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Chapter 161 – Ball of Ligh

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 161 – Ball of Light

    Although Liu Ming had only looked at the crystal wall for a short amount of time, he managed to see blurry silhouettes that Spirit Master Zhong had mentioned.

    However, these silhouettes only appeared after Liu Ming fell victim to the charming power emanating from the crystal wall. This caused him to be unsure of whether these scenes actually came from the crystal wall or were just illusions formed in his own mind.

    According to what Spirit Master Zhong had said, these blurry shadows were indeed an existence that was neither real nor fake. There once were some people who had comprehended a few things from these silhouettes, but there were even more people who ended up diving in too deep, wasting a night of comprehension. As to how the shadows could be inferred, it was naturally up to the person’s own choice.

    However, this Walls of Shadows was indeed extremely mysterious, and even with his level of mental strength, he could not stare at it for too long. Otherwise, he would actually fall into the illusion or become unable to hold back the evading sleepiness and fall asleep without knowing.

    It was his great Mental Strength which allowed him to escape before.

    Liu Ming thought silently for a little bit. Only after feeling his mental power had recovered to a certain extent did he form another hand sign with one hand. He then poured his Fa Li into his eyes to look at the crystal wall again.

    Like this, time passed bit by bit.

    A large portion of the night passed and Liu Ming did not know how many times he had tried to comprehend the wall. However, other than seeing the blurry shadows at the start, he still did not receive any harvests. He had also tried to study the blurry shadows closely, but they were too hazy and could not be seen clearly. He also could not understand their connection with the marks on the surrounding stone walls.

    After looking at the Walls of Shadows so many times, his Mental Strength was almost depleted too. Although he really could do nothing about it, he did not really feel depressed.

    After all, who knew how many Barbarian Ghost Sect Spirit Masters had attempted to comprehend the Wall of Shadows here and still received nothing. Those who had really comprehended a full set of cultivation methods or secret techniques were even rarer. For him, a Spirit Apostle, to return with nothing was an extremely ordinary thing.

    Liu Ming thought like this and immediately stopped forcing himself. He stood up again and walked around the crystal wall.

    If it were not for the special warning from the child telling him that he was not allowed to touch the object and him worrying about any other restrictions on it, he really wanted to use his finger to poke at the object and see if there would be any reactions.

    In the end, he shook his head and returned to sit down at the futon. He simply closed his eyes and began to circulate the Dark Bone Method to start cultivating.

    Since the Walls of Shadows was not destined for him, he decided not to demand insistently and rather take advantage of the time to properly cultivate for a while.

    Threads of black air immediately emerged from his body and transformed into tentacles, dancing crazily around his body.

    As the circulation of the Dark Bone Method became faster and faster, the black air around his body churned out quicker. As more of the black gas appeared, the black tentacles also began to become thicker.

    However, what Liu Ming, who currently had his eyes closed, did not realize was that the blue crystal wall that originally seemed peaceful actually began to flash slightly without a sound the moment the black air appeared out of his body.

    At the start, it was extremely slow, but as more and more black air appeared around Liu Ming, the flashing on the wall also began to increase in frequency.

    When the end of the largest and thickest tentacle on his body was wriggling only a few dozen feet away from the wall, there was a sudden flash of blue light from the crystal wall. From within, a ray of blue light suddenly shot out, and with a flash, it crashed into the black tentacle.

    The light only flashed and the front part of the tentacle disappeared with a tremble. Afterward, the blue light shook again and transformed into a blue wire net, covering Liu Ming with lightning speed.

    The moment the black tentacle disappeared, Liu Ming naturally opened his eyes in surprise.

    The result was that he only witnessed the blue light in front of him flicker as all of the black air and tentacles on his body completely disappeared. Like ice melting, it disappeared with a flash of blue light.

    For every cloud of black air that the blue air swallowed, it would glow brighter as if the black air was an object of great nourishment to it.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming paled with great surprise. He wanted to change his hand sign to something that he could use to defend himself, but it was completely too late.

    As the last layer of black air on his body disappeared with a flash, all of the blue light entered his body silently. It quickly condensed in his Spirit Sea, transforming into a ball of blue light the size of a bean. With a blur, it began to spin quickly…

    Liu Ming, at this moment, felt his whole body become numb, and could no longer control his Fa Li or body at all, to the point where he could not even move a finger. At the same time, a chilly air appeared in his consciousness and a book with a black cover suddenly appeared. With a blur, it began to slowly open and flip through its pages, however, the words in it were extremely blurry.

    “I triggered something in the Walls of Shadows and it seems like it is also a whole cultivation method!” Only at this moment did Liu Ming realize what was occurring right now, and immediately became happy and astonished. He instantly stopped thinking about other matters and just wanted to read clearly what was in the book as if his life depended on it. However, no matter how much power he used, the words in the book remained blurry. He was unable to see what was written clearly at all.

    “Not good, this type of situation seems to be due to the fact that I don’t have enough Fa Li! No wonder the Six Yin Martial Ancestor left a message for the Spirit Apostles who broke through to the Liquid Level to be allowed the chance to view the Walls of Shadows for a night.” Only under great worry did Liu Ming realize that it was actually like this.

    Even though it was like that, he could not do anything with the situation in front of him. After the book in his consciousness flipped past the final page, it gave a “peng” sound and disintegrated into blue light.

    At the same time, the ball of blue light in his Spirit Sea stopped spinning with a tremble. With a blur, it flew out of his body and shot straight toward the crystal wall.

    Liu Ming could only smile bitterly at heart. Just when he believed that he had missed a fortuitous encounter, his Spirit Sea suddenly became extremely hot and the mysterious bubble actually appeared without a trace. It flashed slowly, with glittering light.

    The next moment, Liu Ming felt all of his surroundings suddenly become extremely silent. At the same time, all of the scenery became extremely slow. The ball of blue light, which had originally shot out to return to where it came from, slowed to the speed of a snail. He noticed the ball of blue light in front of him was surprisingly comprised of countless inscriptions that had been shrunk numerous times.

    Liu Ming could clearly see every line of inscriptions.

    Such a weird situation naturally caused Liu Ming to become overwhelmed with surprised. He wanted to blink or open his mouth to say something, but suddenly realized that his own movements had also been slowed down an unknown number of times in the same way.

    With a blink, his eyelids only closed ten-to-twenty-percent for quite a while.

    This caused him to gasp at heart. Thinking quickly, he understood his situation slightly.

    This type of situation was obviously not that his surroundings had become extremely slow, but rather his five senses had become countless times as fast as normal. Only this reason could cause such a weird scene to appear.

    At this moment, he used his Perception to sweep around. He immediately discovered the mysterious bubble that was currently flashing slightly in his Spirit Sea. Only with this did he gain some understanding.

    Without a doubt, for such an unbelievable thing to occur, it was definitely the doing of this mysterious bubble. Liu Ming just did not know when or why it suddenly appeared.

    Just when Liu Ming was filled with doubt, the bubble in his Spirit Sea suddenly trembled. Densely packed silver threads suddenly shot out from within, and with a flash, they wrapped around the ball of blue light and suddenly tugged it back.

    Although the ball of blue light struggled for its life as if it were alive, it obviously could not combat the power of the silver threads, and was pulled little by little toward Liu Ming.

    Just when Liu Ming was dumbstruck, there was a sudden wave of humming from within the Walls of Shadows.

    Following that, the crystal wall released a large amount of blue light and another dozen or so balls of blue light appeared from within. With a flash, they all expelled blue threads, wrapping around their buddy who was caught, using their power to pull it toward the crystal wall.

    The silver threads on the other side remained stretched out and did not move in the slightest. The ball of blue light that was caught gave out a series of extreme trembles and actually stopped where it was mid-air without moving for a while.

    However, Liu Ming felt his Spirit Sea immediately become hotter by a few levels. The glittering light on the surface of the mysterious bubble grew slightly brighter and suddenly expelled even more silver threads.

    After a blur, these silver threads shot into the crystal wall, wrapping around the dozen or so balls of blue light one by one.

    Afterward, the mysterious bubble rotated once and pulled all of the balls of light from the crystal wall, tugging them forcefully toward Liu Ming.

    It seemed that even after working together, the power of the balls of light were not enough to fight with the power of the mysterious bubble, and were actually pulled toward Liu Ming’s body inch by inch. After another series of blurs, they all entered Liu Ming’s Spirit Sea as if they had immediately fused together.

    The next moment, Liu Ming’s head felt heavy and his eyes darkened. He actually appeared in a glittering room formed with blue light.

    No matter where he looked, the surrounding walls, flooring, or roofing, it was made out of the exact same material as that of the Walls of Shadows.

    As for the corners of the room, there were stone tables. Every stone table was covered in a blue light screen, and inside each of them, there were different looking books.

    Within one of them was a book with a light black cover. It was the exact book he had seen in his consciousness.

    However, all of this was no longer important to Liu Ming.

    This was because in the center of the room, in an area less than ten feet away from him, there was actually a man in his thirties in green robes standing there.

    The person’s face was pale without a beard. On his back was a sword in a scabbard and he was currently looking at Liu Ming with an extremely weird expression.

    “You are…” Liu Ming naturally stepped back two steps with a sway and asked with extreme surprise. At the same time, he felt a somewhat familiar feeling from this green-robed person as if he had seen him somewhere before.

    “You are a disciple of the Barbarian Ghost Sect? How can you only have a cultivation level of a Spirit Apostle!” The green-robed person replied with a question.

    “Correct, I indeed am a disciple of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Elder, you are… You are the Six Yin Martial Ancestor!” Liu Ming replied slowly. After thinking quickly, he suddenly thought of one of the portraits that was hung high up in the Ancestral Hall.