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Chaoter 160 – Observing the Wall

Demon’s Diary
     Chaoter 160 – Observing the Wall

    “With senior’s status in the sect, Gao Chong would still have to be obedient before you even if he becomes a Spirit Master. However, the reason for Gao Chong’s drastic attitude change was due to two things. One was himself and the other was because he cultivates the cultivation method of the Sect Leader. Although the method is quite intricate and can allow one to have a great foundation at the Spirit Apostle level, it has a very violent effect on one’s temper. One can only wait until the Spirit Master realm where one passes the human cauldron stage before their temper slowly recovers, and the new human cauldron is being picked out by the Sect Leader right now.” Lin Caiyu smiled as she explained a couple of things.

    “Junior, you do not have to explain any more. How Gao Chong turns out to be in the future does not have that great of a relation to me. Even if he really cultivates to the strength of a Crystal Level in the future, that would be the time that I would most likely not exist. It is getting late and Junior Lin should really be heading downhill. I really do need to be properly left alone.” Spirit Master Lei waved his hand and spoke indifferently.

    Hearing his response, Lin Caiyu could only laugh bitterly as she took her leave.

    Liu Ming who had returned to his residence was playing with the square jade supervising token in his hands.

    The token had delicate Spirit Inscriptions at the edges of it and the word “supervising” was printed on one of its faces. The other face had “Barbarian Ghost Sect” printed on it, and when Fa Li was inserted into it, there would be six different colors of restrictions that would float up.

    The object was actually a Low Tier Totem.

    However, there was a hint of a contemplating look that appeared on his face after Liu Ming saw the vision presented by the object in his hands.

    This token looked extremely similar to the light blue token that he had obtained from that half Serpent Dragon. The only difference was that their grades were nothing like one another.

    Liu Ming concluded that the light blue token was an item that was usually used to represent some sort of identification. However, why would such an object appear on that half Serpent Dragon monster?

    Even though Liu Ming was ever so cunning, he did not think that there would be those from the Sea Race appearing in the secret realm. In addition, he wouldn’t think that the light blue token of theirs would coincidentally fall in the half Serpent Dragon’s hands after they had been killed by it.

    After he played with said token for a while, Liu Ming took out the jade slip and stuck it on his forehead. He started to use his Mental Strength to have a look at what was stored inside the jade slit.

    Fifteen minutes later, Liu Ming removed the jade slit from his forehead and on his face was an exceptionally serious expression.

    “I would have never thought that Xuanjing would actually be this complicated. Even the figures of foreign races have appeared within the city before. However, since I have already made my preparations, there is naturally no reason why I should cower when the time comes.”

    Liu Ming muttered a few sentences before proceeding to ponder silently for a long time. After pondering, he put away both the token and the jade slit. He made a hand seal with both his hands and closed his eyes, regulating his breathing.

    Three days later, before the mountain valley located behind the main peak of the Barbarian Ghost Sect that was marked as a prohibited area, Liu Ming stood with his hands behind his back at the entrance with a serious expression on his face. There was a five-foot-long Snow-White Leopard lying on a haystack not far away, curled into a ball as it snored loudly, deep in sleep.

    After an unknown period of time, there was the sound of footsteps coming from within the mountain valley. A yellow-gowned boy who did not seem to be older than eleven or twelve years old walked out.

    He walked in front of Liu Ming while smiling and saying, “Senior Bai, Martial Uncle has given you permission to enter the valley tonight to comprehend the Walls of Shadows. However, you must wait outside the mountain valley during the day. When it is night, I will guide you to the where the Walls of Shadows is located so that you can observe it.”

    “Many thanks. I will be waiting nearby during this time.” Liu Ming listened with glee, and after he thanked the boy, he found a big tree near the mountain valley and sat cross-legged beneath it.

    Since he had already decided that he was not going to return to the Barbarian Ghost Sect for many years, it was naturally impossible for him to forgo the opportunity to comprehend the Walls of Shadows. Therefore, after many days of recuperating and building up his energy, he went to the prohibited area where Martial Ancestor Yan was at to request for a night of comprehending the Walls of Shadows.

    However, the only pity was that Liu Ming had originally wanted to conveniently pay his respects to this Martial Ancestor Yan, but he seemed to have no intention of seeing a Spirit Apostle disciple alone and had only sent this boy who was guarding the valley to agree to Liu Ming’s request.

    At this moment, the yellow-robed boy sat down beside that Snow-White Leopard and pressed himself against the furry body of that beast. Not long after, he actually fell sound asleep.

    Liu Ming was secretly amazed by what he saw.

    That Leopard gave Liu Ming a kind of extremely dangerous oppressive feeling while this yellow-robed boy’s cultivation level did not seem to be that high. The fact that the duo could actually interact in such an intimate level was really unbelievable.

    However, Liu Ming quickly gathered his thoughts and closed his eyes as he started cultivating.

    Time slowly passed and when the sky was finally about to darken, the boy who had slept soundly for a whole day finally turned his body and climbed up from the Leopard’s body. After drowsily stretching himself, he grinned and waved to Liu Ming, “Senior Bai, it is almost time. I will now guide you to where the Walls of Shadows is located.

    However, Senior must stick close to me when returning to the valley. If you do not and if by chance you touched the restriction that Martial Ancestor has personally set up, there would be great trouble in store.”

    “Naturally. Junior should feel free to lead the way.” Liu Ming listened and immediately opened his eyes, standing up as he replied.

    Even though the boy before his eyes seemed to be young, there was an extremely abnormal feeling coming from him. As a result, Liu Ming did not dare to slight him.

    Soon after, the boy brought Liu Ming along a white pebbled path to the mountain alley, but he left that Snow-White Leopard outside the valley to keep watch.

    All that could be vaguely seen from both sides of the path was gray-colored fog. Within that fog, there were many things that resembled trees and mountains. If one were to look close and hard, they would feel that these things were a patch of black and could not be clearly seen at all.

    Liu Ming followed the boy as they seemed to pass through a pond and a jungle. After turning and twisting many times, they finally arrived in front of a cliff that was as straight as a pencil.

    At the lowest point of the cliff, there was a green-colored stone door that was wrapped in a faint white light.

    The boy raised his hand and retrieved a token from his arms. After lightly swinging it in the direction of the stone door, a silver light shot out, and with a flash, the light merged with the stone door.

    After a moment, a white light on the surface of the stone door suddenly appeared as the door hummed loudly. After flashing madly a few times, the light disappeared into thin air with a “pu” sound.

    “Senior, please remember that you only have one night’s worth of time. When the restriction on the stone door disappears once again tomorrow morning, you must come out.”

    Also, the Martial Ancestor has already activated the Walls of Shadows. You can immediately observe it once you enter, but please remember that the Walls of Shadows is the Sect’s treasure and you absolutely cannot use your hands to touch it. If you do not keep your hands off and if by chance they are damaged in the slightest, you will be severely punished by the Sect.” The boy’s expression changed and he spoke with an immeasurably serious expression on his face.

    “Relax, Junior. How could I dare to violate the rules?” Liu Ming solemnly replied.

    The boy listened and nodded with a pleased expression. He walked one step forward and slowly pushed the stone door open. He then turned around and directed a “please” in Liu Ming’s direction.

    After Liu Ming took a deep breath, he strode through the stone door.

    When he entered within, the stone door automatically closed behind him. At the same time, a light flashed across its surface. When the white light disappeared, the stone door was restored to its original state.

    After Liu Ming shook his head, he carefully sized up everything in his surroundings.

    He was suddenly in a stone house that was more than three hundred feet wide. The floor and four walls were made out of white rocks that seemed to be immeasurably solid. Other than a blue crystal wall that resembled a screen located in the middle of the room and a light yellow futon that was left in the corner, there was nothing else in the room.

    Liu Ming’s expression faltered as he headed straight for the crystal wall at once, slowly circling it multiple times.

    This crystal wall was not too big for it was not over twenty to thirty feet wide and was only around a foot thick. However, once Liu Ming glanced at it with both his eyes, he suddenly felt that his vision was filled with a light blue light. When he wanted to look at the wall in greater detail, he immediately felt a strange dizzy feeling.

    Liu Ming was slightly surprised and quickly shut his eyes to cut off eye-contact. Only after he felt slightly better did he reopen his eyes.

    Learning his lesson, Liu Ming did not dare to look at this Walls of Shadows again. Instead, he walked with a few steps to the front of the stone wall nearby and continuously sized it up.

    There were many strange scratch marks that differed in depth on this wall. Not only that, there were some that were straight while others were curved. There were even some strange symbols that resembled words, yet were not words. They seemed to cover the whole stone wall.

    Liu Ming frowned and stroked a few of these incisions and symbols with his finger. Only after that did his gaze sweep across the other three stone walls.

    Only then could he clearly see that the other stone walls also had strange incisions on them, all of which looked the same.

    These incisions were naturally left behind by those from the Barbarian Ghost Sect that had come to comprehend the Walls of Shadows in the past. Most of them were left by the predecessors when they suddenly understood something from the crystal wall, and because they were afraid that they were going to instantly forget it, they conveniently carved these incisions and symbols nearby.

    This was also the most important thing that Martial Aunt Zhong had repeatedly warned Liu Ming about when bringing up matters regarding the Walls of Shadows.

    Liu Ming also helped himself to these carvings and spent an exhausting hour hurriedly remembering the things that were carved into each and every stone wall. He then closed his eyes to consolidate it to memory before walking to the corner to grab the futon. After that, Liu Ming threw it in front of the crystal wall that was a few feet away and stepped forward in an unhurried manner, sitting down cross-legged on the futon.

    At that moment, he followed according to how he usually cultivated. He placed both his hands on his knees and raised his Fa Li to his eyes, slowly infusing them with it. He then widened both his eyes as he stared endlessly at the crystal wall, never taking his eyes off of it…

    After a meal’s worth of time, both his cheeks had turned a crimson red and beads of sweat started rolling from his forehead even though Liu Ming’s eyes still flashed with an energetic glow. There was even steaming hot gas emerging from his back.

    Suddenly, Liu Ming let out a low cry and the energetic glow in his eyes faded as he quickly closed his eyelids. Only then did the expression on his face relax and he spat out a long breath, murmuring,“What an impressive Walls of Shadows, it actually possesses the effects to charm. If it were not for the fact that my Mental Strength is sufficiently strong, I would have sunk deep within its illusions and would have been unable to pull myself out. Other than that, what exactly is the meaning represented by those blurry shadows?”