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Chapter 181 – Chen House

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 181 – Chen House

    Most Spirit Materials that were used to make normal sword and blade type Totems were not even considered by Sword Cultivators.

    Even the piece of Deep Sea Cold Steel Gui Ruquan had, could barely be considered as a material for refining a Yuan Spirit Flying Sword. For some higher level Sword Cultivators, it was not even close to being good enough.

    However, there were much too few suitable Flying Sword raw materials in this world and a Sword Cultivator’s main strength was in their swords.

    Thus, when some Sword Cultivators had no success in finding a suitable material, they would have to use some normal materials to refine their Yuan Spirit Flying Sword. However, they would be very cautious when using their Flying Sword to attack opponents.

    Some Sword Cultivators were too concerned about their own safety and actually gave up on the idea of refining a Yuan Spirit Flying Sword. Instead, they would merely refine some sword type Totems that were a bit better than the rest.

    Although their Flying Sword’s power would decrease greatly, at least they didn’t need to worry about their sword breaking and them dying with the sword.

    With Liu Ming’s cultivation, he had no need to consider the refining of his Yuan Spirit Flying Sword, but he could take the chance to first cultivate his own Sword Spirit Embryo.

    Liu Ming had been extremely interested in the legendary path of the Sword Cultivator. Now that he had this Great Symbol Sword Technique, he would naturally not ignore it

    According to what the Great Symbol Sword Technique said, the Sword Spirit Embryo was only composed of energy; therefore, it had lower strength compared to a Yuan Spirit Flying Sword and would weaken by quite a bit after leaving one’s body, but if one used the embryo, it still had the power to cut through gold and jade. It was not something that a normal Totem could defend against.

    Of course, nurturing this kind of Sword Spirit Embryo took a lot of work.

    Normally speaking, a Sword Spirit Embryo, that can be put into the body of a Flying Sword, would take at least ten years to a max of thirty to forty years before the embryo is ready. The specific time it took depended on how much time the owner cultivated it and the talent of the owner.

    In addition, once the Sword Spirit Embryo was at the point where it was able to be placed within a Flying Sword, it could also still stay within the owner’s body and its strength would keep growing without a limit.

    Thus, for high level Sword Cultivators that could not find suitable material for making a Flying Sword, their Sword Spirit Embryo’s strengths were terrifying.

    When Liu Ming read these words, he finally got a grasp on how powerful the small, light-yellow sword in his body was. He couldn’t help but let out a slight gasp at the sword.

    With the shocking cultivation of the Six Yin Master and the fact that he had been nurturing the sword until his death, the Sword Spirit Embryo could probably utterly destroy anyone within the Da Xuan Country.

    Unfortunately, according to the sword technique, there were only two possibilities of using a Sword Spirit Embryo.

    The first was someone who had the same bloodline and could use the strength of their bloodline to use the sword. The other was someone using a Mental Strength that was far above the sword’s owner to forcefully use the Sword Spirit Embryo.

    For the first possibility, besides the descendants of Six Yin Master and himself, others had no chance of using it. The latter possibility would need a Mental Strength that was stronger than the Six Yin Master. No matter how one looked at it that was impossible.

    Although Liu Ming was quite interested in the Sword Spirit Embryo from Six Yin Master, he could only give up his thoughts and instead focus on cultivating his own Sword Spirit Embryo.

    According to what the Great Symbol Sword Technique said, depending on how the Sword Spirit Embryo was cultivated, the resulting Sword Spirit Embryo would be distinct. In addition, the materials used to create each Flying Sword would, more often than not, be different as well, so the resulting Flying Swords would be extremely unique.

    The Great Symbol Sword Technique was indeed a top tier sword technique and according to its method of cultivating a Sword Spirit Embryo, one would create a Great Symbol Sword Embryo. It’s strength was quite impressive and much stronger than a normal sword embryo.

    Unfortunately, the first step of cultivating the sword embryo for the technique was actually to collect Great Tungsten Steel which Liu Ming had never even heard before. Then, one would have to absorb the metal attribute within the steel before being able to advance further.

    Liu Ming had asked Qian Chao about this steel before, but the owner of the Hundred Spirit House had also not heard of this material. However, he agreed to help Liu Ming find out whether the material was sold within Xuanjing or not. Liu Ming had no hopes about hearing about the material in the short term.

    Thankfully, he hadn’t completely understood the method to cultivate the sword embryo so he wasn’t in too big of a hurry.

    Liu Ming thought like this as he kept his eyes closed and continued to try to understand the technique.

    A night’s time slowly passed by.


    On the morning of the second day, Liu Ming examined Qian Ruping to confirm that her body really had no problems before telling her to cultivate by herself within the room. Then, he left the Qian House.

    This time, he planned to visit the famous underground market of Xuanjing.

    This market was quite different from other markets. Without the supervision of the biggest sects within the country, there were no rules or order to this market. However, because of the lack of rules and order, there were often some rare items that didn’t show up in other markets that would appear in this market. Even factions such as the Hundred Spirit House and the Gathering Wealth Building had shops set up within the market.

    However, before he visited the market, Liu Ming passed by an alley while riding in a carriage. His gaze suddenly moved toward a point where a strange sign was. Upon seeing the sign, Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed.

    One hour later, Liu Ming had changed into the appearance of a middle-aged daoist. Without any hurry, he entered an alley that he had been to before and made his way straight for the coffin shop.

    Once the owner of the shop saw the disguised Liu Ming walk in, he didn’t feel any surprise, and instead closed the door to the shop with ease. Without another word, he led Liu Ming to the room in the back!

    Moments later, Liu Ming was alone in the room that was dozens of feet underground. In addition, he was in the middle of a larger formation with a serious face as his hands were placed on a formation on a stone table. Instantly, both formations became active.

    A multitude of color showed up on the stone table before Liu MIng withdrew his hands. With his brows furrowed, he said to himself, “East Wind Street, Censor Chen. What is Martial Uncle Lei thinking. Couldn’t he have given me this information when I left and not waited until I contacted him to do so. Looks like I’ll have to visit the market later and first finish what Martial Uncle Lei instructed.”

    TL: A censor is the person who makes sure that no corruption or anything of that kind is happening within the government. So he has a lot of power

    He gave a single-handed technique and lightly touched the stone table.

    Immediately, the two formations made a “gacha” sound and stopped running.

    Liu Ming then turned around and left the room.

    Two hours later, a carriage rolled along a road that was abnormally wide and in front of a mansion with red walls and glazed bricks. Finally, it stopped before an alley.

    The door to the carriage opened and Liu Ming who had returned to his appearance of a scholar, walked out. His eyes studied the alley before he entered it.

    This alley was abnormally long, and it only had four to five doors on either side. Before each of the doors were rock lions or tigers that were of varying sizes.

    From this, it could be seen that the people living here were either extremely wealthy or noble. In addition, one could faintly hear sounds of maids and servants talking within these mansions.

    Liu Ming quickly walked past a couple of the houses and arrived at the deepest part of the alley. Finally standing before the last door, he looked at the plaque that was hung above the door.

    The words “Chen House” were written on the plaque in silver powder.

    This Chen House was much more barren than the first few houses. Not only was the ground before the house full of dust, there was also no sounds coming from behind the closed doors.

    Liu Ming observed all of this. He then walked forward to knock on the bronze doors without hesitation.

    “Dong, dong.” A couple of muffled sounds rang from the door.

    Much later, the inside of the door was as quiet as before without anyone opening the door.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he considered whether he should just enter with a technique. Suddenly, a door to the side opened and a servant-looking man poked his head out.

    However, when he saw Liu Ming standing before the Chen House turn toward him, he immediately tried to close the door. Unfortunately, it was too late.

    The man felt as if a shadow flashed in front of him before Liu Ming appeared like a ghost before him. In addition, Liu Ming’s hand grabbed the door. The door that was already half-closed did not budge another inch.

    “What are you doing. This is the House of Mister Wang, and there isn’t anyone that can be so presumptuous here.” The servant was alarmed as he screamed out.

    “I don’t care about some Mister Wang or Mister Li, all I want to ask is one thing. Why is the house over there empty, and where have the people within the house gone to?” Liu Ming asked without an expression. At the same time, he squeezed his hand holding the door.


    The door that looked abnormally solid had a chunk of it immediately torn off.

    When the servant-looking man saw this, he immediately removed his hand from the door as he gave a smile, “I didn’t realize that you were a great practitioner. The Chen House has been taken back by the government ever since Censor Chen was incarcerated. His family is currently living in a rented house about two streets to the west. If mister wants to find them, that should be where you go to look.”

    “Do you know the exact whereabouts of the rental house?” When Liu Ming heard this, he asked back faintly.

    “I don’t really know. However, the Chen House has an old servant that will go to the rice shop at the end of this alley everyday at noon to buy some food. If mister waits near the rice shop, you should be able to find him.” The servant quickly revealed everything that he knew.

    Liu Ming nodded and he appeared dozens of feet away with a twist. He then turned around and walked to the entrance of the alley.

    The servant let out a breath and he quickly closed the door. When he turned around, he found that not far behind him stood a middle-aged man in a green robe. The face of this man showed quite a bit of authority.

    “Ah, master?” The servant quickly went over to pay his respects.

    “What happened? Why did I hear voices at the door? Were you talking to anyone?” The middle-aged man spoke in an annoyed tone.

    “Master, it’s like this. The Chen House had a visitor…” The servant quickly explained everything that had happened to his master.

    “Practitioner! Are you sure that he is a practitioner?” After hearing everything, the green-robed man’s expression started to change rapidly.

    “Master, if it wasn’t a practitioner, how would our door be reduced to this state?” The servant pointed to the spot where the door was broken and quickly replied.