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Chapter 189 – Blood Boil Pill

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 189 - Blood Boil Pill

    “It looks like I cannot conceal my cultivation level to Master Fan.” After being slightly shocked, Liu Ming admitted it calmly.

    As he finished his sentence, not only was Fan Baizi fazed, but even Qian Chao was surprised.

    For the Hundred Spirit House to suddenly gain an extra Perfection Spirit Apostle as a guest was like a bout of good luck to him.

    “Tsk tsk, I would never imagine that Fellow Qian would reach such a cultivation level while being so young. Even if you are compared to the core disciples of the five sects, you aren’t far behind. I say it isn’t impossible for you to break through to Spirit Master Level.” Fan Baizi commented in amazement.

    “Master Fan is overpraising me. If I really had a chance to charge through to the Spirit Master Level, I would already be hiding somewhere and get ready for it. To be honest, the main reason I’ve come to Xuanjing is to find a suitable Pure Aura Qi. Another reason is to purchase some auxiliary pills, which could increase my chance at breaking through to the Spirit Master Level.” Liu Ming sighed.

    “Haha, Fellow Qian at least still has a chance at Spirit Master, just this alone can already make many envious. As for Pure Aura Qi and auxiliary pills for breaking through the Spirit Master realm. Although they are rare, it is possible to obtain such things in Xuanjing. Especially since Fellow Han is a guest of the Hundred Spirit House. Why not try your luck at the auction?” Fan Baizi laughed out and spoke with intent.

    “What, the auction this time around actually has Pure Aura Qi?” Liu Ming turned around and asked Qian Chao as his heart wavered.

    “Master Fan is correct, for this auction, the Hundred Spirit House has indeed gathered multiple Pure Aura Qis and the most precious one is also the final item on auction. It is on its way to Xuanjing as we speak.” Qian Chao grimaced as he replied.

    “Very good, it looks like I will be joining the auction. Owner has previously promised that I could purchase an item on auction for half its price, does it still hold true?” Liu Ming smiled.

    “How could I break my promise?! No matter what item Fellow Qian wants to auction, They can all be purchased at half price.” Although Qian Chao felt hurt by the amount of profit he would lose, but after thinking about getting closer to Liu Ming, he answered immediately.

    “Very well, then I shall give my thanks to owner.” Liu Ming naturally gave thanks.

    Fan Baizi sat on the side, and smiled as he witnessed this scene.

    “Ah, that’s right! Master Fan! Your message this time around mentioned the creation of a brand new high tier pill that you were willing to put on auction. As I don’t know what kind of pill it is, could you tell me the its name as well as its special properties, so that I may prepare it for auctioning.” Qian Chao finally looked at Fan Baizi seriously and mentioned.

    “This pill, the Blood Boil Pill, is what I want to auction.” The white robed elder seemed as if he was waiting for Qian Chao to ask as he took his time to retrieve a small jade bottle. Turning it upside down, a blood red pill fell out.

    Qian Chao focused as he stood up and walked towards the blood red pill and grabbed it. He inspected it closely before then placing it under his nose and smelled it gently.

    It had no smell at all!

    This Hundred Spirit House Owner couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows.

    Proudly, Fan Baizi announced:

    “This Blood Boil Pill was created in accordance to an ancient recipe. Not only did it require an enormous amount of Spirit Grass, but only three were made after the refinement process. I also believe that within the whole of Xuanjing, only I can refine it. It can invigorate the essence blood within the user, letting their power grow up to 140% of their original strength.”

    “What?! This pill can allow one to raise their strength to 140% of their original power?! How long can it be maintained? What negative effects does it have?” Qian Chao was shocked but he still asked the most important questions.

    “Hehe, this is dependant on the body strength of the consumer, as different cultivators have different types of bodies, the blood boil effect will also greatly differ. But I can confirm that it will at least last for fifteen minutes without question. As for negative effects, of course there are some; the essence blood in the consumer is greatly damaged, resulting in a long term state of lethargic after consumption. For those too weak, they may even faint immediately. Of course as long as one takes care of themselves and let their essence blood return to its normal healthy state, these symptoms will disappear.” Fan Baizi answered as he did not attempt to hide the pill’s weaknesses.

    “If the pill really is what Master says it is, the negative effects don’t account to much. As customs, I shall have to test the pill before auction. I hope Master doesn’t mind?” Qian Chao showed an expression of excitement.

    To him, if the effects of the Blood Boil Pill were true, the price of the pill would be exorbitantly high, enough to be one of the final items of the auction.

    “No matter, I also know about the auction’s rules. Owner Qian may bring this Blood Boil Pill back to examine. But for this type of pills, even I have only refined three so even one is exceedingly rare. Examine it all you want, but do not harm its medical effects.” Fan Baizi answered after being deep in thought.

    “You have my gratitude Master Fan and you won’t need to worry! The Hundred Spirit House have examined many different pills and their effects before, I will only take a tiny bit off its surface to examine, I wouldn’t harm the pill at all.” Fan Baizi was pleased.

    “Very well, I have my trust in the Hundred Spirit House. Then we shall do what you said.” Fan Baizi replied.

    Qian Chao naturally gave his thanks, as he took care to place the Blood Boil Pill back inside it’s bottle.

    “If the two of you have no other things, then this old man shall accompany you two no more. I shall prepare to go back and refine some more pills.” Fan Baizi sipped some tea which was placed on a nearby table, as his expressions grew colder.

    The rumors that said that Master Fan’s temperament being strange were indeed true.

    Hearing this, Qian Chao looked at Liu Ming unconsciously.

    Liu Ming gave a smile, as he cupped his hands towards the white robed elder and said:

    “Fellow Fan, I have accompanied Owner Qian here with another request, I was hoping you could listen.”

    “Oh, a request? If it were other people, I would naturally be to lazy to care, but Fellow Qian is a Perfection Spirit Apostle, naturally is different. I shall listen.” Fan Baizi heard and was slightly puzzled.

    “Owner Qian, may you leave for a bit. I wish to speak to Master Fan in private for this matter.” Liu Ming turned around and said to Qian Chao.

    “Hehe, this naturally isn’t a problem. How about this, I shall go back to the original lobby and wait there, Mister Qian can come there to find me once you’re done.” Qian Chao answered unhesitantly.

    Fan Baizi didn't show discontentment, and after giving some orders, he summoned the young boy that was waiting outside. The young boy then led Qian Chao out of the hall.

    “Alright, fellow can say what is on his mind directly to me. I hope that Fellow Qian’s matter won’t waste my time.” Fan Baizi waited until Qian Chao and the boy’s figures disappeared before he winced his eyes and spoke to Liu Ming.

    “I have something. Does Master Fan recognize what it is?” With a smile, Liu Ming took out a small thing that was the size of a fingernail and handed it over.

    “I’ll take a look…. Huh, this is…” Fan Baizi originally took the thing nonchalantly. However, when his hand slightly dipped, he began to take things more seriously. When he finally started speaking, his voice held a hint of a tremor.

    This thing was actually a light gold colored clay. It was actually a small part of the Resting Dirt that he had obtained in the Life and Death Trials.

    “Looks like master has recognized this object. You’re right, this object is the Resting Dirt that is quite important to alchemists. Does Fellow Fan need to closely examine it and verify it?” Seeing this, Liu Ming kept his poker face as he asked.

    “I don’t need to do so. I have once obtained about six grams of Gold Essence Resting Dirt but it was much smaller than yours while the color of it was much inferior. This is indeed the Gold Essence Resting Dirt. Fellow Qian, say what you want. As long as you give me the two ounces of Gold Essence Resting Dirt, no matter if it is pills or anything else, I will answer without hesitation.” Bai Fanzi pinched the incredibly soft clay in his hand before saying without any hesitation.

    At this moment, this Master Alchemist that was renowned throughout Xuanjing was looking at Liu Ming with a heated gaze.

    “My request is very simple. I would like for Fellow Fan to teach me the Art of Alchemy.” Liu Ming eyes flashed as he responded.

    “What, you want to learn Alchemy! Fellow Han is also an alchemist?” Fan Baizi was instantly shocked.

    “Although I have read through some alchemical books, I have never touched true alchemy.” Liu Ming answered blatantly.

    “Then Fellow should already know that the Art of Alchemy is extremely deep and complicated. If one doesn’t have talent, even if one uses his or her entire life, he or her will still be unable to accomplish much.” When the white robed elder heard this, his face turned somewhat ugly.

    “I have been in the cultivation world for quite a while so how would I not know of such things. However, because of various reasons, I must learn the art of alchemy. Hopefully, fellow can grant my request.” Liu Ming sighed and said.

    “Hmph, does Fellow know how high my talent in the Art of Alchemy is and how many years it took me to get to this point? No matter the reason, I would like to ask for Fellow Qian to stop this thought. I see that your talent in cultivation is not bad to be able to get to this point while so young. Why must you learn alchemy. With the time investment, you might end up not achieving anything and regretting this decision in the future.” Fan Baizi’s tone turned serious for the first time as he spoke to Liu Ming.