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Chapter 210 – Four Seas Overturning Skies Formation

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 210 - Four Seas Overturning Skies Formation

    “Aunt Lin, it’s you! Didn’t I tell you to look after the place of their retreat and not easily leave?” When Queen Dong saw the middle aged woman, her face darkened.

    “Miss, its information from master.” When the middle aged woman heard this, she didn’t appear surprised. Rather, she lowered her head as she replied.

    Then, she took out a gold shell and walked to hand it over.

    “My father giving information at this time is quite strange. Did something happen in the clan?” Queen Dong was quite surprised and received to the golden shell before placing it on his forehead.

    Moments later, Queen Dong’s face became steel green. After moving the shell aside, she cursed: “Wei Yu, you thief. How dare you steal the First Yuan Heavy Water from the warehouse. If he really died then he’ll have it easy, otherwise, I’ll skin him alive.”

    “What, Wei Yu died. When was this?” The middle aged woman’s smile disappeared from her face.

    “It was just yesterday night. Two human cultivators invaded the palace and saw Xuan Zhi’s transformation before then escaping. Thus, I sent Wei Yu and another to go chase them but they haven’t returned yet. Most likely, they have met their demise.” Queen Dong said bitterly.

    “If that’s the case, the First Yuan Heavy Water might be in the hands of a human cultivator. It’d be a messy situation. If miss isn’t able to recover the treasure then even if you complete the Xuanjing mission, you will still get reprimanded by master.” The woman gave a sigh.

    “Of course I know the importance of the First Yuan Heavy Water to father. However, the act has already happened and unless we catch the two intruders, we have nothing to do. However, I need to stay in the palace for the mission and can’t leave. After all, if I can’t find the First Yuan Heavy Water, I’ll at most get reprimanded by father. However, if I mess up the Xuanjing matter, I will probably have to stay in the Black Freezing Valley for at least ten years.” Queen Dong said helplessly.

    “If that’s the case, how about miss give this matter to me. I have a strange treasure given by master and can sense the First Yuan Heavy Water from a certain distance. I’ll move around Xuanjing and hopefully find some clues.” The middle aged woman paused before saying.

    “Of, if that’s the case, it’s a pretty good idea. However….” Hearing this, Queen Dong showed some hesitation before wanting to say something. However, suddenly, footstep sounds sounded from outside the hall and it was the giant man that left a while ago that entered back in.

    Queen Dong frowned as she stopped talking and looked over.

    “Miss, not good. I just heard news that someone is spreading half true, half false information. They are saying that there has been sightings of us Sea Race in the palace and said that the current emperor has been hurt. Now, the emperor is a transformed monster. In addition, they said that us Sea Race have partnered with these monsters and are looking to hurt the humans in Xuanjing to even killing all of the loose practitioners in the city.” The giant man said with surprise as soon as he got back.

    “What, there’s something like that. Have you found where the news came from?” After hearing those words, Queen Dong’s face changed drastically.

    Xuan Zhi beside her turned entirely pale with a “shua” sound.

    “I checked. The news was from a small loose practitoner group that specialized in selling information.” The giant man quickly replied.

    “Miss, let me go and take out everyone in this group.” When the middle aged woman heard this, she immediately stiffened.

    “Aunt Lin, it’s too late. The small group has already sold the information to seven to eight different people. I believe that not long later, everyone within Xuanjing will hear about it.” The giant man said with a bitter smile.

    “It goes without saying that it’s the work of those two intruders. They are really brave. Aunt Lin, when can those human cultivators that have gone into a retreat finish practicing the cultivation method that I gave.” At this point, Queen Dong actually calmed down.

    “Miss, it should take about two months according to plans. However, if we don’t care about pills or even their life force, we can cut the time by almost half.” Hearing this, Aunt Lin quickly replied.

    “If that’s the case, you can go ahead and do so. If the plan is unsuccessful, there is no point to these people anyways. Big Zheng, go bring a couple of men to the Gold Spirit Guests and take down Qiu Longzhi. If he doesn’t want to come, kill him and before the news spreads to the palace, take over the Gold Spirit Guests and use God’s Fall to bring the human cultivators unconscious. Then, place restrictions on them.” Queen Dong said with resolution.

    The middle aged woman answered.

    However, the giant man first paused before saying with killing intent.

    “Placing restrictions is too troublesome. How about I kill all of the Gold Spirit Guests.”

    “No need. I need the human cultivators for something so they must be alive.” Queen Dong shook her head.

    “I understand.” The giant man said with realization.

    “Zhi Er, make a decree that all of the important government officials need to come to the palace. In addition, say that those that don’t come will be charged with rebellion.” Queen Dong turned her head and ordered the overwhelmed Xuan Zhi.

    “Mother, are you planning on fighting now.” The emperor of Da Xuan Country finally recovered and said with a shiver.

    “I had originally wanted to wait two months but I can’t help but move the plan up. However,it doesn’t matter, we prepared this day for dozens of years. The entire underground of Xuanjing has been placed with our Sea Race’s famous Four Seas Overturning Skies Formation and once we use it, if people didn’t know even Spirit Masters couldn’t enter easily. In addition, this formation is effective to the inside and the outside. It will be able to cut off all communication and secret techniques. If we are lucky, the two intruders are not the supervising disciples of the two sects or haven’t given the information back yet. We can then control everything within Xuanjing. When the five sects hear about the change in Xuanjing and come investigate, we can pause it for a while. When our clan starts to act, the five sects won’t be able to care about us.” Queen Dong said slowly.

    “I understand. I’ll go make the decree! As the emperor of a country, Xuan Zhi was no ordinary person and decided quickly.

    “Good, you finally realize that you are a Sea Race and not one of the lowly human race. As long as you call those officials inside the palace, I will immediately activate the entire formation as well as the inner formation to split up the palace and the rest of Xuanjing. With the ability of these loose cultivators in Xuanjing, breaking this formation is impossible. Alright, let’s move.” Queen Dong first praised with a sentence before saying coldly.

    The giant man and the rest naturally agreed and went to start working.

    In half a day, when all of the various factions within Xuanjing were quite turbulent because of that one piece of information, the entire ground of the family shook. Then, countless small formations appeared in the corners of each street as they flashed away.

    Then, the entire ground gave a ring as numerous faint blue light columns flew up from the ground and went into the sky.

    This surprising scene made all of the citizens and loose cultivators shocked.

    At the same time, at the middle of the palace, an jade platform that was originally used for ceremonies was surrounding with many palace guards. There were over two hundred of them and each of them held a colorful formation flag as they were in four groups while in a square formation.

    And on the jade platform, Queen Dong had changed into a light blue dress as she was half kneeled on the platform.

    Her features were the same but she looked younger by a lot and seemed like a young woman. In addition, she was holding a dark blue bronze mirror and currently chanting something.

    She then threw the bronze mirror into the sky and with a buzz, the bronze mirror spit out a light blue inscription.

    It started only the size of a couple inches but as Queen Dong kept using Fa Li, it turned into the size of a washing bowl. Then it started flying towards the sky.

    However, when the inscription was three to four hundred up in the sky, it started to slow and no matter how much Queen Dong used her mirror, it would only tremble.

    “Do it.”

    Seeing this, Queen Dong clenched her teeth as she said.

    Then, blue light appeared on the girl as her hair waved in the wind. Then, she turned into a Sea Race person with an even prettier appearance.

    The two hundred palace guards around the jade platform also had their body shine as they turned into a half human, half fish appearance.

    They were actually all transformed from the Sea Race and once they showed their true appearance, they started saying strange words and waved their flags.

    Immediately, the square formation gave a huge light and countless colorful inscriptions faded in and out from the ground. At the same time, strands of colorful lights flew out of the flags and poured into the bronze mirror of Queen Dong.

    In the blink of an eye, the bronze mirror became extremely bright.

    Queen Dong opened his mouth and a ball of essence blood turned into a blood mist as she used the Fa Li. However, the huge inscription flew towards the sky and disappeared into the sky.

    In the next moment, the sky split with a lightning strike and rolling black clouds with silver lightning snakes appeared. At the same time, a restriction wave that almost suffocated everyone spread out from the center of the palace.