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Chapter 209 – Big Zheng

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 209 - Big Zheng

    “Junior Bai, you’ve finally come back. Me and sister Ruping were just talking. I checked and she also has Spiritual Pulses which means she can start cultivating. In addition, she seems that she really enjoys the path of formations. Coincidentally, I am quite good friends with a formation master in our Heavenly Moon Sect. How about I recommend her to come learn under her? In another three months, my time as a supervising disciple will have come to an end and I can bring her with me.” As soon as Hu Chunniang saw Liu Ming, she spoke.

    “Senior Hu has a method to let her join the Heavenly Moon sect?” Hearing this, Liu Ming was surprised.

    “With my face, I can easily have her join as an Outer Sect Disciple. However, as for her becoming an Inner Sect Disciple, it’ll be decided if she can open her Spiritual Pulses to become a Spirit Apostle. However, female disciples have a higher standing in the Heavenly Moon Sect compared to male disciples. If she really would like to learn the path of formations, she will be treated with special care. If she joins the sect, she definitely won't be bullied. I just talked to her about the situation of the Heavenly Moon Sect and she was extremely interested. However, the final decision will rest in the hands of junior.” Hu Chunniang replied with a smile.

    “If that’s the case, then it will be a good thing for her. However, I must first ask, Ruping, do you want to go to the Heavenly Moon Sect to walk down the path of formations? You must think clearly and whether you become a formation master or a true cultivator, it will be a very hard matter. However, if you stay as a normal person, with my ability, I can make sure that you live lavishly for the rest of your life.” Liu Ming paused before seriously talking to Qian Ruping.

    “Brother Ming, I have already thought about it. I don’t want to be a normal person and want to be a cultivator like you while becoming a formation master to not become Brother Ming’s burden!” Qian Ruping moved forward and said seriously.

    “Since you have decided, then I won’t stop you. Senior Hu, when this all ends, try to bring her to the Heavenly Moon Sect. If possible, I would hope that Senior Hu can take care of her.” Liu Ming said decisively before cupping his hands towards Hu Chunniang.

    “Hehe, that is only a small matter.”

    “If that’s the case, I will be able to repay part of the debt of junior helping out. That’s right, how was it?” Hu Chunniang smiled as she asked back.

    “Ruping, can you first go back to your room to cultivate. I have to talk about something serious with your sister Hu.” Liu Ming heard this and first told Qian Ruping to go back to her room.

    The girl was originally full of excitement about LiuMing allowing her to enter the Heavenly Moon Sect but when she heard this, she pouted her lips while obediently leaving the hall.

    “This girl really does listen to you. However, you two don’t have a blood relationship!” Hu Chunniang saw this and said with a hint of playfulness in her eyes.

    “Her father did me a great favor and when I found this girl, she was being kicked out by her so called clansmen and was about to be living on the streets. Thus, her being reliant on me is a natural matter.” Liu Ming replied as such.

    “So that’s the case, the girl’s experience is quite rugged. However, with junior’s easy going manner, it looks like the trip out has been successful.” Hu Chunniang sighed before smiling and saying.

    “It was indeed successful. I have already sent word back to the sect and given word to one of the loose cultivator groups that sell information. I believe that such a powerful piece of information will make its way into the hands of various large and small factions within Xuanjing.” Liu Ming laughed.

    “Good, before junior comes back, I have also used special channels to return the Sea Race information back to the sect. I believe that the upper echelons of both our sects should know the information and are probably holding meetings to even starting to gather people.” Hu Chunniang heard this and responded with satisfaction.

    “Special channel? Senior being able to return information even here is truly amazing. That’s right, when I came, I saw quite a few government detectives and most of them had your portrait. In addition, the four gates have been sealed with many Gold Spirit Guests guarding. Looks like senior’s identity has been compromised.” Liu Ming was shocked but knew not to ask more about the channel. Rather, he fished out a drawing and handed it to the young woman.

    Hu Chunniang took the drawing and after looking at it for a bit, she happily said: “It’s pretty close to what I looked before. It might be that the seventh prince drew it himself. This host of mine must have gotten caught up in this pretty bad.”

    Liu Ming heard this and rolled his eyes without saying anything.


    A certain hall within the palace.

    Queen Dong sat on a chair as she coldly looked at a young man that looked quite similar to Xuan Zhi. He was currently being held by the head by a large man that was over two meters high. At the same time, the large man was quietly casting a spell while Xuan Zhi, the emperor, sat behind Queen Dong and had an expression of unwillingness.


    The fingers of the large man loosened and the young man fell to the floor as if he did not have any bones. With his eyes rolled back, he did not move again.

    “Miss, I have already searched and Hu Chunniang met with the seventh prince four years ago. Not long after, she became a guest. In his mind, besides the fact that Hu Chunniang had impressive strength and could do any job, he doesn’t have any other clue about her origin.” The large man cupped his hands towards the queen as he said.

    “No clue? Isn’t the fact that it was four years ago a good clue? Zhi Er, if I remember correctly, wasn’t four years ago the time for the previous Supervising Disciple of the Heavenly Moon Sect to go back!” When Queen Dong heard this, her eyes shrunk slightly.

    “Mother’s meaning is that this girl is really the Supervising Disciple of the Heavenly Moon Sect?” When Xuan Zhi heard this, his expression changed.

    “Yes, from what it seems, there’s a high chance of it being so. Of course, there’s the chance that this girl appearing was a coincidence.” Queen Dong said with a dark face.

    “However, my palace guards said that the cultivator that saved this girl was an powerful cultivator. Could that person be a supervising disciple of the other sects?” Xuan Zhi asked.

    “I sent someone to look into it. The other three supervising disciples were under our control that night. Unless they had a method to make a clone, it definitely can't be one of them. However, the new Barbarian Ghost disciple is a powerful one. After giving our Black Spirit Group a vicious slap outside the Small Clear Temple, he hasn’t shown himself. Big Zheng, has any suspicious cultivators entered Xuanjing in the near two months?” Queen Dong muttered before asking the giant man sharply.

    “Miss, recently, the larger factions have been moving their men around quite frequently. In the past two months, most of the cultivators that have entered Xuanjing are secretive and worthy of suspicion.” The giant man paused before responding with a bitter smile.

    “Wasn’t the human cultivator that saved Hu Chunniang a powerful Late Spirit Apostle? With that condition, there shouldn’t be too many that are left.” Queen Dong heard this and responded without hesitation.

    “If only Late Spirit Apostles, we can naturally eliminate most people. However, some people might be faking their cultivation and if I were the new Supervising Disciple for the Barbarian Ghost Sect, I would stay low and not fight with others to reveal my cultivation and without that, most people won’t be able to notice me.” The giant man frowned.

    “Yes, that is true and makes it extremely worrisome. However, this is still a clue and you need to organize men to test the new strong figures in Xuanjing to see if any of them are worthy of suspicion.” Queen Dong paused before saying resolutely.

    “Yes, I will send men to do that immediately. In addition, the seventh prince is completely useless. Should I dispose of him?” The giant man bowed before answering. When his gaze reached the young man lying on the floor, he asked another question.

    “Mother, this child is my offspring and should have the bloodline of the Sea Race. How about we first leave his life.” Xuan Zhi heard this and his face immediately changed.

    “Hmph, what, are you going soft? Before you can transform, the bloodline of the Sea Race stay hidden. Even if you have offspring, they only have pure human bloodline without any relation with the Sea Race. Big Zheng, take care of this seventh prince. Say that he made a grave offense and is currently being imprisoned in the inner palace.” Queen Dong coldly glanced at Xuan Zhi before saying coldly.

    Hearing this, the giant man agreed with a savage face and picked up the seventh prince before leaving the hall without another sound.

    In this process, Xuan Zhi looked at the giant man and his mouth trembled slightly. But he ultimately wasn’t able to say anything.

    “Mother, the four gates have been locked and will not be open to anyone in the short term. However, the two Sea Race guards that you sent to chase last time have not come back and they have most likely fallen victim. Under the current circumstances, should we add some extra men on it.” After Xuan Zhi resumed his calm, he said seriously to Queen Dong.

    “Send extra men? That won’t do. First sealing the four gates and then sending people to search for Hu Chunniang has already raised suspicion. If we add extra men…. Who is it, come out.” Queen Dong shook her head as her gaze coldened and yelled towards the door.

    “Miss, it’s me!” A shadow flashed at the door and a middled aged woman came in with a smile.