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Chapter 170 – Intense battle in the temple

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 170 – Intense battle in the temple

    The young scholar at the side of the other fire seemed to be shocked by this sudden change, but still kept the book in his hands as he looked toward the temple door.

    The little girl at his side was not afraid. Her two small hands held tightly onto the shirt of the young scholar while her huge eyes watched the Black Tiger Guards, constantly blinking; no fear could be seen in her eyes.

    The moment the handsome woman saw the change, she said nothing and immediately grabbed the huge bow beside her. As soon as she had the bow firmly in her hand, she placed three dark arrows upon it. Afterward, she stared outside the temple with an expressionless face.

    Besides the sudden arrows shot from before, the outside of the temple was entirely quiet without any people visible.

    When the handsome woman saw this, her brows slowly straightened as the huge bow in her hands suddenly moved. “Chi chi!” Three black arrows shot out as blurs toward the roof of the temple. With a flash, they pierced through.

    Immediately, three screams rang out as things rolled off the roof. Moments later, three corpses with their faces covered by black cloth appeared in front of the doorway of the temple.

    At the this time, the lieutenant grabbed toward the quiver near her. With a shake of the huge bow in her hand, another three arrows appeared nocked before being shot out.

    This time, the target was toward a particular section of the temple’s walls.

    The arrows buried into the wall with a flash and another few screams rang out.

    “Not good, this stupid woman’s arrows are strong. Fight your way in and kill them all.” A voice that was filled with anger sounded behind another wall of the temple.

    When Lieutenant Du heard this, she immediately shot three more arrows that turned into black lines.

    However this time, some “dong dong” sounds rang out after the three arrows shot into the wall. It was as if the arrows had been blocked by something.

    With another “hong, hong” sound, the two walls of the temple suddenly broke apart. From within these two openings came almost a hundred black-masked men. Immediately, they fought with the Black Tiger Guards, who were already on their guard.

    Lieutenant Du didn’t use the huge bow to shoot. She, instead, nocked three arrows before looking at the door to the temple with a cold gaze.

    “Hehe, I have heard that among the Black Tiger Guards of the southern sea, there was a female lieutenant that was known for her archery skills and she has even killed a practitioner. I never would have thought that I would meet her today. However, do you think your godly arrows will be able to take us down?” A wild laughing sounded outside the temple and three men walked out from the night without any guard.

    The three were vicious, black-clothed men not too unlike the other black-masked men already fighting.

    When Lieutenant Du saw this, her face became cold as the huge bow in her hand started to buzz. The arrows within the quiver started to jump up by themselves and shoot forward like rain.

    Although the three of them seemed quite powerful, they were scared when they saw this many arrows shooting at them. Quickly, they each took out yellow leather shields and a white light faintly shone from them. These were actually low tier practitioner weapons!

    The next moment, explosions like rain splatters came from the three shields.

    Even though these three were low tier practitioners, they all felt their giant shields shake as they were forced back under the constant stream of arrows

    Although they had heard about her fame before, they had thought that the handsome woman was still merely a mortal. However, they did not believe that even with practitioner weapons, the three of them, who were together, would still be forced into such a tough position.

    However, the arrows next to the handsome woman quickly ran out.because of the quick flurry of attacks

    The three practitioners felt their shields lighten as if their opponent’s attack had finally stopped. All three showed expressions of glee.

    However, at this time, a sharp, breaking sound came from behind them and three black arrows that were at most five to six inches long suddenly shot over. With a flash, the heads of the three men were pierced through.

    The three practitioners actually died because of their carelessness!

    The Black Tiger Guard that was currently fighting let out a cheer as they saw this.

    Although the black-masked men had the advantage of numbers, they started to show signs of fear and allowed themselves to lose the upper hand.

    Lady Mi, who was currently protected by a couple of Black Tiger Guards, had a slightly pale face, but she also let out a smile.

    “Hmph, what three useless fellows! Looks like I’ll have to take things into my hands.”

    At this time, an old voice suddenly sounded above the temple. With a large sound, the ceiling of the temple suddenly exploded while countless broken rocks rained down like pouring rain, covering Lady Mi and the boy.

    The Black Tiger Guards with shields immediately gathered around the two and raised their shields to the sky in order to block most of the falling broken rock.

    At this time, a shadow flashed down from the ceiling. At the same time, the shadow patted each of the shields.

    With “peng, peng” sounds, the Black Tiger Guards were knocked away with their shields and started screaming.

    At this time, the shadow gave a spin mid-air and shot down toward Lady Mi.

    When Lieutenant Du saw this, her face changed. The huge bow in her hand moved. She wanted to block this attack but it was obviously too late.

    Although a fear flashed in Lady Mi’s eyes, she still tightly held onto the boy and did not even try to avoid the attack.


    The shadow twitched and then flew back with a flip. After stepping back a couple of steps, he finally stopped, allowing his appearance as an eagle-nosed old man with a gray robe to be easily seen.

    The old man stared at the person that stood before Lady Mi with a face full of shock.

    The person who had suddenly attacked was actually the thick-handed woman who seemed like the maid of the two.

    “Who are you? To actually be a maid while you are a middle tier practitioner. Aren’t you afraid of being a disgrace?” The eagle-nosed old man gave a low roar.

    “Hmph, if you, as a middle tier practitioner, can be an assassin, why can’t I be a maid? With me here today, don’t you dare even touch a hair of lady and young master.” The well-built woman took out a silver, short trident and replied with a cold grunt.

    When the eagle-nosed old man heard her response, his face was extremely dark. However, he glanced at everyone within the temple and let out a wild string of laughter.

    “Hehe, all of the cards from the opponent have been revealed. You all don’t need to hide any more. Quickly take care of them.”

    “What, you still have people?” The well-built woman asked with some panic.

    Lady Mi also showed true fear in her eyes.

    When Lieutenant Du heard this, her pupils also dilated. Her hands tightly gripped the huge bow and did not easily shoot the three black, small arrows nocked.

    The Black Tiger Guards, currently fighting with the black-masked men, also felt something amiss and crowded together to stop fighting with the masked men.

    The black-masked men were originally at a disadvantage. They were more than happy to stop fighting. They only slowly encircled everyone.

    At this time, the two sides of the walls of the temple, that were still fine, both exploded to make holes in the walls. From within each of the holes walked out strange people.

    One of the people was only three feet tall. His head was extremely big while his two eyes were extremely narrow. It was actually a midget with a very fierce appearance.

    The other person wore a big red cloak and had makeup smeared on his face. However, he had a huge beard and seemed to be neither a male or a female.

    “Ru Sha, Zu Du, how can it be you two? Weren’t the two of you incarcerated in the prison of the Law Enforcement Board by Silver Scale Guards!” When the well-built woman saw the two new people, her face immediately changed.

    “Hehe, our master is extremely powerful beyond the imagination of you people. Letting us two go was a very simple matter.” The person who was neither male nor female gave a laugh and replied with a sharp voice.

    “Zhu Lao Da, why are you wasting words with him? Since we have appeared, everyone here cannot live. Tsk tsk, no bad, there are actually two cute prey. Those two small fellows are mine. Don’t you guys dare fight for them with me. Dammit, I can’t hold it in anymore. I must first ‘love’ one of them.” The midget looked at the boy next to Lady Mi and the young girl next to the scholar before a fierce expression appeared on his face. Suddenly, he turned into a shadow as he pounced toward the young girl not too far away.

    His movements were so quick that with just a flash, he neared the young girl. His two fingers moved and were about to dig out the eyeballs of the young girl.

    “Ahem, I didn’t want to make trouble, but why does trouble always find me? What a weird situation!” The young scholar, who seemed to have been shocked senseless, saw this and actually sighed. His arm then seemed to move.


    The midget gave out a horrible shriek as his body shot backward several times quicker than before. With a muffled sound, he solidly knocked into the temple’s already crumpled walls. In fact, he was already dead by the time he hit them, and slid down the wall while blood was pouring out of him. Then, no other sound came out from him.

    This scene caused everyone to be stunned.

    “You… Who are you? Do you know who we work for?” The eagle-nosed old man seemed to recover his senses and questioned with anger and surprise.

    “Whoever you work for, I have no interest in knowing. Therefore, you can rest assured in leaving.” The scholar looked at the eagle-nosed old man before replying. Then, he moved his arm and with a “sou” sound, a green light flashed and disappeared.

    The next moment, the eagle-nosed old man felt his neck grow cold as his head fell off. His corpse without a head shook a couple of seconds before falling with a “putong.”

    At this time, a blood column a couple feet tall shot out from the neck of his corpse.

    “Spirit Apostle, you are a Spirit Apostle!” The remaining practitioner that was neither a male nor female saw this and screamed out with surprise. Afterward, he turned into a blur of a red shadow that shot back.