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Chapter 148 – Ancient Giant Demon

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 148: Ancient Giant Demon

    Qian Hui Niang and the others naturally replied with words of humbleness!

    Just at this time, a noise transmitted from the secret realm’s entrance and finally, the last few people appeared in the cave in a flash.

    Among them was a lofty youth who was wearing Barbarian Ghost Sect apparel. It astonishingly was Gao Chong.

    Once Liu Ming saw him, a glint of coldness flashed across his eyes.

    As for the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader, when he saw Gao Chong, the last thread of worry in his heart was finally relieved. He instantly beckoned him over.

    “This disciple greets Master and Martial Uncle Zhang!” Gao Chong walked over in a few steps and immediately bowed his body, paying his respects.

    “Stand up. Nothing happening to you has let me be at ease.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader gestured with his hands and was extremely excited as he spoke.

    “This is mostly due to Master’s education, otherwise I’m afraid this disciple truly would have been unable to return alive.” Gao Chong said in an exceptionally reverent manner.

    After listening to this clever speech, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader was very satisfied and let him stand whereby he brought him to the side to speak some more.

    Gao Chong immediately stood among the other disciples.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming intentionally looked at the opposing party.

    However, the current Gao Chong had his head down and it seemed as if he hadn’t seen Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming’s eyebrows slightly creased and he expressionlessly retracted his gaze.

    Earlier when he was at the exit of the secret realm, Gao Chong had already gathered with the others a day prior to him.

    Nonetheless, when he saw Liu Ming appear in front of him safe and sound, his expression was obviously extremely ugly.

    However, when Liu Ming appeared, they were in the presence of others. Even if the two of them wanted to get rid of the other by one-hundred-twenty-percent, they could not start fighting the other.

    In each of their hearts, they naturally let out sighs of pity that they hadn’t met in the secret realm, since it wouldn’t have mattered if either of them had disappeared from the world; the sect’s Elders wouldn’t have bothered investigating.

    Once they exited the secret realm, no matter who it was that wanted to get rid of the other, it was most likely going to be an extremely troublesome task.

    At this time, Spirit Master Zhang was extremely concerned and asked how the others perished.

    However, once Yang Qian, Jia Lan, and the other disciples heard the question, they looked at each other and didn’t know how to reply.

    Liu Ming’s expression didn’t change and he didn’t have any intention of speaking.

    It ended up being Gao Chong who hesitated a while before speaking of Feng Chan being slaughtered by a monster which strikingly resembled ‘Shi Chuan’.

    “What? You said that Feng Chan was killed by a monster in one strike; moreover, this monster was extremely similar in appearance to Shi Chuan. Are you sure you clearly saw that the monster was actually Shi Chuan?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s eyebrows creased.

    “Reporting back to Master, this disciple isn’t clear about this matter. Perhaps this monster was Senior Shi Chuan, but its strength was extremely strong. It’s attacks were also as fast as lightning; it truthfully was not a strength that Senior Shi could possess. Perhaps it wasn’t Shi Chuan but its facial features and build were extremely similar to the former Senior Shi Chuan.” Gao Chong hesitated before replying.

    “Junior Zhang, what do you make of this matter?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect leader turned his head and asked Spirit Master Zhang a question.

    “According to what Martial Nephew Gao said, there should be two possibilities. One is that Martial Nephew Feng’s murderer was a monster extremely capable at the Transformation Technique. Moreover, the missing Martial Nephew Shi may have already lost his life under this monster’s hands; therefore, it was able to transform into Martial Nephew Shi Chuan’s appearance. The second possibility is that Martial Nephew Shi Chuan encountered something when he entered the secret realm, causing his strength to undergo large improvements but also causing him to lose control over his state of mind. This would cause him to attack his fellow sect members in such a crazy way. I believe that the latter is the most probable. Don’t forget that Martial Nephew Shi had a Flying Head on his body. This demon head may have lost control and devoured him, causing him to lose his conscious.” Spirit Master Zhang muttered to himself for a while before speaking in a heavy manner.

    “Yes, there could only be these two possibilities. I originally did not endorse Junior Brother Gui’s decision to give the Flying Head to a Spirit Apostle disciple to use. Even if Deep Sea Coldlight Iron was used to forge a Demon Subduing Chain as an aid, it was still slightly too much to handle.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded his head and was rather gloomy as he spoke.

    “Whatever, no matter how Shi Chuan and Feng Chan were murdered, we are already certain that they are no longer with us. As for Duan Can Zu, Shou Lie, and Lei Zhen, although we don’t know whether they perished, it’s impossible for nothing to have happened to them. We also don’t know if they can walk out of the secret realm in the remaining time.” Spirit Master Zhang was somewhat regretful as he spoke.

    “That’s true. Especially Martial Nephew Lei; he has a Nine Lightning Spirit Pulse Body and is Junior Lei’s nephew by blood. This time, if he truly did perish inside, I don’t know how I can repay him when I return.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader let out a sigh as he spoke.

    “Sect Leader doesn’t need to mind this matter too much. No matter which way we look at it, us being able to have half of our disciples exit the secret realm is already not a bad conclusion. As for the rankings of this trial, perhaps we will be able to acquire a pretty good achievement.” Spirit Master Zhang condoled.

    “I hope this is the case. Currently, there’s still half a day before the secret realm’s entrance closes. You guys should find a nearby place to have a good rest. When the secret realm closes, each sect will inspect the profits of the secret realm this time.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded his head and straightened his expression as he spoke to the other disciples.

    Liu Ming and the others naturally bowed and uttered words of affirmation before finding their own respective places to sit down.

    Yang Qian was called out by the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and they found another area with Spirit Master Zhang where they held another detailed inquiry about what happened in the secret realm.

    This time, the three of them used a Hidden Message Technique to talk and the others were naturally unable to hear anything. They could only see the eyes on Yang Qian’s mask continuously swivel while the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader and Spirit Master Zhang’s expressions gradually became abnormally heavy!

    After a while, the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader waved his hand and let Yang Qian leave first before having a close discussion with Spirit Master Zhang.

    However, this time, the two of them only spoke a few sentences before ending.

    Subsequently, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader moved his body and walked to the stone platform where Martial Ancestor Yan resided. There, in front of him, he spoke a few sentences in a low voice.

    After the gray-robed old man finished listening, his face underwent a sudden slight change.

    The same situation seemed to occur in the other sects.

    So much so that in front of Fusion Sect’s Xuan was a male Fusion Sect disciple who had also entered the secret realm earlier and was now reporting something in a hasty manner.

    After this Fusion Sect Crystal Level man finished listening, his face suddenly turned extremely ugly.

    His gaze flashed around before he suddenly opened his mouth, “Fellow Fellows, you probably heard that an unexpected ancient giant demon hand appeared in the secret realm. If I guessed correctly, this wasn’t a Natural Secret Realm but rather an ancient almighty ancestor who specially sealed a disintegrated ancient demon’s body in this space. Although according to logic this large demon hand cannot leave this space, in order to ensure this, I propose that we immediately close the secret realm’s entrance right now. Otherwise, if by any chance some mistake occurs, it will not only be one sect or one kingdom that bears the consequence; instead, the entire Yun Chuan Continent will experience a large calamity.”

    Murong Xuan’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was clearly transmitted into everyone’s ears.

    When the higher levels of each sect heart this, most of their expressions changed.

    As for most of the normal disciples, they were baffled. They clearly had no idea what the Ancient Giant Demon was.

    Liu Ming’s heart fainly shook and he couldn’t help but involuntarily engrave the three words “Ancient Giant Demon” into his memory.

    “There might… there might be disciples inside who have yet to come out. After all, we agreed to a half month period of time and there currently still is half a day left.” Spirit Master Ling Yu’s eyebrows creased as he replied.

    “Fellow Ling Yu, between a few mere Spirit Apostle Disciples and that Ancient Giant Demon, who is more important? Is there any need to say anything else? Moreover, our sect’s most outstanding Lan siblings have also not come out. I also have to make a sacrifice. Fellow Leng Yue, what do you think?” Murong Xuan harrumphed before speaking. He then asked a question to Spirit Master Leng Yue.

    “Since this situation has involved the Ancient Giant Demon’s seal, it’s not bad to be overly cautious. Even if there are disciples that have yet to exit, I’m sure they’ll also understand our way of handling the situation. I also approve of immediately shutting the entrance!” Spirit Master Leng Yue’s eyes squinted, but she unexpectedly coldly gave her endorsement.

    The remaining four people looked at each other. Among them, the blood-robed male and Chi Yang nodded their heads in consent; although the other two didn’t say anything, they clearly tacitly agreed.

    Seeing this, Murong Xuan’s expression relaxed. Without saying anything else, he performed a hand sign with one hand while thrusting the other hand into the large golden cauldron beneath him.

    “Weng weng!”

    In a flash, the enormous cauldron immediately became tiny. In another flash, it had become a few centimeters large and proceeded to shoot into Murong Xuan’s sleeve where it disappeared without a trace.

    Martial Aunt Leng Yue and the other five to the side stopped the Fa Li in their body. Instantly, the disks in front all shattered into fine pieces, stopping the Fa Li support for the secret realm entrance.

    Since this was the case, the secret realm’s entrance in the air violently flashed a few times before disappearing amid successive spatial ripples and a rumbling noise.

    Upon seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart slightly froze.

    Fortunately he had arrived at the exit a day earlier, otherwise if he had tried to wait until the last moment, he would have truly been trapped inside alive. It seemed that in the future, he had to take anybody’s promise with a grain of salt. He definitely could not believe everything to be true.

    The disciples of each sect also revealed their own expressions.

    “Okay. Since the secret realm entrance has been shut, we can now let the juniors take out their profits and efficiently determine the ranking of the trial this time.” After Martial Aunt Leng Yue saw that the secret realm’s entrance no longer existed, she nonchalantly spoke.

    “Hehe, our Fusion Sect has no need to participate in this ranking process. I have other things to do so I will leave with my sect first.” Murong Xuan’s gaze slightly flashed, he suddenly stood up and spoke.

    “Wait a minute! Fellow Murong has no need to be in such a rush. Although your sect doesn’t have to participate in our Great Xuan Kingdom’s trial ranking, why can’t you share with us the profits of your sect?” Ling Yu’s eyebrows creased before he immediately called out to stop them.

    “Fellow Ling Yu, what do you mean by this? The strength needed to use this has already been used. Could it be that even with Fellow’s status, you still want to go back on our promise?!” After hearing him, Murong Xuan’s expression turned dark.

    “Fellow Murong is mistaken. Although our sects cannot compare with Fusion Sect, we’re still unlikely to break any promises. However, doesn’t Fellow feel that at the very least we should clarify into which sect’s hands the Scarlet Dragon ended up. It won’t be too late to leave after that.” Martial Aunt Leng Yue insipidly interrupted.