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Chapter 193 – Famous Across Xuanjing

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 193 - Famous Across Xuanjing

    When Liu Ming saw this, he merely glanced at the person before continuing to do what he did before. With a grab, the bracelet of Buddhist beads was flashing with white light. In addition, he grabbed Spirit Stones and pills from the headless corpses and put all of them away.

    The person that came out of the misty sea first looked around and after making sure that there was no one else around, he let out a large breath. He quickly waved and put some techniques into the misty sea behind him. Then, he looked at Liu Ming with a respectful gaze and cupped his fists:

    “Thank you Fellow for helping. Are you working under the Third Marquis?”

    This person was around forty years old and was wearing active clothing. He had a sword behind his back and looked quite sharp.

    “Third Marquis? Of course not. Have you not heard what they were saying to me? I am Qian Ming and a guest of the Hundred Spirit House. I have only recently joined and came on the orders of Owner Qian. In a bit, the men from the Third Marquis should be here.” At this time, Liu Ming had finished checking the corpses and stood back up, replying without hesitation.

    “What, Brother Qian is really a guest of the Hundred Spirit House. I had originally thought that Fellow was lying to those guys. I am Bai Qinghai and also a guest of the Hundred Spirit House. However, I normally stay stationed at a branch office.” Hearing this, the man was extremely happy.

    “Oh, so its Fellow Bai. How are the other Fellows? Are the items for auction harmed?” Liu Ming nodded and cracked a smile.

    “Hehe, Brother Qian does not need to worried. I have kept all of the auction items on me personally. They naturally would not have any problems. It’s only that the other Fellows that were controlling the formation have expended too much Fa Li and need to rest for a while. Thus, they are unable to meet with Brother Qian right now.”

    “So it is like that, then I won’t worry. Let’s wait here first.”

    Although the tone of Fellow Bai was quite courteous, Liu M ing still heard the caution that was laced in his tone and thus replied with ease.

    This was natural. The other person had just met Liu Ming and wouldn’t be opening the formation with just a couple of words.

    Thus, Liu Ming and Bai Qinghai sat outside the formation and chatted together.

    Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t want to break the formation, Bai Qinghai started to believe more about what Liu Ming said. In addition, Bai Qinghai had seen how Liu Ming had defeated all of the enemy by himself, even forcing the old man to retreat. As a result, the respect in his heart was great and he answered any questions that Liu Ming asked.

    At this time, Liu Ming learned that the envoy that the Hundred Spirit House sent was first ambushed by over a hundred practitioners that used crossbows and bows next to the government path. Over half of the Shadow Guards were killed with that. Then the old man with elder spots descended from the sky and also started to attack.

    With so many cultivators attacking and them only having four Spirit Apostles, they would naturally not be able to defend against such attacks. They could only bring the remaining men to the side of the government and retreat slowly.

    After much trouble did they finally retreat to this point which was suitable for the placement for the formation. The four of them then quickly used a set of formation flags that were one of the auction items and quickly placed down this Four Varjas Elements Formation.

    At this time, not only were the four of them all injured, all of the Shadow Guards had been killed in the previous fights.

    “When I came over, I didn’t see any corpses. Looks like they had been cleaned up. That’s right, from Fellow Bai’s tone, you have already confirmed their identities. Are they from the Gathering Wealth Building?” Liu Ming asked curiously.

    “Do I need to confirm? Yang Kun is one of the biggest helpers of the Ninth Prince. The other fews are also men next to the Ninth Prince.” Bai Qinghai gave a bitter smile when he heard this.

    “So that’s the case! Don't be so downcast Fellow Bai. Didn’t we preserve all of the auction items and they have lost four Spirit Apostles. It can be said that their losses were quite big.” Liu Ming said with a laugh.

    “Brother Qian is correct. This time, the Ninth Prince has lost quite a bit in this and with such a big loss, I believe that they will be quiet for a very long time.” The white fog in the misty sea rolled and from within walked out a square faced old man that was over sixty years old. Once he came out, he cupped his hands towards Liu Ming.

    “Let me make introductions. This is Fellow Sun Yin. Like Elder Mian, he is one of the right hand men of Owner Qian.” When Bai Qinghai saw this square faced old man walk out, he was quite pleased and quickly made introductions.

    “So Fellow Sun is actually also a Late Spirit Apostle. No wonder you guys could come safely here while under the attacks of so many people.” Liu Ming looked at the person before giving a small smile.

    “Hehe, with only so much skill, how would I dare show off in front of you. I have seen Fellow’s powers earlier and I definitely cannot match them.” Sun Yin waved his hands and said.

    Liu Ming smiled and was about to say something when a sound of breaking air came from the edge of the sky. A grey flying boat was actually flying over.

    Bai Haiqing quickly focused his gaze and yelled out with glee:

    “It’s the Third Marquis’ men!”

    “Hmph, they came much too slowly. If it weren’t for Brother Qian coming soon enough, we might have been able to stay alive.” Sun Yin’s face was slightly ugly.

    At this time, the grey boat had neared the group and with a flash of shadows, two people, one male and the other female, jumped down. Following them were over twenty guards that wore black clothing. They either had blades or bows and all looked extremely agile.

    “Oh, Brother Sun, you guys are already safe. Where are those bandits?” The male that jumped off the boat had a full beard on his face and as soon as he saw that Sun Yin and the others were safe, he could not help but inquire.

    “Fellow Min, you guys are too late. Yang Kun and the others have already been scared away by Fellow Qian alone. You guys have come for nothing.” Sun Yin said emotionlessly.

    “What, even Yang Kun came and was chased away by someone? How is that possible.” The ugly man heard this and quite shocked. His face was full of disbelief as he looked at Liu Ming instinctively.

    Among the three out, Liu Ming’s face was the most unfamiliar. In addition, before they came, Owner Qian had given them a warning that a Hundred Spirit House guest had already went ahead and the guest’s first name was also Qian.

    The girl that jumped off with him from the flying boat was around twenty four to twenty five. Her warm eyes combined with her incredible body made her seem extremely pretty. When she heard Sun Yin’s words, she also showed an expression of disbelief.

    “I am Qian Ming. The previous bandits have indeed retreated.” Seeing this, Liu Ming replied without expression.

    “Was it really Fellow Qian that single handedly pushed them back?” The ugly man looked at Liu Ming more and still asked with doubt.

    “Hehe, if Fellow Mian can kill four of their Spirit Apostles in one go and also lightly receive Yang Kun’s attack of a linked thirteen Swallow Tail Blades, then perhaps you can also scare them off.” Sun Yin said lightly.

    However, the content of his words gave the two a large fright.

    “They left on their own accord, probably because they felt that they couldn’t break the formation quickly and thus didn’t have any intention of staying. I only contributed slightly.” Liu Ming said without confirming any of Sun Yin’s words.

    When the ugly man and girl heard this, they could not help but look at each other.

    “Alright, no matter what, we owe a huge favor to all the Fellows. The others should have also recovered and I’ll let put away the formation before returning back to Xuanjing before talking about anything else.” Sun Yin laughed and said.

    No one opposed such an idea.

    Thus, Sun Yin made a hand technique and returned back within the white misty sea.

    In moments, the misty sea fluctuated and the white fog shrank and in moments, only two males that were waving Formation Flags appeared.

    After half a day, everyone returned back to the Qian House in Xuanjing and when Owner Qian saw that everyone was still present, he was more than overjoyed.

    In addition, when he heard that Liu Ming had killed four enemy Spirit Apostles by himself and forced the others to retreat, he was both surprised and exuberant.

    At this time, the ugly man and girl from the Third Marquis finally believed Sun Yin’s words and their gazes toward Liu Ming held a trace of respect.

    Liu Ming merely spoke a few words with the others before returning back to his house.

    As soon as he pushed open the door, a small figure pounced onto him. Two skinny arms tightly hugged his leg and wouldn’t let go no matter what.

    “You don’t need to worry, don’t you see that I have come back!” Liu Ming gave a slight smile as he patted Qian Ruping’s head.

    “Brother Ming, I want to learn the art of formations!” At this time, Qian Ruping raised her face and said with an extremely stubborn expression.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming paused.


    A few days later, a rumor that the Hundred Spirit House received another Late Spirit Apostles began to spread around Xuanjing.

    In addition, news that he had killed four Spirit Apostles was also heard by many factions and made them quite wary.

    Not long after, the news that Qiu Longzhi had once sparred with Liu Ming and ended in a draw also start spreading.

    With this, a lot of people became wary and added extra men to watch the actions of the Hundred Spirit House.


    Under this atmosphere, the Hundred Spirit House auction officially started.

    On this day, thousands of cultivators gathered in a huge hall that was built hundreds of feet underground by an grey market.