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Chapter 186 – Qiu Longzhi

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 186 – Qiu Longzhi

    “You are also a Gold Spirit Guest?” Liu Ming finally opened his mouth to ask.

    “That’s right. I am Qiu Longzhi and one of the four commanders of the Gold Spirit Guests. I received a report yesterday from my two subordinates about a fellow appearing in Xuanjing with a cultivation of a Perfect Spirit Apostle. My hands are quite itchy. Thus, I would like to spar with fellow.” The blue-haired, purple-bearded man smiled as he dissolved his originally cold expression

    “Oh, so you have not come for Mister Sun’s family?” When he heard this, Liu Ming’s expression slightly changed.

    “Hehe, I have already checked the identity of the two that you have stolen and they are merely some small characters within the government. How would they be enough for me to come personally? Fellow relax, since these two people have some relation to you, I can promise that no one will find trouble with their families as long as they don’t appear within Xuanjing again.” Qiu Longzhi replied with a strange laugh.

    “Looks like Fellow Qiu really did come for me. Since that is the case, why don’t we go over there so that we don’t ruin the government path.” Liu Ming glanced at Mister Sun’s carriage below him before making a suggestion.

    “Of course, please Fellow!” Qiu Longzhi did not hesitate as he directed the gray cloud under his feet to a clearing in a small forest.

    Liu Ming gave a couple words of instruction while still remaining in the air before he also maneuvered his cloud over.

    Moments later, the two people faced each other in the small forest clearing.

    Reaching this stage, Qiu Longzhi spoke soft words,

    “Please be careful, although my own strength is quite normal, I am skillful in the art of Poisonous Insects. As long as Fellow can defend against my Poisonous Insects, I will concede this match.”

    As soon as his voice fell, he started putting on a glove on each hand before moving one of his hands to a leather pouch at his waist. Then, he raised his hand up.

    Suddenly, buzzing sounds reverberated as hundreds of emerald-green flying insects started to circle the man.

    Liu Ming’s eyes winced as he closely examined these flying insects. Each of them were like dragonflies but enlarged multiple times. In addition, they had grown two pairs of small fangs from their mouths and a black poisonous stinger from their tails. These two changes made their appearance abnormally fierce.

    Qiu Longzhi gave a low growl and pointed at Liu Ming. Immediately, almost half of the insects surrounding him turned into a green cloud that rushed at Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming raised his eyebrow, and with a single-handed technique, dots of red light started to appear before him. They instantly conglomerated into three scarlet fireballs. With a flick of his sleeve, all three fireballs flew toward the insect cloud.

    “Hong, hong, hong!”

    The three fireballs accurately hit the insect cloud and exploded into burning flames that engulfed the entire insect cloud.

    However, Liu Ming’s expression didn’t relax by any amount. Instead, he changed his hand technique as seven to eight Wind Blades appeared.

    It was because Qiu Longzhi didn’t show even the slightest worry. A corner of his mouth even revealed the hint of a smirk.

    As expected, the cloud of fire emitted a loud noise and the cloud of insects all rushed out as one. Aside from some having blackened bodies, they all looked surprisingly undamaged.

    Liu Ming had already anticipated this happening in his heart, but seeing it now, his pupils couldn’t help but constrict. Channeling the spell in his hand, the wind blades became a flurry of green lights as they flashed forth.

    “Peng, peng” sounds were emitted one after another. The wind blades became a series of green lights as they slashed the cloud of insects.

    Other than a few that couldn’t evade in time, the rest of the insects dispersed, evading the attack. They continued to soar toward Liu Ming.

    Noticing this, Liu Ming’s face darkened. Suddenly waving his sleeves, a cyan short sword appeared in his hand. After slightly waving it, a stunning myriad of sword shadows appeared in the air.

    “Totem! Come back! We are only sparring. Fellow actually took out his totem. These insects are not bad but how can they withstand the attack of a totem. I need to change my insects as well.” After feeling the terrifying power within the sword shadows, Qiu Longzhi was unable to keep calm. He shouted loudly while making more hand signs.

    Those dragonfly-like insects immediately turned around and flew back the way they came.

    At the same time, Qiu Longzhi took something else from a leather bag. He hurled it in Liu Ming’s direction.

    Shockingly, it was a shiny black beetle that was as big as a fist. Vibrating it’s blurry wings on its back, it turned to a black light as it sped toward Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming bluntly tightened his grip on the cyan moon sword. The cyan sword shadows rose in power and the beetle was instantly swallowed within those shadows.

    Immediately a sharp cry was heard!

    Flash after flash of cold light slashed across the black beetle but aside from knocking it around and some white marks appearing on it’s hard shell, the beetle remained undamaged.

    “Ha Ha, how is this mutated Iron Insect? It’s body has long reached the state of being unpierceable by swords and impervious to fire and water. Normal totems have no way of harming it.” Seeing this, Qiu Longzhi wildly laughed.

    “Is that so? If it can’t be slashed, then let’s try trapping it.” Hearing this, Liu Ming’s eyes revealed a cold glint. With a sudden shake of his arm, a hand covered in black mist instantaneously entered the sword shadow and grabbed ahold of the black beetle.

    In shock, the black beetle bit down with its pincers toward the back of Liu Ming’s hand.

    However, at this time, a blue light shone out of Liu Ming’s hand. The light caught the beetle with a “chi-la” as layer after layer of frost appeared on the surface of the beetle. The beetle was instantly sealed in a huge chunk of ice.

    Liu Ming’s wrist flicked, hurling the chunk of ice. Waving his cyan moon sword with his other hand, he slashed at it.

    “Fellow please have mercy! I concede this match. My Iron Insect isn’t afraid of anything, but it’s only worry is ice elemental attacks. It’s current defense stat is not even ten-percent of what it was before. It won’t be able to withstand Fellow’s sword.” Seeing this scene, Qiu Longzhi was shocked and yelled.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming laughed as his sword twisted. The blade flipped to the flat side before continuing its motion.


    The ice cube flew forward.

    Seeing this, Qiu Longzhi relaxed in his heart. Lifting his hand, he caught the chunk of ice. He then made symbols with his hands and sparks of flames appeared. They surrounded the ice cube and melted it.

    “Fellow is quite strong to be able to find this insect’s weakness in such a short amount of time. Fellow’s technique should originate from the Icicle Technique, right? In addition, it has been perfected to Initial Spell Mastery, right? Otherwise, my insect wouldn’t have been trapped this fast.” Qiu Longzhi praised as he channeled his spell.

    “Fellow Qiu has a good eye. The technique I used indeed originates from the Icicle Technique. Fellow should have other insects as well. Want to keep sparring?”Liu Ming didn’t deny anything as he answered.

    “There’s no need to. Although I have other insects, they can’t be used to spar. Tsk tsk, from our spar just now, I can confirm fellow isn’t any simple Late Spirit Apostle. There is no more point in sparring. If with such power, if fellow wants to join the government, a position of commander will definitely be yours. So, does fellow have interest?” Qiu Longzhi asked Liu Ming as he saved his beetle from the ice cube.

    Joining the Gold Spirit Guests? I’m afraid I can’t, I am already a guest at the Hundred Spirit House.” Liu Ming paused but quickly replied as he shook his head.

    “Fellow is actually a guest of the Hundred Spirit House, which is backed by the Third Marquis. Pe Pe, such a pity. I won’t dare to try and take people from the Third Marquis. I won’t strain myself. Ah, yes, I still don’t know fellow’s name. Not too long in the future, there will be a secret exchange happening in Xuanjing. Everyone attending has a big name and I believe many good items will appear. Is fellow interested?” Qiu Longzhi revealed a face of pity, but then asked another question.

    “My name is Qian Ming. I am really interested in the secret exchange gathering. Though, I am curious; when it will start?” Hearing his words, Liu Ming’s heart wavered.

    “It should start in two months. Since most of these fellows aren’t people from Xuanjing, they need time to arrive from other places.” Qiu Longzhi answered after hearing Liu Ming voice with interest.

    “Alright, I will be there at that time.” Liu Ming replied without thinking.

    “Very well, I will introduce you and have them send you an invitation.” Qiu Longzhi happily responded.

    Liu Ming naturally gave his thanks.

    After that, they spoke a few more words before Liu Ming said his farewells and flew back to the carriages.

    Moments later, the three carriages that were paused on the government path started to move forward again.

    Qiu Longzhi remained above the forest, watching the carriages while deep in thought.

    “Big Boss Qiu, are you sure we aren’t going to attack? We have already set up two formation flags. If we lure him down and gang up on him, he won’t be able to escape even if he grew wings.”

    Within the forest, the voice of a confused man was suddenly heard.

    Right after, green lights flashed from a few trees nearby. Two shadows flew out. After a few blurs, they stopped next to Qiu Longzhi in a ghostly fashion.

    “My two brothers, I told you to set up the formation in case something went wrong. No one can say that they can take down someone of his caliber down with complete confidence.”

    “If he runs away, I’m afraid we will be in deep trouble for the future. The important thing is, why should I be the bad guy and offend such a person?” Qiu Longzhi replied.

    The two men that appeared had withered faces and wore black cloaks with disheveled looks. Sharp claws adorned their hands, giving off an impression of living ghosts.

    “But, before, when boss and the other commanders were discussing…”One of the cloaked men started speaking with hesitation.