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Chapter 177 – Black Shadow

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 177 – Black Shadow

    The figure raised one of his hands and a blood red streak flew out, piercing toward the chain images.

    “Da lang!”

    The powerful blood streak made contact with the chain images, but did not break through. Instead, the chain images gave off a huge silver light and bounced the blood streak off.

    The figure was shocked but immediately made a hand sign. With a “peng,” his body turned into seven to eight blood figures that shot out in all directions.

    Seeing this, a hint of ridicule floated onto Liu Ming’s mouth.

    This person was looking to die by using his illusion techniques against Liu Ming’s strong Mental Strength.

    With another wave of his sleeve, the chain images all condensed into a single net that went after one blood figure.

    The blood figure was shocked and suddenly yelled out, “Fellow, don’t force me to have to take you down with me.”

    When Liu Ming heard this, he replied with a cold sneer. Without talking anymore, he urged the silver chain on. Suddenly, the huge silver net gave off a buzzing sound. It tightened with a flash of silver light.

    The blood figure gave an angry roar as he spit out a purple-red bead. It became as big as a bowl with a breeze and went straight for the silver net. At the same time, he waved his hand and threw out a light-green, small shield. With a blur, it became a thick light barrier that protected the figure within.

    In the next moment, the purple-red bead hit the huge net. It turned into rolling purple flame that exploded apart with a loud sound.

    In the huge net, one could faintly see a huge purple fire lotus appearing from within. With just a twist, more purple flames came pouring out from the net and lit up half the sky.

    Liu Ming watched this scene unfold and became a little more cautious. His opponent was indeed worthy of being a Late Spirit Apostle with one or two aces up his sleeve. However, if he thought that this bit of fire could break the Suppressing Demon Chains so he could escape, he was in for a surprise.

    Not only did the silver chain have other special abilities, in terms of toughness, it could match a high tier Totem!

    However, with the huge commotion that his opponent had created, other cultivators would definitely come over to check everything out. Thus, Liu Ming could not waste anymore time.

    Right after Liu Ming decided on a plan within his mind, he flicked his wrist. Immediately, the Fa Li within him started pouring into the Suppressing Demon Chains.

    In the next moment, the huge net that was made from the silver chain gave a buzzing sound as countless silver inscriptions started to appear on it. After they appeared, the net tightened.

    The purple fire lotus was wrapped tightly by the chains, and it disappeared into mere sparks after the net tightened.

    The blood figure that was hiding beneath the purple fire lotus became alarmed upon seeing this. He was about to twist his body and escape but it was too late.

    One of the chain images flashed down and knocked into the figure without warning. The attack was so forceful that it forced the figure to fall forward as the bloody light around was dispersed to show the figure’s original appearance.

    It was actually a fifty year old white-robed old man with constantly moving eyes, showing his deceitful nature.

    The chain images from all angles flashed before wrapping around the old man.

    Liu Ming then pulled heavily on the chain to get the old man near him. However, just as he was about to say something, he saw strange Spirit Inscriptions appear on the face of old man. Alarmed, Liu Ming punched the wrapped old man away by dozens of feet.


    The old man’s body exploded into many pieces under the restriction from the silver chain. The blood mist that his body transformed into covered an area thirty to forty feet wide.

    If it weren’t for the fast reaction of Liu Ming, he probably would have ended up within the mist.

    Although he did not know what strength the blood mist had, he could imagine that it wasn’t something simple.

    After the old man exploded himself, the items on him were destroyed, so even if Liu Ming wanted to find out more clues, he had no leads.

    As Liu Ming’s heart was slightly annoyed, his expression changed as he looked in a direction.

    From the direction of Xuanjing, there was the sound of breaking wind and there faintly seemed to be someone flying over.

    Without another word, Liu Ming made a hand sign and flew behind the small mountain. After flying for about a dozen miles, he stopped at another mountain peak and followed the mountain path down.

    As he walked, he thought about what had just happened.

    In the sect information, the Small Clear Temple was a secret base that could communicate with the sect. All of the members of the temple were all Outer Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples and were there to help the Supervising Disciple as well as to pass information back to the sect.

    Under normal circumstances, even if the Supervising Disciple met trouble, this location would be safe.

    Originally, Liu Ming wanted to use the Small Clear Temple to report back to the sect that he had arrived in Xuanjing as well as find out more information about the disappearance of the last Supervising Disciple. However, he did not think that this place had been wiped out and set up as a trap.

    If it were any other Middle Spirit Apostle to Late Spirit Apostle Supervising Disciple, not Liu Ming, they probably would have fallen to the ambush. After all, the trap consisted of many practitioners with Glyph Arrows and a Middle Spirit Apostle and Late Spirit Apostle at the same time.

    As for how Liu Ming found out that it was a trap, it all started with the jade ornament.

    According to the sect rules, if a new Supervising Disciple appeared, the person currently in charge of the temple would have to take out the other half of the jade ornament. If they fit perfectly together, the two of them would meet.

    At that time, the temple people would also inspect the sect token that represented the status of the Supervising Disciple. Only then did they finish all of the procedures mandated.

    However, the temple boy took the jade ornament, and when the door again, the temple boy didn’t have the other part to the jade ornament. This made Liu Ming quite suspicious.

    When he was brought to the yard, Liu Ming noticed the people in the walls and the person below him due to his outstanding Mental Strength. Then, he could attack freely without any hesitation.

    However, the fact that no Spirit Masters were allowed in Xuanjing meant that a Late Spirit Apostle was an extremely strong being. The people behind the ambush not only dared to attack Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples, but were also easily commanding a Late Spirit Apostles as one of their underlings. From this it could be seen how strong they were.

    What made Liu Ming shocked was the fact that after being caught, the white-robed old man blew himself up without hesitation.

    This was a Late Spirit Apostle. All cultivators that got to such a level should in theory be very cherishing of their lives and would not easily do something suicidal.

    With this, it could be seen how strange and terrifying this faction was.

    Looks like Liu Ming’s actions in the future would have to be more careful. Before he found out the exact details of the faction, he couldn’t let his identity be exposed.

    Liu Ming quickly made this decision in his mind.


    At the same time, in an abnormal dark hall within Xuanjing, three black shadows were sitting by an table.

    Among them, one of the shadows was quite big and tall. The shadow was currently stroking a split blood-red, wooden token. The shadow was using a strange voice as he slowly said, “The ninth emissary has been forced to self explode. Looks like the Supervising Disciple that the Barbarian Ghost Sect sent out this time is quite strong. If we had known this, we would have sent more emissaries.”

    “According to the past strengths of the Xuanjing Supervising Disciples of the five sects, one emissary with so many people would be more than enough. In addition, some of the factions have started to become suspicious of us. The others are also on missions. The reason why we have sent number nine over was as a precaution. According to what we’ve seen before, once a Supervising Disciple of the five sects disappears, it would take at least half a year before someone else is sent over. Who would have guessed that he would have come so fast!” The other shadow said coldly.

    “Whatever, even if the Supervising Disciple of the Barbarian Ghost Sect has come early, number nine revealed his appearance before he exploded. All we need to do now is be a little more careful and he won’t be able to find anything. Instead, we need to be vigilant about the other sects Supervising Disciples. We have already confirmed the identities of the Nine Enchantment Sect’s, Firestorm Way’s, and Hall of Blood’s supervising Disciples. However, we don’t know the identity of the Heavenly Moon Sect’s Supervising Disciple. I don’t want things to get to a critical point and the disciple pops up to mess everything up. Number three, how are things on your side. Can we push up the schedule? The time remaining for us is not too much; we need to finish within half a year.” The tall shadow was silent for a moment before speaking.

    “Relax, my progress definitely has no problems. For this, we have prepared dozens of years and we can’t fail now at the final step. However, number one, your identity is extremely important to cover us. No one has discovered that you are a fake right?” The final shadow spoke with confidence as he asked a question back.

    “During these years, anyone who has discovered a problem with my identity has been killed and everyone in the house are my people. There are no problems.” The tall shadow replied without hesitation.

    “Alright, that’s for the best. However, now that number nine is gone, let’s find a clever subordinate and open the Essence Blood Pool to raise his cultivation become a Late Spirit Apostle to replace number nine. That’s right, do not forget to plant a restriction within his body and conscious in order to ensure that he doesn’t spill our secrets. Hehe, besides us three, the others are mere tools and we cannot let them have a chance to betray us.” The final shadow spoke coldly.

    “Even without you saying so, I understand this. However, there isn’t much Essence Blood within the Essence Blood Pool and we need to store a bit more.” The second shadow replied.

    “The Essence Blood is an easy matter. During this time, there have been some Loose Cultivators entering Xuanjing. All we need to do is pick a couple of the ones without backgrounds to capture. I can handle this.” The last shadow informed without hesitation.