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Chapter 171 – Qian Ruping

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 171 – Qian Ruping

    However, the sharp sound of wind breaking rang out and three small black arrows shot forward with piercing shrills.

    It was actually Lieutenant Du who had shot the three arrows on her huge bow.

    The practitioner that was neither male or female became enraged. Although the practitioner was still mid-air, his sleeve shook and a soft sword that was like a snake shot out. With a wave, it turned into three sword shadows that flew toward the three small arrows.


    The three small arrows exploded like ceramics when they came into contact with the sword shadows. At the same time, black liquid splashed out from the arrows.

    The practitioner that was neither male nor female could be considered to have plenty of combat experience, but he couldn’t react in time from such a sudden change. He was immediately splashed by that black-colored liquid.

    With one flip of his body, he landed on the ground. Quickly, he moved his sleeve below his nose and smelled a fishy smell. He could not help but scream with anger and surprise, “What did you hide within the arrow?”

    “There is no need to ask, you will soon know. I don’t want to waste words with a dead person.” Lieutenant Du placed her huge bow down and replied without an expression.

    “Ah… Even if I die, I will first kill you.” The practitioner that was neither male nor female screamed as his skin started eroding away. With another scream, the soft sword in his hand twitched and was thrown toward Lieutenant Du.

    With a flash of silver light, the soft sword became a streak that flew above the head of the woman and violently cut down.

    Lieutenant Du was quite shocked and did not think that her opponent would possess such powers. She could only desperately push the huge bow up and try to use it to block the streak of light.

    However, the lieutenant seemed to underestimate the power of a dying middle tier practitioner. Although the huge bow in her hand was not something ordinary, it couldn’t compare to a practitioner weapon.

    With a “peng,” the huge bow’s thick bowstring was cut apart. After another cold flash, the streak of light seemed about to cut the lieutenant in two.

    However, a “sou” sound came through and a green light flashed from the other side to intercept the streak of light.


    The green light dispersed into dots of spirit light and the streak of light fell back, changing back into a soft sword that lay on the ground.

    Lieutenant Du paused before she turned her head to look at the young scholar.

    All she saw was the young scholar slowly put his hand down. Obviously, it was him who had saved her.

    Lieutenant Du thought about this and nodded to the scholar without saying any words of thanks. Instead she roared to the Black Tiger Guards, “What are you all waiting for, take these bandits down!”

    The other Black Tiger Guards were originally in a daze with the series of events, but after hearing her words, they immediately snapped out of it. With a shout, they charged those wearing black masks with momentum that was greater than ever.

    On the other hand, now that all of the practitioners on the masked mens’ side had died, they began to hurriedly fall back. Some even turned tail and ran without hesitation.

    A mixed battle ensued and a small portion of the men were killed at the scene while most were able to run away.

    Throughout this process, Lieutenant Du and the well-built maid stayed by the side of Lady Mi and the boy. However, they had no intention of fighting and were obviously still wary of other people that might still be waiting in ambush.

    However, their worry was unnecessary.

    Even when the Black Tiger Guards defeated the final black-masked man that couldn’t run away in time, no one else appeared.

    Seeing this, the maid gave a long sigh and suddenly looked toward the young scholar. Afterward, she whispered into the ear of Lady Mi.

    Lady Mi nodded with a flash in her eyes. She pulled the boy by her side until he started walking toward the young scholar with the accompaniment of the maid.

    Lieutenant Du had already begun instructing the Black Tiger Guards to clear the scene and started interrogating two black-masked men that they had captured.

    “Thank you for saving us, otherwise, my son and I would have had a hard time staying alive.” Lady Mi got close to the scholar and bowed as she respectfully thanked him.

    “That’s right, if it weren’t for fellow reaching out, my lady probably would not have been able to make it to Xuanjing alive.” The maid also paid her respects.

    “There is no need to thank me, I didn’t attack to save you. It is only that they attacked me first.” The young scholar used a wood stick in his hand to poke at the bonfire before him as he answered back without any emotions. This attitude was completely different from before.

    “Immortal Master must be joking. We are alive because of Immortal Master, that is without a doubt. Could I ask what Immortal Master’s name is? Will you be going to Xuanjing?” Lady Mi displayed a smile as she asked.

    “I am only a Spirit Apostle and cannot bear the title of Immortal Master. You can call me Mister Qian and I do indeed need to go to Xuanjing to perform some matters.” The young scholar replied lightly.

    “So it’s Mister Qian, my family name is Mi and my husband has some influence in Xuanjing. However, we offended some small people while leaving and have been the target of multiple assassination attempts. If sir is willing to escort us until we get to Xuanjing, I will definitely have a huge reward prepared.” Lady Mi spoke with a pleading tone.

    “Escort you? I don’t have an interest. The only reason for me going to Xuanjing is to find medicine for my niece . I don’t want to be involved in some mess.” When the young scholar heard this, he immediately declined without thinking.

    These words made the smile on Lady Mi’s face change.

    However, the maid beside Lady Mi spoke without skipping a beat.

    “If Mister Qian is really going to Xuanjing to find some Spirit Medicine, my lady will be able to help. Mister might not know but my lady’s husband is the owner of the famous Hundred Spirit House and the Hundred Spirit House is a shop that collects all kinds of Spirit Medicines and ores. Even in other states, there are branches of the Hundred Spirit House, so if mister can’t find what you are looking for in the store, my lady can ask other stores to help you find what you need.”

    “Oh, I have heard of the Hundred Spirit House before. Are you really the wife of the owner of the Hundred Spirit House?” When the young scholar heard this, his expression changed as he re-appraised Lady Mi, trying to determine if the maid’s words were true or not.

    “If mister can escort me and my son safely to Xuanjing, no matter what you need, I will personally find it.” At this time, Lady Mi knew that she had to make some promises so she gnashed her teeth as she offered.

    “If that’s the case… Alright, I’ll believe you for once! However, I must say that once we get to Xuanjing and lady is not able to make true of the promise, don’t blame me for being merciless.” The young scholar thought about it for a while before he finally nodded.

    “Hehe, fellow, rest assured. As long as you aren’t trying to find the true Spirit Objects that are only in legends, normal Spirit Medicine is no problem.” The maid quickly smiled as she replied.

    “Hmph, the Spirit Medicine I’m looking for might not be extremely expensive, but it is very rare and few people have uses for it. Thus, it’s very hard to find.” The young scholar seemed to hear the hidden meaning within the maid’s words and gave a grunt.

    “Then there’s no problem. That’s right, Could I know what sickness your niece has taken? I am quite proficient in medicine and can help take a look.” Hearing this, the maid let out a sigh of relief, and after looking at the skinny and yellow-skinned young girl next to the scholar, she could not help but speak again.

    “There is no need. If fellow is really proficient in medicine, then you should probably first get rid of the poison within your young master.” The young scholar shook his head as he replied.

    “What, young master has been poisoned!”

    “No way, how could my son have been poisoned!”

    The maid and Lady Mi shouted out in surprise after hearing the scholar’s words.

    “Hehe, if you two don’t believe me, feel free to take a look at yourself. There’s some dark air between his brows which shows that he’s had this poison in him for at least a month.” The scholar looked at the boy before replying emotionlessly.

    Hearing the scholar say such words with such affirmation, Lady Mi and the maid looked at each other and believed that the scholar was not lying.

    Lady Mi quickly excused herself and brought the maid back as she quickly walked toward the boy.

    The maid then talked to the young servant. Afterward, the latter ran out of the temple.

    Moments later, the young servant brought back a bulging bag.

    The maid quickly took the bag. After quickly digging through it, she took out a box of silver needles and a couple of glyphs.

    Under Lady Mi’s concerned eyes, the maid quickly put one of the glyphs on the boy and stuck a couple of silver needles onto the elbow of the boy.

    “Brother Ming, did he really get poisoned?”

    At this time, the young girl next to the young scholar couldn’t help but raise her head and ask.

    “Yes, he is indeed poisoned. In addition, it is a very troublesome, strange poison. If it weren’t for me, they would not have been able to find out until the day before the poison exploded.” The scholar gave a small smile and he patted the hand of the young girl with pity.

    The scholar that seemed to be about twenty-seven or twenty-eight was obviously made up by Liu Ming.

    As for the young girl, Liu Ming went to a small city within another state after he left the Fengtian State. There, he found the only successor to Uncle Qian, the granddaughter of Uncle Qian.

    On Savage Island, Uncle Qian was a half teacher, half father figure to Liu Ming. The only dying will of his was for Liu Ming to take care of his descendents if Liu Ming got the chance to do so.

    However, once Liu Ming left Savage Island, he was chased by the authorities. After that, he cultivated within the Barbarian Ghost Sect as a Spirit Apostle. Only now did he get the chance to go to Uncle Qian’s hometown in order to find his descendents.

    After looking around, he found out that Uncle Qian left a single son before getting forced to Savage Island. This son made a family, but a couple years later, the son and his wife both died to a pandemic. They left behind one young daughter who was three to four years old called Qian Ruping.

    The girl who didn’t have her father or her mother was taken advantage of by her relatives to the point where she was even kicked out of her own house, ending up as a beggar on the streets.