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Chapter 159 – The Third Month

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 159 – The Third Month

    “Relax. I will definitely not use Fa Li that is in the realm of a Spirit Master for this attack. If you are not willing to accept it, I will not force you to either. You can leave now and I will take it as if you had never come to find me.” Spirit Master Lei listened and spoke in a cold manner.

    Once Liu Ming heard these words being spoken, his heart went cold. He naturally understood that by saying “had never come to find me,” the other party was obviously not going to agree to any further requests.

    Thus, his mind quickly spun a few times in thought, and in the end, he slowly straightened his body while speaking in an extremely serious manner, “Since Martial Uncle must test this disciple’s abilities, then this Martial Nephew only dares to request for Martial Uncle to make his move.”

    “Heh, very good. This is the right way to go. If you manage to receive my attack without any problems, I will first agree to it regardless of what the task is that you have come to find me for.” Spirit Master Lei said with a sinister laugh. His arm moved and a finger suddenly slowly moved toward Liu Ming.

    Watching him closely, Liu Ming did not dare neglect any of his movements and quickly formed a one-handed technique. Countless black gas surged out of his body, forming countless tentacles that were wildly dancing about. At the same time, he used his other hand to pat his chest and three black dots of light appeared in a flash, forming a black light shield in front of him.

    It was during this time that the faint lightning on Spirit Master Lei’s finger flashed and what seemed like a thin electrical thread shot out from the tip of his finger. In the next moment, a lightning sound rumbled out and it turned into a huge Lightning Python the thickness of a bowl, heading straight for Liu Ming.

    The Lightning Python had yet to actually attack but there was already a burnt smell in the air.

    Without any further thought, a green light appeared in Liu Ming’s hand. The Cyan Moon Sword appeared in an instant and wildly hacked out three Sword Qis in a blur.

    Liu Ming’s other hand cut through the emptiness and six green wind blades simultaneously appeared. They flashed again and produced “chi chi” sounds as they shot out.

    After a few dull sounds, multiple wind blades sliced the Lightning Python’s body. Other than making the Lightning Python freeze for a moment, the wind blades shattered amid a crackling sound.

    At this moment, three misty green Sword Qis combined into one and struck the Lightning Python’s body.

    After a loud rumbling sound, both of them burst apart in the empty sky at the same time.

    The green Sword Qi intertwined with the silver lightning arc in an instant. After the thunderous sound rang out, the lightning arc tore the green Sword Qi to shreds amid the frenzied flashings of light. The remainder of the lightning flashed again, cutting at the black light shield in front of Liu Ming.

    The color in Liu Ming’s face changed. Raising his arm, he spread his fingers out and pressed the shield of light. At the same time, the Fa Li in his body madly surged out.

    Even so, the black shield of light could only be sustained for two breaths, after which it shattered open with a crisp sound.

    However, it was during this time that the remainder of the lightning arc became the thickness of a thumb, whereas the protective black gas on Liu Ming’s body, that was once tentacles, had turned into wildly dancing ghosts all of a sudden.

    When the sound of lightning once again rang out, the remaining lightning arc and all of the tentacles were destroyed as they simultaneously fell to pieces.

    Liu Ming could not help but pale significantly. It was obvious that the series of actions had consumed most of his Fa Li. Even so, he had finally managed to receive this attack from Spirit Master Lei.

    “Not bad. As expected, you have some skills. No wonder you dared to incur the wrath of Gao Chong for a woman. It counts as a pass this time. Speak, what is it you have come to see me about?” Spirit Master Lei watched the scene before him and his expression gradually softened. There was even some hint of a praise within his words.

    “Many thanks to Martial Uncle Lei. I have come forward this time because I have accepted Xuanjing’s supervising disciple post. Hence, I have specially come forward to pay my respects to Martial Uncle.” Liu Ming heard this and his heart relaxed. Even so, he dared not be discourteous and replied respectfully.

    “Xuanjing’s supervising disciple? That position is extremely difficult and hard to execute. Seeing as you accepted this mission, it means that you have no intentions of breaking through to the realm of a Spirit Master any time soon. If that is the case, leaving the Sect is a wise move. If not, once Gao Chong has successfully broke through the Liquid Level, your days in the sect will indeed not be pleasant ones.” Spirit Master Lei listened to what Liu Ming had to say. Not only was he actually not too surprised by it, he instead nodded his head and replied as such.

    “Then Martial Uncle Lei has agreed to this my request!?” Liu Ming naturally asked gleefully.

    “Since you were able to receive this attack of mine, it was enough to believe you can fend for yourself for more than a few years in Xuanjing as long as you are careful. However, if you really want me to agree to your request, you must also agree to a condition of mine.” Spirit Master Lei pondered for a while before responding.

    “Please state it, Martial Uncle. If it is something that I am able to do, I will definitely do my best.” Liu Ming paused for a moment and quickly replied after a change of mind.

    “It is very simple. Once you go to Xuanjing, I need you to do me a small favor. In my former years, before I had become a Spirit Master, I owed an old friend a great favor. That old friend has long since passed on but his descendants have moved to Xuanjing and have met with some trouble lately. They have asked for assistance with something bringing a keepsake that I left with them when they helped me. I am sure that you are clear about the agreement that our Sect made with Xuanjing many years ago. As a higher up in our Sect, I am unable to break the rules and personally go the Xuanjing. In addition, the few disciples by my side are either preoccupied with other businesses or have not cultivated to a high enough level, hence I equally do not feel safe sending them to Xuanjing. Therefore, you could help me resolve the trouble faced by the descendants of my old friend if you assume the role of supervising disciple in Xuanjing.” Spirit Master Lei slowly said.

    “I see. Martial Uncle need not worry. If it is in within my capabilities, I will definitely help Martial Uncle repay this favor.” After Liu Ming heard this, he pondered the request for a second, and without further consideration, he made a promise.

    “Very well. I am also very optimistic about your abilities. This is the Xuanjing’s supervising disciple’s token and a few pieces of information regarding this post. Yes, even the information about the previous supervising disciple that went missing is contained within. You should have a good look at it once you get back. Moreover, once you have received the token, you must rush to Xuanjing within three months to assume the post. If you do not, you will be heavily punished by the Sect.” Spirit Master Lei nodded his head and took out a white square jade token as well as a jade slit from his sleeve, handing them over to Liu Ming.

    “Yes, I will definitely rush to Xuanjing within three months.” Liu Ming received both items and replied with a serious look on his face.

    “There is nothing else. You can head down first. I still want to be left alone.” Spirit Master Lei finished talking and leaned against the back of the chair, once again closing his eyes as he ignored Liu Ming.

    Even though Liu Ming thought it was slightly strange. After bowing, he respectfully left the big silver hall.

    “Senior Lei, are you really planning to hand Xuanjing’s supervising disciple post to Martial Nephew Bai? If Gao Chong becomes a Spirit Master, it is uncertain as to whether he might hold a grudge against Senior because of this.” A silhouette swayed from a pillar in the corner and a graceful figure actually walked out of it.

    That figure was the Spirit Master Lin Caiyu from the Dancing Ghost Faction that had the beauteous appearance of a twenty-year-old.

    “Junior Lin, I know that you wish to recommend a disciple to assume this role, but Xuanjing’s previous supervising disciple is also considered to be capable among all the disciples. But he actually disappeared without a trace, we can only see that the waters in Xuanjing are deepening. Does Junior really think that the disciple that you recommend will be more suitable than Martial Nephew Bai?” Spirit Master Lei opened both his eyes and glanced at the beauteous woman, only replying to the first part of the question.

    “That is also true. The disciple of mine is also approaching thirty years of age, and decided to go to Xuanjing in order to fight to obtain a portion of Pure Aura Qi. Since Senior Lei had fixed his mind on Martial Nephew Bai, please think as if I had not mentioned such a thing. Rather, it is Senior who has been cooped up in this mountain because of the matter with this child, Lei Zhen, even not attending the Sect Leader’s regular meetings. This is probably not too good!” Lin Caiyu said with a small smile.

    “Hmph, it seems that recommending a disciple is secondary to Junior Lin. The truth is that you have received orders from the Sect Leader to help me.” Spirit Master Lei lightly spoke with a grumpy voice.

    “Our relationship within the Sect is the friendliest. If the Sect Leader does not make me do it, who else would they get to do it?” Lin Caiyu asked without feeling mistaken in the least.

    “Then Junior Lin should reply to the Senior that there is nothing wrong with me at all. Even though Lei Zhen’s fall has made my mood sour, it has not lead me to put off proper matters with regards to the Sect. After all, if I was really unwilling to do it in the first place, I could have come forward and prevented Lei Zhen from entering that Secret Realm. Since I have lost the bet, I naturally have to bear responsibility for the outcome that occurred because of it. The Lei clan will definitely not languish because of one genius disciple’s fall.” Spirit Master Lei said indifferently.

    “Good, Senior’s words will do. I will first reply like that to the Sect Leader.” Lin Caiyu heard this and her face brightened up.

    “That is right, how did the the Sect Leader treat the matter between his proudly placed disciple and Martial Nephew Bai?”

    Seeing as the lady was about to leave, Spirit Master Lei opened his mouth and asked this one question.

    “The Sect Leader has actually raised this matter with me once before because Senior Gui, Senior Zhong, and company have been dragged into this matter. It is not right for the Sect to interfere directly with this matter, hence they could only send the female disciple who brought about this conflict between the two back to her clan. The remaining matters can only be resolved by their own accordance.” Lin Caiyu’s pigmented eyebrows frowned as she replied.

    “Hmph, it seems that no matter how much Martial Nephew Bai has contributed to the Sect, the Sect Leader still choose to favor his own disciple. What is this “let things flow by their own accordance?” If Gao Chong becomes Spirit Master in the future, Marital Nephew Bai simply will not have the power to oppose him.” Spirit Master Lei listened and said with a hmph.

    “Ahem, this matter is quite difficult for Sect Leader. After all, the chances of Gao Chong becoming one of us are quite high with his qualifications, to the point where there is a shred of possibility that he might become a Crystal Level cultivator. Even though Martial Nephew Bai has established great success for the Sect and the Sect has already rewarded him handsomely, the fact that he only has a Three Spiritual Pulse means that his talent is a little too low. Even if he does have the Heavenly Spirit Body of Intelligence, if he does not become a Spirit Master, there is no future for him in the end. The Sect Leader cannot suppress a disciple that has the capability of becoming the sect’s powerhouse in the future just because of a Spirit Apostle. Therefore, what the Sect Leader is doing now is already the limit of what he can do. Letting Martial Nephew Bai leave the Sect now might also be a good thing. Perhaps, after Gao Chong advances into Spirit Master, this resentment between the both of them will be quickly stashed to the back of his mind.” Spirit Master Lin explained with a stern look on her face.

    “If you are talking about the Gao Chong from three years ago, I might not have believed it. Based on his current temper… Hehe, forget it. I similarly do not wish to get too deeply involved in this matter. However, if Gao Chong really holds some sort of grudge against me because of the small matter with the supervising disciple, does Junior think that such a small thing would bother me!” Spirit Master Lei sneered and replied.