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Chapter 192 – Repelling the Enemy

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 192 - Repelling the Enemy

    Liu Ming saw this scene from afar, and with a single movement he was only dozens of feet away from the skinny man.

    The skinny man had just called out to his companions on the mountain top but when he saw this scene, he could not help but become extremely shocked. However, he immediately calmed down and gave a cold sneer:

    “Even totems cannot break my practitioner weapon that easily. You won’t be able to harm me no matter what you do.”

    At this time, shadows flashed on the mountain top and the other few Spirit Apostles all stopped their attacks at the misty sea. Instead, under the lead of the old man with liver spots, they all flew out.

    Liu Ming gave a light smile and suddenly pulled in front of him. With a “pu”, dots of red light flew out before him and turned into a huge scarlet fireball. It grew instantly and became as big as a washing bowl. Then, it started charging at the seven colored barrier while Liu Ming himself flew backwards.

    “The Fireball Technique at Perfection!”

    When the skinny man saw this, he was surprised. However, he couldn’t dodge away now that he was in the light barrier. He could only give an angry roar and open his mouth to spit several gulps of Essence Blood into the barrier before him.

    Immediately, countless blood threads appeared within the seven colored barrier.


    The giant red fireball smashed onto the light barrier and exploded apart with grandiose. The rolling flames engulfed everything within a couple dozen of feet. In addition, a burning heat swept out in all directions.

    The other cultivators that were rushing over could not help but pale when they saw this.

    In moments, the fire extinguished and showed the seven colored barrier that was extremely thin and fragile. It flashed in and out, seeming as if it would break at any second.

    Although the skinny man’s face was extremely pale, he was actually unharmed. Seeing that he was not hurt, the skinny man steadied his nerves and started laughing.

    “Haha, I’m fine. Even the Perfection Fireball Technique can’t touch me.”

    However, once these words exited his mouth, a cold Sword Qi slashed towards his without warning and the seven colored barrier broke into pieces of light and shattered.

    The skinny man gave a surprised shout and wanted to cast another spell but it was mcuh too late.

    A cold light flashed past his neck and his head came rolling off.

    At this time, Liu Ming put away the short cyan sword that he had used to send out the Sword Qi and stared coldly at the other five Spirit Apostles flying over.

    As for the over hundred Practitioners, they had already retreated far away, afraid to come closer.

    “Fireball at Perfection! You are a Late Spirit Apostle and using a Middle tier Totem. Why have I never heard of such an guest within the Hundred Spirit House.” When the other Spirit Apostles saw how easily Liu Ming killed the two Spirit Apostles, their faces showed hesitation and fear. Only the elder with liver spots maintained his calm and slowly spoke out.

    “I have only joined the Hundred Spirit House recently. From Fellow’s stance, looks like you don’t want to move aside and instead want to fight to the end.” Liu Ming said without expression.

    “Hmph, since you have appeared here, the two guarding outside must also be dead. To have killed four of my members in such a short time, do you really think that this will end so easily?” The old man with liver spots was so angry that he actually started laughing.

    “Since that is the case, then let’s fight. Are you planning on fighting one on one or all coming to attack? I can see that Fellow is probably a Late Spirit Apostle and is quite confident in your abilities.” Liu Ming stared at the old man before he started to sneer.

    “A combined fight, with you alone?” The age spotted old man was initially startled but he then furrowed his brows.

    “Since it is a combined fight, I’ll have to ask for a helper too.” Liu Ming said coldly. With a single pat on a certain leather pouch, a gust of black gas flew out and condensed into a bone scorpion that was over a few feet long.

    This scorpion’s pincers snapped closed a few time before a purple mist floated out from its body. At the same time, a thin and long tail hook shook and emitted a piercing sound.

    This scene not only made the other Spirit Apostles’ faces pale, even the old man’s face changed drastically.

    Just by looking at the appearance of this bone scorpion, anyone would know that this scorpion was not easy to deal with.

    “I did not think that Fellow had such a companion beside him. Since that is the case, as long as you can receive one attack from me, I will make my men retreat.” The old man’s age spotted face changed expressions before he finally decided.

    “One attack! Hehe, alright, feel free to attack.” Liu Ming gave a laugh and said.

    “Hmph, watch out.”

    Seeing this, the old man’s anger was even greater. Without any more delays, he patted the green wood case behind him and a clear sound was emitted. Thirteen cold blades flew out and circled around him.

    “A set of totems! That’s quite rare. No wonder Fellow is so confident!” Liu Ming saw this and gave praise. However, he also threw the cyan sword before him and pointed it with a single handed sign.

    The short sword made a quick turn and countless green sword shadows appeared. After surging, the sword turned into a misty green moon that blocked Liu Ming behind it.

    The old man with elder spots saw this and was quite surprised. At the same time, he made hand techniques with both hands and kept chanting.

    In an instant the thirteen blades flashed, and with a tremble they formed a straight line and shot out.

    A sound of breaking air was emitted!

    The thirteen blades had actually faintly turned into a white serpent that plunged into the center of the green moon.

    With many “ding dong” sounds, the green light and the cold lights intertwined and the image of the serpent disappeared. The thirteen flying blades also fell without force.

    The surface of the green moon shimmered and with a blur, it turned back into that short sword.

    The liver spotted old man waved, and the thirteen blades flew back. After inspecting a couple of the blades his face darkened, and he flew away quickly without another word.

    When the other Spirit Apostles saw this, they were surprised. However, after looking at each other, they immediately followed.

    As for the hundred Practitioner warriors on the ground, they also ran away with the Spirit Apostles.

    “That old fellow is quite cunning. Otherwise, in a little bit, trying to run away wouldn’t be so easy.” Liu Ming saw this sight and was quite surprised. After a slight hesitation, he didn’t give chase and instead muttered to himself.

    At this time, he looked towards the rolling mist sea.


    “Old Yang, are we really going to retreat like that? If that’s the case, we won’t be able to return to the Ninth Prince. After all, the Ninth Prince paid extreme attention to the execution of this attack.” A black faced man who was over thirty urged his grey cloud to catch up to the old man with elder spots. He immediately asked with a lowered voice.

    “If we didn’t leave, would I be the one to fight with him? Or would any of you volunteer to take up the task so that I had time to break the formation? In addition, the Four Elements Vajra Formation isn’t something that can be broken in a moment or two. If we waited there, the reinforcements would gather and we wouldn’t be able to leave even if we wanted to! In addition, that person is much stronger than what you might imagine. Even if I used all of my strength, I probably wouldn’t be an equal opponent.” The old man looked at the black faced man before giving a sneer.

    “Old Yang must be kidding. Although that attack there did not succeed, your attacks aren’t limited. Just by looking at the opponent’s age, with you as a Late Spirit Apostle, how can his Fa Li be as strong as yours.” The black faced man quickly smiled and said.

    “Hmph, what do you know. Look at my Swallowed Tail Blades first.” The old man gave a cold hmph and took out a blade from behind him and showed the blade edge to the man.

    “This is….” The black faced man focused his gaze before he gasped deeply.

    On the incredibly thin blade, there was surprisingly a crack that was the size of a bean.

    “Do you understand now? Not only is the opponent's cultivation good, the short sword in his hand is probably a Middle tier Totem. Even if I could hold my own with Fa Li, this set of Swallow Tail Blades would probably be destroyed.” The elder said coldly.

    “It is actually a Middle tier Totem? That is something that most Spirit Masters don’t have. Who could have thought that he would have such a treasure! If we all attacked together a moment ago, could we…” The black faced man muttered as a hint of greed appeared on his face.

    “I know what you are thinking but don’t even think about it. This person is not only extremely strong but the aura of his pet is also incredible. Even if we attacked together, we wouldn’t be able to defeat him quickly. What we need to do now is to tell the Ninth Prince that such a Late Spirit Apostle has appeared and find out whether he is truly a Guest of the Hundred Spirit House or if he’s someone under the Third Marquis. With such a strong opponent suddenly appearing, the Ninth Prince cannot blame us.” The old man stopped the man’s words quickly.

    “Old Yang is correct. I was going too far just now.” The black faced man gave a shiver and quickly cupped his hands.

    The old man nodded and put away the short blade in his hand. He then kept flying forward.


    Liu Ming gave a wave and pulled the two blue wood puppets that were floating in midair near him. Then, after a quick inspection, he patted a certain spot on each of the wood puppets.

    After a series of sounds, the two wood puppets transformed back into two blue spheres.

    Liu Ming gave a slight smile and put away the two spheres. When he wanted to check the corpses of the two Spirit Apostles, the sea of rolling mist parted and a person cautiously came out.