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Chapter 124 – Sword Communication Spirit Body and Xue Ci

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 124 – Sword Communication Spirit Body and Xue Ci

    “There are other monster apes on this mountain?” Jin Yu, who had just personally witnessed how scary the gray monster ape was, sucked in a deep breath after hearing what was said.

    “Correct, excluding the one that was just killed, there are still seven others on the mountain. Also, the gray monster ape is only ranked middle in strength within apes. Out of the seven, there is another monster ape with golden fur, which has a strength that is perhaps only half a step away from a Spirit Master. If we came across it alone, we would not be able to overpower it by ourselves.” Yang Qian spoke seriously.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming’s expression could not help but change a little.

    “However, you do not need to worry too much. Although the strength of these monster apes is very powerful, most of them have low intelligence. We only need to use some simple tactics to be able to bait them over one by one. The only problem is, it wastes a little too much time this way. However, if the two of you join in and help, we can take some risks and bait one or two extra down every time.” The black-faced young man followed up and explained.

    “With the strength of the two seniors, in addition to the two of us, it should not be a problem to fight against two or three monster apes every time. However, the most powerful ape, the golden furred monster ape is not included with this plan!” Liu Ming thought for a little before slowly speaking.

    “That is natural. We will definitely first plan to get rid of the other six apes and then work together to fight the golden furred monster ape. Also, perhaps the two juniors still do not know, but if the gallbladder of these monster apes are consumed with medicine wine, they can help increase your strength by a few levels. Of course, these gallbladders must be consumed when fresh and you must not consume too many in one go. Also, the stronger your body is, the weaker the effects will be from consuming them. If we do succeed, there is just enough to give every person two gallbladders.” The black-faced young man did not seem to care at start but then suddenly revealed a mysterious expression and spoke.

    “Incredible!” Hearing what was said, Jin Yu spoke with a slightly surprised expression but he did not reveal an expression of great happiness.

    This was a very ordinary matter, since he was not a Body Cultivator. If his strength was stronger or weaker by a little bit, it was no real difference.

    After hearing what was said, Liu Ming became interested but he did not show his interest on his face. Instead, he knit his brows and continued to ask.

    “Do you two seniors really need to ascend this mountain? Since the monster apes are hard to deal with, you could always go to a different mountain. Are there perhaps also other strong monstrous beasts on the other mountains?”

    “Haha, what Junior Bai has said is indeed correct. A few days ago, we roughly searched through the five mountain peaks. Other than this mountain with a few monster apes, the other four were all claimed by even stronger monstrous beasts such as the Iron Feathered Hawk or the Silver Crowned Python. Although these monster apes are also strong, they can be considered easier opponents to handle. The time remaining we can spend in the secret realm is not much, so we naturally must choose easier prey. If the other people also want to ascend the other mountains, most of them must also work together like us.” The black-faced young man replied with a chuckle.

    “So it is like this, I have no more opinions on the matter regarding us working together.” Liu Ming gave a soft sigh as he replied. He did not reveal an expression of extreme surprise.

    Jin Yu naturally also did not voice any more opinions regarding this matter.

    “Very well, since the two Junior have agreed, let us discuss the plans in detail again. The original method of baiting them is effective, but now that we want to bait an extra one or two apes, there naturally will be some changes in some areas.” The black-faced young man spoke with delight.

    The group discussed in the dense forest for a whole half an hour, before finally deciding on the plan in detail.

    At this moment, the bone ghost with the head of a bull and the body of a man dragged the carcass of the monster ape in front of the group of people. The black-faced young man immediately pulled out a sharp blade from his chest without holding back, and after going through a series of crazy cuts into the chest of the carcass, he finally found a light gray gallbladder the size of a date. It gave off a strong, fishy smell.

    The black-faced young man did not care about the weird smell of the monster gallbladder at all. Instead, he ate it in one bite with a smile plastered across his face. He then quickly pulled out a wine flask from his robes and quickly drank two mouthfuls before squinting his eyes. He began savoring the taste as if he was slowly savoring some type of high class delicacy.

    Seeing this scene, Liu Ming could not help but be speechless at heart.

    It seemed that his great senior of the Nine Enlightenment Sect had an odd personality very different to other people’s. There had to be a story for him to be on such good terms with Yang Qian.

    As for the remaining carcass of the monster ape, the head was cut off by Yang Qian and the remaining parts were all burned to ash by a fireball.

    “The matter should not be delayed! Brother Yun, bring the two to the ambush area we previously discussed and take the time to quickly recover some strength. I will first go up the mountain to check the movements and tracks of the remaining monster apes. Wait until dawn tomorrow, where we will properly begin our plans.” Yang Qian spoke in such a way.

    After hearing this, the other three people did not have any other disagreements.

    Thereupon, Yang Qian put the huge bone ghost away and flew toward the nearby mountain top.

    As for the black-faced young man, he shook his sleeve and a yellow ball rolled out. After a series of muffled sounds and transformations, it turned into a huge wolf puppet several tens of feet long.

    The black-faced young man mounted it in a swaggering fashion and rushed off to some nearby hidden area.

    Jin Yu and Liu Ming naturally followed along.


    At the foot of another mountain, a pair of disciples of the Fusion Sect, male and female, stood on a huge rock and gazed toward the peak of the mountain. However, they had a rather ugly expression.

    “Brother, have you felt wrong? The aura of the Scarlet Dragon is actually transmitted from up there? There are obviously only a few Silver Crowned Pythons!” The cute girl spoke with her brows knit together.

    “There is no error. I have used this bottle of pure Sea Dragon blood with the Secret Technique of our clan. I can feel the aura of all other dragon races for ten days, so there definitely is no error. Perhaps that demon dragon has some method of being able to infiltrate inside and not be discovered by the Silver Crowned Pythons.” The male looked away from the mountain and seemed to start thinking about something.

    “If it really is like this, then it will be somewhat difficult. It is obvious that those Silver Crowned Pythons have already reached maturity. Even if we work together to fight them, it will take great effort.” The cute girl became slightly worried.

    “Even if they are hard to handle, we still need to get rid of them. I have already used all of the pure Sea Dragon blood, so I definitely cannot return empty-handed. I just need to return to my true form and use a few clan Secret Techniques to handle those demon pythons at most!” The male instead spoke without hesitation.

    “Since brother has already set his heart on it, younger sister will naturally do her best to coordinate. I will be nearby, placing a few simple restrictions. Therefore, when you do start fighting, there will be no need to worry about other people secretly watching.” The cute girl thought for a while before finally speaking seriously.

    “Very well, younger sister has always been talented when placing formations since young. Even though you are limited by your cultivation level and time, causing you to be unable to place down overly complex restrictions, against these Spirit Apostles of the human race that have entered the secret realm, your restrictions will definitely be more than enough. Since it is like this, Brother will be able to put all of his effort into the fight.” After hearing such, the male naturally became very happy.

    “Then let brother wait for another two days. That should be sufficient time for me to prepare everything.” The cute girl replied with a normal expression now.

    This time, the male only thought for a little before making sounds of agreement.

    On the hill where Du Shou had previously lost his life, a female from the Heavenly Moon Sect — carrying a long, snow white blade on her back — stood silently as if she was studying something on the extremely steep mountain peak.

    After an unknown amount of time, the arm of the female suddenly moved and a jade like hand pressed on the shaft of the blade on her back. At the same time, she turned her head toward a nearby giant rock and commanded coldly, “Who is hiding here like a ghost, come out!”

    “Hehe, you are worthy of being the person with the Sword Communication Spirit Body that only appears in the Heavenly Moon Sect once in a thousand years. My breathing was only slightly ragged and was discovered by Junior Sister.”

    A snicker could be heard from behind the huge rock and a tall, skinny male in blood red robes walked out sniggering.

    “Xue Ci, so it turns out to be you!” The female from the Heavenly Moon Sect saw the face of the blood red-robed male, and was somewhat surprised.

    “Other than me, who else is brave enough to speak in such a manner to Junior Zhang. Knowing what junior sister is like, it seems that you are also interested in these Iron Feathered Hawks. These monster birds have great potential. Even if there are no other treasures, if we can obtain a few bird eggs, it is worth it for us to take such a risk.” Xue Ci spoke unhurriedly.

    “We? When did I say that I was going to work with someone.” The female from the Heavenly Moon Sect thought about his words before replying with a sneer.

    “Junior Zhang must be joking. Besides going against our sects’ agreement to work together, are you sure you want to face the Iron Feathered Hawk on the mountain by yourself?” After hearing was said, Xue Ci’s expression became somewhat ugly.

    “Do I still need to discuss with you what I do! Leave now or receive three blows of my sword. If you are able to withstand the three blows and remain standing without injury, perhaps I will think about that matter.” The young lady from the Heavenly Moon Sect spoke without expression. Her wrist shook and the snow white longsword on her back was immediately drawn by a few inches, revealing its glittering blade. A cold aura immediately spread toward Xue Ci.

    As soon as Xue Ci came into contact with this cold aura, he immediately began to shiver. With a deep shout in great anger, his aura increased and a blood aura rose into the sky. It spun round and round and condensed before shooting down to loop around the male several times. From far away, it seemed like a blood red python that was abnormally big.

    Seeing this, the female of the Heavenly Moon Sect remained expressionless. However, with a light shake of her wrist, the longsword on her back was pulled out by another portion and the cold aura immediately spread out in all directions as if it had a shape.

    The areas where the glowing white cold aura passed gave off loud crackling noises and a thick layer of frost actually formed over them.

    “Good, since junior sister really wants to measure my strength, I, who is the senior, must also witness the profoundness of the Sword Communication Spirit Body.” The blood-robed male squinted and stared at the young female from the Heavenly Moon Sect for quite a while like a poisonous viper. He then suddenly laughed evily and spoke.

    As for the young female, after hearing such words, she finally revealed a shred of surprise in her expression but did not hesitate to say, “The first blow!”

    As soon as she finished speaking, the longsword on her back became a blur and flew in front of the male. After a sudden tremble, a large portion of eerie cold light radiated outward. With a sky-shattering sound, it suddenly transformed into a flurry of sword shadows, shooting toward her opponent.