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Chapter 134 – Resting Dir

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 134 – Resting Dirt

    TL: It was mentioned in the past with the Spirit Farms. If you do not remember look over Chapter 29.

    After examining the peach for a long time, other than the fact that the object in his hand was slightly smaller than the average peach, it really did not have any other apparent abnormal areas.

    It was probably because of this reason that any previous person who visited this area would not have known that these peaches were actually spirit fruit. Otherwise there definitely would not be a single peach left on these trees.

    He immediately picked up a few Spirit Peaches and shoved them into his robes before using the Sumeru Handkerchief to collect up the rest. Liu Ming then looked at a nearby peach tree and walked over as if he had thought up of something. He used his arms to hug the trunk of the spirit tree and used all of the power in his body to suddenly shake it.

    With a muffled bang, the entire peach tree shook a few times but did not actually break.

    Liu Ming was surprised at heart and with a sudden change in direction with his arms, he used power to change from shaking to pulling.

    Although the spirit tree shook slightly and countless tree leaves fell down, the large tree still remained deeply entrenched in the ground. It seemed to not have been pulled loose at all.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming did not become mad and instead became happy.

    Releasing the hug and with the shake of his sleeve, a short, azure sword appeared in his hand. After turning around and walking to the center spot of the dozen or so peach trees, his wrist suddenly trembled. Many waves of azure Sword Qi cut forward in a pattern that became interwoven.

    A short while later, Liu Ming used the Sword Qi to forcefully cut out a huge ditch that was thirty to forty feet deep. After seeing thick, dense roots that continued down in the dirt to an unknown depth, the happy expression on his face became more intense.

    He immediately used Sword Qi to cut into the ground without stop. He dug until there was a seventy to eighty foot deep hole through the roots. Only then did he finally find a ball of a light golden object, similar to clay, hidden in the countless, dense roots.

    Seeing the light golden clay, he could not help but gaze at it with great happiness.

    After sucking in a deep breath, he immediately retrieved a jade box. With the shake of his sleeve, a gentle force came from within. It completely pulled the light golden clay out of its resting place and put it steadily into the box.

    Liu Ming then bent over and pulled out a root half a foot long from the nearby soil that had been previously cut. With a tremble of the wrist, he pushed it into the light golden clay.

    An unbelieveable scene occurred.

    The moment the root made contact with the light golden clay, it stood up perfectly straight and completely turned green. Afterward, it began to germinate and bud at a speed observable with the naked eye as a thin twig slowly began to grow out of it.

    “It is indeed Resting Dirt! Otherwise those normal peach trees would not mutate into heavenly or earthly-spirit tree existences. The fruit they normally bore could not possibly have the effects of increasing Fa Li. If the Resting Dirt was taken to the outside world, a bunch of Spirit Plant Masters and Alchemists would go crazy for it.” Liu Ming murmured with intense happiness, and with the movement of one hand, he pulled the root out of the golden clay. He then closed the lid of the box, putting it away with extreme care.

    If it were not for him previously reading a book that had mentioned it, perhaps he would have never have thought of digging deep into the earth to look for this item. Only deep underground in an area where ten or more spirit trees grew would there be a slight chance of finding Resting Dirt.

    This Resting Dirt seemed to be unremarkable in the slightest, but in the outside world, every ounce would be worth over tens of thousands of Spirit Stone. Also, it was a rare item of high demand that was of limited supply.

    Although Resting Dirt had an unbelieveable effect of decreasing the maturing time and increasing the medicinal effects of spirit medicine, it was also a necessary item to create a Totem grade pill cauldron. Even if a little bit of Resting Dirt were put into a normal, low level pill cauldron, one that was Practitioner Weapon grade, it would instantly become a pill cauldron that reached the upper limits of the Practitioner Weapon grade.

    The meaning of a Totem level pill cauldron to an Alchemist was something every practitioner clearly understood.

    For example, if there was a choice between ten Totems that were not low quality and a low level totem cauldron, any Alchemist would chose the latter without the slightest hesitation.

    This was due to the fact that if an Alchemist had a Totem grade pill cauldron, that could be refined and linked with their own consciousness, the chance of success for any alchemist when making pills could increase by a quarter, or even as much as a third.

    With such a great amplification effect, a Totem cauldron was a treasure that any Alchemist would dream of possessing.

    Also, the Resting Dirt was abnormally heavy. The clump that Liu Ming had just put away was only the size of a fist but it was actually over three pounds.

    Just looking at its value, the Resting Dirt had already exceeded all of Liu Ming’s harvests from before.

    However, if this item were to be seen by other people — perhaps even disciples of the same sect, such as Yang Qian — they would not be able to help but fight over it, people from other sects would be even more tempted.

    Liu Ming forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart, and with a movement of his body, he flew out of the hole like a feather, returning above ground. However, when he looked around, he could not help but be slightly startled.

    He saw that the dozen or so peach trees had all become extremely wilted and all of the leaves had fallen. He could not see the slightest color of green from any of the trees at all.

    Liu Ming quickly thought of a solution before suddenly forming hand signs with two hands. A dozen or so fireballs shot out in all directions.

    In that moment, all of the peach trees were enveloped by the rolling flames and turned into black ash.

    Liu Ming did not stop there. The short azure sword in his hand shined once more as a series of seven or eight waves of Sword Qi cut at the huge hole in the center of the platform.

    The whole terrace was immediately covered in ruthless linear ditches out of nowhere, destroying everything nearby. There was not a single trace left of how it looked originally.

    Only once he was finished did Liu Ming put the short azure sword away with satisfaction. He turned around and returned to the cave. He began to meditate, refining the pure Yuan Li from the peach he had eaten earlier.

    Two hours later, when Liu Ming once again opened his eyes, he displayed a serious expression on his face.

    The Yuan Li within the flesh of the Spirit Peach was purer than he had originally suspected, so he was able to completely refine it in this short period of time. However, the Fa Li he had converted was not a lot, only enough to make up around a month’s worth of hard training.

    Luckily he had close to a hundred of these Spirit Peaches from this harvest. As long as he ate half of them, they would be enough to boost his Fa Li all the way to the peak tier of a Late Spirit Apostle.

    However, if these Spirit Peaches were taken out, he would have to hand over a large portion to the sect. If this happened, his plan of increasing his Fa Li would be ruined.

    It seemed that he had to find a chance to eat a large portion of these Spirit Peaches a few days before leaving the Secret Realm.

    Liu Ming thought about this before he stood up to leave the cave. He continued to look for other Spirit medicines on the mountain.


    The Lan brother and sister opened their eyes at almost the same time. After looking each other in the eyes, they directly flew to the mountain peak without saying a word.

    An hour later, the two of them stood in a spacious area, that was the highest point on the mountain peak, and looked around.

    “Brother, we will rely on your sensory abilities next.” The cute girl spoke in a serious manner, directing her words to her brother.

    “Don’t worry. Even if it was hiding in a place tens of thousands of feet underground, I will still be able to find it.” The male spoke with an enthusiastic glint in his eyes. Subsequently, he closed his eyes and began forming hands signs with his two hands at lightning speed. At the same time, light blue inscriptions appeared with a flash on the two sides of his face.

    Between words, the male began to slowly walk around. Although his eyes were closed, he still walked around a few large trees that blocked the way, as if he could see everything normally. He walked step by step, in a certain direction.

    The cute girl raised an eyebrow and followed closely without making a sound.

    After the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, the male of the Sea Race suddenly stopped and called out with some excitement, “It should be around here!”

    As soon as he finished speaking, he opened his eyes, but after seeing the huge object in front of him was, he could not help but be slightly stupefied.

    In front of him stood a huge, grayish-white boulder that was over a hundred feet tall.

    “Brother, is this really where you sensed it?” After looking at the boulder in front of her a few times, the cute girl spoke with her eyebrows knit.

    “It should be correct.” The male of the Sea Race walked around the huge rock a couple of time as he spoke with a serious tone.

    “Then it will be easy. Won’t it be clear if we break the rock and check if there is anything inside?” The cute girl spoke with a light laugh.

    “What sister has said is reasonable. Stand back.” The male immediately nodded. After crushing a Glyph from his sleeve, a thick, blue light barrier appeared around his body. With a deep breath and his fingers apart, he pushed both of his palms into the boulder at the same time.

    In the next moment, his ten fingers trembled slightly and ten weird vibration waves entered the boulder without a sound.

    After a bang, the huge, grayish-white rock fell apart into a pile of loose rocks.

    The male immediately flew back around a hundred feet with the sway of his body before slightly nervously looking at the loose rock at the same time as the cute girl.

    However, it was empty inside, without even a trace of the shadow of the scarlet serpent.

    TL: Chinese dragons look like serpents, aka snakes

    With this, the Sea Race male could not help but really stare blankly.

    As for the cute girl, she walked toward the pile of rocks after a flash of light appeared in her eyes. After a little inspection, she suddenly picked up an item.

    It was actually a glittering scale that was the size of a hand. It flashed with a faint, red light.

    “Dragon scale! Impossible, don’t tell me the thing I sensed was this item?” Seeing this, the Sea Race male could not help but become surprised and angry at the same time.

    “That is not necessarily true. The dragon aura a normal dragon scale has is next to nothing and could not draw brother here. Unless it is one of the few Inverted Scales from the neck of the scarlet dragon!” The cute girl spoke slowly.

    “Inverted scale? That is even more impossible. Every Inverted Scale is an item only second in importance to the dragon’s bead for a dragon; how could it just abandon it here?” The Sea Race male was extremely surprised.

    “It really is like this. However, if the Scarlet Dragon was in a state where death was near, just a single Inverted Scale naturally could not be counted as anything. Brother, you should first clean up these loose rocks and see if there is anything below.” The cute girl smiled a little before giving her input.


    The Sea Race male immediately spread out his two arms and a huge force immediately erupted out of his body. It forcefully pushed most of the loose rocks away.

    Below the rocks, a black hole in the dirt was revealed.

    “There are indeed other mysterious mechanisms below. The Scarlet Dragon must be hiding within.” Seeing this, the Sea Race male immediately spoke lowly with excitement.

    “If the Scarlet Dragon is really in there, Brother must be extra careful.” After a small flash of light through the cute girl’s eyes, she warned him.

    “I naturally know this.” With the shake of his sleeve, a glistening, short blade immediately appeared in the hand of the Sea Race male. After replying seriously, he formed a hand sign with a single hand and a fire ball was first shot into the huge cave.