremely thick blue light barrier that covered the entire Xuanjing.

    From afar, it seemed as if a huge blue bowl had trapped the city.

    At the same time, a blue light flashed as a blue light barrier appeared outside of the palace walls within Xuanjing and separated the entire palace from the rest of Xuanjing.

    Seeing such a surprising scene, the large loose cultivator factions were all shocked.

    “Not good, we’ve been trapped by a formation. Break it open and escape!”

    Someone gave a shout and immediately, figures started flying out from every street and pounced towards the nearest light barrier to them.

    In the next moment, various attacks exploded from these loose cultivators as they attacked the light barrier.

    In moments, large bangs rang across Xuanjing.

    However, when all of the explosions died away, the large barrier was still solid and silently standing above Xuanjing. In addition, there was not even the slightest ripple.

    This surprising scene made all of the loose cultivators that attacked have faces that were extremely ugly.

    Suddenly, a couple of loose cultivators made hand techniques to the ground or took out various Glyphs and Totems to use. Then, with a yellow light, they drilled into the ground.

    The loose cultivators that had quick reactions actually wanted to escape Xuanjing from the underground.

    Moments later, these people cursed as they came flying out of the ground.

    Apparently, there was a blue barrier hundreds of feet under Xuanjing and no one could escape.

    When the others saw this, they all felt their heart go cold.

    However, a couple loose cultivators that belonged to various factions all went back to report their findings.


    In only four to six hours, the factions within Xuanjing started to recall all of their men and at the same time, the upper echelons gathered to discuss the situation.

    “Without saying, this was definitely done by the Sea Race and monsters. Otherwise, how could this happen as soon as their identities were exposed. In addition, the entire palace became protected by the formation so they are obviously afraid of us finding trouble with them.” An upper echelon of some faction said with anger while in one of the meetings.

    Similar curses and yells were naturally happening in other factions.

    With much discussion, the various forces started to move their forces around.

    Not long later, groups of cultivators flew out from secretive places within Xuanjing.

    The cultivators that appeared this time were obviously more well trained than the loose cultivators before and they found an apparent weak spot in the light barrier as they started another round of attacks.

    Although these cultivators were much stronger than those from before and were equipped with some powerful Totems, they were only able to make the barrier slightly shake without actually doing much damage to the formation.

    This result made the factions extremely shocked and angry.

    Helpless, they retreated back and after another round of discussions, started to send people out to join hands with other factions.

    Perhaps it was became the danger in Xuanjing making the factions feel a life or death pressure but within half a day, they were able to form an alliance with surprising efficiency.

    Then, part of the cultivators within the alliance started to research how to break the blue barrier while the other part started to gather around the palace.

    Obviously, these factions knew clearly that it was the doing of the other races in the palace. As long as they were able to penetrate the palace, the outside barrier would be broken.

    At the same time, the ordinary citizens were also shocked but after seeing that there was no difference behinds a light barrier above their heads, they went back to the street and started gossiping.

    Citizens that had connections or family as cultivators heard part of the truth of the matter and after muttering among themselves, countless strange versions of the story spread out.

    Inside a secret room in the third marquis’ house, a couple of black figures sneakily gathered together but after talking and arguing for a while, they strangely all left.


    “Junior Bai, your method seemed to have backfired. These Sea Race were actually forced to use such a large thing because of you.”

    On a nameless peak on Immortal Dawn Mountain, Liu Ming and Hu Chunniang were standing shoulder to shoulder as they looked at the blue barrier before them. Suddenly , the girl smiled and started talking.

    “I indeed did not expect that the Sea Race would place such a shocking formation under Xuanjing. Looks like I have underestimated the craziness of these Sea Race. As for backfiring, that’s a little harst. Although the power of the formation is quite large, it obviously only has the power to trap people without any attacking power. Otherwise, all of the cultivators within Xuanjing would have already been killed. Under the current circumstances, we are extremely safe and only need to wait for the sect to send people over.” Liu Ming’s shock dimmed a little before replying slowly.

    “Junior’s words do make sense. Right now, those Sea Race have turtled within the palace and naturally cannot find trouble with us. However, I have already tested, with the barrier up, I can’t send information back to the sect. I think that Junior Bai’s communication methods will be useless. Hehe, thankfully we moved fast and passed the important information back to the sect. Otherwise, if we were slow, we might have failed sending information back because of these Sea Race and would have messed things up.” Hu Chunniang said with a smile.

    “The Sea Race using these methods do seem rushed but they should already know that even if we didn’t send information back, the sects would still notice the change. However, they still choose to do such a harsh tactic. That’s indeed quite strange.” Liu Ming first nodded before muttered with confusion.

    “It doesn’t matter what plan the Sea Race have. However, the news has already sent back to the sects which means that they will not succeed. After all, the entire Da Xuan Country is our five sects and we have already done all that we can. The rest is in the hands of the elders back at the sect. Junior Bai is thinking too much. Hu Chunnaing laughed.

    “Maybe I’m worrying about too much! Like what senior said, we only need to wait for now. Huh, someone seems to be coming towards my cave… It’s him, that’s why! Senior, I’ll be going back to my cave and now that you’ve changed your appearance, help me send him away. In the remaining time, I plan on being in a retreat and not involve myself in anything.” Liu Ming said quickly as he flew towards his cave.

    “So it’s that person. No wonder you don’t want to meet him.” Hu Chunniang first paused before realizing who it was and muttered to herself.

    However, her heart was still a little confused.

    As another Late Perfection Spirit Apostles, Liu Ming was able to discover the person much earlier than she did. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was holding some kind of treasure, it was because he had a stronger mental strength.

    The girl’s face changed for a while before she sighed and flew from the peak.

    A short while later, a colorful robed old man with a friendly face appeared on the mountain path as he came straight to Liu Ming’s cave.

    It was Elder Mian from the Hundred Spirit House!

    He seemed to be thinking something and walked quite slowly.

    However, even like this, not long later, the old man appeared before the front of Liu Ming’s cave and knocked twice.

    Moments later, the door was opened and Hu Chunniang appeared before the old man with a smile.

    “Huh, this fellow is…. Is brother Qian living here?” Elder Mian paused before asking with some surprise.

    “This is the living place of Senior Qian. You are?” Hu Chunniang’s true appearance was much younger than Liu Ming’s fake identity of Mister Qian. Thus, she could only call Liu Ming senior for now.

    “So fellow is Mister Qian’s junior. My surname is Mian and if fellow could give word, Fellow Qian will know who I am.” Elder Mian said respectfully.

    “That might not do. My senior took a retreat a couple of days ago and is practicing a secret technique and cannot be interrupted half way. Elder Mian should wait a month before coming back.” Hu Chunniang shook her head as she replied.

    “What, taking a retreat now! Can fellow help me out. You should have seen the restrictions in the sky. This time, Owner Qian has received news from the Third Marquis and told all of the Hundred Spirit House’s cultivators to go to the Third Marquis’ house. Mister Qian is a Late Perfection Spirit Apostle.The Third Maquis personally named him to be there. It seems that the Third Marquis has found a solution for this.” Elder Mian said hurriedly.

    “Third Marquis? Sorry, even if it was a prince, my senior can’t come out right now.” Hu Chunniang’s expression changed but her words were still firm.

    “If that’s the case, I can only tell my owner and the Third Marquis that.” Elder Mian talked for a while but didn’t see Hu Chunniang backing down so he could only cup his hands and leave.

    However, when the colorful robed old man walked a couple of steps away, a fluctuation appeared beside his ear and Liu Ming’s voice sounded.

    “Brother Mian, if I were you, I would not go to the Third Marquis’ house now. I can only tell you so much and won’t say more.”

    Liu Ming’s voice only talked for two sentences but still made Elder Mian’s heart move. He turned around and cupped his hands to Liu Ming’s cave before leaving without another word.

    In the next few days, almost a thousand loose cultivators appeared outside of the palace and placed various large and small formations to completely trap the palace. Then, all of the factions didn’t move again.

    It was as if the upper echelons were all thinking about a method to break into the palace.

    After all, the barrier that encompassed the palace wasn’t as strong as the one that encompassed Xuanjing but was still emitting a shocking aura. It was obviously not something that could be broken easily.