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Chapter 143 – Battling the Dragon (Middle)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 143 – Battling the Dragon (Middle)

    However, at this moment, the three purplish-red fireball behind him exploded as if they had lost control. A rolling sea of fire spread out in all directions.

    A stern expression flashed across Liu Ming’s face and he completely ignored the flames behind him. Instead, he leaped before the half dragon monster. With a movement of the short sword in his hand, six or seven azure Sword Qis flew out. At the same time, the black, long chain shot out from his sleeve with a loud sound.

    Although the half dragon monster felt extreme pain in its mouth, after seeing what had happened, it immediately moved its shoulder. It seemed to want to evade Liu Ming’s attack with speed.

    However, just at this moment, there were two “pu” sounds from below its feet. Two giant claws appeared with lightning speed to clamp onto the two small legs of the dragon, much to its surprise. Afterward, there was a loud sound and a dozen or so black lines shot out from the ground, piercing one of its thighs with a flash.

    Seeing this, the half dragon monster was naturally started, but as it was extremely confident in its own body defence, it completely ignored the dozen or so black lines. It only suddenly raised a leg and forcefully pulled the White Bone Scorpion out of the soil before raising its other leg and stomping at the White Bone Scorpion.

    Just at this moment, there were a dozen or so muffled “peng” sounds, and the black lines all hit the thigh of the monster forcefully. However, they were all reflected and only left behind a dozen or so shallow holes.

    The half dragon monster only felt a slight pain in its leg before it stopped caring and stomped the White Bone Scorpion forcefully into the ground. This caused the scorpion to cry out wildly. It was unable to escape from under the foot of the dragon for a while.

    At this moment, Liu Ming’s attacks followed the monster closely.

    However, the monster only placed its arms in front of its body horizontally and decided to forcefully block the attacks.

    In the end, after a few flashed, the several waves of Sword Qi all transformed into balls of azure light, slashing the two arms of the monster.

    With the shake of its body, it took several steps back consecutively. Its arms also could not help but open up a little.

    In that moment, the black chain shot forward with a blur, like a poisonous snake, shooting at the monster’s chest and smashing forcefully into it.

    The monster was not even scared of the Sword Qi released by the totem, so how could it be scared of the attack from a mere Soul Shackling Chain.

    The chain shot forward with a flash, but the monster only moved lazily. It only puffed out its chest and wanted to reflect the black chain away with that.

    Seeing this, a slightly weird expression appeared on Liu Ming’s face, and with a sudden movement of his body, he actually shot back. At the same time, he used the other hand to pat his chest and a light shield appeared out of nowhere in front of his body, protecting him the moment he entered the sea of flames.

    Under such a weird situation, Liu Ming did not wait for the monster to think after being startled. The black chain in front shook slightly, and with a blur, three black round beads shot out from it, all landing on the chest of the monster with a flash.

    The half dragon monster was surprised and was not able to retreat because of its foolhardy approach from before.

    The three round beads only spun a little before they all exploded with a flash.

    Without any warning, three red balls of light appeared. After a flash, they fused into one, transforming into a scarlet red blazing sun. It expanded and swallowed the half dragon monster in a blink.

    At this moment, a loud rumbling sound echoed out of the blazing sun!

    Waves of red shockwaves spread out in all direction, forcefully flattening everything they passed nearby. At the same time, the unbelievably high temperature caused all of the vegetation nearby to instantly turn into ash.

    Under the shockwaves, the sea of flames near Liu Ming was immediately extinguished.

    Liu Ming, who was hiding behind a light shield, could only pour his Fa Li wildly into the black light shield in front of him.

    However, with this, he only held the light shield for a few breaths of time before a crisp crack sound could be heard. On the surface of the shield, a faint white crack appeared. With a single glance, it did not seem to be able to hold up any longer.

    Luckily, after releasing its power, the blazing sun had no way of maintaining its energy, so after a few crazy flashes, it suddenly disappeared.

    The only thing that was left was a blurry body that was burned black, giving off the nice vague fragrance of cooked meat.

    The half dragon monster seemed to be have been cooked by the blazing sun from before.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming relaxed a little at heart.

    The three black round beads shot from the Soul Shackling Chain were the Scarlet Flame Beads Zhu Chi had given to him before to use in times for him to protect his life.

    He had to rack his brain to form a plan that put the three Scarlet Flame Beads into the Soul Shackling Chain and attack the monster when it was unaware. In the end, he had succeeded in the ambush.

    The attack from every bead was equivalent to the power of an attack from a Spirit Master, so with the three beads together, the power could be imagined.

    Although the half dragon monster had surprising defenses, there was no way it could withstand it.

    Although it was like this, Liu Ming did not have the idea of relaxing now and immediately spun the azure short sword around in his hand. It transformed into a round, azure moon, which shot forward, and with a sharp sound, it suddenly sliced toward the burned black monster far away.

    Since the half dragon monster was so scary, unless it was cut in half, he could not relax by the slightest bit.

    However, in the next moment, his foresight was actually real!


    From the body of the burned black monster, which seemed to not move at all, a silver chain suddenly shot out and with a forceful strike, it deflected the azure full moon.

    “Demon Subduing Chain!”

    Seeing clearly what the silver chain really was, Liu Ming’s expression immediately became one of surprise.

    However, at this moment, they burned black monster suddenly raised its head and gave out a long, shrill roar.

    The silver chain immediately started dancing about crazily with a blur and solidly protected the monster.

    Subsequently, the monster moved its limbs. Its cooked flesh and burned meat cracked open at every inch, revealing pure white skin.

    After a while, the monster stood there completely naked. Except for a pair of red horns and the purplish-red tail on its back, it had no differences in its other areas when compared to an average human. The scales on its face had disappeared and it looked completely like Shi Chuan.

    “Senior Shi Chuan!”

    Liu Ming’s expression changed several times before yelling out seriously.

    However, when “Shi Chuan” raised his head to look at Liu Ming, his pupils suddenly elongated once again inside his originally normal-looking eyes. After a fierce smile, scarlet red scales once again started to appear on the surface of its body, forming brand new purplish-red scales.

    In a moment, he once again transformed into the half dragon monster.

    Liu Ming gasped and finally confirmed that the monster in front of him was transformed from Shi Chuan. No, what he should have said was that a part of the body was Shi Chuan but his soul had already ceased to exist; otherwise, he would have reacted from the call before.

    The weird dragon was able to recover in a moment even after suffering such heavy injuries, which was very troublesome for Liu Ming.

    After all, the attack from the three Scarlet Flame Beads from before basically could be counted as his strongest attack. If even that was impossible to kill the opponent, then perhaps there were not many other tactics Liu Ming could use to win.

    Liu Ming thought gloomily at heart, but his hand did not stop moving at all as it controlled the azure full moon to circle and constantly attack the monster crazily.

    However, the Demon Subduing Chain was really mysterious and actually solidly protected the half dragon monster like a silver python, blocking all of the attacks from the Azure Moon Sword.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming looked at the silver chain protection and then looked at the half dragon, who stood where it was, not moving an inch. Liu Ming quickly thought a little and his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

    “Hehe, although you reformed your body, it is still weak, so you cannot move at all right now.”

    Liu Ming suddenly yelled out gleefully and immediately focused his attention, he quickly formed hand seals with his two hands. The azure full moon immediately rushed into the sky with a clear sound and three layers of inscriptions flashed on its surface. It started spinning around crazily high up in the sky.

    Cold, azure light immediately scattered from the full moon and began to expand crazily in size.

    Seeing this, the half dragon monster below revealed a shred of fear in its eyes. After a hum from the silver chain that orbited it, the chain grew longer inch by inch, while releasing more silver light at the same time.


    The White Bone Scorpion suddenly jumped out of the ground and rushed directly at the half dragon monster. When it was still mid-air, it suddenly spat out a cloud of purple fog, and with a movement of the stinger behind it, a dozen or so black lines shot forward crazily.

    However, in the next moment, the silver chain suddenly transformed into a layer of silver light, blocking the attacks of the scorpion. No matter whether it was the purple fog or the stinger attack, the chain had forcefully blocked all of them. Subsequently, a shadow of the chain shot out of the layer of silver light like lightning. It struck the White Bone Scorpion and forcefully whipped it out of the air.

    The bone scorpion flipped several times mid-air before landing heavily on the ground. Shaking its head, its body trembled and it was not able to stand up again immediately.

    It was understandable why it was like this!

    Previously, the White Bone Scorpion had been firmly stomped on by the half dragon monster. After that, it had been slightly hit again by the shockwaves of the Scarlet Flame Beads. After the current attack, it indeed was not lightly injured.

    During this period of time, the floating azure full moon had transformed to the size of a tire and the cold light it radiated downward even made the half dragon monster reveal a shred of anxiety.

    At this moment, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed a little and immediately changed hand signs. Rays of blue light appeared in front of him and with them, there was an increase in cold air. A glistening icicle quickly appeared in front of him. At the start, it was only one foot long, but after the time of a few breaths, it had expanded to a length of seven to eight feet and it continued to grow.

    The fierce expression of the monster changed and suddenly gave out a low roar. Lowering its two hands, its ten fingers actually moved slightly, slowly forming fists.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s pupils restricted slightly and yelled loudly without hesitation. He pointed at the empty space with one finger and the azure full moon fell down with a long sound. At the same time, his other hand suddenly slapped the huge icicle in front of him.

    There was an immediate flash of cold light and the icicle, that was several feet long, transformed into a blurry blue light as it shot forward.

    At the same time, the White Bone Scorpion, who had originally been laying on the ground suddenly used its tail to hit the ground forcefully, once again transforming into a shadow that rushed at the half dragon monster.

    Seeing this, the half dragon monster instead revealed an ominous glint in its expression. With a powerful roar, all of the scarlet hair on its head stood on end while a huge, scarlet red dragon head appeared with a flash behind the body of the half dragon.