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Chapter 140 – Xue Nu

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 140 – Xue Nu

    The appearance of the person was actually completely the same as Liu Ming!

    Liu Ming looked at his other self. It was like he was looking in a mirror. The only difference was that the other person had his eyes closed and was expressionless.

    What made him even more distracted was that the words cried out from the group of shadows before treated the other person as an existence that they were extremely familiar with.

    At this moment, the opposing “Liu Ming” suddenly opened its two eyes. Its pupils were actually dazzling silver light, which were harsh on the real Liu Ming’s eyes.

    Liu Ming was surprised and could not help but close his eyes. With this, he was scared to awake from the dream.

    It was pitch black around him and he could smell moist soil through his nose.

    He quickly thought a little before suddenly realizing that he had been buried alive underground.

    If it were not for the Dark Bone Method he cultivated which released strands of black gas to protect his body, perhaps he really would have suffocated without knowing at all.


    With a deep shout, Liu Ming rolled around in the soil and immediately appeared from several tens of feet underground to the surface. Surprisingly, it was extremely bright outside and he did not know how much time had passed.

    He quickly checked his surroundings before seeing that it was indeed on the edge of the dense forest where he had fainted. The only thing he did not know was how he ended up so deep underground.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed several times before suddenly thinking of something and formed a hand seal with one hand. He swept his mental strength across his Spirit Sea and only saw that it was extremely empty. The mysterious bubble which had exploded did not appear again.

    After slightly activating the Dark Bone Method and circulating his Fa Li once, everything was the same as before. There were no changes from before.

    Liu Ming’s brows were instead tightly knit.

    Could it be that the previous dream really was just a dream? However, everything felt real inside the dream and the absolutely horrifying feeling the other “Liu Ming” gave him still made his heart feel cold.

    After thinking a little, he only felt that his mind was in a mess and could not find any hints. He immediately shook his head and pushed everything to the back of his mind. He moved his body and flew onto a huge tree like a feather. He looked toward the faraway area.

    However, his pupils suddenly constricted from what lay before him!

    Far away, in the center of the secret realm, the huge basin still remained but the sky-upholding giant hand had completely disappeared.

    The amount of time he was unconscious for hopefully did not exceed the time limit of staying in the secret realm.

    After thinking like this, Liu Ming really became worried and immediately ignored other matters to think about this. With a movement of his body, he flew toward the dense forest.

    Several hours later, Liu Ming, who was currently traversing the dense forest, heard a vague bang and immediately showed a happy expression. He changed the direction he was traveling in and turned to the area the sound came from.

    After a short while, he arrived atop a big tree at the edge of a spacious area with the sway of his body.

    Not far in front of him, there was surprisingly a male and a female, who were currently in an intense battle.

    The male wore the uniform from the Hall of Blood and was covered in Blood Qi. He swung the blood red, long blade in his hand and a cold, blood red light shot forth toward the opponent like a poisonous snake. However, his eyes were closed, and he did not even look at his opponent.

    The female’s face was extremely delicate and her body floated up and down like a fairy. However, purple light constantly poured out of her eyes and in one hand, she held a small bronze bell, several inches tall. From time to time, she would wave it.

    Surprisingly, it was Jia Lan.

    The expression of the male from the Hall of Blood was vicious. His eyes seemed to be tightly closed but with every swing of his sword, it was as if he could clearly see where Jia Lan had dodged to. He forced her to be greatly disadvantaged. She was not able to stop in a certain area for longer than a little bit of time.

    Luckily the small bell in the hands of the young lady seemed to have an unbelieveable effect. With every shake, it would give out crisp sound, causing the actions of the male from the Hall of Blood to pause, allowing Jia Lan to take advantage of the situation and use two or three techniques to attack.

    However, although it was like this, the attacks from the male from the Hall of Blood became faster and faster. The waves of blood-colored Blade Qi gave off a concentrated bloody smell, as if it had completely wrapped up the young lady. Meanwhile, Jia Lan’s face became extremely pale, as if she had used too much Fa Li. It was obvious that she was somewhat unable to hold her ground anymore.

    “Senior Jia Lan, why don’t you let junior help you!” At this moment, Liu Ming floated out of the tree and spoke while smiling slightly at Jia Lan.

    “Hmph, another Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple! Okay, you are in good luck this time. Don’t meet me by yourself next time!” After seeing Liu Ming appear, the expression of the vicious male changed. He immediately withdrew the blood blade in his hand before immediately shooting back, leaving the battle. However, just when he entered the dense forest, he spoke viciously before disappearing with a flash.

    “So it was Junior Bai. I am in debt to you this time.” Seeing Liu Ming appear, Jia Lan was at first startled before revealing a slightly happy expression. She withdrew the purple light in her eyes, and with a blur, she returned to the appearance of a delicate and pretty young lady.

    “Who is that person? How did he stop you!?” Although this was not the first time Liu Ming saw the young lady changing appearances, he still could not help but secretly be in shock after seeing what had happened. However, he asked a question with a serious tone of voice.

    “That person is Xue Nu, who is ranked third in the rankings of the Hall of Blood. He cultivates a special method, which actually is not affected by my nightmare eye techniques. The reason he stopped me naturally was for the spirit medicines on me. Could it be that junior has not met any people from other sects in the past two days?” Jia Lan explained a little before asking with some confusion.

    “Not to hide anything from senior, I happened to have some accidents and fainted in an area for a period of time. I only just woke up. However, it seems that I have not been unconscious for too long.” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming revealed an expression as if he was thinking.

    “So it turns out to be like that! Relax junior, there are still a dozen or so days left in the time limit of one and a half months. However, it is extremely dangerous currently near the entrance of the secret realm. Many disciples of the other sects have set up ambushes there, all ready to steal the resources of other people. No, I should say that this whole area has become extremely dangerous, otherwise I would not have been discovered and forced to act immediately. Perhaps waiting until the final few days, when all of the people have to gather here, is the real time of fighting for our lives.” Jia Lan replied with a bitter smile.

    “So it turns out to be like so. However, does senior know where the giant hand in the center of the secret realm has gone? When I woke up, it was completely gone!” After thinking a bit, Liu Ming could not bear it any longer and asked about the matter he cared most about.

    “That giant hand only appeared for a few hours and disappeared two days ago by itself. During that time……” Hearing what was asked, Jia Lan explained to Liu Ming how the sky-upholding giant hand fell apart by itself. She continued with a serious expression, saying that transformed into endless black gas, which rolled into the dense forest, before disappearing abnormally again.

    “What, the black air the giant hand transformed into suddenly disappeared at the edge of the forest.” Liu Ming was surprised.

    “Correct, when the black gas hid the skies and covered the earth, I thought that everybody was running away at that time. However, who would have thought that when the surprising black air rushed into the dense forest, it suddenly all disappeared. This is an extremely strange occurrence, and if it weren’t for the fact that this was the best place to hide in the secret realm, I definitely would not have been willing to stay here any longer.” Jia Lan spoke while her brows were knit tightly.

    “That giant hand has not appeared since. It seems that it maybe really has disappeared. After all, there is not a lot of time until we must leave the secret realm. If we are able to leave safely, even if any weird matters occur in here, they will have no relation to us.” Liu Ming spoke after thinking a little.

    “I also think like that. What I want to know is that what will Junior Bai do afterward. Will you find a good place to hide and wait for the suitable opportunity to leave the secret realm or continue to look for some spirit objects in the forest?” Jia Lan nodded her head before suddenly asking in such a fashion.

    “My harvests from the previous few days were very good, so I don’t want to take anymore risks. I have decided to hide away for a few days alone before deciding anything else.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed slightly before replying like this.

    “I understand what Junior Bai is saying. I have decided to go to a few far away areas to see if I can obtain any harvests as well as conveniently avoid this period of intense battles.” Jia Lan nodded her head and seemed to completely agree.

    In the next period of time, the two continued to discuss a little more before saying farewells and separating.

    None of the two actually mentioned a word of working together.

    Half a day later, Liu Ming found a huge tree hole that was covered by dense bushes and immediately crawled into it with delight. He felt that it was clean and spacious inside. He patted the leather pouch on his waist without hesitating at all.

    With a ray of black light, the White Bone Scorpion appeared in rolling purple gas.

    “Go. Guard outside. Once someone gets near, immediately wake me!” Liu Ming formed a hand seal with one hand, and used the Spirit Communication Technique to communicate with the conscious of the bone scorpion as he immediately gave out orders.

    The White Bone Scorpion replied with a few sounds of “gu gu,” before immediately disappearing into the ground with a roll, not to be seen again.

    Only at this moment did Liu Ming finally relax. He used one hand to grab in his sleeve. He pulled out a peach that was still slightly green and after examining it a little, he bluntly took a big bite of it.

    In the remaining few days of time, he ate a large quantity of these spirit peaches, before refining them. With that, he pushed his cultivation level toward a Peak Spirit Apostle.

    With this, he no longer needed to worry over matters regarding Fa Li increasing pills after leaving the secret realm. He only needed to concentrate on breaking through to the Spirit Master level.

    After feeling the pure Yuan Li that rolled out in his stomach, he immediately closed his eyes, and quickly became fixed in meditation, not worrying about anything else.


    At this point in time, the Hall of Blood disciple “Xue Nu,” who had left Liu Ming and Jia Lan, immediately hid himself away in the lush twigs and leaves in a big tree, and meditated with his eyes tightly shut.

    Although he had the upperhand in the battle with Jia Lan from before, he also used a lot of Fa Li. He decided to first recover the Fa Li, before deciding what to do afterward.

    After an unknown about of time, Xue Nu seemed to sense something, and suddenly opened his eyes without warning.

    As a result, what he immediately saw was that on the floor only inches away from him, was a young male. He had a head full of scarlet hair and two weird dragon horns grew out of his head. He squatted silently below and stared at him with no expression.

    It was “Shi Chuan.”

    “Who are you!”

    Xue Nu naturally became extremely startled and yelled angrily. With the shake of his sleeve, a small, blood red knife appeared in his hand out of nowhere.

    The opposing “Shi Chuan” did not wait for the Hall of Blood disciple to do anything and instead opened his mouth. A purplish-red shadow flashed out.