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Chapter 206 – Real Appearance

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 206 - Real Appearance

    When he was a couple of miles from Immortal Dawn Mountain, he did not immediately go up the mountain. Instead he first hid himself into an alley that did not have anyone in it and waited there for almost an hour to make sure that there was no one tailing him. Only then did he bring the young woman with him back to his cave.

    Although there were practitioners that guarded the mountain for Immortal Dawn Mountain, for Liu Ming, avoiding them was an easy act.

    In the time it takes to eat a meal, Liu Ming brought Hu Chunniang back to his cave.

    However, to be safe, he left the White Bone Scorpion at the entrance of the cave and if anyone approached, it would warn him.

    When he came back, Qian Ruping was already asleep in her room.

    Liu Ming naturally would not wake the girl. Instead, he brought the young woman to his own room and placed her on his bed. Then, he carefully looked at the woman.

    At this time, the jet black color in Hu Chunniang’s lips had disappeared and at the same time, the red flush in her face was also gone.

    However, after Liu Ming looked for a while, he suddenly frowned and said:

    “Senior Hu, since you are already awake, there is no need for you to keep pretending.”

    “Hehe, how did junior find out that I was awake.” The young woman that seemed asleep suddenly twitched her eyelids and with a small smile, she opened her eyes.

    “When I came, I needed to be careful of enemy tracking. Thus, I didn’t pay too much attention to senior’s strangeness. However, at this point, if Senior Hu still wants to fake being unconscious then how could you hide from my detection. However, when did Senior Hu wake up?” Liu Ming sighed as he asked.

    “When junior’s hands were going up and down me, I was obviously woken up.” Hu Chunniang’s stared at Liu Ming’s face as she rolled her eyes.

    “Ahem, I would hope that senior doesn’t blame me! I had no choice either. In order to prevent others from chasing us, I had to do that.” Liu Ming heard this and gave a slight cough. At the same time, an awkwardness surfaced on his face.

    “I naturally understand the reason. Otherwise, once I woke up, I would have not been so respectful with you. However, no matter what, I was taken advantage of. Junior must give me an response!” Hu Chunniang still stared at Liu Ming without blinking and said without smiling.

    “What kind of response does Senior Hu want?” Liu Ming heard this and paused slightly.

    “Junior true name is Liu Ming right?” Hu Chunniang did not answer directly and changed the subject to ask something else.

    “Looks like Senior Hu has asked the sect about me!” Hearing this, Liu Ming frowned.

    “Besides the Earth Spiritual Pulse disciple that is currently preparing to advance to the realm of Spirit Master in an retreat, there are no other newly advanced Core Disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect that have safely returned from the secret realm. I really can’t think of anyone else that has as strong of a strength as you.” Hu Chunniang slightly smiled as she replied.

    “Since senior has already recognized me, I don’t have a reason to deny it. I am called Liu Ming.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed before he admitted it.

    “Oh, if that’s the case, junior appearance definitely isn’t your original appearance. Could you let me see it.” When Hu Chunniang heard Liu Ming agree, she said with a smile.

    “My original appearance was not something secretive anyways. If senior would like to see it, there is no problem.” This time, Liu Ming paused before slowly nodding.

    Then, he made a single hand sign and then rubbed his face.

    Immediately, crisp gabeng sounds sounded. At the same time, his face blurred and he turned into a pale normal youth. He looked a whole seven to eight years younger than before.

    “This is the original appearance of Junior Liu. It’s quite ordinary.” Hu Chunniang circled Liu Ming a couple of times before starting to appraise Liu Ming’s appearance.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming didn’t know how to respond so he directly said:

    “Since I have shown my true appearance, shouldn’t senior also show her true face? Otherwise, I’d be the one who’s at a disadvantage here.”

    “You also want to see my real face. That’s alright. My appearance isn’t something that other people can’t see.” Hu Chunniang heard this and gave a smile.

    Then, she pulled out a five colored bead that was the size of one’s thumb and waved it around her face. After a couple of flashes, a young girl that didn’t seem older than twenty one or two appeared before Liu Ming.

    Although this girl’s hairstyle and clothing were the same as before, her brows were curled while her smile was like a hundred flowers blooming. Her appearance was much better than before.

    Even Liu Ming paused after seeing such a beautiful face.

    At this time, he found even more similarities with the woman and the female disciple that had the Communication Spirit Body.

    However, Zhang Xiuniang had a more handsome appearance while Hu Chunniang’s appearance was a bit more pretty.

    “So that is the true face of senior. With such an incredible pretty face, no wonder you would want to hide your original appearance. Otherwise, who knows how much trouble you would get walking around Xuanjing like that.” A moment later, Liu Ming said slowly.

    “Junior knowing this reason is good. I came to Xuanjing for quite a few years and Junior Liu is the first one that has seen my true appearance. Besides being able to change one’s appearance, the five color bead can allow any changes in expression to be accurately reflected. My words before were merely a joke. My survival this time was due to junior’s help. Otherwise, I might have fallen within the palace.” Hu Chunniang who showed her true face became serious.

    “If it weren’t for the special poison, how would you be scared of such loose cultivators? That’s right, how did you get injured?” Liu Ming asked curiously.

    “Junior doesn’t know that I had disguised myself as a maid to enter the palace and watched Xuan Zhi transform. At that time, something happened and not only was I exposed, I was wounded by the two guards. The cultivation methods of these two guards is quite strange. If I didn’t immediately attack Xuan Zhi and distract them, I would have been seriously wounded and stuck in the palace. That’s right, when I was poisoned by them, I took a couple detoxification pills. However, they had no effect. What pill did junior use to easily solve this poison?” Hu Chunniang first gave a bitter laugh before asking with some confusion.

    “The poison within your body is extremely strange and our Barbarian Ghost Sect’s detoxification pills didn’t have much effect either. Thankfully, those two fellows that wounded you caught up to us and I killed them to find the correct cure that took away senior’s poison.” Liu Ming said lightly.

    “What, junior killed those two. If that’s the case, you know their true identities.” Hu Chunniang’s heard this and was quite surprised.

    Liu Ming heard this and gave a smile. Suddenly, he took out a Storage Glyph and a white flash appeared. Immediately afterwards, a fish tail appeared on the ground.

    “As expect, those two are also of the Sea Race. Junior being able to kill them by yourself makes it true that you have impressive strength. I have something to show you.” Hu Chunniang saw this scene and took in a cold breath. Her voice was quite strange as she took out something bamboo cylinder like thing. After pointing it at the ground, something dropped out and turned into over a yard long.

    When Liu Ming carefully looked at it, his expression changed!

    It was surprisingly an arm that was filled with green scales.

    “This is…” Liu Ming asked.

    “This is one of the arms after Xuan Zhi transformed. I cut it off in the confusion and put it away. Now, I can be sure that this emperor is not human but also isn’t some monster. Rather, it’s a Sea Race.” The girl said calmly.

    “Sea Race! That’s quite laughable. Our Da Xuan Country would actually have another race be our mortal emperor. However, was it that this emperor was of another race at first or did it kill the true Xuan Zhi and replace him.” Liu Ming sighed and asked in confusion.

    “I’m not sure about that. However, is there a difference? With the fish tail and the arm, we have enough evidence to report back to the sect and have Spirit Masters come and clean up Xuanjing’s government.” Hu Chunniang said without care.

    “Your words are correct but after making such a mess, senior has probably been exposed and can’t return to your normal dwelling.” Liu Ming first nodded before reminding her.

    “That is natural. There are only so many Late Perfection Cultivators in Xuanjing. Adding that to the fact that I didn’t return after a whole month, as long as those people didn’t have their head knocked around, they should be able to find me quite soon. With this, I can only stay here for now and find a time to report back to the sect. I also didn’t think that I would be exposed or else I wouldn’t have left such a huge flaw!” Hu Chunniang heard this and frowned.

    “Senior Hu staying here would naturally not be a big problem. Normally, most people wouldn’t look over here. However, I just feel that the Sea Race wouldn’t stop so easily.” Liu Ming’s expression changed.

    “Junior Liu’s means….” Hu Chunniang heard this and could not help but think of something.

    “It’s simple. Those Sea Race took such a huge risk to infiltrate Xuanjing and even controlled the imperial family along with most of the government so they must be planning something big. Now that the identity of emperor Xuan Zhi has been revealed, they would know that their identities have been exposed. Although they don’t know that our identities are Supervising Disciples, they can still guess that we might send the message back to the five sects. Under these conditions, I don’t believe that the Sea Race can still sit calmly and wait for the five sects to enter Xuanjing and capture them.” Liu Ming slowly said.