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Chapter 128 – Exterminating Apes (Three)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 128 – Exterminating Apes (Three)

    “Not bad, my speed should be several times faster than when I first entered the Secret Realm.” Liu Ming mumbled to himself with words full of joy.

    There was no surprise to that!

    These were the results without the aid of any Secret Techniques. If he used other amplification techniques, his speed would be even faster, to a level that was hard to believe.

    It was no wonder this Levitation Grass could be ranked among the top Spirit Objects, the effects were indeed frightening.

    In addition, this grass seemed to also have the side effect of nullifying poison and calming the heart. The consequence of these changes could not be measured easily or quantifiably. Perhaps only when he encountered relevant problems would the two really display their impact!

    Liu Ming thought a little again.

    In the remaining time, he decided against remaining in the cave. Instead he slightly organized the items on him before leaving unhurriedly.


    Close to a mountain that was perfectly straight, a ball of light orbited around the mountain peak and behind it followed two monstrous hawks, one big and one small. The four wings flapped in the wind without stopping, rapdily chasing.

    The three had already orbited the mountain peak seven or eight times in the blink of an eye, and without realizing, they had left the mountain peak and descended to the foot of the mountain. The birds behind seemed to almost catch up to what they were chasing in front.

    Suddenly, from the white light, a tender shout could be heard and a cold, white light rolled out. The two monstrous hawks behind seemed to suffer from something and immediately flapped their two sets of wings wildly with sharp cries. Only like this were they able to forcefully evade the cold light.

    At this moment, a ray of blood red light appeared from the nearby steep cliff, the cliff had seemed empty before, and with a flash, it transformed into a huge, blood red blade several tens of feet long. The blade chopped toward the slightly smaller monstrous bird.

    The smaller monstrous bird hurriedly flapped its two wings with great surprise and there was an immediate “chi chi” sound. Immediately, large feathers from it shot out like torrential rain.

    An immediate chain of explosions occurred when the blood red light came into contact with the feathers and hundreds to thousands of small holes were pierced through it. However, the remaining blood red light continued to fly at the smaller monstrous bird without stopping at all.

    With a “hong”, the other monstrous bird that rushed over and flapped a wing to hit the remaining blood red light, dispersing it.

    However, at this moment, a cold voice could suddenly be heard from within the ball of white light.

    “Sword person as one!”

    As soon as the voice stopped, a blurry shadow in the ball of white light seemed to move. Consequently, an otherworldly rainbow light flashed out, shooting toward the huge monstrous bird.

    Before the rainbow light had even started to approach the huge monstrous bird, the bird had felt a life threatening danger and it beat its two wings crazily in a hurried fashion to immediately avoid the light. However, the blood red light that had originally been dispersed by the strike from earlier suddenly turned blurry and transformed into strings of blood red silk, quickly entangling the body of the bird. The strands tightened, causing the bird to be unable to move.

    Because of the moment of delay, the cold rainbow light flashed through the body of the giant monstrous bird, and with a turn, it quickly looped around the smaller monstrous bird in the same lightning fast fashion.

    As the light of the sparkling sword dispersed, a young female wearing the robes of the Heavenly Moon Sect appeared.

    Carrying a snow white longsword in her hand, she was extremely pale. It was obvious that the previous strike seemed to consume a large amount of Fa Li.

    At this moment, fresh blood suddenly spurted out of the bodies of the two monstrous birds. They transformed into four halves and dropped from the sky.

    “Junior Zhang, what powerful powers you have. The feathers on the Iron Feathered Hawks cannot be easily cut through even with my blood sword and yet Junior Sister cut through the two of them at the same time with one blow. But is Junior sister alright? Your expression does not look very good!” From the blood mist by the steep cliff, a man in blood red robes suddenly appeared and spoke to the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect with a light laugh.

    “Why don’t you try and see whether I can still use the secret technique of Sword Person as One?” Hearing what was said, the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect replied with a cold laugh.

    “Sigh… Junior Sister worries too much. I only casually asked a question. However, we spent a lot of effort and finally finished off half of the Iron Feathered Hawks. There are now only two more left on the mountain. After Junior Sister has rested, how about we bluntly kill our way to the mountain top in one breath, getting rid of them with one final flourish.” The light in Xue Ci’s eyes flashed slightly before hurriedly sighing and asking.

    “The strength of the remaining two Iron Feathered Hawks cannot be compared with the two just now. If you can finish off one by yourself, I do not mind finishing off the other one.” The female from the Heavenly Moon Sect shot a glance at the blood red-robed young man before replying plainly.

    “Junior Zhang must be joking, I wasn’t even able to handle the one before, so I naturally am not able to handle the two on the mountain.” Hearing what was said, Xue Ci forced a smile.

    “Hmph, since it is like this, don’t mention anything like directly killing our way up. We naturally still need plans to handle the remaining two Iron Feathered Hawks. However, before this, it is important for me to first recover my Fa Li.” The female from the Heavenly Moon Sect replied with the sound of a hmph before voicing the rest of her reply. She then flew toward a small patch of forest far away by herself without a care.

    Seeing the female flying away, his expression became gloomy, but after a few flashes in his eyes, he snorted in secret and walked with big steps in the opposite direction.


    On the tallest mountain peak in the middle, Feng Chan, Gao Chong, and another seven Spirit Apostles currently fought against a huge monster together.

    This beast had the head of a lion, the body of a tiger, and was a whopping fifty feet in length. It was covered in light blue scales and had a pair of purple red-fleshed wings on its back. It spat countless fire balls the size of bowls out of its mouth that made the surroundings become a sea of flames, causing the people surrounding it to become battered and exhausted.

    No matter what type of spell or weapon the Spirit Apostle surrounding it used as soon as the attack came within several feet from the body of the beast, it would be hit and dispersed by a spark of blue lightning that appeared nearby with a bang.

    This monster was actually a Spirit Beast that had innate lightning and fire attributes.

    If it weren’t for the large number of people surrounding it and the many Glyphs that were specially prepared beforehand to counter the power of lightning and fire, there would already have been deaths and injuries occurring.

    However, even with such preparations, the protective barriers started to show signs of wearing off and disappearing. Finally a person who seemed to be in a bad position, gave a loud shout of “retreat” and all of the people immediately rushed down the mountain as quick as they could.

    Seeing this situation, the lion-headed, tiger-bodied monster was first slightly startled. Following its first reaction seemed to be extreme anger. It suddenly opened its mouth wide and instead of spitting out fireballs, it shot out an extremely abnormal, thick blue lightning bolt. With a flash, it heavily struck the body of a Fusion Sect disciple, who had just begun to fly. The barrier around his body as well as his body immediately became a pile of black ash.

    Subsequently, the flesh wings on the monster’s back suddenly flapped and it hurriedly chased a disciple from the Hall of Blood.

    An hour later, there were only seven disciples that had gathered under a huge tree. A large portion of them had abnormally pale expressions.

    “Who would have thought that the Lion Tiger Beast is actually more terrifying than what the legend says. Perhaps only Spirit Masters can handle it. Our actions from before were really too rash and risky.” A disciple of the Heavenly Moon sect looked left and right at the other people before slowly voicing his thoughts.

    “Indeed, our attacks were unable to break through its protection spell, much less kill it. If we really cannot do it, then let it be.” Another female disciple from the Fusion Sect also spoke with a sigh.

    Hearing what was said, the expressions of Feng Chan and Gao Chong both became ugly.

    However, the two subconsciously looked at each other and Feng Chan spoke with a flash in his eyes, “Although this Lion Tiger Beast is extremely hard to deal with, it is only a beast. We wrongly guessed its strength at the start, which was why we used the method of surrounding it and trying to forcibly break its defenses. If we change the method of attack, we might be able to finish it off. However, by using such a process, no one can keep their hidden cards hidden any longer. I really don’t believe that if everybody used their strongest techniques, we would still not be able to break through the protective spell of the beast. Let me say first, I have a Corpse Qi Lightning given to me by an elder. It is equal to the full power attack of an early Spirit Master which should be of use to us. If there is anyone who is unwilling to reveal their hidden cards, then feel free to leave now. After we kill the Lion Tiger Beast, those who did not contribute will naturally have no right to go up the mountain with us.”

    “Since Senior Feng has spoken, I will also speak. I have a Baleful Blood Awl. It specializes in breaking various types of defensive techniques. It should be able to injure this beast.” Gao Chong immediately followed with a response.

    Hearing the two speak such words, the other people could not help but look at each other in dismay. The expression of a large portion of them revealed they were unsettled, which meant that they obviously had not finished thinking about whether to reveal or not reveal their real strengths.

    At this moment, a voice which gave a soft laugh could be heard from the large tree, “Oh. Since it is like this, how about the two of us also join in?”

    As soon as he finished talking, two people, a male and female, jumped out of the tree, both seemed as light as a feather.

    The stature of the male was tall and big with scarlet eyebrows and large eyes. He wore the robe from the Firestorm Way and had a scarlet red palm-leaf fan on his waist. He also had a wide smile.

    The female had an oval face and was rather pretty. However, she wore the apparel of the Barbarian Ghost Sect and displayed a helpless expression.

    “Fantastic, Junior Tian!”

    “Junior Qian, is that you!”

    TL: If you don’t remember who this person is, she was the core disciple on the ship with Liu Ming, which was attacked by the Scarlet Dragon

    Most of the people were startled at first, but after getting a clear look at the appearances of the two, a female disciple of the Firestorm Way immediately became overjoyed and spoke in surprise along with Feng Chan.

    When Gao Chong, who was to the side, saw the face of Qian Hui Niang, he could not help but be startled as well.


    Liu Ming naturally did not have a single clue about the matters happening in different places.

    He also had no interest in joining in the plans for other matters. Instead he decided to take advantage of the two days to find some more Spirit Medicine on the bottom half of the huge mountain.

    Of course, it naturally would be best if he could find some Spirit Medicine that could be consumed right away.

    As for Spirit Medicines that could increase Fa Li, other than the Green Ganoderma that had been maturing for three to four hundred years, he also found two Spirit Grasses of similar type. However, they had not matured past a hundred or so years, so the effects after consuming them were not as obvious.

    He hoped that the harvests from these two day would give him a pleasant surprise!


    Two days passed in the blink of an eye!

    On the morning of the third day, when Liu Ming once again returned to the cave from before, Yang Qian and the other two were already waiting inside.

    “Junior Bai, you have come somewhat late. The three of us have been waiting for you for a very long time.” Seeing him, Yang Qian spoke plainly.

    “Sorry, I was delayed on the road by a little.” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming instead replied with a smile.