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Chapter 207 – Black Bead

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 207 - Black Bead

    “Junior is trying to say that we must be prepared for the Sea Clan’s desperate actions!” Hu Chunniang was a brilliant person; the moment she heard those words, she came to quite a few realizations.

    “That’s right. Although I will find a chance to release the information to the sect tomorrow, even at the quickest possible speed their support will still take over a month before they can reach Xuanjing. Such a long period of time will be enough for the Sea Race to do many things,” Liu Ming said in a solemn tone.

    “However, Xuanjing is under the control. Moreover, our five sects have laid down restrictions back then onto the entire city. The moment a person above the rank of Spiritual Master takes a single step into this place, it will immediately trigger that restriction and alarm every single person in the city. At most, the Sea Race will only send people roughly the same cultivation as us—Late Perfection Spirit Apostles. Even if they bear grudges, it’s not as if they can turn the entire world upside down. Junior does not need to worry, even if they try something, it’ll only be a little harm against some mortals or loose cultivators.” Hu Chunniang shook her head and said without much care.

    “Senior is right! However, the Sea Race does control the entire palace so who knows who will win in a fight. They might do something. To be cautious, let’s leak the information that there have been Sea Race sightings in the palace to a couple of powers within Xuanjing. With that, if the Sea Race still want to do something, it won’t be easy.” Liu Ming paused before talking again.

    “Tell them about the Sea Race? Isn’t this a little rash! If this causes a mess in Xuanjing with some other problem, our sects might be disappointed.” Hu Chunniang heard these words and couldn’t help but hesitate.

    “This shouldn’t be a big problem. The loose cultivator fractions in Xuanjing have plenty of smart people. Even if they hear news, they won’t easily believe it. They will first try everything they can to verify the information before taking action. As long as these factions stare closely at the Sea Race, they won’t be able to move easily. We can then patiently wait for the sect to send people over.” Liu Ming said seriously.

    Hu Chunniang heard Liu Ming’s words and was quite moved. After thinking about it a couple time, she said resolutely:

    “Alright, after junior analyzing it like that, I do indeed think it’s a good idea. Let’s do that. With the other faction in Xuanjing helping out, I think that the Sea Race won’t have time to search for us. However, how does junior plan on letting the news out? The Sea Race might search for the source and find us.”

    “Senior can rest at ease! Aren’t there quite a few organizations that specialize in selling information? These loose cultivator factions aren’t too structured and as long as I sell a bit of half true, half false information, it will spread across Xuanjing in a couple of days.” Liu Ming said with confidence.

    “Looks like junior has considered everything. Then I am at ease. Although the poison on me has been cured, it still cost me quite a bit of energy. It looks like I’ll have to hide here for half a month. As for other things, I will have to ask that junior take care of it.” Hu Chunniang nodded before saying with some regret.

    “Senior Hu doesn’t need to be so respectful and stay here for now. I only moved here a while ago and basically no one knows this place. Normally, no one will come to disturb us. That’s right, I have a couple bottles of energy recovery pills; does senior need them?” Liu Ming answered.

    “Thank you junior, us Heavenly Moon Sect has a cultivation method that is different from most and normal pills do not have much effect on me. In addition, I brought our sect’s special medicial and my energy recovering is just a matter of time.” Hu Chunniang said with a beautiful smile.

    Liu Ming saw this and his heart suddenly beat faster. After moving away his gaze, he said a couple more words and left the room to Hu Chunniang for resting. He then moved away.

    Moments later, Liu Ming appeared in a sealed room with some restrictions and started to look through the treasures from the two Sea Race males.

    Besides the medicinal bottles, the treasures were mostly medicinal objects that could recover Fa Li. However, the two short green sticks, silver shell and small blue flag were all totems.

    After pushing a bit of Fa Li through these items, he found out their values.

    The first two were low level Totems that had six to seven restrictions. A fourteen layer restriction appeared on the small blue flag to show that it was actually a Middle Tier Totem.

    This made him overjoyed.

    Although Liu Ming had experienced quite a few Totems, most of them were Low Tier Totems and very few were of the middle tier.

    And for most Spirit Masters, a Middle Tier Totem was a respectable treasure and there were very few that owned a High Tier Totem.

    With Liu Ming’s cultivation, he could refine the first few restrictions of Middle Tier Totem. However, that was enough to give power much greater than normal Low Tier Totems.

    However, this small blue flag was only an supporting Totem.

    When the Sea Race male put the totem within him, his body instantly became a half transparent liquid. Liu Ming remembered this clearly!

    Liu Ming thought about it for a second before deciding something in his heart.

    The two short green sticks and silver clam were speciality Totems of the Sea Race and were not compatible with his cultivation method so he didn’t need to keep them and instead could find a chance to convert them to Spirit Stones.

    As for the small blue flag, as a Middle Tier Totem, it was a supporting Totem so he could carefully research it and refine.

    As he thought about this, he put away the treasures in the Sumeru Conch. However, when he flicked his wrist against, a black bead appeared in his hands again.

    This thing was something that Liu Ming had gotten from the handsome man’s corpse. However, it was obviously not a Totem and didn’t look like much. Thus, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

    However, when he looked at it closely, he could see the special aspect of it.

    Although the black bead seemed dim, when he looked more closely, the surface was quite clear while the inside was fill with a certain black smoke. In addition, the smoke started to slowly move.

    Liu Ming was quite curious and slightly shook it.

    The bead was quiet and the black smoke move slightly. There seemed to be something within it.

    With this, Liu Ming because extremely interested.

    After he played at it for a while, he finally determined that the the bead was something that was made to hold something. What was inside should have been the true treasure.

    Because of his carefulness, he would not destroy it without caution. After thinking of it for a while, he took out seven to eight formation flags. After throwing it to the surroundings, they stuck into the corners of the secret room.

    Moments later, a small formation was created.

    Liu Ming made a single hand technique and used it!

    A layer of yellow light barrier appeared and securely covered the middle part of the secret room.

    Liu Ming placed the bead on the ground and took out another glyph to pat on himself. Immediately, a white light barrier was added onto himself.

    At this time, Liu Ming checked his dragon scale leather armor and after making sure that it was fitted perfectly, he relaxed slightly.

    It was no wonder he was so careful.

    There were many evil things in the cultivation world and there were many cultivators that had died by accident from these kind of things.

    He definitely did not want to be among those people!

    At this time, Liu Ming took a few steps back and raised his hand to shoot towards a green Wind Blade towards the bead.


    The Wind Blade slashed the bead and with a green flash, it was bounced aside.

    Liu Ming frowned. This bead looked quite normal but the surface seemed extremely hard.

    Then, in the next moment, his sleeve shook and the Green Cyan Sword appeared in his hands. With a cold flash, the Sword Qi slashed out.


    The bead’s surface trembled slightly and it also bounced the Sword Qi away.

    With this, Liu Ming took a deep breath.

    Looks like this bead couldn’t be opened with brute strength. With this, he could only use other methods.

    Thinking like this, he took out a small white bottle and walked above the bead. Then, he pulled out the cap and let a drop of purple liquid that had a nasty smell.


    Once the purple liquid touched the bead, it slid to the side. As a result, after touching the floor, a green smoke rose up that corroded many holes in the ground.

    The purple liquid was actually extremely poisonous.

    Yet, the bead was still as smooth as before without any signs of damage.

    Liu Ming’s brow creased and put away the small bottle. With a single wave, a scarlet fireball shot out and exploded to encompass the bead under a burning flame.

    Liu Ming used both hands to make hand techniques and continued to place Fa Li within the fire. This made the fire burn for the time it takes to drink a cup of tea before he put away the hand technique and let the fire die.

    However, the black bead was the same as before but it became slightly red.

    This time, Liu Ming opened his mouth in frustration.

    He circled around the bead a couple of times and with a flash of his eyes, he raised his arm and pointed at the bead.

    With a “pu” sound, a ball of clear water dropped from the sky to drench the bead completely.

    The action which was done in frustration actually gave him a great surprise.

    The bead that wasn’t moving suddenly had a black flash and sucked in all of the clear water. At the crisp sound, a white marking appeared on the bead.

    Liu Ming excitedly made quite a few hand signs and made dozens of balls of clear water. They all crashed into the bead.

    The bead sucked into most of the clear water after flashing many times before breaking apart in a muffled sound after many white markings appeared on it.

    However, at this time, a giant “hong” sound reverberated at the center of the sealed room. It made the entire room shake.

    Liu Ming was extremely shocked and took half a step back. He quickly focused his attention at the damage part of the bead.