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Chapter 126 – Exterminating Apes (One)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 126 – Exterminating Apes (One)

    At this moment, a wild laugh could be heard from the huge, yellow rock.

    The giant rock rumbled and with a blur, it once again transformed into the pangolin puppet.

    At the same time the black-faced, young man appeared, he produced a short, golden stave from his sleeve at lightning speed. He swung it in the wind and it transformed into a huge, golden stave over twenty feet in length. He roared loudly while walking toward the opposing huge, black ape and ignored the other two gray monster apes.

    Yang Qian was already fighting hard against the black monster ape, working together with his bone-headed ghost.

    This monster ape also produced a blackish, metal stave from somewhere and under some crazy waving, a wild wind swept up nearby. In addition, the afterimages of the black stave layered up like a small mountain, forcing Yang Qian and the bull headed ghost to fall back step by step. It was as if they couldn’t forcefully receive the blow.


    A golden stave immediately hit the shadow of the black stave and the contact between the two released a shockwave, causing the huge black ape to tremble and fall back by half a step without choice.

    As for the black-faced, young man who had approached from nearby, it was even more unbearable for him. From the clash of the two, he could not help but fall back, taking seven to eight steps and almost had the golden stave leave his hands.

    “This monster has such strong power!” The black-faced, young man regained his balance before yelling out without thought.

    “You don’t say! Other than the golden-furred monster ape, this black monster ape is the strongest. Even if we work together, we still need to be extra careful.” Yang Qian gave a snort and replied. With one hand, he slapped the empty air in front of him. The black air around his body rolled and condensed before forming a huge palm that pressed forward. It was perfectly timed and stopped the monster ape that had wanted to take advantage of the situation to rush the black-faced young man.

    The black monster ape became extremely mad and suddenly waved its metal stave at the sky. With a sound similar to the sudden clap of thunder, it crushed the black palm to smithereens.

    However, in this period of delay, the black-faced, young man, who had recovered, chanted a little and formed a hand sign. Countless blood vessels appeared on his body and the blood-colored armor appeared again. His chest was stabbed by several tens of sharp bamboo spikes, poking into various secret acupuncture points. His body immediately expanded in size and with an angry yell, he once again swung the golden stave in his hand. With the bull-headed ghost, they both rushed forward. Together, they stopped the monster ape who had originally planned to rush at Yang Qian.

    The black monster ape was naturally so mad, to the point it actually stomped in fury. After a few crazy swings with the black metal stave in its hand, the crazy winds nearby strengthened by a few levels. Even under the situation of one fighting two, it was still able to force the two to constantly fall back.

    However, at this moment, Yang Qian pulled out something from his sleeve. It was surprisingly a white, bone bow the size of a palm. He grabbed it and with a tremble in the wind, it immediately expanded to a length of around five feet in a flow of black light.

    Yang Qian chanted and slowly drew the bone bow in his hand. The nearby black air immediately rushed crazily in front of his body before rolling and condensing into a blood red bowstring. Countless black inscriptions also appeared and transformed into a shiny black arrow. It was steadily aimed toward the black monster ape not far away.


    Yang Qian stopped chanting and his two hands relaxed. The black arrow then disappeared from the bone bow in a blur.

    The huge black ape gave out a painful howl and a bloody hole appeared in its chest out of nowhere. It was actually caused by the black arrow passing through it at an unbelievable speed.

    A large amount of fresh blood spurted out of the chest of the giant ape. Even though he used a big hand to furiously cover it up, there was naturally no way the hand would block the blood from flowing out especially when pressed by the attack of the black-faced, young man and the black bone ghost. This caused the ape to finally reveal a terrified expression.

    As for Yang Qian, who had fired the arrow, his aura had dropped by a level almost like he had used a lot of Fa Li. He put the bone bow away and continued to control the black air to form hands and join in on the attacks.

    With such an attack, the monster ape slowly became unable to endure the attacks even though it back as if its life depended on it.

    At the same time, the three leopard shaped puppets controlled by Jin Yu were sent flying by a white rock stave the gray monster ape had casually produced from the ground. They had no fighting power at all.

    Luckily Jin Yu stood far away to use his technique, and his number of puppets was comparatively more, so they could all constantly rush at the monster ape, ignoring life or death. They were covered in injuries and damage but at least they could forcefully keep the monster ape busy.

    At Liu Ming’s side, he currently moved extremely fast and did not really come into contact with the huge ape at all. Azure light radiated wildly from his hand and wind blades constantly shot out without stopping.

    Even though the gray monster ape was not far away it was unable to use all its strength to chase him. This inability to use its full strength was caused by the attack of giant claws and stingers that appeared from the ground from time to time. During this time it constantly let out deep roars. The stinger of the scorpion was so fast that it made even the gray ape take time to avoid it with caution.

    From time to time, it would scrape up large amounts of dirt from the ground and quickly join the dirt together to form rocks of different size. Then, the rocks would be wildly thrown at Liu Ming without pause.

    If Liu Ming could not dodge the rocks with his incredible dodging speed, then they would be cut into rubble by countless wind blades with his quick casting speed of the Wind Blade Technique.

    The ape did not realize that Liu Ming’s fleeing range was actually restricted to a small area from the start to the end, even though he was constantly running. The nearby ground now constantly emitted clouds of purple fog. At the start, they were very thin, but after a while, they had become a dense layer and slowly rose into the sky.

    All of the air around them gave off a faint fishy smell.

    Liu Ming himself had already secretly taken countless poison nullifying medicinal pills. With the movement of his body, he also avoided a few areas where the poison gas was thickest.

    As for the gray, giant ape, it rushed straight through and breathed in large amounts of the fishy air without even realizing.

    With this chasing and dodging, the monster ape gave out a low roar. When it once again grabbed at the ground nearby for a handful of dirt, its head suddenly felt huge pain and it almost fell to the ground.

    At this moment, a few loud “chi chi” sounds could actually be heard from the nearby dirt and several tens of black lines shot out from the ground at the same time.

    The giant, gray ape hurriedly dodged with great shock, but it felt its entire body become encased in a powerless feeling, causing its movement speed to decrease by at least half when compared to before.

    A miserable shriek sounded!

    Several dozen blood holes the size of a thumb were pierced in one of the thighs of the giant ape. After a little while, the sides of the blood holes became extremely black. The blackness spread outward at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

    After the time of a few breaths, the whole thigh of the giant ape had become abnormally black and purple.

    The giant, gray ape fell to the floor with a plop and at the same time, it gave out a screech of extreme fear. The black and purple thigh actually began to dissolve bit by bit, starting from where the injury occurred.

    Liu Ming, who was far away, suddenly stopped moving and brought his two hands together before separating them. A giant, azure wind blade appeared out of nowhere and with the shake of his wrist, it shot forward with a flash.

    There was an explosive sound and azure light that the giant wind blade transformed into appeared close to the front with a blur.

    Although the giant ape realized there was something amiss, since it could hear the sharp howl of the wind blade, trapped in a situation where it could not move its body at all, it could only forcefully use its two arms to block the front of its body.

    With a “pu” sound, a blood red light appeared. The two arms of the giant ape were cut off together with its head and sent rolling. Fresh blood immediately spurted out of its neck, reaching several inches high.

    The headless corpse of the monster ape shook a few times before collapsing, never moving again.

    The nearby soil opened up and the White Bone Scorpion actually immediately jumped out. With a few messy swings of its huge claws at the corpse of the gray ape, it found a purplish-red gallbladder and quickly scuttled to where Liu Ming was.

    Liu Ming formed a single-handed sign with a calm expression and took the gallbladder into his hand. He then casually put it into a wooden box before turning around to look at the other two battles.

    He only saw that on Yang Qian’s side, the black monster ape was already covered in flesh blood from attacks on all sides. Its body teetered as if it could collapse at any time.

    As for Jin Yu’s side, two of the three leopard-shaped puppets already lay on the ground. They were unable to move and the remaining one was also in ruins, it could not last for long.

    However, there was surprisingly an extra black tiger puppet and azure wolf puppet that were keeping the gray monster ape busy.

    Jin Yu was far away, moving his ten fingers without stopping as he concentrated on manipulating the three puppets. He was not allowed to be distracted by the tiniest bit.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming smiled and walked toward Jin Yu’s side with a movement of his body. The White Bone Scorpion instead rolled around where it was, once again disappearing into the ground.

    Jin Yu naturally saw the action of Liu Ming walking over and his expression became somewhat ugly. He immediately clenched his jaw and controlled the three puppets to pack even more powerful attacks.

    The time it takes to drink a cup of tea passed by!

    A series of clear sounds from the short, azure sword in Liu Ming’s hand could be heard as several azure blades flew out. They cut the gray monster ape, already covered in cuts and bruises and pinned to the ground by the two puppets and the White Bone Scorpion, into multiple pieces.

    “Very good, who would have thought that the performance of the two of you would have far exceeded my expectations. Especially Junior Bai, tsk tsk, your White Bone Scorpion is really abnormally intelligent, perhaps even normal Late Spirit Apostles are not its opponent.” On the other side, the other battle had also just finished. The black-faced young man, who originally decided to come over to help, saw this scene and immediately congratulated the two of them with great happiness.

    “Brother Yun has overpraised me, although my bone scorpion has some intelligence, how can it really compete with a Late Spirit Apostle. Also, when I came over to help, the monster ape had already used up a large portion of its strength. With the teamwork of Junior Jin and I, it is natural that the ape was easy to handle.”

    “Hehe, what I was referring to was not this monster ape, but the one you finished off yourself. Your ghost’s overbearing poison must have been mutated after birth; a normal White Bone Scorpion does not have such strong poison.” The black-faced young man shook his head and clarified what he was talking about.

    However, this time, Liu Ming just smiled and did not reply.

    “Anyway, now is not the time to relax. Hurry up and get rid of those corpses. Also quickly recover some Fa Li. Since these three monster apes will not return back up the mountain, I am afraid that the other few will not stick around peacefully on the mountain. It is better to quickly find a hiding spot.” Yang Qian also walked over and spoke in an urging manner.

    Hearing this, the other people tensed up and Jin Yu immediately moved to recover the gallbladder from the corpse of the gray ape. The other people all released fireballs, burning the three corpses to ash.

    Subsequently, the four people left the valley without the slightest hesitation.

    The place immediately became silent.

    Four hours later, the rumbling sound of footsteps could be heard again. With the flash of black shadows, one golden and one black monster ape appeared at the entrance.

    The gold-furred monster ape was not taller than ten feet. It wore a simple piece of wooden armor and carried a jade purple wooden stave in its hand. Its two eyes constantly flashed with silver light almost like it had high intelligence!