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Chapter 145 – Escape

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 145 – Escape

    In the end, he actually discovered a simple formula that was imprinted on the inner wall of the conch’s opening.

    Liu Ming was surprised. After a moment of deliberation, he decided to silently use the hand sign that he had read about once.

    “Pu!” A stream of white clouds spiralled out from the conch.

    A pile of objects appeared on the ground out of thin air .

    They were ten or more boxes of different sizes, three Totems, and a piece of unscathed Scarlet Dragon Shell that did not seem to be longer than a few feet.

    Liu Ming, at first, stared blankly, after which, he became overjoyed.

    He hastily inserted Fa Li into the conch and used his Mental Strength to lock onto the short shiny blade that was on the ground.

    The conch slightly shuddered, and when the white light flashed again, the short shiny blade disappeared into thin air.

    “It really is a Space Object! I never thought that this Scarlet Dragon would actually carry this kind of treasure with him. It is a worthy for a Crystal Level Demonic Beast who has lived for who knows how many years.” Liu Ming murmured with a face filled with excitement.

    He naturally did not know that this Sumeru Conch was also pilfered by the Scarlet Dragon from the Sea Race siblings. The dragon never thought that his spoils would profit Liu Ming today.

    He once again silently recited the incantation, injecting his Mental Strength to probe the Sumeru Conch. Only then could he clearly see that there was a space which was not more than ten feet in length and height. It was not very large.

    Even so, Liu Ming was overjoyed.

    After all, the conch was different than the Sumeru Handkerchief in that the things stored within held no weight once stored.

    Moreover, under the current circumstances, this Sumeru Conch would be of immense use to him.

    Liu Ming tried to probe the short shiny blade from before and it was once again spat out into his hands. After using his fingers to touch it briefly, he realized that the blade was a low grade Totem that had six levels of restrictions on it.

    His eyes flashed toward the two other Totems on the ground as he stored away the shiny blade in his hands. He gestured toward them with one of his bare hands, beckoning them into his grasp.

    A thin, long knife the color of blood and a pale blue token covered in intricate patterns, pressed into its surface, went to Liu Ming.

    These two objects both emitted a faint exquisite glow. It was obvious that they were also Totems.

    When he slightly injected his Fa Li into both objects respectively, a surprise occurred!

    The long blood-red blade was of the lowest kind of Low Grade Totems that only had a single level of restriction on it. Yet, that token revealed an eighteen level restriction with a “pop” sound. Surprisingly, it was a Medium Grade Totem that was only a small step away from a High Grade Totem.

    Liu Ming was secretly surprised, despite how violently he directed his Fa Li into the token, it only became increasingly dazzling without showing any other functionalities.

    Although it seemed as though that Totem was extraordinary, he would probably need a special method to activate it.

    Liu Ming’s heart was filled with regret. Shaking his head, he stored these two Totems in the Sumeru Conch.

    For now, he was content to have one Totem of each type of Totems.

    The short shiny blade and long blood-colored knife still did not possess as many restriction levels as the Cyan Moon Sword. He naturally would not have plans to switch it out.

    However, he looked at the Sumeru Conch in his hands and after deliberating for a moment, his sleeve shook again, taking out the Demon Subduing Chain. With a shake, he also stored it inside the Sumeru Conch.

    Now that he had a space item, which could store objects, he naturally dispelled the thought of giving it back to the sect.

    After all, this Demon Subduing Chain was different from the other sword-type Totems. It was still extremely useful for Liu Ming.

    Not only that, Liu Ming turned his hand and took out the Sumeru Handkerchief. Taking out the box which held the Golden Resting Dirt, he similarly stuffed it inside the conch.

    As for the other objects, he had no intention of touching them.

    In the following time, Liu Ming simply picked up a Jade Box from the ground. After opening it, a small flower which was a few inches tall diffused its polished scent of energy.

    “Silver Night Grass!”

    With one look at the Spirit Grass, Liu Ming recognized its origin. It was an extremely rare Spirit Grass that was used as supporting material. It was needed when refining many different kinds of Medical Pills.

    Following that, he opened the rest of the boxes. The value of the Spirit Objects contained within were also not below that of the Silver Night Grass.

    The Scarlet Dragon naturally seized the most valuable Spirit Objects from the bodies of the disciples of each Sect that it murdered. His spoils even included a Golden Ginseng which was as thick as the arm of a person.

    This was a true Thousand Year Spirit Grass. Even a Liquid Level or Spirit Master would immediately experience a surge in strength when consumed.

    With immense joy, Liu Ming naturally used the Sumeru Conch to store this Thousand Year Spirit Grass and other useful Spirit Medicines that he had chosen. As for the rest of the boxes, he used the Sumeru Handkerchief to shrink them into a bundle.

    As for that Serpent Dragon Shell, he circled it multiple times and used his finger to knock on it several times. In the end, he confirmed that it was left behind by that Scarlet Dragon.

    He naturally planned to leave it for his personal use, using the Sumeru Conch to store it too.

    At this time, Liu Ming once again glanced at the corpse of the Monster. He thought back to the scene where Shi Chuan personally went to receive him and a few other new disciples in his mind, he could not help but sigh lightly.

    He also did not know what this “Senior Shi” encountered in the Secret Realm which lead to his fate of being possessed by this Scarlet Dragon.

    The Fa Li of this half Serpent Dragon was only at the Spirit Apostle stage. Half of its flesh was also from Shi Chuan, as such, the flesh would naturally have no special effects.

    Thus, without hesitation, Liu Ming made a one-handed Sign and launched multiple Crimson Fireballs at it. They turned into rolling flames that swallowed the Serpent Dragon’s corpse.

    The Monster’s corpse quickly became charred and seemed as though it was going to turn into ashes in a matter of time under the flame.

    However, at this time the flame suddenly spiralled and fiercely surged into a certain spot on the Monster’s corpse. After a series of mad flashes, there was not a single lick of flame left.

    Seeing such a scenario, Liu Ming was naturally surprised and quickly retreated a few steps back. A cyan light flashed in his hands and the cyan short sword appeared out of thin air near his fingertips.

    “It cannot be that this Scarlet Dragon has yet to be killed!” He could not help but suddenly think in such a manner.


    The half-charred corpse of the Serpent Dragon ballooned somewhere and something actually flew out of it.

    A closer look made Liu Ming speechless.

    “Flying Head!”

    This object had unkempt hair, black lips, and crimson eyes while it was baring its sharp fangs.

    This was the powerful demon rumored to be second to only the Nine Infant in the Nine Infants Faction.

    For reasons unbeknown to him, this Demon had been hiding itself in the body of the Monster the whole time. Only after the death of the host body did it fly out slowly.

    As for the former flame, it was evident that it was sucked away by this Demon.

    Seeing this Demon now, Liu Ming was secretly complaining. His heart was anxious in a way that would not be inferior to the Half Dragon reviving.

    He had already personally observed this Flying Head’s power at the arena the other day.

    What more was that he only had twenty-to-thirty-percent of his Fa Li left. Irrespective of whether it was mentally or physically, he was exhausted. He already knew the outcome of facing this demon now.

    The plus was that even though the Flying Head flew out, it did not immediately dash toward Liu Ming. Instead, it slowly dropped down, opening its mouth wide and taking a large bite out of the Monster’s Corpse. It looked as though it was famished.

    Seeing that, Liu Ming’s heart was slightly at ease. The upper half of his body had yet to move but the lower half of his body had already soundlessly slid backward. At the same time, the Sumeru Conch in his hands slightly came loose. A long silver chain that looped several times suddenly appeared on one of his arms.

    This Demon Subduing Chain was used to restrain this Demon. Even though he was still unfamiliar with its method of use, he might be able to scare the Flying Head by taking it out.

    However, in the next moment, Liu Ming regretted his actions!

    When the long silver chain appeared, the Flying Head, that was initially quietly biting the corpse, suddenly stopped feasting and turned toward Liu Ming, glaring at him vehemently.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed. He no longer hesitated as he moved his body, transforming into a shadow as he shot back in flight.

    The Flying Head let out a sharp shrill yell. Immediately, it transformed into black gas and gave chase.

    The cyan short sword in Liu Ming’s hand flipped backward and three streams of cyan Sword Qi spiralled outwards.

    “Pu! Pu! Pu!” The three streams of Sword Qis cut through the black gas. It disappeared without a single trace, seeming to leave the Demon unharmed.

    There came a “chi chi” sound from within the black gas. It was the dense black hair from the Flying Head, and shot out at such a speed that only after a blur did it circle behind Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming was astonished. Suddenly, his sleeve shook and a pale green Glyph shot out.

    It was the Glyph that he had taken from the female disciple of the Firestorm Way that had ambushed him. Although he did not know its specific power, under the circumstances where he had insufficient Fa Li, he could only tentatively use it as a counterattack.

    It crashed into the dense long hair with a buzz. The moment it was ripped open, it suddenly burst with a flash.

    There was a huge bang.

    A clot of explosive force which contained two different attributes of wind and fire scattered out. The violent wind and flames intertwined, forming a Firestorm Pillar which spiralled wildly toward the sky.

    The Flying Head was abnormally ferocious but when facing the current situation, it could only retract its hair. The transformed black gas suddenly changed direction and bypassed the Firestorm Pillar by looping around it.

    It was this moment of hesitation that Liu Ming used to escape dozens of feet away, plunging into trees of different sizes.

    The Flying Head let out an elated shriek. The speed of the transformed black gas suddenly increased as though it had no intention of giving up as it followed in hot pursuit.

    The both of them, with one in front and the other behind, ran a few miles in a single breath.

    Liu Ming was exceptionally light, supported by the Lighten Technique. When both his legs exerted a little strength, he could jump a few feet away.

    As for the Flying Head, it seemed as though it was no longer a physical entity when it was wrapped within the black gas. It did not have to dodge or avoid the trees. When it charged in a tumbling motion, it could directly pass through the trees.

    The distance between the two did not increase; conversely, it narrowed further.

    Suddenly, the black gas behind duly rung out and burst open. The Flying Head which was originally supposed to be hidden within disappeared without a trace in an instant!

    Liu Ming’s heart sank. His footsteps suddenly stopped atop the branch of a certain large tree. Inhaling deeply, traces of green glows appeared once more and a new pair of vines cover the upper half of his body.