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Chapter 198 – Hu Chunniang

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 198 - Hu Chunniang

    Liu Ming naturally didn’t object this and immediately fished out a bag from his bosom and threw it over.

    Owner Qian caught it and opened up the pouch. After inspecting the interior, he nodded his head and beckoned forwards.

    The beautiful maid instantly walked over discreetly.

    Liu Ming’s sleeves shook and took all three items from the tray.

    A cup of tea later, when Liu Ming walked out of a side door of the large hall again, the Nan cultivator who wore a cloak, under the guidance of another attendance, happened to walk into him.

    After he saw Liu Ming, his body couldn’t help but faintly shake.

    “Thank you for Fellow’s help just now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to buy that Mechanical Battle Armor. However, I don’t like owing people a favor, so in the future if Fellow needs a mechanical device manufactured, please visit South Bamboo Temple. I will definitely try my best to help.” The Nan cultivator suddenly spoke and proceeded to shake his sleeves. A light yellow colored bamboo slit shot towards Liu Ming.

    “Since this is the case, haggling more would be impolite.” Although Liu Ming felt a bit surprised by what he heard, he naturally didn’t decline such a good thing and caught the bamboo medallion in one hand. Subsequently, he walked past the other person.

    When he returned to his seat again, four Spirit Apostles wearing black green malevolent masks had already appeared on the stone stage. After they had walked to the four corners of the stage, a remarkably beautiful woman with looks that far surpassed the previous female servants carefully walked onto the tall stage, clutching a small light golden colored bottle.

    After Elder Mian received the small bottle, in a solemn expression, he said to everyone in the large hall:

    “Next will be the last auctioned good at this auction. It will also have the highest base price out of any items in the auction. I’m sure there are many Fellows here who have already heard of its reputation before. That’s right, it is the item our Hundred Spirit House’s spent countless expenditures for before finally acquiring one- Heavenly Star Aura. This Pure Aura is absolutely both rare and abnormal. Even in the entire Yun Chuan continent, the number of times it has appeared definitely does not surpass five. Using this Pure Aura Qi to condense a Symbol Qi will not only render exceptional effects on attack and defense, it will also connect with the stars during the night, aiding cultivation to an inconceivable extent.”

    Once the elder finished speaking, he opened the lid of the small bottle and took in a deep breath. Subsequently, he used Fa Li to slightly expedite the bottle.


    From within the bottle flew out a gold colored sunrise that danced around the small bottle, causing the nearby air to sparkle with specks of gold light. It seemed to resemble a sky filled with stars- faintly discernable but eminently beautiful.

    “This is Heavenly Star Aura. It truly is extraordinary!”

    Those who knew that the last item auctioned would be Heavenly Star Aura unwaveringly stared at the extraordinary spectacle on the stone stage and muttered to themselves.

    As for those who didn’t know about this item prior, they were even more dumbstruck, tongue tied and in awe.

    In addition, there were a few mysterious people in the large hall who had maintained indifference towards the earlier part of the auction; currently, all of them were invigorated and their eyes ardently stared at the small golden bottle with a frenzied look.

    “Okay, this old man doesn’t need to say anything else. One portion of Heavenly Star Aura has a base price of two hundred thousand Spirit Stones. Each time the price increases, it cannot be less than five thousand Spirit Stones!” Elder Mian let the uproar below calm down momentarily before using the small bottle to put away the golden sunset; then, he composedly spoke.

    “Two hundred and ten thousand!”

    A person completely enveloped by a grey robe instantly gave a price!

    “Two hundred thirty thousand!”

    Another person wearing a ghost mask didn’t hesitate to add another twenty thousand..

    “Two hundred forty thousand!”

    An eminently gloomy voice drifted around the big hall like a demon.

    “Hmph, adding such small amounts. How long do I have to wait before we end it. I’ll say thirty thousand Spirit Stones. Let’s see who still dares compete with me.” An aged voice let out a wild laugh.

    Once this price was given, not only did countless people in the large hall give a blank look but those calling out prices were also extremely shocked.

    For an instant, the entire large hall was completely silent!

    An hour later, Liu Ming appeared alone on a seemingly remote street. On both sides, aside from a few shabby looking shops, it didn’t seem like many people walked on this street.

    Nevertheless, he didn’t hesitate to slowly walk on the street. After turning east and west, he suddenly entered an empty alley.

    Liu Ming’s gaze swept through the alley. Suddenly, without turning his head, he said:

    “Ever since I’ve left the auction, Fellow has been following me. Your cultivation is rather close to mine; do you really believe that you can evade my attention?”

    “Hmph! You really are the newly famous Mister Qian of Hundred Spirit House! If this really is the case, then I would like to ask mister why he ruined my actions during the auction?” A figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the alley; a slim and slender figure had taciturnity blocked off that area.

    “It turns out it is Fellow Hu. I had thought the probability of it being Fellow Shi was higher.” Liu Ming indifferently replied before finally turning around.

    Not far behind him was a young lady wearing a white scarf over her face, her head was covered in green jewels but exposed a pair of indignant eyes. She happened to coldly be looking at him.

    Although most of this woman’s face had been covered, her eyes and eyebrows gave off a feeling of familiarity. This caused Liu Ming to faintly freeze while he couldn’t help but stare closely at the opposing party’s face with a look of suspicion.

    “I didn’t realize that the rumored Mister Qian surprisingly was a lecher!”

    When the lady whose face was covered saw Liu Ming gaze intnetly at her, she was extremely angry and her tone became even colder.

    “Eh, what did you just say Fellow Hu?! I’m sorry, I just suddenly discovered that Fellow was extremely similar to someone. Therefore, I was a bit absent minded.” At this moment, Liu Ming had just been awaken from his daydream. He abruptly laughed and cupped his fists towards the lady.

    “Similar to someone? Does Fellow Qian believe that I will really believe these words? Forget about it; we’ll speak about this later. The question I asked Fellow early still hasn’t been answered!” Hu Chunniang was a bit skeptical, but her expression ended up easing a bit.

    “What can I reply with? I fancied those several mechanical items and naturally made a bid. Does Fellow have any questions?” Liu Ming faintly smiled in response.

    “Even if Fellow Qian did it unintentionally, doing such a thing still ruined my major plans. How do you explain that?” Hu Chunniang harrumped.

    “I didn’t have a choice! Fellow Hu can only consider it as bad luck. However, if Fellow still feels wronged, then we can only have a fight. After all, to us loose cultivators, the stronger one naturally is the correct one.” Liu Ming laughed.

    “Fine. I also want to experience Mister Qian’s true skill. I don’t know when Mister has the free time to compare skills with me!” Faced with this circumstance, the young lady was a bit suspicious in her heart, but didn’t let it show on her face.

    “Another day wouldn’t be the same as when we bumped into each other. How about now? Of course, this place isn’t suitable for fighting. How about we go to the peak of Iron Mountain a few kilometers away from Xuanjing’s west gate. I will leave first; I will look forward to your arrival there.” Liu Ming let out a laugh; his figure then moved and he flashed past the young lady’s body like a light wind.

    Hu Chunniang was shocked, but ultimately watched Liu Ming rush back to the street and stride towards Xuanjing’s west gate.

    “Fine, I would like to see what kind of demon you are. Such unexpected brazenness!” The young lady’s face under the muslin underwent a cold change, but she finally followed him after a stamp.

    Several hours later on a small mountain peak outside of Xuanjing’s west gate.

    Liu Ming and Hu Chunniang faced each other from a distance.

    “Since it’s a competition, there must naturally be a wager. If I win, Mister Qian will hand over the newly acquired pieces of mechanical items. On the other hand, if Fellow is to win, I will offer this Pure Fire Aura!” Hu Chunniang coldly looked a Liu Ming for a while before bluntly speaking and suddenly revealing a light red bottle in one hand.

    “Pure Fire Aura! It turns out such an item unexpectedly fell into Fellow’s hand. No wonder you were powerless in competing for this Mechanical Armor. This item is about the same price as what I bid for for my item. Then we’ll do as you say.” Liu Ming’s gaze flashed and his expression turned rather serious for the first time.

    “Very good, then shall I let Mister Qian witness the power of my famous Butterfly Dance Technique?” Hu Chunniang replied. After putting away the small bottle, her sleeves abruptly shook and multiple five colored clouds of light suddenly emerged.

    These clouds of light condensed extremely quickly. They rapidly proliferated and in an instant they covered almost half of the surrounding space.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s two eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

    Hu Chunniang suddenly let out a delicate shout and all the balls of light began whirling around and they transformed into enormous five colored butterflies. When their wings extended and shook, together the entire sky became a beautiful butterfly silhouette that rushed towards Liu Ming.

    At the same time, the young lady’s body twisted and in an indistinct movement had dissolved into the enormous butterfly silhouette, disappearing without a trace.

    Liu Ming’s heart faintly trembled, but he suddenly performed a one handed sign. Instantly, specks of green light flashed in front of him and seven to eight Wind Blades let out a sharp cry and they violently rushed forth.

    “Dang, dang!”

    The green wind blades passed into the butterfly silhouette’s body, but were repelled by something within.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming didn’t say anything and shook his sleeve. From within suddenly shot out a few scarlet red fireballs.

    A few “hong” sounds rang out.

    The fireballs hadn’t actually reached the butterfly silhouette when they were abruptly chopped to pieces by a few cold light that shot out from within the silhouette.

    Liu Ming’s face darkened and the black gas on the surface of his body began to suddenly surge. Instantly, it transformed into black tentacles that violently danced about.

    Just at this moment, the butterfly silhouette in the sky abruptly rolled up and enveloped Liu Ming with magnificent illusion.

    Liu Ming was already under the protection of the light shroud given off by the violent dance of the black tentacles. He stood far away and coldly watched the beautiful butterfly that omnipotently danced about. His gaze moved continuously moved back and forth and a faint cyan colored short sword had already appeared in his hand.

    Suddenly, the omnipotent butterfly silhouette slightly congealed and from two completely different directions, a cold light chopped across.

    “Dang, dang!”

    Liu Ming’s wrist shook and two cyan colored Sword Qis cleaved outwards. They accurately pushed back the two cold blades.

    Following this, he gave a low roar and the short sword in his hand was brandished once and suddenly, countless cyan colored sword auras erupted forth, transforming into a full cyan colored moon that rushed into the sky.