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Chapter 137 – Sudden Change

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 137 – Sudden Change

    On a huge boulder at the top of a mountain, the young girl from the Heaven Moon Sect gently slid her snow-white sword into its scabbard. She took out a pill and popped it into her mouth. She immediately sat cross-legged as she began to meditate in order to recover and stabilize her breath.

    Not far from the huge boulder, on the ground underneath, lay the cut-in-half corpse of a thirty-foot-long Iron Feathered Hawk. With only half of its iron feathers left, blood poured out endlessly in a “gu gu” sound from the various wounds along its body.

    Sometime later, when the young girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect slightly recovered the color in her face, she heard a deafening sound coming from below the mountain peak. She saw a cloud of blood fog rushing up to her.


    A quite worn-out Xue Ci emerged quickly from the blood fog. He stumbled and almost fell to the ground close to the huge boulder.

    The girl from the Heaven Moon Sect opened her beautiful eyes from her deep meditation. She quickly scanned the man in the blood robes and softly spoke, “Looking at you, you probably finished off the other Iron Feathered Hawk, right?”

    “Yes I did. If I hadn’t, I would not have been able to come back alive.” Standing stably now, Xue Ci replied fiercely to the girl from the Heaven Moon Sect as he stared intensely at her.

    From his tone it seemed that the girl had given him quite a hardship to endure.

    “Hmph! If I hadn’t initially deeply wounded that Iron Feathered Hawk, I wouldn’t have let you lure it away. It is absurd that you think that you alone are capable of defeating a Spirit Bird whose strength matches that of a Peak Spirit Apostle!” The girl from the Heaven Moon Sect snorted as she countered his response.

    “Yet even if you decided to use me as bait, wouldn’t it be better if you told me beforehand?” Xue Ci angrily questioned her.

    “Tell you? If I really told you the plan, would you still obediently lure that monster away? I’m afraid to say that if I told you, it is highly likely that you would be hiding. Watching in delight as I get attacked by two Iron Feathered Hawks.” Without reserve, the girl from the Heaven Moon Sect responded.

    “These are merely your speculations. How would you know that I would do such a thing at that moment?!” Xue Ci asked, becoming even more enraged.

    “So what if it’s my speculation! Don’t tell me that you want to fight me now!” The girl from the Heaven Moon Sect narrowed her eyes and replied icily.

    The man in the red robes suddenly became a greenish pale as he heard her words. Staring dead straight at the girl for almost an eternity, he took a deep breath.

    “Okay then… I’ll let this pass. Let’s talk after we share the Iron Feathered Hawk spirit eggs.”

    “You could’ve said that earlier. Let’s go!” The girl from the Heaven Moon Sect smiled coldly as she made a one-handed sign and flew to a distant, enormous tree that was more than four hundred feet tall.

    On that enormous tree were two impressively built massive bird nests each with diameters of tens of feet. The two nests hugged each other tightly and were built from strands of dried up branches.

    Seeing this, Xue Ci covered himself in a cloud of blood fog and swiftly followed.

    In one bird’s nest, there lay two watermelon-sized light gray eggs. The other only had one egg.

    “Perfect! There really are three eggs. This saves me some trouble.” Seeing such circumstances, the girl from the Heaven Moon Sect muttered some words and took out her Sumeru Handkerchief. Shrinking the two Spirit Eggs and wrapping them in the handkerchief, she floated away without paying any attention to Xue Ci.

    As Xue Ci icily stared at the back of the leaving young girl, he did not have any incentive to say anything to stop her. Only when her figure disappeared in the distance did he finally snort in bitter resentment and took the leftover Iron Feathered Hawk egg.

    A period of time later, standing on a gray cloud flying down, the girl from the Heaven Moon Sect suddenly faintly muttered, “Are you sure that guy is very dangerous? Leaving him will cost me greatly.”

    “The Hall of Blood is the second strongest sect after the Heavenly Moon Sect. Additionally, Xue Ci is also the greatest senior in his generation at the Hall of Blood; his real strength is far more than what you see on the outside. If it weren’t for the formidable power of your Sword Person as One, I’m afraid that he might dispute your intentions.”

    As the voice faded, the pouch on the girl’s waist wiggled slightly and a green light whirled and shot out revealing a brightly-colored parrot. Perching on the girl’s shoulders, it arrogantly spouted more words of wisdom, “However, you were still able to obtain these two Iron Feathered Hawk eggs, which is quite the harvest. Under my help, it won’t be long until we breed and raise them into Spirit Birds. With their help along with the coordination of your Sword Person as One, I believe that you’ll face little to no adversaries in the entire Yunchuan Continent. As for my capabilities, breeding two Iron Feathered Hawks is already my limit; even if we obtained one more, it would not be useful to us. Under such circumstances, it is not worth it to take more risks.”

    “Okay, I’ll leave the Spirit Eggs to you. I know that you won’t let me down.” Listening to the words of her companion, the girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect nodded her head and urged the gray cloud she stood on to fly down toward a nearby cliff.

    Surprisingly, on that cliff grew an oddly-looking dark green tree. Countless rows of grape like berries were hidden underneath.

    Flying near the tree, the young girl outstretched her lily-white hands in an attempt to pick one bunch of the berries.

    Yet just at this moment, a “chi chi” sound rang through the air as densely packed silver lines shot without warning from the rock wall to the side.

    Stunned, the young girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect froze in shock. Yet the snow-white sword behind her back shot out from its scabbard in a brisk cry. Emitting an icy white light, the edges of the sword also enlarged several feet.


    The collision from the icy white light and the silver threads knocked back the young girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect many feet.

    Letting out an enraged scream, the girl called the snow-white sword back into her hands.

    At the same time, a deafening sound boomed from the stone wall as more silver threads shot through.

    Not saying anything further, the girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect waved her longsword in the air, emitting thick icy-cold lights that transformed into four to five layers of protection screens before her.

    A series of muffled sounds rang through the air as each layer of protection screen was broken through, emitting a force that caused the girl to step back.

    In the blink of an eye, the girl took many steps back as all her protection screens were broken through.

    Seeing such circumstances, the girl raised her eyebrows, leveled her longsword before her body and took a deep breath. She planned to put to use the true power of her sword techniques to deal with these silver threads.

    Yet at this moment, in an ear-splitting “peng,” the stone wall broke into pieces, releasing thousands of silver threads. In a violent dance, the threads shot at the girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect in a densely packed silver frenzy.

    For a moment, as far as the eye could see were flashes and flickers of silver. It was like being in a rainstorm of silver threads.

    “This isn’t good. Let’s run. This is not something you can handle!” The colorful parrot shouted and wildly beat its wings as it saw this situation.

    “I know!” Turning pale the young girl responded. Energy surged through her body, becoming a beam of dense blade light that shot behind the young girl. In a few flashes, she had escaped hundreds of feet away.

    Chasing from behind, forty or fifty feet away, the silver threads ensued but eventually lost momentum and were recalled.

    At this time, the young girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect looked back at the cliff, her face lingering with unprecedented fear.

    Yet in the next moment, a continuous beastly howl suddenly filled the air — its origin seemed to be that nearby cliff.

    Subsequently, everywhere she could see with her own eyes, she witnessed all sizes of monster beasts emerge frantically from countless hidden caves. From pythons of many tens of feet to monster rats no bigger than a fist, all were eager to rush out of their respective caves.

    The moment of monster frenzy, the countless silver threads that were shot through the caves penetrated most of the bodies of the monster beasts. Some of the pierced monsters twitched slightly before they were turned into shriveled corpses.

    The rest of the monster beasts did not care about anything and madly rushed down the mountain. Yet they didn’t get far as they were penetrated and killed by silver threads shot from nearby rocks next to them.

    Only those monster beasts who were capable of flying successfully escaped the mountain. Seeing the chaos underneath, many frantically flew even further, expressing their fear in odd bird like shrieks.

    The girl from the Heavenly Moon Sect kept a cool head. Yet after seeing the massacre underneath her, she couldn’t help but feel startled.

    Just when she decided to turn her head to the parrot and ask a question, the entire mountain groaned and seemed to tremble ever so slightly. In a rumbling boom, the entire mountain started to disintegrate. Countless sizes of rocks tumbled down in earth-shattering chaos as even more silver threads were shot from the five mountain tops, dancing violently in the air.

    At this time, the girl did not feel the urge to ask the parrot anything anymore. Without hesitation, she turned and hurriedly flew away from the entire mountain.

    The same scenes were occuring on the other mountain peaks in the distance. Countless monsters rushed from their peaks in a chaotic frenzy, trying to escape the mountains in all directions.

    Over in the heart of the secret realm, the enormous mountain with various peaks suddenly became alive.

    Covered in a green-colored layer, Liu Ming was thinking of escaping through the air. His speed was many times faster than that of those with the normal Soaring Sky Technique.

    Yet all around him were surprisingly dozens of fierce-looking unknown bird-like monsters, who also had intentions of escaping through the air.

    These monster beasts would usually pounce on this closeby “food” without hesitation. However in this case, they did not even bother turning their heads in interest as all were frantically beating their wings.

    In one breath, Liu Ming flew several kilometers away. As he felt more relaxed after covering much distance, he stopped for a moment and looked back at the mountain behind him.

    Not long ago, he had discovered a precious ore. Upon finding the ore, he ran into a pangolin monster beast. Between the exchanges, a barrage of silver threads shot at them from all directions.

    The pangolin monster did not stand a chance as it was penetrated quickly in thousands of places by the silver threads. Soon enough the monster had its blood and flesh sucked out, transforming into a shriveled up corpse.

    Fortunately, Liu Ming had activated the Blood Vine Technique immediately and instantly received protection from his Glyph armor. Thanks to this, the silver threads were blocked, and the moment before the mountain collapsed, he used the Godly Transportation Talisman to escape.