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Chapter 130 – Exterminating Apes (Five)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 130 – Exterminating Apes (Five)

    Liu Ming was hidden in a large tree as he silently watched the mountain that was not too far away.

    In a place less than a few hundred feet from him was the Six Miasma Illusion Formation that Yang Qian had placed down earlier.

    The restriction formation did not have any effects that could damage the enemy and only restricted the enemy through illusory effects. All in all, it was still extremely simple and could be easily broken by those who had some knowledge in formations. However, this formation was more than enough to trap a monster ape for a period of time.

    Liu Ming pondered a little before he retracted his gaze and looked at another small tree that stood nearby.

    That tree seemed normal but in reality, it was one of Jin Yu’s puppet beasts transformations. He was currently hiding inside of the transformed puppet beast.

    It seemed that he had learned a tactic of Senior Yun’s to be able to use this kind of hiding technique.

    It seemed as though these puppet beasts were really quite useful. If he had the chance, he would consider buying a few puppets that had assistance abilities. They definitely might be of use in the future.

    Liu Ming thought up to this point and could not help but think about his last visit to Wei Zhou Market, he actually saw a few puppets for sale. However, their prices were not cheap at all.

    He did not realize that within his dantian, there was something the size of a soybean that continuously flickered. Surprisingly, it was that mysterious bubble that should have disappeared.

    It was unknown when the mysterious bubble unsuspectingly appeared in Liu Ming’s Dantain once again. Liu Ming had not noticed it in the slightest.

    Not long after, there was a prolonged roar that came from the peak of the mountain.

    Even though it was relatively far away, Liu Ming could still hear it clearly. A chill ran through his heart. Once he returned to his active state of mind, he looked toward the peak of the mountain once again.

    The roaring from the mountain continued, becoming louder and clearer. It was obvious that it was not the sound of a single monster ape. In addition, it seemed that all the apes were traveling at an extremely fast speed down from the mountain.

    After a few breaths, a cloud of black air and ball of silver light descended from the sky from the direction of the mountain.

    Impressively, there was a huge skeletal bird in the midst of the black air with sharp claws tightly grabbing both sides of Yang Qian’s shoulders. In the silver light was the black-faced young man, who flew down with a pair of silver wings flapping rapidly on his back.

    The duo only swayed a few times before they reached the foot of the mountain. They suddenly made an immediate change in direction and rushed straight at the dense forest.

    Almost at the same time, countless boulders were suddenly hurled from the top of the mountain, viciously smashing the area the duo previously occupied. A few large ditches around several tens of feet long immediately appeared.

    Subsequently, with an angry cry, four blurry shadows, one golden, one black and two gray, appeared from high above.

    After a few bangs, the four monster apes firmly landed on the ground nearby. The golden monster ape let out a deep roar, and hurriedly chased after the Yang Qian duo with a speed that made it seem like it was flying.

    The Yang Qian duo, who were in front, were not all that panicked. After all, the formation was not far away, and after gauging the distance between them and the monster apes behind them, there was obviously more than enough time.

    However when the duo arrived at a distance less than two hundred feet away from the dense forest, something unforeseen occurred.

    After a deep growl, the golden monster ape suddenly rushed sideways and leaped onto the shoulders of the huge, black ape. It then immediately curled its body.

    The black monster ape moved both its hands without saying anything and abruptly grabbed onto one of the calves of the golden monster ape that was still ten feet tall. It began spinning its body wildly in the same spot before suddenly releasing both hands.

    The golden monster ape shot directly in front of the black-faced youngster like a boulder!

    If the golden monster ape, with its ruthless power, hit the black-faced young man, if the black-faced young man did not immediately die, he would be badly hurt.

    The black-faced young man was obviously paying attention to the situation behind him. After seeing the maneuver clearly, he was greatly alarmed and could only suddenly flap the silver wings on his back. With the sway of his body, he dodged to one side.


    The golden monster ape brushed past the black-faced young man and suddenly spread its four limbs, landing firmly at the edge of the dense forest. It then raised its head and looked at the Yang Qian duo. It actually revealed a ferocious expression at the two.

    Such a scene occurring before their eyes chilled the hearts of the Yang Qian duo, causing them to stop in their tracks without realizing.

    After all, the extensive abilities of the golden monster ape meant that facing it alone was impossible.

    However, with this delay, the three monster apes behind them had leaped a few times and gradually neared where Yang Qian was.

    “Not good. There has been a change of plans. We need to go help them!” Liu Ming, who was a person that had lived through countless life or death fights, knew at a glance that the Yang Qian duo were in a predicament. Without any further thoughts, he yelled at Jin Yu softly. With a twist of his body, he turned into a shadow, flying out of the dense forest.

    Jin Yu, who was originally hiding in his puppet, saw this and also hurriedly put away his transforming puppet. With the shake of his sleeve, three round balls were thrown out, and with a blur, they transformed into three huge azure wolf puppets that followed close behind Liu Ming.

    It was obvious that the huge, golden monster ape heard the sounds from behind. It immediately turned its head and looked at Liu Ming and the three puppet beasts with aggressive eyes. It immediately revealed its fangs and let out a deep, threatening growl.

    “Brother Yun, Jin Yu, Liu Ming, deal with the three monster apes behind first. Let me lure this golden ape into the formation.” It was no wonder that Yang Qian was the top senior of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. He thought quickly and was able to come up with a counter strategy right away.

    He immediately formed a hand seal with one hand and the huge bone bird above him immediately transformed again within the black air. With a blur, it turned into a huge bone ghost with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It then took the lead to rush at the opposing golden monster ape with huge steps. At the same time, a small, white bone bow appeared in his hand with the tremble of Yang Qiang’s sleeve. After the black air around him rolled and condensed, it once again transformed into a huge black hand, striking the golden ape. After Liu Ming and the others heard what was said, they naturally all moved individually. Rushing to separate monster apes, they began to fight.

    The opposing golden ape raised its head and gave off a loud roar, suddenly banging its two fists on its chest. Its hairs stood on end as it transformed into an enormous creature forty feet tall. It suddenly threw a punch at the huge black hand without making a noise. At the same time, it raised its big foot and stomped at the bull-headed bone ghost with lightning speed.

    Plop! Bang!

    The giant black hand immediately dissolved after being hit, and the bull-headed bone ghost had to use both arms to receive the blow. In the end, it was still blown away by the huge foot, like it was unable to take a single hit at all.

    Yang Qian was shocked and without hesitating, he suddenly waved the skeletal bow in the breeze and it became several tens of feet large. Pulling it back, countless black gases rapidly surged inward to form a black arrow.

    Releasing his hand, the black arrow vanished into thin air with a blur.

    Almost at the same time, the huge golden monster ape suddenly opened its mouth and a white sonic wave whirled out.

    There was the sound of tearing!

    The black arrow appeared in an area only a few inches away from the giant ape out of nowhere. It only advanced a few more inches in the sound wave before stopping midair without a sound.


    The huge ape waved its hand like lightning and caught the black arrow in the air with its hand. With some power, it was directly crushed and exploded.

    Yang Qian, who was on the other side, could not help but have a hint of dismay flash across his eyes. His heart sank and he knew that he had underestimated this monster ape a little too much. The strength of the ape was not something one or two people could face against at all.

    Fortunately, he did not need to recklessly face the monster ape head on. As long as he rushed into the dense forest behind the ape, he could lure it into the formation.

    That was what Yang Qian thought at heart. He immediately began murmuring and the black air began whirling crazily around his body, seeming as though it was moving with amazing momentum.

    The huge, golden-furred ape strode directly in Yang Qian’s direction like a meteorite.

    However, huge whooshing sounds could be heard and five shadows, that seemed exactly the same, flew out of the black air, flying off in different directions.

    Seeing this, the gold ape was slightly startled at first, but almost instantly began stamping in fury. It suddenly grabbed four handfuls of dirt from the ground and the piles of dirt immediately transformed into four green stones.

    “Hu, hu!”

    The huge ape hurled the four green-colored stones at lighting speed!

    As a result, four of the shadows were smashed by the huge stones. They were immediately destroyed, fragmenting like popped bubbles.

    There was only one shadow left, which flickered and immediately disappeared into the forest without a trace.

    Seeing this, the large, golden monster ape howled in fury. Without hesitation, it jumped up and chased the shadow into the jungle.

    After a short while, when the huge, golden monster ape followed Yang Qian into the middle of a bunch of large trees, the surroundings suddenly began to fluctuate. Countless clouds of black gas rolled in crazily from all directions, covering up all of its surroundings.

    The huge, golden monster ape was shocked, but it still continued to charge forward. However, after a series of continuous leaps, it just reappeared again in the empty space in the center of the black air.

    It was very obvious that the intelligence of this monster ape was not high enough to comprehend what was going on. After a few low growls, it once again dashed around the black air in a rampage several times. However, it still returned to its original position in confusion.

    This made the ape fly into a huge rage!

    Outside the formation, Yang Qian stood atop a large tree and looked down at the situation inside the restriction. He could not help but let out a soft smile . He immediately turned his body and was about to leave the dense forest to meet up with the black-faced youngster.

    However, at this moment, there was a sudden, huge rumbling sound from behind, causing the nearby area and trees to suddenly shake.

    Yang Qian was caught off guard and almost fell from the tree.

    In a fit, he quickly looked in the direction of the formation. The results caused a big change in his expression.

    He saw the golden monster ape pull out a huge, silver stave, sixty to seventy feet in length, out of nowhere and repeatedly swung it around crazily and angrily in the black air. It caused the nearby ground and the entire formation to become on the verge of collapsing.

    The blind actions of this monster ape were originally only out of anger, but the random swinging turned into an action of forcefully breaking through the restriction with strength.

    If it was a true, powerful illusion formation, this type of force would not be able to affect it at all.

    However, this Six Yin Illusions Formation casted by the set of formation flags placed down by Yang Qian was too simple and crude. It could not withstand the crazy swinging of the monster ape.

    In a state of shock, Yang Qian did not have time to think about anything as he abruptly retrieved a small black flag. Taking flight, he actually disappeared into the formation.

    A short while later, six black beams of light suddenly emerged from the black air. The formation, which was originally about to collapse, hummed and became stable again.

    Impressively, Yang Qian was currently using a supportive formation flag to use his own Fa Li to support the formation and he had done made such a decision without hesitation.