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Chapter 150 – Ranking

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 150 – Ranking

    It turned out that the person who raided the Monster Ape’s nest before he did that day was this Senior from the Nine Enlightenment Sect.

    As a result of this, all the harvest from the four disciples of the Nine Enlightenment Sect were eventually worthy a million Spirit Stones.

    This number made Master Ling Yu scoff with an expression that showed obvious dissatisfaction.

    However, after the following Hall and Blood and the following few disciples from the Firestorm Way took out their harvest for checking, Ling Yu’s expression softened considerably.

    It was because the harvest of resources of these two sects was not comparable to that of the Nine Enlightenment Sect.

    Among them, the Firestorm Way had the least with only a harvest of seven hundred thousand Spirit Stones worth of resources. Due to Xue Ci from Blood River Hall also taking out an Iron Feathered Hawk Spirit Egg, the harvest rose to around nine hundred thousand Spirit Stones in an instant.

    Both the faces of the strong Crystal Level Cultivator from the Hall of Blood and Chi Yang naturally turned sour.

    Thus, in the blink of an eye, only the Fusion Sect and the Barbarian Ghost Sect were left.

    Seeing this, Martial Ancestor Yan lightly coughed. Immediately, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader understood and let Liu Ming, Yang Qian, and the five other disciples move forward.

    Liu Ming himself had already previously tried to use his Mental Strength to scan the Sumeru Mollusc and realized that it was completely useless. He had also learned from that half Serpent Dragon monster to hide the conch it in the flesh of his arm. Even with this knowledge, going to face the Crystal Level’s live inspection caused a slight nervousness to remain in his heart but on the surface, his expression was not disturbed in the slightest. Only when he came forward to personally take out the Sumeru Handkerchief did he slightly tremble.

    A big pile of things that was significantly a lot more than Yang Qian and company’s immediately appeared on the ground.

    This attracted a confused cry from the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader. Even Martial Ancestor Yan could not help but do a double take in Liu Ming’s direction.

    The person whose amount of resources was second to Liu Ming’s was Yang Qian. In addition , there was also a light yellow gourd atop his pile of items.

    The harvest of the others were obviously much less than the two of them.

    Seeing this, Gao Chong naturally felt greatly depressed.

    If he had not joined hands with Feng Chan and company to fight that Lion Tiger Beast and wasted so many days because of that, his harvest would not be this little.

    One of the echelons from the Blood River Hall that had already checked over some of the spoils immediately went forward in Yang Qian’s direction to inspect the contents of that light-yellow gourd. After which, he exclaimed,

    “This is also a gourd of Spirit Wine and its quality is similar to that of the previous one. They probably originate from the same place.”

    “That is correct, these Spirit Wines certainly are the ones that I and Brother Yun found together in the Monster Ape’s nest, dividing them equally in half.” Yang Qian replied respectfully.

    “Eh, since it is this way, these Spirit Wines need not be appraised and can be counted as one hundred fifty thousand Spirit Stones. Do you other Fellows have any opinions on this?” This Liquid Level Cultivator asked the others after a moment’s worth of consideration.

    A few others obviously nodded their head in approval.

    So following that, a handful of people started inspecting the pile of resources on the ground.

    Due to the fact that there were not many resources, Gao Chong and the other two disciples had their harvest inspected and accounted for first. The total was less than two hundred thousand Spirit Stones and could not compare to the harvest of the other Sect’s disciples that went before them.

    What was most shocking was that the Water Yuan Lotus that Jia Lan had obtained from killing the three monster beasts in the secret realm had yet to appear amid these items.

    It is unknown as to whether she had directly swallowed it in consumption or had used other methods to store it away.

    “Three hundred and fifty thousand Spirit Stones”

    “Three hundred and eighty thousand Spirit Stones”

    Yang Qian and Liu Ming’s harvest were also converted into Spirit Stones and checked out. The result was that Liu Ming actually had thirty thousand Spirit Stones more than Yang Qian who possessed a calabash of Spirit Wine.

    This result obviously stunned the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and a handful of others around him.

    Totalling the harvest of the five disciples from the Barbarian Ghost Sect, it turned out that they collected far less than the Heavenly Moon Sect but were still ranked above the Nine Enlightenment Sect.

    It was no wonder!

    There was not one item that was not a rare Spirit Object from the ten or so jade boxes that Liu Ming had harvested from the half Serpent Dragon monster. Even though each object by itself was incomparable to that gourd of Spirit Wine, but if seven or eight items were added together, it was valued higher than the Spirit Wine.

    Spirit Master Zhang, who had come to participate in the checking, also went forward to inspect Liu Ming’s harvest again. Finally, with a hint of excitement, he nodded in the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s direction to indicate that the calculation were accurate.

    Seeing this, the Barbarian Ghost Sect was naturally overjoyed.

    Martial Ancestor Yan heard this and directed a question to the Barbarian Ghost Sect with a smile.

    “What is this child’s name and which faction does he belong to? His current performance in the Secret Realm is not too bad. When we return, he must be greatly commended.”

    “Martial Uncle. This child’s name is Bai Chong Tian. He just became Junior Zhong of the Nine Infants Mountain’s personal disciple. This child’s extraordinary performance this time was certainly out of my expectation. After we return, the Sect is sure to heftily reward him.” When the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw that his own Martial Uncle showed an interest in Liu Ming, he immediately toned down and replied hastily.

    At the same time, he made a quick decision in his heart to instruct his disciple, Gao Chong, to not pester that Outer Sect disciple called Mu Ming Zhu anymore in the future. It was not a big deal to switch a Human Cauldron’s partner.

    Martial Ancestor Yan listened and nodded approvingly, not saying anything more.

    As for Gao Chong who had heard the number of Liu Ming’s harvest, the color of his face slightly turned green.

    It was very clear in his heart that even though he was heavily doted on by the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader, his intentions of relying on the Sect’s influence to coerce the other party were unlikely to ever come true based on Liu Ming’s current established achievements.

    Of course, if he were able to advance to the level of Spirit Master, everything would naturally be different.

    After such consideration. Gao Chong bitterly decided to leave no stone unturned when he went back to advance to the level of Spirit Master before deciding anything.

    At this time, Martial Ancestor Yan, as per procedure, also allowed the few other strong Crystal Level members to use their Perceptions to sweep through the bodies of Liu Ming and a few other disciples to see if they had anything hidden in their possession.

    Even though Liu Ming had a few disposable Storage Glyphs on him before, he had naturally taken them out beforehand and let the others inspect that they were empty inside.

    When there were stifles of Perceptions brushing over his body, his heartbeat could not help but race faster.

    Fortunately, under the enormous spiritual pressure of these Crystal Level’s Perception, the other disciples also did not perform exceptionally well. If he behaved as he normally would have, it would actually appear to be quite strange.

    When all of the Perceptions were pulled back and the other strong Crystal Level members had yet to express a hint of irregularity, only then could Liu Ming be at ease.

    “Since we few Sects also did not manage to obtain that Scarlet Dragon! Fellow Murong, have the disciples from your Fusion Sect really not seen it before?” That strong Crystal Level Cultivator from the Hall of Blood could not help but direct his question to Murong Xuan.

    “Hmph, if the Scarlet Dragon was not seen by your Sect, would that mean the disciple from our Sect must have seen it? Or is it that our Fellow Xue Ling think that the disciples from our Sect would fool me!” Murong Xuan listened and replied, rolling both his eyes.

    “Hoho, why must two Fellows argue? We will all know the outcome in a small little while! Brother Murong, let your Sect reveal their harvest too.” Chi Yang said in a laughing manner to smooth things over.

    “The lot of you reveal your items. Do not leave a single item behind. We do not need to provoke any kind of misunderstanding.” Murong Xuan displayed a somber expression, yet when he turned around to speak to the Fusion Sect disciples, he spoke his words with a low shout.

    The five disciples from the Fusion Sect heard this and naturally agreed respectfully. Moving forward a few steps, they all took out their Sumeru Handkerchief one by one.

    After a meal’s worth of effort, Ling Yu, Chi Yang and company had a ghastly expression on their faces.

    The harvest of the Fusion Sect disciples were also large enough to be above a million Spirit Stones but within them, they did not have half a hint of the Scarlet Dragon.

    From the time that the disciples from each Sect emerged from the secret realm, these few strong Crystal Level Cultivators noticed that there was indeed not a single disciple that had secretly conducted any actions of transferring their harvests.

    After all, this cave was of normal size and any strong Crystal Level Cultivator’s Perception could cover every inch of the cave.

    Yet, with that Scarlet Dragon’s queer scent, he was afraid that even if it was a scale that was taken out of the Sumeru space, he was unable to completely conceal it from them.

    “Ke, it seems that our Sect really does not have any luck. No one actually bumped into that Scarlet Dragon. This is really a miscalculated event.” Master Ling Yu sighed and said.

    “It might not be that they did not bump into it. If they had bumped into that Serpent Dragon, they might have died to his hands.” Murong Xuan said with a sneer.

    “What is the use of saying all this now? Hehe, after all, no one could get that Scarlet Dragon. This is actually for the better. It means that our luck has not come.”Martial Aunt Leng Yue said with an expressionless face.

    The others could only remain speechless.

    “That is right. The ranking for this trial is out. You Fellows do not have any opinions on this, right?” Martial Ancestor Yan’s gaze flashed a few times, after which he asked this slowly.

    “Hehe. It seems that Fellow Yan is very pleased with his Sect’s ranking in this trial. After all, I said earlier that the victory of this trial is determined by the harvest. Naturally there is no reason to regret. What do the other Fellows think?” Martial Aunt Leng Yue laughed mischievously, directing her question at the others.

    To this Martial Aunt Leng Yue, the Hall of Blood’s abilities had developed tremendously in these few years and were already recognized as a threat by the Heavenly Moon Sect. Naturally, they were willing to suppress the other.

    “Anyways, the trial is only to determine the ranking for these few years. Next time, we Hall of Blood will definitely regain our original ranking.” Although Xue Ling was gloomy, it was obvious that this result was accepted.

    Even though the Hall of Blood was only second to the Heavenly Moon Sect, it did not try to go back on his promise. Ling Yu and the others naturally would not regret promises either now that the Hall of Blood had spoken.

    Thus, Martial Aunt Leng Yue immediately announced the results of this trial. As for the change in the controls of some resources due to the change in rankings, it was naturally not something these strong Crystal Level Cultivators had to worry about.

    Naturally, there were echelons from each Sect that were going to find a different time to privately discuss business in greater detail.

    After half a day, from the middle of the Suppressing Dragon Lake came a piercing sound. A large Bone Boat took flight, shooting off in the direction of the Barbarian Ghost Sect, carrying Liu Ming and a bunch of people along with it.


    After half a month, the whole Barbarian Ghost Sect was in an uproar.

    Almost all of the disciples knew that a disciple from their Sect had revealed his abilities in this Life and Death Trial and even managed to bring the entire sect to second-place in the sect rankings.

    All the disciples who participated in Trial had suddenly become well known within the Sect.

    However, the individual that was discussed the most was not the Inner Sect Senior Brother, Yang Qian, but rather the newly-emerged Core Disciple, Liu Ming.