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Chapter 142 – Battling the Dragon (1/3)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 142 – Battling the Dragon (1/3)

    “Dragon scale!”

    Liu Ming scanned it with his mental power and immediately yelled out with a shiver at heart.

    The current him had already personally seen this Scarlet Dragon before, so it could be said that he had some impression of it. This was why he could recognize it with a single glance.

    “However, the aura of this dragon scale has some differences compared to my memory. It has become much weaker and cannot be compared to when I saw it before.”

    Liu Ming sensed carefully again and a few thoughts of doubt appeared in his heart.

    The aura weakening was easy to explain. After all, it was heavily injured but there was something a little too familiar within the aura. What was with that?

    However, before Liu Ming could think anymore, his expression suddenly changed and his body suddenly flew forward at an unbelieveable angle.


    A dragon claw that was covered in purplish-red scales attacked wildly from behind, flashing through where Liu Ming’s chest had been before.

    Liu Ming’s posture did not change, but with a sway of the whole body, he actually slid away by over a hundred feet away with surprising speed. Only after this did he stand up straight again and look at the other side with anger and surprise.

    He only saw that where he was standing before, there was surprisingly an extra half dragon monster. It had a head full of scarlet hair and was covered with purple scales with a dragon’s tail on its back. It currently stared at him with its monster eyes coldly.

    However, looking at the shred of emotion in its eyes, the monster obviously was surprised that its attack had actually failed.

    “Scarlet Dragon! No… hmm, Senior Shi!” Seeing the half dragon monster, Liu Ming was naturally greatly surprised, but after carefully looking at the somewhat familiar appearance in the monster’s face, he cried out involuntarily.

    However, the opposing half dragon monster obviously did not have the idea of reminiscing about the past with Liu Ming, and with a sudden movement of its body, it disappeared from where it was before with a blur.

    Liu Ming was a person that had extremely rich battle experience, so after seeing what had happened, he admittedly felt gloomy at heart. However, with a flash of his hand, an azure short sword appeared. At the same time, his body spun around, chopping wildly with the sword in all directions.

    Several waves of azure Sword Qi immediately rushed out in the surroundings.


    Faint red shadows appeared in an area thirty feet away. Raising its dragon claw, it destroyed the Sword Qi flying toward it with a swing. After an ominous flash in its eyes, it suddenly stomped and rushed to an area close to Liu Ming with a sway. It spread its two arms, as if it was about to hug Liu Ming.


    Liu Ming definitely would not let the monster in front of him get close, so with an angry yell, a black chain immediately shot out from his sleeve, causing the Scarlet Dragon which was rushing up to stop slightly. After a blur with the azure short sword in his hand, he shot forward three waves of Sword Qi at an unbelievable speed in one breath.

    After three “peng” noises, the three waves of Sword Qi all firmly hit the body of the monster at such a close distance.

    However, what Liu Ming saw next almost made his eyes pop out.

    Although the Shi Chuan looking monster took three consecutive steps away due to the Sword Qi slashes, only three faint, white marks appeared on the scales on its chest with no blood at all.

    Not only did nothing happen, but Liu Ming’s three slashes seemed to anger this half dragon monster. With a deep roar, scarlet red flames appeared on its body, and with a twisting action, the flames transformed into a wall of fire, shooting forward.

    At the same time, the monster swayed its body again and disappeared in the fire light with a blur.

    Liu Ming’s pupils constricted and even though he seemed to have done nothing, his body slid back again. At the same time, the azure short sword in his hand suddenly disappeared before being followed by two loud sounds of “chi.” Over a dozen Wind Blades flew in all directions with a flash.

    A muffled “peng” sounded!

    One of the Wind Blades broke apart and the half dragon monster immediately appeared with a flash once again. In this period of delay, the surging fire wall appeared near Liu Ming in a flash. It seemed that with one more spin, it would swallow Liu Ming inside.

    However, at this moment, Liu Ming shook his wrist and the bronze bracelet on it began humming loudly. An extremely distinct tiger head appeared and rushed out with a wave of white sound waves. It pierced through the wall of fire, creating a big hole.

    With his current cultivation level, he could completely use all of the power of the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet. With a twist of his body, he transformed into a shadow and flew through the hole. With another flash, he appeared in an area over a hundred feet away from the half dragon monster like demon.

    This time, Liu Ming did not wait for the half dragon to attack again and patted the leather pouch on his waist as if he was facing a tough opponent. A ray of black light shot out and the White Bone Scorpion appeared on the ground with a flash out of nowhere, blocking in front of him.

    He then formed a hand seal with one hand and countless green lines flashed wildly on the surface of his body. His face twitched a little and it actually transformed into a fleshy, jade green vine armor, protecting the top half of his body from danger. Subsequently, azure lights flashed in front of him and densely packed wind blades appeared. With the shake of his sleeve, they transformed into a dozen or so green lights, shooting at the half dragon.

    Liu Ming then brought his hands together and separated them. A huge wind blade vaguely appeared and trembled slightly as it grew larger.

    The monster had failed twice in a row to kill him. It originally was already very angry. Seeing the opponent actually attack itself before it could, it became even more furious at heart. After a twist of the body, it shot forward in a series of shadows.

    After a series of messy clanks, the Wind Blades that were blocking in front of the monster were broken apart by a series of blurs from its claws. Its body stopped a little before deciding to once again rush at Liu Ming.

    However, at this moment, a glimmer of excitement flashed across Liu Ming’s eyes. With the shake of the wrist, the huge wind blade shot forward with an explosive sound.

    The half dragon monster only saw a flash of azure light in front of itself before the giant Wind Blade had appeared very close to itself at an astonishing speed. Even with its intelligence, it would not be able to dodge in time. It could only helplessly move its two arms, crossing them and blocking in front of its chest.


    The body of the half dragon monster shook as it took seven to eight consecutive steps back before standing firm again. Drops of ink green blood flowed out.

    The two arms the dragon had used to block each had a narrow, long cut, but after a flash of red light, they quickly shrank and healed up. Almost like the dragon had never been injured in the first place.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming could not help but be extremely startled.

    The monster was actually able to block the huge wind blade with its bare hands; it seemed like normal attacks could not injure it at all.

    At this moment, the half dragon monster was completely angered, and with a sudden blur of its body, it became three clones that were exactly the same. With another movement, they transformed into three scarlet red shadows, rushing at Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming did not even think and raised one hand. Three wind blades shot out with a flash.

    With three muffled “pu” sounds, all three wind blades hit the scarlet shadows, but were all reflected at the same time.

    With this, Liu Ming could not help but be slightly startled.

    During this period of delay, the three scarlet shadows had already reached an area not far away with a blur. However, they suddenly paused and each opened their mouth, spitting out three purplish-red fireballs.

    At the start, the fireballs were only the size of a fist, but after flying through the air for a foot, they gave off a “teng” sound and transformed to the size of a car tire. Although they have not hit Liu Ming yet, the hot temperature could be felt from afar.

    Liu Ming focused his attention and the azure short sword in his hand suddenly flashed. With a slight swing, it shot forward six waves of Sword Qi in a breath.

    After a few “hong” noises, the six waves of Sword Qi all arrived in front of the three huge fireballs. After a slight pause, they all disappeared like mud in water.

    The three purplish-red fireball continued to rush forward in a very threatening manner.

    Seeing that the situation was not good, Liu Ming immediately moved his body and shot off to one side with a blur.

    Since he had no way of stopping it, he naturally could not stay where he was and forcefully withstand the attacks.

    As for the White Bone Scorpion that was in front of him, it entered the ground before him.

    However, what happened next made Liu Ming extremely surprised.

    The three giant fireballs gave a rumble and actually changed direction, continuing to chase him.

    With this, Liu Ming’s expression changed dramatically.

    Only now did he realize that although the three blurry scarlet shadows stood where they were, without moving, they all had an arm raised, constantly pointing at something mid air. It was as if they controlled the three huge fireballs.

    Liu Ming gave a deep grunt and twisted his waist. He then firmly stepped on the ground with one food, suddenly changing the direction he was advancing in, shooting toward the three scarlet shadows.

    The three fireballs naturally made a turn and continued to follow him closely.

    “Want to… Die.”

    Seeing this, not only did the three scarlet shadows not dodge, they opened their mouths at the same time and released an extremely hard to understand sound. Subsequently, they lowered their arms and then opened their mouths again. Three narrow and long purple shadows shot out with a flash. They hurled at Liu Ming’s neck from different directions.

    As for the speed, even Liu Ming could not imagine it.

    Liu Ming was greatly surprised and shaking his head crazily, he managed to dodge two of the shadows with great difficulty. As for the other one, it hit the layer of jade green vines that protected Liu Ming’s neck with a flash. Surprisingly, it was a narrow, purplish-red tongue that was unbelievably long.


    Although the vines blocked a large portion of the power of the tongue, it still pierced through it in a blink. Just when it was about to pierce through Liu Ming’s throat, a layer of faint yellow inscriptions suddenly flashed and blocked it.

    Liu Ming had immediately activated the Practitioner armor that he carried on him. Taking advantage of the opportunity, his arm grabbed the long, purplish-red tongue with a blur. However, he immediately felt pain in his palm and fresh blood flowed without stop.

    The long, purplish-red tongue was actually covered in countless flesh spikes. Without preparations, he could not protect himself in time. It pierced through his hand, making it bleed. Looking at the center of his palm, where the small holes were, they all started to darken and purple blood started flowing. Surprisingly, the flesh spikes were extremely poisonous.

    Although it was like this, Liu Ming did not even blink and did not try taking his hand back. Instead, with a movement of the short sword in his other hand, an azure light flashed pass and cut off the long, purple tongue.

    From the three scarlet shadows, the middle one immediately gave out a shrill cry. The two shadows next to him transformed into rays of red light with a blur and scattered apart.