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Chapter 152 – Wall of Shadows and Nihou

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 152 – Wall of Shadows and Nihou

    The middle-aged Spirit Master flipped one hand and pulled out two jade boxes the size of a fist, giving them to Liu Ming with a smile.

    Liu Ming said his thanks and immediately received the jade boxes with some anticipation. He opened the lids as soon as possible.

    Inside the jade box was a jade bottle that was as black as ink, and in the other one, there was a faint silver Token, with the word “spirit” engraved upon it.

    “This is…” Liu Ming could not help but reveal an expression with some doubt.

    Seeing it, Gui Ruquan instead smiled lightly and began to explain,

    “Martial Nephew Bai, these two items are objects you need for breaking through to the realm of Spirit Master. If you were to use Contribution Points to exchange for them, it would be a matter you would not even think about unless you had tens of thousands of Contribution Points. Inside the black jade bottle is Pure Aura Qi. This object is absolutely necessary if you want to condense the Aura into Cultivation Qi to create your own qi that protects your body and allows you to become a Spirit Master. As for the Token, it is the object of authentication for entering our Sect’s Spirit Pool. Since it is a silver Token, it means you can enter for the time of a month.”

    “So it is like this. Many thanks to Martial Uncle Zhang!” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming was extremely happy and carefully put the two items away.

    “Junior Zhang, these items are all rewards our sect has given from previous Life and Death Trials. It doesn’t really match the “heavily rewarded” spoke of earlier.” At this time, Zhu Chi also joined the conversation with a smile.

    “Junior Zhu, don’t worry. Other than these items, there are naturally other rewards. Martial Nephew Bai, as for the other rewards, the sect has specially rewarded you three thousand Contribution Points and a chance to enter the Ancestor Hall to spend a night to comprehend the Wall of Shadows.” The middle-aged Spirit Master spoke again without hurry.

    “What? A chance to spend a night to comprehend the Wall of Shadows!” With this, Gui Ruquan and the other two were all greatly surprised while Liu Ming’s Teacher, Spirit Master Zhong, even cried out involuntarily.

    “Senior Gui, you also know, the power of the Wall of Shadows left behind by the Six Yin Ancestor all those years ago is low. If it were not for the fact that Martial Nephew Bai and Martial Nephew Yang managed to bring extremely great merit for the sect, Martial Ancestor Yan definitely would not have allowed the Sect Leader to use two chances at the wall.” The Spirit Master Zhang also spoke with a little jealousy.

    Liu Ming, on one side, was extremely confused and did not know what this so called Wall of Shadows was at all.

    However, since the Spirit Master Zhong did not even talk about the three thousand Contribution Points mentioned before, the wall was obviously worth far more than that.

    “It looks like this time, the Sect Leader really has heavily rewarded the two of them. That Wall of Shadows is controlled personally by Martial Ancestor Yan, and according to the rules, only when disciples break through to become a Spirit Master, can they be allowed to comprehend it for a night. As for the matters regarding the Wall of Shadows, Junior should personally tell Martial Nephew Bai later. Don’t waste this chance for nothing!” Only after the surprised expression on Gui Ruquan’s face dissolved did he speak to Spirit Master Zhong with a serious face.

    “That is obvious. I will explain the matter regarding the Wall of Shadows. Cong Tian, come to where I live tonight. I have other things to talk to you about. Now take your Identification Slit and let Martial Uncle Zhang transfer three thousand Contribution Points to you.” Spirit Master Zhong nodded her head seriously before instructing Liu Ming in such a way.

    Hearing her, Liu Ming nodded his head, and took off the nameplate around his neck to pass to Spirit Master Zhang.

    The middle-aged Spirit Master pulled out a short, golden stick from his chest. After pointing it at the slit a few times, he returned it to Liu Ming. He then said, “Those items from before are all rewarded to you from the sect. As for the reward of every sect for this Life and Death Trial, it is one-tenth of all the resources you have brought out from the secret realm. Now, the sect has two options for you. One is that no matter what spirit items you have brought out, you keep one-tenth of each object. If some objects cannot be separated, they will be broken into Spirit Stones of the same value. The other choice is, the resources are given to you as Spirit Stones, with the price slightly above the current market price. My personal suggestion is that Martial Nephew Bai should choose the latter. After all, most of the spirit medicines and resources from within the secret realm are items that the sect urgently needs. Only with the power of the sect can they be put to their real use. On the other hand, if these Spirit Items are in your possession, it might cause some unthinkable problems!”

    “Hmph, there are still people within the sect that want to rob my disciple?” Hearing what was said, Spirit Master Zhong immediately gave a cold snort.

    “Hehe, this might not be true. However, if they are people not in our sect, it cannot be determined so easily. Also, Martial Nephew Yang and the few others all chose the Spirit Stones. If Martial Nephew Bai chooses the Spirit Medicines all by himself, perhaps that is not too good.” The middle-aged Spirit Master replied with a cold laugh.

    “Whatever, since Junior Zhang has spoken like this, we should let Martial Nephew Bai also choose the spirit stones!” Gui Ruquan creased his brow a little and spoke with resolution.

    “Since Senior has spoken like that, I have no opinion. Cong Tian, what do you think?” Spirit Master Zhong sighed before asking Liu Ming a question.

    “I will naturally listen to everything teacher orders!” Liu Ming replied without any hesitation.

    “Keke, very well. Here is forty-two thousand Spirit Stones that have already been converted. Martial Nephew Bai, please take them.” Hearing his response, the middle-aged Spirit Master’s expression changed. From his bosom, he pulled out a cloth bag and threw it across to Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming raised his hand to catch the bag. After examining it a few times, he saw that there were twenty middle tier Spirit Stones. In addition, there were surprisingly four bluish-white Spirit Stones that were like jade. Their surfaces were extremely smooth and released a surprising aura that far exceeded a middle tier spirit stone’s aura.

    “These are high tier Spirit Stones!”

    It was Liu Ming’s first time seeing Spirit Stones at such a level, therefore, he could not help but brighten up. He gave the cloth bag a few extra glances before putting it away in the same manner as before.

    “Good, the current matters have been completed then. I will take my leave first.” At this moment, the middle-aged Spirit Master stood up and said his farewell with a smile on his face.

    Gui Ruquan and the other two naturally all stood up to see him off.

    However, when they turned around again, Liu Ming took his leave discreetly.

    After waiting for Liu Ming’s shadow to disappear from the area near the entrance, Zhu Chi retracted his gaze and suddenly gave out a sigh.

    “Such a pity. If we could use Spirit Stones to exchange for the Spirit Medicines from Martial Nephew Bai, I myself could also use Spirit Stones. Why should we have to hand it all over to the sect? I have seen the Spirit Medicines that Martial Nephew Bai brought out from the secret realm this time. Within them, there are many Spirit Medicines that are of great use to us. Even if he only received one-tenth, who knows, we might have the chance to borrow their power to break through our current bottleneck.

    “Forget about it. The Spirit Medicines Martial Nephew Bai brought back this time are indeed extremely precious. Martial Ancestor Yan and Senior Sect Leader would not allow them to be kept within their respective factions. However, on the other hand, if our sect really does use these resources, we will not necessarily miss the chance to gain some of these benefits.” Gui Ruquan heard this and shook his head.

    “I hope so. However, now our Nine Infants Faction can be ranked in the top five factions because of Martial Nephew Bai’s performance. With this, for several years in the future, our faction will receive at least twice as many resources from the sect. We can relax a lot. However, the pity is that Martial Nephew Shi did not survive in the secret realm, otherwise our faction may have been ranked even higher.

    “They were participating in the Life and Death Trials. Having people die is an extremely common matter. We can only say that Shi Chuan did not have enough luck. However, this time, we have also lost the Flying Head. This is a little unfortunate for Junior Zhong. The Flying Head was originally supposed to be given to Junior to use after it recovered its vigor.” Hearing what was said, Gui Ruquan’s expression became gloomier, and he spoke to Spirit Master Zhong in a somewhat apologetic manner.

    “No problem. It is just, the Flying Head had been heavily injured years ago, and after being sealed for so many years, its strength has already fallen to below the Liquid Level. Waiting for it to recover its strength is a matter that would take an unknown amount of time. Otherwise, we would not dare risk it and give it to Martial Nephew Shi to use.” Spirit Master Zhong instead replied without a care.

    “Even if the strength of the Flying Head fell even more, it is a Demon of the fourth tier. It also has the potential to become a Nine Infant, so how can you speak in such an uncaring manner. How about this, Junior Zhu Chi and I will go try to release the seal of that Nihou later. Although its strength is not as great as the Flying Head, it is still a Demon of the fourth tier. However, it may take some time to remove the seal, and when it will be tamed, Junior will experience great risks.” Gui Ruquan hesitated a little and spoke to Spirit Master Zhong with such words.

    TL: Nihou is another type of demon and has not deteriorated as much as the Flying Head

    “What, senior is willing to give that demon to me!” Hearing what was said, Spirit Master Zhong was slightly startled.

    “This is not the question of willing or not willing. Now that our faction has come out of a low state with great effort, the three of us, the seniors, definitely need to quickly increase our strength. Only by taking such measures can we maintain our current rank. The people in our sect that can control a demon of the fourth tier, other than me, is only you, Junior. The reason why I was not willing to give that Nihou to you before was because I feared that your cultivation was not high enough and you would be injured.” Gui Ruiquan explained with a cold smile.

    “Relax senior, although I cannot say that I have one-hundred-percent confidence in subduing that Nihou with my current strength, it is still above seventy-percent.” Spirit Master Zhong replied with a light laugh.

    “Junior having such confidence is naturally the best. Anyway, matters regarding Martial Nephew Bai will be handled by Junior. Although we do not like his chances of becoming a Spirit Master, he has brought great merit to our sect and faction, so Junior should encourage him a little more.” Zhu Chi chimed in while standing to one side.

    “Senior Zhu does not need to say that. I know to do that myself.” Spirit Master Zhong replied without hesitation.

    At night, Liu Ming once again left his sleeping quarters and returned to the area near the peak. He arrived in front of a building which had an elegant feel.

    Before he managed to knock on the door, Spirit Master Zhong sent out a soft message.

    “Have you arrived Cong Tian? You can come right in. I have already removed the restrictions on the door.”

    “Yes, teacher!” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming’s heart shivered a little. He replied respectfully and pushed open the door to walk in.

    He saw, in the hall of the first floor, Spirit Master Zhong sitting in a chair with a book covered in white in her hand. It seemed like she had been waiting already.

    Message from author (and me!): Demon’s Diary (Mo Tian Ji) has finally entered the second book. Liu Ming will also returned to the world of mortals again and begin searching the mysteries around his identity.