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Chapter 197 – Green Cave Flying Ship

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 197 - Green Cave Flying Ship

    “Five thousand Spirit Stones once!”

    “Five Thousand Spirit Stones twice!”

    “Five Thousand Spirit Stones thrice! Alright, this Destruction Magic Column is now owned by this Fellow. Now, the second Destruction Magic Column will start auctioning and the bottom line is still five thousand Spirit Stones.”

    With no one fighting for it, Elder Mian quickly announced the winner of the first Destruction Magic Column and started auctioning the second one.

    “Five thousand Spirit Stones!”

    Liu Ming sat in the same place while yelling out a price without any hesitation.

    This time, not only did everyone within the hall become surprised, even the Nan cultivator used a strange gaze to look at Liu Ming.

    However, for Liu Ming, since he had given up upon the Pure Fire Aura and the other final items were either not suitable for him or too expensive, he had nothing else to buy.

    For these mechanical items that could increase his strength as soon as he got them, these were targets that he could not give up on.

    After all, the situation in Xuanjing was quite volatile and for every piece of strength that he could gain, it might save his life later.

    As for offending one or two cultivators who might be of the same level as him, he couldn’t care less.

    However, what was surprising was that this time, Hu Chunniang only gave a cold sneer without saying anything.

    With this, the second Destruction Magic Column was sold to Liu Ming.

    At this time,a servant walked beside Liu Ming, ready to lead him to pay the Spirit Stones and received items to be bought.

    However, Liu Ming waved his hand and lightly said:

    “I’m interested in the remaining auctions so I’ll wait a bit before paying.”

    “Yes, then I’ll wait a bit.” The servant was only a normal practitioner and didn’t know Liu Ming’s status in the Hundred Spirit House. After a slight pause, he respectfully replied.

    At this time, Elder Mian had taken out the last green ball on the plate and gave it a pat. Then, he threw it in front of him.

    After a series “gabeng” sounds, a ship that was no longer than twenty feet appeared floating.

    The flying ship had a streamlined shape with the two ends sharp while the middle was quite wide. The two sides of the ship were embedded with over a dozen light green crystals and at the bottom, there were the words “Green Cave”.

    “The Green Cave Mechanical Flying Ship doesn’t need any refining or any Fa Li to be moved. All you need is wind attributed Spirit Stones for it to fly. The quickest speed can reach up to five times the speed of the Soaring Sky Technique and it can transform smaller which makes it easy to carry around. Fellow Nan’s Mechanical Flying Ships are famous within Xuanjing and is rumored to be at the same level as similar mechanical ships that the Nine Enchantment Sect no longer sells to others. Each ship is equal to the price of a normal totem and this ship is one of the better ones. However, the only flaw is that like the previous Destruction Magic Columns, the mechanical components within the ship will start to degrade as it used more and more and the ship will eventually be unable to be used.” After saying these things, Elder Mian made a hand sign and pointed at the flying ship before him.


    The green ship turned into a streak of light as it flew forward. With only a shake, it steadily appeared at the end of the hall. With another blur, it turned into green light and shot back to the stage.

    The speed of the ship was so quick that it made many of the audience gasp in surprise.

    “There is only one Green Cave Flying Ship and the starting price is fifteen thousand Spirit Stones. Each bid must increase by more than one thousand Spirit Stones. The auction will begin now!” Elder Mian pointed at the flying ship and had it return to its original ball shape before speaking.

    “Fifteen thousand Spirit Stones!”

    As soon as Elder Mian’s voice fell, a rough voice yelled out a bid.

    Quite a few people were surprised by this and quickly looked back to find that the person yelling ou the bid had a large frame and wore black leather armor. In addition, he wore a Minotaur mask on his face.

    “Old Devil Shi, don’t you already have the Fire Wings? What are you doing here?” Hu Chunniang’s sharp voice rang out.

    When the people within the hall heard of this name, quite a few of their faces changed. It seemed like the infamy of this Old Devil Shi was even greater than Hu Chunniang.

    “Hmph, Fellow Hu, I gave up on the two Destruction Magic Column on the face of your master but this Mechanical Flying Ship has great use to me.” The man wearing the Minotaur mask was not afraid in the slightest when he heard this. He gave a cold hmph as he replied.

    “I understand, you’re trying to buy this as a present for him! However, your thoughts are going to be wasted. You’re looking much too lightly of him if you think that just a Mechanical Flying Ship will curry favor with him.” Hu Chunniang wasn’t angry after hearing the man’s tough words and instead replied coldly.

    “This Mechanical Flying Ship is merely my first present. When I see that person, I will naturally have another larger present. Isn’t Fellow Hu trying to do the same thing with the Mechanical Battle Armor? Now, I want this Mechanical Flying Ship and you will get that Mechanical Battle Armor and we’ll all be happy.” Old Devil Shi gave a laugh as he replied.

    The conversation between the two was missing a key element but it made quite a few people within the audience start to think. A couple people even remembered something as they started excitedly talking to each other.

    “With your Spirit Stones, how could this Mechanical Battle Armor still end up in my hands.” When Hu Chunniang heard this, she started showing some anger in her words.

    “That is not a matter that concerns me! You should blame your master for not willing to spend that many Spirit Stones on this.” Old Devil Shi started to laugh.

    Hu Chunniang’s voice didn’t sound again but anyone could imagine how furious she was.

    “Sixteen thousand Spirit Stones!”

    At this time, someone else made a bid.

    Hearing this, Old Devil Shi was enraged but when he saw who yelled out the bid, his eyes shrunk.

    It was Liu Ming again!

    Other people who saw this could not help but click their tongues in amazement.

    There really weren’t many people that dared to offend both Hu Chunniang and Old Devil Shi in Xuanjing.

    At this time, most people knew that Liu Ming had some kind of backing who was probably a Late Spirit Apostle or even a Late Perfection Spirit Apostle behind him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare do something like that.

    “Seventeen thousand!” Old Devil Shi’s face darkened but he didn’t find trouble with Liu Ming. Rather, he coldly gave out his price.

    “Eighteen thousand!”

    “Nineteen thousand!”

    “Twenty thousand!”

    When Liu Ming called out the bid of twenty thousand Spirit Stones, Old Devil Shi finally closed his mouth. However, from his tightly closed hands, one could see that his heart wasn’t as calm as his face.

    However, the price of twenty thousand Spirit Stones for something that only had a set number of uses and could only be used to travel mechanical object was extremely high.

    If he kept bidding for it, even with Old Devil Shi’s wealth, he would feel quite pained. Thus, he could only give up.

    At this time, Hu Chunniang’s “gege” laughter resounded within the hall! Anyone could hear the sarcasm in her voice!

    “Fellow Hu, if you really want trouble, then I might have to find a time and test how your cultivation of the Butterfly Dance Technique has been going.” Old Devil Shi said coldly.

    “Hmph, looks like your Rock Sculpture Devil Technique has seen some improvements. However, if you’re looking to vent your anger out on me, don’t do you think that you've found the wrong target? The person that made you embarrassed wasn’t me.” Hu Chunniang said without any courtesies.

    “I have to find the weaker ones. Compared to an unknown same level cultivator, I would naturally feel more at ease fighting someone that I know.” Old Devil Shi replied in such a way.

    “What are you saying that I’m the weaker one.” When Hu Chunniang heard this, he became enraged.

    When Elder Mian heard all of this on the stage, he naturally felt a headache. Of course, he couldn’t let the two of them start fighting in here. With a slight cough, he interrupted the two of them and announced with conviction:

    “Since there are no other prices, then twenty thousand Spirit Stones once, twice and thrice. Alright, this Mechanical Flying Ship is also fellow’s.”

    The old man waved his hammer and knocked at the table.

    Hu Chunniang and Old Devil Shi heard the result and seemed to lose interest in fighting instantly. One of them made a hmph and sat back down without a sound as the other simply kept quiet.

    At this time, Liu Ming followed the servant’s lead and left the hall. After passing a heavily guarded hallway, he came to a sealed room.

    Owner Qian, Sun Yin and the others were surprisingly there.

    Liu Ming gave a smile and naturally took off his cloak.

    “Sir Qian, I didn’t think that you would auction these mechanical items. Originally, I thought that you would take a portion of Pure Fire Aura for yourself!” Owner Qian seemed to have already known everything happening in the auction and immediately asked Liu Ming with a slightly curious voice.

    “Although I could auction away a portion of Pure Fire Aura, the attribute of the Pure Aura Qi conflicts with my cultivation method. Thus, I could only give them up. As for these mechanical items, they are extremely useful and so auctioning them down isn’t any loss for me.” Liu Ming said vaguely.

    “Oh, if the Pure Fire Aura isn’t suitable, then the final item in the auction is a portion of Pure Aura Qi that might be suitable for brother Qian.” Shu Yin to the side said something while thinking.

    “Brother Sun is joking. The final Pure Aura Qi is extremely is extremely rare and even if it was at half price, I would never been able to buy it.” Liu Ming heard this and gave a bitter laugh.

    “That’s right. The final portion of Pure Aura Qi is the legendary Heavenly Star Aura. The Symbol Qi, once cultivated, is extremely mysterious. Our house used a lot of money to buy this. The starting price will be two hundred thousand Spirit Stones and quite a few forces are staring at it. Sir Qian probably wouldn’t be able to grab it. However, sir, be at ease, if our house finds the correct Pure Aura Qi, we will definitely hold it for sir.” Owner Qian said with some regret.

    “If it really is like that, then I’ll thank Owner Qian.” Liu Ming gave a slight smile and thanked.

    At this time, a side door to the sealed room opened and a pretty servant girl held a plate as she walked in.

    “Alright, sir’s auctioned mechanical object has arrived.”

    “The first two times will be ten thousand Spirit Stones and the final one will be twenty thousand Spirit Stones. According to what I promised, the Mechanical Flying Ship will only cost ten thousand Spirit Stones. With this, sir only needs twenty thousand Spirit Stones to take away everything.” Owner Qian looked over the things on the plate and gave a smile.