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Chapter 149 – The Profits of Each Sec

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 149: The Profits of Each Sect

    “It turns out that you Fellows suspect that my sect’s disciples obtained that Scarlet Dragon! What an enormous joke! There’s no need to speak; I already asked and found that the Scarlet Dragon didn’t end up in my Sect’s hands. Even if it actually ended up in our hands, could it be that you Fellows have an objection?” Murong Xuan gave a grunt and spoke in a blunt manner.

    “If that Scarlet Dragon truly did fall into your sect’s disciple’s hands, the few of us would naturally give our congratulations. However, that Crystal Level Scarlet Dragon Blood is of paramount importance to us. No matter which sect obtains it, us old geezers are willing to use an item of equal value to exchange for a bit of it.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue’s gaze flashed before she spoke with a calm expression.

    “Hehe, in this way, if the Scarlet Dragon fell into the hands of one of our various sect’s disciples, I would also be able to exchange something for a bit of pure blood then.” When Murong Xuan heard this, he rubbed his chin and let out a laugh.

    When the other people heard this, their expressions slightly changed.

    Chi Yang exposed a pensive expression, but didn’t object in any way.

    “That is only natural. However, these few disciples of your sect must be personally checked by me.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue, Ling Yu and the others silently transmitted messages to discuss a while; ultimately they nodded their heads in a rather serious manner.

    “Okay, then we’ll do as said.” Murong Xuan unreservedly agreed to it.

    In this way, in the ensuing period of time, the higher ups of the various sects began to bring the disciples that exited the secret realm to a nearby stone platform where the Crystal Level Cultivators resided.

    “Each sect should check for their harvests from the secret realm individually. Xiu Niang, our Heavenly Moon Sect will go first so as to avoid people maudlinly wasting time.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue’s gaze swept over the remaining six disciples from her sect and her expression immediately loosened as she spoke.

    Heavenly Moon Sect was the only sect with more disciples that returned alive than Barbarian Ghost Sect, proving its worth as Great Xuan Kingdom’s number one sect. The sect truly did have the strength to be above the other sects.

    As for the other few sects, the Fusion Sect’s disciple number was the same as Barbarian Ghost Sects: five people. Nine Enlightenment Sect had four disciples and Blood River Hall and Firestorm Way each had three disciples that exited the secret realm.

    There was a reason for this!

    Hall of Blood and Firestorm Way primarily cultivated attacking methods while their survival abilities were somewhat lacking. Furthermore, adding on the unlucky moment when the enormous hand covered the sky, these two sects lost the most disciples.

    In this manner, their numbers were naturally lower.

    The higher ups of these two sects had a wretched expressions written all over their faces. They clearly were extremely disappointed with their sect’s disciples.

    “Yes, Martial Ancestor!”

    Xiu Niang, the person Martial Aunt Leng Yue spoke of, astonishingly was a courageous and vibrant female with the surname of Zhang.

    Subsequently, she walked a few steps to an empty spot in front of Martial Aunt Leng Yue and fished out a finely wrapped Sumeru Handkerchief from her sleeve. She then muttered an incantation and lightly shook the contents onto ground.


    Immediately, a large pile of jade boxes and a few ores, all of different sizes, appeared on the ground; however, the most conspicuous item astonishingly were two massive Spirit Eggs that rolled to the side.

    “Hmm, what kind of Demon Bird eggs are these?” Martial Aunt Leng Yue was somewhat taken aback when she saw these eggs.

    “Martial Ancestor, these are Iron Feathered Hawk Spirit Eggs. I spent a considerable amount of effort to get ahold of these.” Zhang Xiu Niang bowed and responded.

    “Iron Feathered Hawks — those are Spirit Birds with potential to cultivate to the Liquid Level. You did extremely well. These two Spirit Eggs will be gifted to you to breed. I will instruct the sect to help you as much as they can in breeding them.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue’s expression revealed a trace of excitement as she spoke.

    When the others saw this, their expressions were each their own.

    “Fellow Leng Yue, you’re showing such profound love for this disciple. Could it be that she is the disciple with a Sword Communication Spirit Body?” Chi Yang’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Zhang Xiu Niang before suddenly letting out a laugh and asking a question.

    “That’s correct. Xiu Niang, this child, not only possesses a Sword Communication Spirit Body, but also has incomparable talent on the path of Sword Cultivation. She perhaps may not even be inferior to Junior Tian Mei at the time. Showing a bit of love to such a disciple is only normal.” When Martial Aunt Leng Yue heard him, she replied in an insipid manner.

    “What? You’re saying that this girl could become someone who stands next to us in the future?” The Crystal Level Cultivator from Hall of Blood was somewhat shocked.

    Although he knew of the Sword Communication Spirit Body, he didn’t imagine that someone like Martial Aunt Leng Yue would place such importance on a Spirit Apostle disciple.

    “All of us went through a myriad of sufferings before we were able to enter the Crystal Realm. Reaching this level is so difficult that if we even failed to pass one of the challenges, we would have perished many years ago. I can only say that this child has a sliver of hope.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue raised her eyebrows as she spoke.

    “This already is an inconceivable evaluation. It seems that your sect truly is a galaxy of talent. Our sects are far from being comparable.” Ling Yu let out a word of praise.

    “You guys must be joking. Other things ignored, among these disciples standing here, I’m afraid that I see a plethora with talent not under Xiu Niang’s. For example, Barbarian Ghost Sect’s disciple with an Earth Spirit Pulse. His cultivation speed is extremely quick and perhaps is advancing even quicker than we had been when we were at his level. Besides this, in the future, entering the Liquid Level should be a cinch.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue nonchalantly glanced at Gao Chong in the Barbarian Ghost Sect area.

    It was clear that Gao Chong, who possessed an Earth Spirit Pulse, had also already entered the eyes of the other sect’s higher ups.

    “Gao Chong is at most only a little bit faster at cultivating than normal disciples. If it were to only be about fighting ability, how can he compare with your sect’s Sword Cultivators that are at his level.” When Martial Ancestor Yan heard this, he hastily yawned as he quickly replied.

    When Martial Aunt Leng Yue heard this, she let out a faint smile and didn’t reply.

    However, when the other Crystal Level Cultivators heard this, most of them glanced at Gao Chong.

    At this time, the other Heavenly Moon Sect disciples all came forward and retrieved their harvests. Each of their piles was clearly smaller than Zhang Xiu Niang’s.

    At this moment, the various sects dispatched a Liquid Level echelon to begin checking through the Spirit Medicines in the jade boxes. They followed some kind of criterion to convert the worth of the Spirit Objects into Spirit Stones.

    Ultimately, the harvests of the six Heavenly Moon Sect disciples were converted into Spirit Stones, which ended up astonishingly reaching one million eight hundred thousand Spirit Stones. Those two Spirit Eggs alone were converted into four hundred thousands Spirit Stones.

    One must know that a Liquid Level existence naturally had absolute core power within a sect.

    Furthermore, a Spirit Bird’s life expectancy was something a normal cultivator couldn’t compare with. If they were to be breeded well, there was a good chance they could protect the sect for a thousand years.

    Moreover, once a Spirit Bird reached adulthood, its flying speed was not something a normal Spirit Ship could compare with; it would to complete missions that many cultivators were unable to.

    Therefore, Monster Bird Spirit Eggs could be said to never appear on the Great Xuan Kingdom’s market. A price of four hundred thousand Spirit Stones probably was estimating the worth of the eggs to be a little low.

    If not for this, Zhang Xiu Niang wouldn’t have dared to take a risk and work with Xue Ci to kill those Monster Birds even with the knowledge that the Iron Feathered Hawks weren’t easy to deal with.

    When the other sect disciples heard the final Spirit Stone conversion number, a large number of people sucked a breath of air.

    Such a large number was enough to completely pay for two to three years of Heavenly Moon Sect’s expenses.

    Moreover, some of these Spirit Grasses and Spirit Medicines were so invaluable that they couldn’t even be bought.

    However, when the few Crystal Level Cultivators heard this number, most of them creased their eyebrows.

    This number, compared to previous harvests from secret realms, actually wasn’t enough to make them happy.

    When Martial Aunt Leng Yue saw this, her gaze was even more sharp. She spoke to Zhang Xiu Niang, Liu Ming, and the other disciples:

    “What, none of you saw that Scarlet Dragon?”

    “Martial Aunt Leng Yue, we don’t know where that Scarlet Dragon hid itself. Although I put a extra care into finding it, I was unable to find its traces.” After a few Heavenly Moon Sect disciples looked at each other, Zhang Xiu Niang instantly stepped forward and represented the others as she reverently replied.

    “Whatever, since you were unable to find it, then it means it wasn’t part of your luck. Take out the rest of the items. Fellows, if you’re not satisfied, you can use Mental Strength to check if they still have Sumeru Handkerchiefs or Storage Glyph type items.” she listened to her reply, and although Martial Aunt Leng Yue was somewhat disappointed, she didn’t show it. Instead, she slowly looked over Zhang Hui Niang and the other disciples once before closing her eyes and speaking in a nonchalant manner.

    Hearing this, Murong Xuan and the other Crystal Level Cultivators didn’t hold back and actually used their mental strength to sweep through Zhang Hui Niang and the others’ bodies. Subsequently, they all nodded their heads and didn’t say anything else.

    Following Ling Yu’s gesture, the next group to show their profits was Nine Enlightenment Sect’s four disciples.

    The Spirit Medicines and Spirit Grasses revealed by the first three people were clearly much inferior to what Heavenly Moon Sect’s disciples had obtained. They were thus naturally unable to even compare to Zhang Xiu Niang.

    However, when a Hall of Blood Liquid Level echelon confusedly took a light yellow gourd from Senior Yun, he pulled the cork and sniffed the inside. His face suddenly changed.

    “This is Spirit Wine; moreover, its quality isn’t inferior to Natural Spirit Wine! Martial Nephew Yun, where did you obtain this?” The Blood River Hall middle-aged man hastily asked.

    When the other people heard this, they went into an uproar. The echelons of various sects who were in charge of investigating the profits proceeded to circle around and also examine the calabash Spirit Wine in shock. “Various Spirit Masters, this was plundered from a Monster Ape’s nest. It was probably brewed by them.” The black-faced youth displayed a calm expression and bowed his body as he replied.

    “No wonder. Monster Apes truly like brewing certain types of Spirit Wine to drink. This Spirit Wine is exceptionally pure and drinking it will not only recover one’s Fa Li at lightning speed but it also has an inconceivable improvement effect on one’s body. It’s something that cannot be compared with normal Spirit Wines that can be bought in the market. As for its price….” The Hall of Blood’s Liquid Level middle-aged man gave praise before proceeding to discuss with the others in a low voice. He then gave it an exorbitant price of one hundred fifty thousand Spirit Stones.

    One must know that this sort of Spirit Wine, that could instantly recover a large amount of Fa Li still had enormous use to a Liquid Level Cultivator.

    After all, no matter who encountered an strong enemy, it was normal for this person to deplete Fa Li; moreover, perishing because of carelessness was something that no one wanted.

    If one were to possess this gourd of Spirit Wine, it was the equivalent of having another life. Furthermore, this Spirit Wine also had other effects.

    Therefore, a price of one hundred fifty thousand Spirit Stones could be considered fair.

    However, when the nearby Liu Ming heard this, he came to a sudden realization.