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Chapter 154 – Demonic Heart Method

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 154 – Demonic Heart Method

    “From the way you are speaking, there should also be a Aura Pit under the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Then the Pure Aura Qi Spirit Master Zhang left is…” After listening to her, Liu Ming realized something.

    “Correct. It is because of the huge Aura Pit that our Barbarian Ghost Sect was picked to be built here. The Pure Aura Qi the sect gave to you before was taken from this Aura Pit. However, this Pure Aura Qi is the most common type of Yinwu Pure Aura Qi. After it has been refined into Cultivation Qi, it is only slightly denser than normal, and other than the ability to use slightly cold energy to injure your opponent, it does not have a wide range of a uses. However, even if that is the case, after so many years, there is not much Pure Aura Qi left in the Aura Pit at our sect. Now, only disciples that are especially outstanding, by reaching the peak tier of Spirit Apostle, can have their faction ask the sect for a serving of Pure Aura Qi for them. As for the other people, they can only use a huge amount of Contribution Points to exchange for their own Pure Aura Qi from the sect before receiving a chance to attempt to break through to become a Spirit Master. Only because the Life and Death Trials this time were extremely tough, did the sect decide to make it a reward for a few of you.” Spirit Master Zhong replied with a slight smile.

    “With such an explanation from teacher, I finally understand. From what teacher has said, if I find other Pure Aura Qi from somewhere else outside, I can refine a Cultivation Qi that is even better for protecting my body?” Liu Ming thought quickly and asked such a question.

    “That is naturally allowed. However, this is very unlikely to happen. Do you know how many Spirit Stones this portion of Yinwu Pure Fiendish Qi can be sold for outside?” Spirit Master Zhong at first nodded her head before shaking it.

    “Please tell me teacher!” Liu Ming was stumped and asked.

    “You would need thirty thousand spirit stones, and it is impossible to buy under normal circumstances. Pure Aura Qis that are slightly better are commonly sold at a price that is several times higher. After all, there are too many Cultivators that need Pure Aura Qi. Also, if you fail in attempting to break through to Spirit Master, you will need to find a new portion of Pure Aura Qi to attempt to break through next time. Additionally, when people attempt to break through to Spirit Master, if they can use an extra portion of two of Pure Aura Qi, their chances of success will also increase. The demand of this item can be imagined because of such a factor.” Spirit Master Zhong explained in such a way.

    “Thirty thousand Spirit Stones.” Liu Ming did not even pay attention to the words spoken after the thirty thousand Spirit Stone price was mentioned. By that time, he had already forced a smile to appear on his face.

    All of the Spirit Stones he gained from the Life and Death Trials while risking his life was just enough to buy one portion of Yinwu Pure Aura Qi. Looking at his own talent, he did not believe that he would be able to break through to Spirit Master with one attempt.

    “This price is already cheap. After all, who knows how many Loose Cultivators, not in sects, and older disciples of various sects are willing to fight for a chance to break through to the realm of a Spirit Master. Anyway, I will stop explaining the matters regarding the Pure Aura Qi. Now, I will explain a few other matters that you must pay attention to when you attempt to break through to the realm of a Spirit Master. First of all, cultivators under the age of thirty have the highest chance of breaking through to become a Spirit Master. Once you have exceeded that age, one cannot say that you have no chance to become a Spirit Master successfully, but the situations in your Spirit Sea, meridians, and other places inside the body will be extremely different from before. Therefore, the likelihood of succeeding becomes extremely low. Also, whether you can condense the true yuan into liquid has a huge correlation to the purity of your Fa Li. If your Fa Li is at a certain level of purity, combining your true yuan with your Pure Aura Qi is naturally easier for you than other people. This is also the reason why your Martial Uncle Gui and I requested you to avoid using Fa Li increasing pills and other such medicines as much a possible, and instead take one step at a time to steadily cultivate your Fa Li. A few special Spirit Medicines or Spirit Fruits, objects that are transformed from heavenly and earthly essence, give extremely pure Fa Li when taken and do not cause great problems. No matter if it is other pills or the flesh of monsters, they will all cause you great troubles in breaking through the bottleneck later. When that happens, it will be too late for regrets. If you spend a large portion of time to increase the purity of Fa Li, the time spent can easily exceed the thirty year old limit.” Spirit Master Zhong spoke with some depth to him.

    TL: The levels of cultivation are Spirit Apostle then Spirit Master Liquid Level. Think of it like the change of state. True yuan is a gas gathered at the Spirit Apostle stage before being condensed into a Liquid to reach Liquid Level.

    Hearing his teacher’s explanation, Liu Ming could not help but reveal a slightly awkward expression.

    It was obvious that this teacher still believed that the reason why he could cultivate at such a speed was due to consuming Fa Li increasing pills.

    “Also, even if you have not become a Spirit Master by the age of thirty, don’t be too depressed. I can think of thousands of Spirit Apostle disciples in our sect, but there are only thirty or so people that have become a Spirit Master. This is enough to show how hard it is to break through. It is almost one in a hundred. Even if you are a genius disciple like Yang Qian or Gao Chong, they are not a hundred-percent confident in becoming a Spirit Master, and only have a slightly better chance than other people. It is not like it has not happened in the history of our sect, where many genius disciples, that all the elders in the sect are optimistic about, do not even reach Liquid Level at all and can only spend their final years as a Spirit Apostle. Our sect has even once had a Crystal Level elder before, who had a fortuitous encounter at thirty years old, breaking through into the Liquid Level realm. Afterward, his cultivation level increased greatly, actually becoming a ancestor like Martial Ancestor Yan in the end.” Spirit Master Zhong spoke a few sentences to Liu Ming to comfort him.

    “Many thanks for what teacher has said. I will definitely remember it!” Liu Ming replied respectfully.

    “Very good. Other than those two important conditions, there are a few other areas that you cannot ignore to break through to Liquid Level. For example, when you attempt to break through to Spirit Master, there must be no disturbances. At the same time, the thicker the heavenly and earthly Yuan Qi in the location you attempt to break through, the better your breakthrough will go…” After nodding her head, Spirit Master Zhong explained a few other unignorable problems to Liu Ming in detail.

    Liu Ming naturally paid attention and memorized them.

    An hour later, only after Spirit Master Zhong had explained everything to Liu Ming, did she allow him to leave.

    On the morning of the second day, Liu Ming left where he lived and went to the Scripture Pavilion to use almost a thousand of his newly gained Contribution Points to exchange for the “Demonic Heart Method.” He then went to the Gray Market to buy a pouch for demons that was of average quality from another disciple.

    This pouch could naturally not be compared to the Cultivating Soul Pouch, but at least it was better than having the Flying Head and the White Bone Scorpion squished together everyday.

    The following month, Liu Ming did not go anywhere at all and spent all the time practicing his newly gained technique.

    After all, the situation created when he subdued the Flying Head from before was just too abnormal. Every day Liu Ming could not find out the reason would be another day where he could not really relax.

    Although the Contribution Points needed to exchange for the Demonic Heart Method was a lot, it was actually an extremely easy method for him to cultivate.

    Liu Ming cultivated to Initial Spell Mastery in such a short period of time, which was enough to communicate with the consciousness of the Demon according to what was written down.

    As a result, on the morning of this day, he made sure his mental strength was in good condition. He then slapped the newly bought leather pouch with one hand and a cloud of black air immediately emerged out of it. After rolling and condensing, it transformed into the Flying Head.

    The Flying Head originally had an extremely frightening expression, but after moving its eyes and seeing Liu Ming, it immediately became extremely calm. With a slight movement, it flew up close to Liu Ming in a well-behaved manner and lay on the ground without moving.

    Liu Ming squinted his eyes a little before quickly forming hand signs with his two hands without saying anything further. Black gas immediately rolled out of his body, and at the same time, technique seals shot out from his fingers, all disappearing into the male head with a flash.

    At this moment, Liu Ming raised his hand and moved it away. The black air wrapped around the Flying Head, and with a blur, Liu Ming pressed his hand onto the top of its head, causing it to slowly close its eyes.

    In the next moment, the blood-colored inscription on the Flying Head’s forehead began to flash crazily and its eyes became blank.

    Exactly the time it takes to drink a cup of tea later, Liu Ming suddenly opened his eyes and removed his hand from the top of the Flying Head.

    “What is this? What do you mean there is another extremely strong owner inside the body of the owner?”

    Liu Ming mumbled while staring at the Flying Head. However, he had an extremely unsettled and bewildered expression.

    His casting of the technique before should have been extremely successful, but from the results of the communication of consciousness, he only received half an answer that was relevant to what he had asked. Other than the fact that he had felt that the Demon was wholeheartedly respectful of him.

    Liu Ming thought for a while with his brows tightly furrowed and once again cast the technique to communicate with the consciousness of the Flying Head. He was slightly unwilling to accept the answer.

    However, he received the same answer.

    Luckily the two times when he had cast the technique, he came to understand why this demon of the fourth tier had such a low strength.

    The demon was actually heavily injured in the past years and was always sealed. It had only recently regained its freedom, which was why it had become so weak.

    However, Liu Ming was extremely happy with its unfortunate situation.

    As long as the Demon could recover its former strength, he would immediately have an additional Liquid Level helper.

    It was a pity that he never obtained the method to recover all of the Demon’s injuries in those communications.

    Sleeping for a long time could help its recovery become slightly better. It had also named a few weird names which Liu Ming never even heard of, so it was needless to mention that they would not be of help.

    It seemed like this matter could only be discussed in the future when there was a special encounter or chance.

    Liu Ming thought like this, and with another hand sign formed with one hand, he pointed at the Flying Head.

    With a “peng” sound, the demon transformed into a cloud of black gas again, disappearing into the leather pouch.

    In the remaining time, Liu Ming thought hard about what the meaning of the sentence the Flying Head had said actually meant.

    The pity was that this matter really had no start or finish. After thinking for a while, there was no end result, and he could only throw it to the back of his mind with a cold smile.

    Afterward, he thought a little more. He then pulled out a silver Token and a black jade bottle from his sleeve.

    These two objects naturally were the objects of authentication for entering the Spirit Pool within the sect and the portion of Yinwu Pure Aura Qi that had been rewarded to him.

    Liu Ming played around with the two items in his hands separately before falling into deep thought.

    According to what he had originally thought, as long as his cultivation level reached the peak of the Spirit Apostle realm, he would naturally immediately attempt to break through to the Spirit Master realm. After all, the earlier he could become a Spirit Master, the earlier he could really stand up in this world of cultivation.

    However, after hearing what Spirit Master Zhong had said, Liu Ming could not help but begin hesitating in his heart!