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Chapter 195 – Fire Pure Aura and Mechanical Battle Armor

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 195 - Fire Pure Aura and Mechanical Battle Armor

    “What, it’s really a Pure Aura Qi and even three portions! I really made the correct choice in joining this auction!”

    “The last time Pure Aura Qi appeared in Xuanjing, that was three years ago. In addition, there was only one portion and it was used as the finale auction item.”

    “Old Mian, what type of Pure Aura are these Pure Aura Qis.”

    After being shocked, the people within the hall started to discuss with each other. Quite a few people even stood up and stretched their necks while opening their eyes wide to get a better look at the three small bottles.

    Although only a small portion of the cultivators here were Late Spirit Apostles, those who could get to the perfection stage were even fewer. However, it was still enough to make everyone go crazy about it.

    After for loose cultivators like them, having a portion of Pure Aura Qi in their hands meant that they had a slight chance to become a Spirit Master.

    As for how many of them could really get to the Late Spirit Apostle level, it wasn’t within their considerations.

    Those few Perfection Late Spirit Apostles hidden within the hall were also both surprised and excited. They all made a promise within their hearts to obtain a portion of Pure Aura Qi.

    At this time, Elder Mian carefully took one of the small red bottles on the plate and took a deep breath before he took off the cap.


    With the stimulant of the elder’s Fa Li to the bottom of the bottle, a wisp of red light peeked out of the bottle and started to circle around the small bottle like something alive. In addition, it emitted waves of slight heat.

    “For the effect of Pure Aura Qi, I won’t talk about it too much. These three portions of Fire Pure Aura are among the five elemental Pure Aura Qis. When cultivated, not only can you use to it to protect yourself and attack others, it will even have some amplification effects to fire attributed spells and techniques. These can be considered to be the most popular Pure Aura Qi. The three portions will be auctioned separately. Each portion will cost twenty thousand Spirit Stones and each bid must increase by one thousand. Now, the auction for the portion will start.” When Elder Mian used his Fa Li again, the small bottle shot out a white light that sucked the red light back into the bottle.

    As soon as Elder Mian’s words came out, the entire hall became silent. For a while, no one dared to carelessly speak.

    Obviously, everyone wanted the Fire Pure Aura but they also knew that whoever opened their mouth first would not be able to obtain this Pure Aura Qi.

    Liu Ming sat in a corner of the hall and as he watched the three portions of Pure Aura Qi, his heart started beating rapidly.

    Although the Fire Pure Aura wasn’t a rare Pure Aura, it was rare for three to appear at once. If he was able to obtain all of them, he had at least had a guarantee when he was pushing for the Spirit Master realm.

    However, the Fire attributed Pure Aura Qi was not too pairing and even if he cultivated it into Aura Qi, his strength wouldn’t be too much different.

    In addition, with his wealth, it was possible to auction for one portion of Pure Aura Qi but to gain all three portions was a little impossible.

    But, if he was only able to obtain one portion, then it wouldn’t have much of a use and Owner Qian’s promise for a half price item would only apply to one item.

    As Liu Ming weighed everything in his heart, he was still indecisive.

    At this time, someone had finally called out a price.

    “Twenty thousand!”

    “Twenty one thousand!”

    “Twenty three thousand!”

    Although there were quite a few people interested in this Pure Aura Qi, most of the cultivators here were Loose Cultivators and having a couple thousand Spirit Stones was remarkable for them. Although the competition was fierce, there were only about a dozen people making bids.

    In addition, quite a few of the voices had the backing of large factions.

    “Thirty two thousand Spirit Stones. I would like to be able to obtain the Fire Pure Aura and I hope that other Fellows can give me face.” A rough voice suddenly raised the price by thousands of Spirit Stone and someone suddenly stood up in the middle of the hall. He then took off the clock on his head to reveal a face that was full of blade scars before cupping hands to the people around him.

    “It’s actually Yue Xueshou from the Ground Wind Hall!”

    “This was a true Perfection Late Spirit Apostle that normal people wouldn’t dare offend.”

    When the surrounding people saw this ugly man’s face, everyone started whispering to themselves and their gazes towards the ugly man had hints of respect.

    “Thirty three thousand Spirit Stones! Hmph, Old Yue, do you think that we don’t want the Pure Aura Qi. If you really want it, you’ll have to pay more Spirit Stones.” An emotionless voice replied without a moment of hesitation.

    “Sir Gui, it’s you. Do you really think that I would be afraid of you in terms of wealth. Thirty five thousand Spirit Stones!” When the ugly man heard this, he looked towards a skinny figure in a corner of the hall and was extremely enraged.

    “Thirty six thousand Spirit Stones.” The skinny figure replied without hurry.

    “Thirty seven thousand Spirit Stones.” Although he knew that this price was slightly high, after a while, the ugly man still grit his teeth and yelled out his bid.

    “Hehe, to buy a Fire Pure Aura for thirty seven thousand Spirit, Fellow Yue is extremely generous. I’ll let fellow have it this time.” Sir Gui laughed before giving up on the competition.

    Although the ugly man became extremely enraged when he heard this, he could only glint dangerously at the skinny man before leaving his seat to pay for the item after Elder Mian declared him the winner.

    With such a high price for this portion, the other two portions of Fire Pure Aura were also sold for a price of thirty five thousand and thirty three thousand Spirit Stones.

    One portion was bought by the Sir Gui.

    After debating a while, Liu Ming didn’t join in the auction for these three portions of Pure Aura Qi.

    In the remaining time, under Elder Mian’s lead, the auction started to take out totems as well as large amounts of rare pills and Glyphs for auction.

    Although the value of these items could not be compared to the Pure Aura Qi from before, the prices that they were auctioned at was at a range that was much more acceptable to them and thus, the popularity of the bids was much more intense.

    Of which, Liu Ming had also spent around a couple thousand Spirit Stones and obtained two types of pills and one type of Glyph. He rather ignored those expensive Totems as if they didn’t exist.

    One hour later, after a rare ice attributed sword was auctioned away, Elder Mian’s expression became serious as he took out a emerald green bottle from a plate that was held behind him. From within the bottle, he poured out a blood red pill and raised it up into the light.

    “I think that fellows have become quite impatient from waiting! Next up is the time for this auction’s finale items! The first item is three Blood Boiling Pills that Master Fan Baizi personally refined. Our house has tested them and found that each pill can activate a person’s Essence Blood for two hours and allow one’s Fa Li to increase by forty percent during that time. In addition, depending on the person’s physical strength, the time period and effectiveness of the pill may increase. The only downside is that afterwards there might be a period of weakness about a month. However, as long as one eats recovering medicine, you can return to normal without any backlashes. Within the entire Da Xuan Country, only Master Fan can do refine such pills. In addition, because of the rarity of the materials used, Master Fan can only refine three pills within a couple of years. Thus, every pill is extremely precious and according to Master Fan’s intentions, all three pills much be auctioned at once. Thus, the start price will be thirty thousand and the auction starts now!”

    With Fan Baizi’s fame, everyone in the hall did not question the Blood Boiling Pill’s effects. In addition, a lot of factions were interested in these kinds of pills that could change the outcome of a fight and save one’s life. Immediately, quite a few men who had their faces hidden started to bid.

    After a couple rounds of bidding, this bottle of Boiling Blood Pills sold for a price of nearly fifty thousand and was taken by a man with a black mask and green cloak.

    In addition, after he auctioned this bottle of pills, he immediately left the hall and didn’t come back.

    When Liu Ming saw the results, he could not help but take in a deep breath. For the first time, he had a true understanding of the value of alchemy.

    At this time, Elder Mian took out the second finale auction item. It was surprisingly a square light yellow wood box. The surface of it had silver Spirit Markings and looked extremely mysterious.

    “Hehe, this thing is quite rare to see. Is there anyone here that can recognize this item?” Elder Mian held up the wood box and asked with a hidden smile.

    When he asked this, all of the cultivators inside the hall caused a disturbance but their glances at the box were all full of questions. Obviously, very few people were able to recognize it.

    “This thing is quite familiar. Unless it is the ‘Mechanical Battle Armor’.” Half a moment later, someone said out hesitantly.

    “Hehe, so it’s actually Brother Nan. That’s to be expected, with Brother Nan’s expertise on mechanics, it shouldn’t be hard to recognize this item. This is indeed an extremely rare Mechanical Battle Armor. This battle armor was made using a thousand year old Spirit Bamboo with a hundred year snake sinew. Not only can it transform into any form or shape, it also has amplification effects on attack, reinforcement and defense. Instead of describing, I shall allow everyone to witness it’s might.” Elder Mian’s eyes sparkled, as he placed the wooden box on the table. Slapping the box with a hand, a groove appeared in the middle.

    A white flash soared across!

    A crystal the size of a thumb was thrusted into the groove.

    Elder Mian mumbled some incantations, as he thrusted a single finger towards the wooden box.

    Pu! The wooden box sudden broke down into a myriad of prism shaped shards, flying towards the elder’s body.

    After a series of various sounds, Elder Mian suddenly had a sparkling gold armor on him. The design of it was quite antiqued and the whole body of the armor was made out of pieces of bamboo. They almost entirely covered Elder Mian’s body.

    When this bamboo shield formed, countless silver inscriptions rushed out of the bamboo pieces. With a couple of twists, they formed an extremely intricate silver formation in front of and behind the armor.

    At this time, Elder Mian’s arm moved and triggered some kind of mechanism on the armor. Immediately, a light flashed on his body and a light silver light barrier appeared to cover the elder.