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Chapter 141 – Great Improvement in Cultivation

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 141 – Great Improvement in Cultivation


    Although Xue Nu was a skilled person, at such a close distance, he could not even summon the blood fog that was his main defensive ability in time. His neck was pierced by the purplish-red tongue. His throat was severed, so he could not even cry out in pain. He could only forcefully throw the small, blood-colored blade in his hand at his opponent before falling out of the tree powerlessly.


    “Shi Chuan” had only used one finger to knock the small blade away. Afterward, a vicious smile flashed across his face, and with the sudden movement of his body, he transformed into a ball of red light that rushed at Xue Nu, who was falling down.

    After the time it took to drink a cup of tea, there was an additional corpse that ripped in half and a small portion of it had bite wounds. At the same time, all the items on it had been taken away.

    Four hours later, when a female from the Fusion Sect walked past there, she discovered the bloody scene there. Her expression immediately changed dramatically and she immediately left the area.


    Half a day later, in a marshy area inside the dense forest, a disciple with a tough and stocky build of the Nine Enlightenment Sect currently controlled a huge bird puppet, attacking a completely blood red monster that looked like a fox. Just when he was about to go up and retrieve his spoils of war happily, he suddenly felt a hot wave behind him. Following that, he felt pain in his chest as his vision turned black. He didn’t know anything else anymore.

    A day later, in another area in the dense forest, a young man from the Firestorm Way, who carried an azure gourd in his hand, released a green tornado at a male disciple of the Heavenly Moon Sect. The attack forced him to constantly retreat with no way of approaching close.

    Just when the young man of the Firestorm Way laughed out crazily and arrogantly, a shadow of a person in the nearby forest suddenly moved. It actually shot toward the two as a faint red shadow with a flash.

    The young man from the Firestorm Way could be counted as a person with extremely rich combat experience. His expression immediately changed, and suddenly switched the direction of the azure gourd in his hand almost without even thinking, ready to fight the approaching faint red shadow.


    The crazy wind also suddenly began blowing in that direction and with the shake of his sleeve, there was a flash of azure light. A long, clear azure chain wrapped around the faint red shadow. With a sudden, tight pull, it caught him tightly.

    “Hmph, you actually are brave enough to ambush me. You really think that I haven’t prepared beforehand for matters like this…. Wait, what monster are you!” The disciple of the Firestorm Way originally spoke arrogantly, but after properly seeing the appearance of the faint red shadow that was caught in the long azure chains, he could not help but become greatly surprised.

    Caught in the locks of azure chains was a half human, half dragon monster that was covered in scarlet red scales and had a head full of long, scarlet red hair.

    The monster lowered its head to look at the long, azure chain on its body. It suddenly struggled with power in its two arms after grinning. Burning red flames immediately appeared on its body and instantly transformed the long, azure chain into fog.

    Seeing this, the young man of the Firestorm Way was immediately scared witless and suddenly channeled his power into the azure gourd. Over a dozen azure Wind Blades shot forth with a flash. At the same time, he formed a hand seal with one hand, immediately shooting backward.

    However, the half human, half dragon monster only moved its shoulder slightly and its whole body suddenly disappeared from where it was with a blur. All of the wind blades hit nothing after a flash.

    Almost at the same time, there was a movement in the space in front of the young man from the Firestorm Way. The half human, half dragon monster appeared in front of him like a demon.

    The young man from the Firestorm Way was greatly startled and tried to think of what to do. However, it was already too late.

    He only saw the monster grin slightly and its body rushed forward like lightning. It hugged the young man with its two arms, which were like metal hoops. With a tilt of its head, it bit a large portion of the opponent in its embrace at an unbelieveable angle. It then used its mouthful of sharp teeth to suddenly tear its oppenent appart.


    The young man could only give out half a mournful cry, since half of his neck had already disappeared. Fresh blood flowed out crazily with gurgling sounds. One half of his neck entered the stomach of the monster while the other half sprayed blood in all directions.

    The body of the young man only twitched a few times in the arms of the half dragon monster before not moving anymore.

    Only at this time did the half dragon monster relax its mouth and stare coldly at the other male disciples from the Heavenly Moon Sect with a face full of fresh blood.

    The expression of the male from the Heavenly Moon Sect had already changed greatly and was absolutely stupefied. After seeing the ruthless monster look at himself, his heart was immediately frightened to the point where it shivered uncontrollably. With a sudden turn of his body, he ran wildly in the direction behind him for his life without saying anything.

    The half dragon monster only stared coldly at the male disciple from the Heavenly Moon Sect as he fled and actually did not chase. It instead lowered its head and continued to crazily suck the fresh blood of the corpse.

    After an unknown length of time, when it released its hands, the corpse fell softly to the floor. Afterward, it suddenly raised its head and started roaring out weirdly at the sky with a sliver of pain in its expression.

    The strength of the roar was abnormal. It spread unbelieveable far and all of the people and beasts in around a diameter of several hundred kilometers could hear it clearly.

    There were several disciples from different sects that were currently in the area. After hearing the frightening roar, their expressions could not help but change.

    After hearing it, the male disciple from the Heavenly Moon Sect, who was currently fleeing, wished he could grow another pair of legs to flee to a distant land, away from the roar.


    The purplish-red dragon tail grew longer from the buttocks of the half man, half dragon monster. It swung with the wind toward the nearby ground.

    After a series of tremors, a ditch of several tens of feet immediately appeared out of nowhere on the ground.

    If the monster from before still looked half human, then one could only see twenty to thirty percent of Shi Chuan’s shadow within this new monster.

    In the next moment, the monster stopped its roar. With a sudden sway of its body, it transformed into a scarlet red shadow, disappearing into the dense forest.

    Looking in the direction it rushed off in, it was the direction the male disciple of the Heavenly Moon Sect had fled in.

    After another two or three days, the news regarding a monster, that was human-and-dragon-like, killing everything spread to the disciples of various sect quickly through various channels.

    There was not even half the original number of remaining disciples of various sects. However, these disciples were naturally people of great strength and caution.

    Not even a day or two after hearing the news, they immediately formed alliances, both big and small, and were afraid to move separately.

    As for the small amount of remaining people who stayed alone, they had all become extremely cautious. mostly hiding away somewhere secretly and would not casually walk around outside.

    With this, the monster could not find a suitable target to attack and actually started fighting various monsters in the dense forest.

    With that, the ripped and dry carcasses of various monsters could be found everywhere in the dense forest.

    The disciples of various sects naturally became even more frightened and extremely cautious around the monster.

    After refining the final sliver of pure Yuan Qi in his body, Liu Ming immediately focused his attention and felt the completely uncongested Fa Li in the meridians of his entire body.

    The power of the Fa Li seemed to slightly exceed the capacity his body could hold, causing his various meridians slight stabs of paint.

    This was due to the fact that he had eaten half of the Spirit Peaches, and once he pushed his cultivation to perfection, he realized that the medicinal powers of the remaining half of the Spirit Peaches began to decrease rapidly. He made up his mind to spend another three or four days to eat another twenty or so Spirit Peaches.

    As for the remaining Spirit Peaches, they had all withered into wood origin. They were impossible to consume, so he had to throw them all away.

    The amount of newly gained Fa Li was large, and by just looking at its quality, it far exceeded the Fa Li from consuming pills.

    After all, Fa Li increasing Spirit Fruit and Grasses as well as the flesh and blood of monsters, were completely different. Each and every one of them were literally born in the essence of the earth and the heavens, so the purity of Yuan Li they held would greatly exceed the expectations of people. Once transformed into Fa Li, the impurities from them could literally be ignored.

    Since these types of Fa Li increasing Spirit Materials had such great effect without any consequences, they were collected by cultivators in the outside world.

    Now, in the outside world, an extremely small amount of them existed, so once one was discovered, normal cultivators would not be able to consume them. Rather, they would give it to an alchemist as material is create other, even more valuable pills.

    When this happened, the effects of increasing Fa Li were actually less important.

    Although a Fa Li increasing Spirit Grass could save a cultivator many months of hard cultivation, a valuable pill with different uses could sometimes help one break through a bottleneck or save one’s life.

    After feeling his body which was bursting with Fa Li again, Liu Ming calculated the time left. The time limit of one and a half months was only a few days away, so he should move himself closer to the entrance of the secret realm.

    Liu Ming thought like this and immediately stood up without thinking any further. He walked out of the tree hole with large steps. After looking around his nearby surroundings, he immediately formed a hand seal with one hand.


    The White Bone Scorpion appeared out of the soil underneath his feet. It intimately touched the edge of Liu Ming’s clothes with its front claws.

    Liu Ming smiled a little, and bent over to touch the front claw of the bone scorpion before patting the leather pouch on his waist with one hand. A ray of light shot out and shrank the White Bone Scorpion, sucking it back in again.

    Afterward, he pulled out a compass shaped item from his chest. After looking carefully at the route directed on it, he put it away. Stomping the ground, he landed on a branch of the huge tree, and with a shake of his body, he leaped away to somewhere far away, as light as a feather.

    Six hours later, Liu Ming, who was currently jumping around in the branches, suddenly gave out a soft “hmm?” sound and stopped his advance. He swept his gaze around before landing softly on the ground from a branch with a movement.

    He saw that not far away from his two feet was a huge monster carcass that was over twenty feet tall.

    Its fur was luscious and its four limbs were extremely thick. It was actually a huge brown bear, which currently lay on the ground with its face down. It was covered in drops of blood, and seemed as if it had been dead for a long time.

    Liu Ming walked around the brown bear carcass twice and looked at the surrounding trees, which all seemed to have been pushed down with great strength. There were also a series of messy footprints nearby. Liu Ming raised his leg.

    With a “peng,” he kicked the carcass of the huge bear over which revealed the huge, blurry injury of flesh and blood at its neck, as well as its fierce expression right before it had died.

    Liu Ming could not help but knit his brows. However, after a flash in his eyes, he bent over and picked up an item from one of the big, thick claws of the huge bear.

    Surprisingly, it was a faint, purplish-red scale!