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Chapter 138 – Sky-Upholding Demonic Hand

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 138 – Sky-Upholding Demonic Hand

    At this moment, he turned around and looked back. His expression became extremely serious.

    This was due to the fact that the huge mountain faraway continued to rumble without stop as layers of soil and rocks rolled off from the peak of the mountain.

    Within the blink of an eye, the entire mountain became half as big as it was before. Who knew how many Spirit Trees and Spirit Grasses were swallowed by the soil and rocks. Looking at the waste, Liu Ming could not help but feel a lot of pity.


    Not far away, a glittering light shot out. After a blur, it actually transformed into a good-looking female in the uniform of the Heavenly Moon Sect.

    The female carried a snow white longsword on her back and stopped mid-air, not far from Liu Ming. She swept her gaze over Liu Ming coldly before also turning around and looking at the huge mountain far away.

    Seeing this girl, Liu Ming could not help but slightly squint his eyes.

    With no particular reason, this female gave him a weird feeling of extreme danger and that it was better to avoid her.

    Liu Ming quickly thought a little and could not help but try guess the identity of the female.

    The Heavenly Moon Sect was renowned to be the number one sect in the Kingdom of Xuan. On the way to Fujiao Island, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader naturally gave them an overview of the genius disciples in this sect.

    However, there was not a particular person that matched well with the appearance of the female. Perhaps the female was like him, one of the newly recruited Heavenly Moon Sect disciples.

    However, looking at the age of the person, it seemed to not fit at all!

    Liu Ming guessed the other person’s age and had a few thoughts of doubt at heart.

    What he naturally did not was when she was still young, her talent of possessing the Sword Communication Spirit Body was discovered by the higher levels of authority in the Heavenly Moon Sect and she was accepted by the sect without hesitation. She was groomed with the utmost care and with a large amount of resources. However, this matter was always concealed by the Heavenly Moon Sect up until recent years when there was no way to continue hiding it — they finally revealed some rumors to outsiders.

    Otherwise, no matter how high the talent this female had, there was no way for her to be able to successfully cultivate Sword Person as One, a remarkable ability, as a Spirit Apostle.

    However, at this moment, the rumbling of the faraway mountain finally stopped with a crack, and revealed the true form of what was hiding in it originally. Surprisingly, it was a huge black hand that held up the sky and threads of silver constantly flashed on it without stopping, as if the hand had hair.

    Seeing such a surprising scene, not only did Liu Ming feel cold at heart, even the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect became dumbstruck.

    A muffled bang could be heard from the faraway giant hand.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming’s heart actually also beat with it. At the same time, all of the blood in his body paused, as if it had completely stopped flowing.

    His expression changed greatly and without saying anything, he turned around. He activated the green light with all his strength, flying at the world of frost not far away.

    Almost at the same time, the expression of the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect also became pale as she fled in the same direction.

    As for the muffled sound from the giant mountain, it continued to be emitted consecutively — faster and faster, stronger and stronger. Every sound seemed to have an unbelieveable amount of power. After hearing it, people’s hearts could not help but start beating faster while their breathing became ragged.

    To those monster birds with low levels of cultivation, these muffled sounds had an even more surprising effect. After hearing the sounds, many monsters become powerless and their heads became droopy. They fell to the ground, unable to move.

    When the monsters with higher levels of cultivation heard the muffled sounds, although they did not lose their ability to move, they became extremely panic-stricken and fled in all directions, as if their lives depended on it. They did not even look back.

    Although the oldest monsters had only lived for several hundred of years, their fear of the giant hand was engraved in their blood from tens of thousands of years ago. A few monsters with higher intelligence vaguely knew, from the inheritance from generation to generation, the giant hand would hibernate for an extremely long amount of time before appearing again to slaughter all of them.

    Also, the stronger the monsters were, the harder it was to escape from the killing of the sky-upholding giant hand. On the other hand, if the existences with weaker strength hid away secretly, perhaps they could escape with their lives intact.

    Since it was like this, the monsters with the strongest strength naturally became even more frightened.

    As for the disciples of various sects that had entered the range of the giant hand, they were suddenly ambushed by the silver threads and were put into a disastrous and deadly situation. There were almost ten or so people that were not able to defend in time and were transformed into dry corpses.

    As for the other people with strong cultivations or abnormal sensory abilities, they all became caught with the other monsters, running away with their lives in fright.

    Some disciples with comparatively greater speeds had already dived head first into the world of frost, or even the area of magma.

    With a flash, Liu Ming and the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect entered the world that was snowing with the sky was covered in goose feathers. One was in front, and one was behind. At that moment, the sky-upholding giant hand behind them swayed a little and slowly emerged out of the ground, shaking the dirt and finally revealing the bottom half of it.

    Surprisingly, the sky-upholding giant had was cut off at the wrist, and in the center of the palm, there was a silver heart embedded in it. It beat slowly with a rhythm and a surprising “badump badump” sound could be heard from it.

    As it beat, the fingers of the sky-upholding giant hand slowly began to move, sometimes shaking slightly without stopping, sometimes bending and at other times twisting and turning…

    In the same time period, the five fingers actually did actions different from each other, as if they were five completely independent bodies.


    After beating quickly a few times, the silver heart in the center suddenly released a fog that was as dark as ink. At the same time, thick, black scales emerged, quickly covering the whole hand. From far away, it seemed very sinister.

    The moment when the silver heart suddenly released the black fog, Liu Ming, who was currently trudging through the goose feather-like snow and fleeing in the opposite direction, felt something in his Dantian suddenly jump. Immediately, he used his mental power to look into his body after a change in expression.

    As a result, in the next moment, his expression became extremely ugly.

    He only saw inside his Dantian, the mysterious bubble currently moved slightly without stopping and gave off a vague, weird feeling, as if it thirsted for something.

    Liu Ming did not have the time to carefully figure out the weird feeling the mysterious bubble gave out. He could only secretly swear before pulling out a Godly Transporting Glyph to place on himself.

    A dozen or so inscription lit up and the green light around Liu Ming immediately became thicker by one to two levels. At the same time, the Fa Li in his body exploded crazily and his whole body was enveloped by a black air bubble. He rushed through the sky and flew several tens of feet above the ground.

    Seeing this, the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect was slightly startled, but after thinking quickly, she also reluctantly pulled out a Glyph from her body. She then crushed it and rays of white light flowed out from within, condensing wildly onto her back.

    In the next moment, the female actually had an additional pair of white wings that were tens of feet long on her back. With a light flap, she shot forward covered in white light. Her speed seemed to be slightly faster than Liu Ming who was in front by a portion.

    “Not good, this is… Demonic Gas. Such strong Demonic Gas. This is an Ancient Demon’s Giant Palm. As for this place, it is not a natural secret realm and is rather a place from ancient times that was made by an ancient being to seal a limb of a giant demon.” The person who said this was actually the black-faced young man, who was trembling slightly. Beside him stood Yang Qian.

    With the strength of the two, they naturally escaped the attacks of the silver threads when the mountain first appeared and fled to this area.

    However, when the black-faced young man saw the sinister giant hand from far away, his whole face became extremely pale, as if he had seen a ghost. Inside his hand, he seemed to carry a weird round disc thing, which had a needle that spun crazily without stopping on it.

    “What ancient giant demon? Is it the owner of this giant hand?” Yang Qian, who was by his side was completely confused and asked quickly.

    “Don’t speak useless words, quickly run! If that giant hand is really left over from an ancient giant demon, perhaps even our martial ancestors will not be able to withstand a blow. If we do not quickly escape from the secret realm, death will be the only path left.” The black-faced young man spoke with great hurry before putting the round disc away. He immediately released a huge tiger puppet and pulled Yang Qian onto it before turning around and rushing straight at the world of frost.

    “What is an ancient giant demon? You say that even our martial ancestors are not their enemies, is that true?” Although Yang Qian had a few thoughts of doubt, he did not deny anything due to his trust in the black-faced young man. However, he formed a hand seal with one hand and released layers of rolling black air to protect him from behind before asking as he could not help it.

    “For matters regarding the ancient giant demons, I only read a tiny bit in an ancient book and cannot confirm that this palm is an ancient giant demon. However, all you need to know is that eighty to ninety-percent of the human race in the Yunchuan continent was once swallowed by an ancient giant demon.” The black-faced young man had a face full of anxiety. After quickly replying with a few words, he crazily activated the giant tiger puppet to sprint toward the snow and ice region.

    “What, eighty to ninety-percent of the humans of the whole continent were eaten by an ancient giant demon! You must be joking.” Hearing what was said, Yang Qian was completely shocked, and seemed to be unable to take it in at all.

    “This matter definitely cannot be fake. Even the current Sea Race and other special races were only the servants and slaves of that ancient giant demon. Anyway, it is not too late to discuss the other matters after we survive.” The black-faced young man gave a bitter smile, and did not continue to answer the question.

    Hearing what was said, Yang Qian’s expression constantly changed for a while.


    One covered in rolling gray air and one covered in blood fog, Feng Chan and Gao Chong currently flew for their lives over a field of burning hot lava.

    Behind them, there was a suddenly sky-shattering sound. After being startled, they could not help but turn around to look at the same time.

    What they saw was that not far away, there was a scarlet red ball of light, which shot toward them like a crossbow bolt. Its speed was extremely surprising.

    “It actually is him, Shi Chuan!”

    After seeing the person in the scarlet light clearly, Feng Chan immediately spoke with a peculiar expression.

    Hearing what was said, Gao Chong’s expression also slightly changed.

    Seeing the ball of light that was transformed by Shi Chuan fly over, the two glanced at each other. Feng Chan suddenly moved and actually immediately blocked the path which Shi Chuan was about to shoot past. He carried an evil smile and spoke loudly, “Junior Shi Chuan, wait, I have matters to discuss with you.”