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Chapter 205 – Escape

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 205 - Escape

    These two Sea Race Late Spirit Apostles had extreme bad luck.

    Normally, those two not only had their special Sea Race technique, they also had their combining techniques that would allow themselves to fight against cultivators that were far above them in terms of level.

    However, they met Liu Ming who had the Flying Head and the White Bone Scorpion.

    The two pets had strange attacks while their strength was far above a normal Late Perfection Spirit Apostle. In addition, there was Liu Ming who was watching from the side.

    This was equal to three extremely power Late Perfection Spirit Apostles attacking those two.

    In addition, the two underestimated Liu Ming. Besides the defensive technique that they casted together, they were not able to use combination techniques due to the fact that they were separated and suppressed by the Flying Head and the White Bone Scorpion.

    In this situation, Liu Ming found a time to use his Emerald Shadow Needle to ambush them at the right time. With this, how could they have not been defeated.

    Liu Ming’s gaze swept across the fish tails of the two before frowning and whispering to himself:

    “They are of the Sea Race? This is messy!”

    Although he said such things, he still moved to the two corpses and bent down to search them. Not only did he take the silver shell, small blue flag and the two short green sticks, he also found two leather pouches, a couple of medicinal bottles and a black bead that didn’t have any specialities.

    Liu Ming picked out the medicinal bottles and opened them to take a sniff of each one. Immediately, he put away three of the bottles and took the remaining two to Hu Chunniang.

    At this time, she was still unconscious within the light cover. In addition, her breath had become weaker compared to before.

    Liu Ming’s heart quickened as he moved into the light cover with no resistance.

    With a flick of his wrist, a cold flash appeared.

    The short sword made two wounds of about an inch each on Hu Chunniang’s wrist. The black blood from within started to pour out.

    Liu Ming then poured out one yellow and one red pill from the two bottles and crushed them before placing them on the wound. Then, he stared at the wound without blinking.

    Moments later, nothing changed with the wound that was covered by the yellow powder. However, the wound that the red powder covered started to bleed blood that was becoming more red while the strange smell also became faint.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming was extremely happy. Immediately, he found a Glyph on him and after pressing it on the young woman’s wrist, the two wounds started to heal under a green light.

    At the same time, he poured out another red pill from the medicinal bottle and shoved it into the young woman’s mouth.

    In the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, Hu Chunniang’s breathing steadied while her jet black lips seemed to lighten slightly.

    With this, Liu Ming’s heart became at ease.

    Then, Liu Ming put away the medicinal bottles and walked out of the light cover. He raised his hand and a fireball shot out, turning the handsome man’s corpse into dust.

    However, when he was about to use the same method to dispose of the short man’s corpse, he suddenly thought of something.

    Liu Ming took out his short sword and with a cold flash, he cut off the tail of the short man.

    Then, he fished out a one time use Storage Glyph and waved it at the fish tail. The fishtail immediately turned into a white light that was sucked into the glyph.

    After doing all of that, Liu Ming’s expression relaxed and his other hand raised up to turn the corpse into a fireball.

    However, when he turned around and was walking back to the stone pavilion, his face suddenly changed and he looked towards a certain direction in the bamboo forest. An expression of surprise crept onto his face.

    “There’s another group of people and they seem to be coming straight here. What is going on. Is it that there was something done to Hu Chunnaing.”

    Liu Ming muttered as he did not hesitate anymore. With a blur, he appeared besides the young woman. At the same time, he pointed outwards.

    Immediately, the light cover surrounding them disappeared.

    Liu Ming lowered himself to hug them and dug out another yellow glyph. After showing an expression of slight pain, he put the glyph onto himself.

    WIth a “pu” sound, the glyph exploded and countless yellow inscriptions flew out. In a mere instant, these inscriptions covered both Liu Ming and the young woman.

    Liu Ming made another hand sign and he and the young woman soundlessly sunk into the earth.

    This was the Earth Escape Glyph.

    Although the effect of the glyph wasn’t too long and one could not move too quickly underground along with a wealth of flaws, the glyph was a perfect method to escape and avoid enemy detection.

    As Liu Ming tunneled underground and was slowly walking under a yellow light cover with the young woman in his arms, a small golden hound appeared in the bamboo forest. After a couple of howls, seven to eight figures also flashed into the forest.

    They were Qiu Longzhi and the his trusted cultivators.

    At this time, the golden hound had reached the stone pavilion where Huang Chunniang had previously laid. After making a couple of circles, it pounced on the area where Liu Ming and the young woman had disappeared underground and after using its paws to dig at the earth, it started barking at Qiu Longzhi and his underlings.

    “What’s going on, has the Thousand Mile Hound lost them?” One of the cultivators asked curiously as he saw this scene.

    “The Thousand Mile Hound has a great nose and won’t lose its target under normal circumstances. Looking at the manner its acting, the two seemed to have stayed here for a while before their scent disappeared in the earth. It’s very likely that the two ran underground.” Qiu Longzhi seemed extremely familiar with the manner of the golden hound and after seeing its actions, he said with confidence.

    “Going underground. These two are actually proficient in Earth Escape Techniques!” Another cultivator heard this and exclaimed out loud.

    “Hmph, why must they be proficient in Earth Escape Techniques. One Earth Escape Glyph can achieve the same results. Looks like we will have to wait here. I don’t believe that they will keep using the Earth Escape Technique until he exits Xuanjing. As long as they come out, the Thousand Mile Hound will discover them again.” Qiu Longzhi said confidently.

    “Boss Qiu is correct. Then we’ll wait here. Huh, looking at this place, it seems that the two of them fought someone here but it seems like the fight was extremely quick!” A middle aged man that was wearing a white robe first nodded before he looked around and observed.

    The others also looked and found that the ground was indeed quite messy with many holes.

    Some of the ones with strong mental strengths also used their conscious to sweep around the surroundings and felt a residue spirit power and nodded in agreement.

    Qiu Longzhi looked around the surrounding ground and then grabbed the air. Immediately, something shot out from the ground and after a flash, it was caught by Qiu Longzhi.

    It was actually a light green scale!

    The commander of Gold Spirit Guests looked at the scale before putting it under his nose to spell. Suddenly, his face changed greatly.

    “Boss Qiu, have you found something?” One of the underlings who was observing Qiu Longzhi asked after seeing this.

    “Nothing, it is not of importance. I merely thought of something. The ones that fought with these two, were they the groups that we sent out earlier?” Qiu Longzhi seemingly carelessly placed the scale away and responded with a normal expression.

    “I don’t think so. If they were our men, they should have sent out an aid signal long ago. How could they do something where we can’t even find their corpses or any survivors.” Another cultivator smiled and replied.

    “Yes, I hope so. These two intruders are not normal people. Otherwise, they would not have been able to escape the palace while being attacked by so many people. When we corner them, everyone must be alert and not underestimate them.” Qiu Longzhi seriously warned his underlings.

    “Boss can be at ease, we are different from those trash and definitely won’t make the same mistake.”

    “That’s right Boss Qiu! When we see those two, we don’t say anything useless and use the Fallen Spirit Flag to first trap them within.”

    Qiu Longzhi’s trusted cultivators all started talking after hearing such words.

    Qiu Longzhi nodded and walked into the stone pavilion and sat on one of the stone benches.


    At this time, Liu Ming was already seven to eight miles away from the bamboo forest. As he used the glyph to slowly move forward, he also kept on searching for something on the young woman.

    A while later, he paused and said to himself:

    “That’s strange, it doesn’t seem like there’s been a tracking mark on her. If that’s the case then those chasing should have a special method to lock onto Hu Chunnaing. That’s going to be annoying.”

    Liu Ming said this while his face showed that he was pondering something. After a while, he shook his head and muttered.

    “Whatever, I’ll just do it regardless.”

    Then, Liu MIng took out a couple of medicinal bottles and opened the covers before pouring them on the young lady.

    As a result, white powder flew out of one bottle, a clear liquid out of another and finally, the last bottle poured out a pungent black smoke.

    The three all disappeared into Liu Ming and the young woman’s body.

    After doing all of those, Liu Ming’s expression relaxed slightly.

    After he went forward another ten or so miles, the yellow light cover started to dim and he made a hand technique without hesitation. Then, he hugged the young woman as he went up.

    The yellow light flashed and Liu Ming with the young woman appeared into a corner in an alley.

    At this time, the sky had turned extremely dark and entire alley was quiet without so much as a single human shadow.

    Liu Ming looked around and made sure that there weren’t any ambushes before he took out two Invisibility Glyphs and placed them onto himself and the young woman. This made them two seem like transparent shadows as they ran toward the Immortal Dawn Mountain.