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Chapter 123 – Working Together

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 123 – Working Together

    In the next moment, the body of the young, black-faced man suddenly expanded, and his blood vessels on the surface of his skin vibrated, exposing themselves like azure-colored worms. His body, under the muffled sound similar to a firecracker, also suddenly grew to be a head taller. Countless faint, blood red inscriptions rushed out, covering every inch of his body.

    The black-faced youth gave a loud chuckle before the golden stave in his hand also grew by half its size with a swing. Using strength to grasp it tightly with both his hands, he actually began using it to clash with the huge, green-colored tree in the hand of the giant ape. He used force against force without dodging or avoiding the attacks.

    In that moment, loud sounds could be heard from the dense forest one after another.

    Liu Ming only heard a few of the sounds that were like thunder claps and started to feel pain in his ears.

    His expression changed as he formed a single-handed seal with lightning speed. Only when the Fa Li in his body flowed toward his two ears did he feel slightly better. However, he could not help but still be extremely shocked at heart.

    Ever since he cultivated the Dark Bone Method, he believed his strength could not be compared to an ordinary disciple. But compared to the black-faced young man and that gray monster ape, it paled in comparison. If he entered the battle against the two in such a manner, fighting force with force, he would be shaken to the point where he would retreat spitting blood after a few rounds.

    However, under his surprise, Liu Ming realized the reason why the power of this black-faced young man had suddenly become this frightening was due to some type of Secret Technique that could activate his potential. Also, the strength of the effects seemed to outclass all the effects of the mortal Secret Techniques he knew himself. Liu Ming wondered if there were any extreme after effects after using this technique.

    At this moment, there seemed to be the movement of three or four shadows from a side in the dense forest far away. It was obvious that the people too close to the battle had moved and hid themselves again because of the shockwaves.

    Even though he saw them move, since they distance was so great between Liu Ming and the shadows, he could only see a few rough silhouettes that constantly flashed. He was completely unable to see their appearances clearly.

    Of course, it he was a little closer, he would definitely be able to see much more clearly. However, the consequences of doing this would most likely expose his own location.

    Under these circumstances of undefined friend or foe, this type of method naturally posed great risk.

    Liu Ming knit his brows, but in the next moment, he suddenly remembered something. With one hand, he produced a white crystal bead from inside his sleeve and hit it with several techniques.

    In the next moment, the crystal bead released white light and, at the same time, a black dot the size of a rice grain could be seen from it.

    There actually was a Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple there!

    Liu Ming estimated the approximate position of the black dot on the crystal bead before looking at the dense forest. He revealed an expression with a sliver of surprise.

    However, at this moment, the intense battle in the far away dense forest finally reached an end.

    The black-faced young man, who had used the unique Secret Technique to make his strength increase by several times, gave an explosive yell before finally breaking the huge, azure tree with a swing of the golden stave in his hand. Seizing the opportunity, he used the stave to fiercely smash into one of the shoulders of the demon ape.

    One of the limbs of the gray demon ape drooped after it gave out a mournful cry. The limb had obviously been crushed by the giant stave. Its eyes, which were originally filled full with bloodlust, also began to show slivers of fear. It did not wait for the black-faced young man to attack again and immediately turned around, fleeing at lightning speed with a few leaps.

    The black-faced young man let out a cold snort before wanting to chase it with his giant stave. However, his two legs suddenly gave way and he almost fell to the ground.

    It seemed like the ferocious battle from before had made him use a lot of stamina.

    The blood armor and the blood red inscriptions on the black-faced young man disappeared quickly. The huge, golden stave in his hand trembled before shrinking as well.

    At the same time, there was a sudden, muffled sound from the ground in the direction of the dense forest the monster ape had just escaped to. Countless pieces of dirt flew into the air and a huge bone ghost covered in black air with the head of a bull and the body of a man, rushed out from the ground. After a deep growl, it tackled the gray demon ape to the ground.

    Instantly, the two similarly sized creatures began fighting and biting at each other.

    The shadow of a person behind a large tree near the black-faced young man moved and a gray-robed youth with a silver mask walked out without sound. He asked plainly, “What, you can’t walk anymore?”

    “Hehe, no need to worry, I am just somewhat tired. I will be fine after a little rest. However, with you here, those who want to take advantage of me will not be able to do so.” The black-faced young man spoke with a small laugh.

    “I really don’t understand how you think. It is obvious that the Nine Enlightenment Mountain specializes the most in mechanical puppets, yet you, one who is the great senior of the generation, instead focused on close combat techniques for Body Cultivators. Perhaps if you meet one of those brutes from the Hall of Blood, they would have a headache dealing with because of your current level of brute force power.” This gray-robed youth was Yang Qian and spoke without happiness after hearing what was said.

    “Last time, my Body Cultivation techniques were not cultivated to Complete Mastery. This time, if I can still meet that bastard again, perhaps I will really have to ask him what level his Blood Blade Secret Technique has reached.” The black-faced young man spoke with a sneer.

    “Whatever, I am not interested in these competitive matters at all. We should quickly finish off the other monster apes on this mountain, so we can actually search for treasures which is the important matter.” Yang Qiang replied with a snort.

    “If you really want to get rid of those monster apes on the mountain, it will be quite difficult with just the two of us. Just attracting one down takes three or four days, if we get rid of the remaining few in the same manner, the remaining time is definitely not enough. Do not forget that returning to the entrance takes up a portion of time.” The expression of the black-faced young man became a little serious.

    “Since the two of us are not enough, then let’s go find another two. If I have observed correctly, one of the observers hiding from before should be a disciple of your Nine Enlightenment Mountain. As for the other person…” Yang Qian spoke and suddenly pulled out a white crystal bead with one hand and glanced over it plainly.

    He saw there was also a small black dot on the surface within the flashing white light.

    At this moment, in the battle between the two huge creatures far away, with the circumstances that the injured arm of the gray ape could not be used at all, it was obvious that it was at a disadvantage. It was already pinned to the ground by the huge bone ghost, with the two sharp bull horns firmly stuck halfway into its chest. Fresh red monster blood spurt continuously out.

    Even though the gray ape cried out and used its remaining arm to attack the body of the bone ghost as if its life depended on it, it was unable to move its opponent at all. In the end, its strength became weaker and weaker.

    After the bone ghost gave a low growl and suddenly pulled its head upward, the two bull horns cut open the chest of the demon ape as if they were giant blades, causing a few brightly colored internal organs to immediately roll out.

    The giant ape gave another growl before finally dying with its neck in a crooked angle.

    In the big tree, Liu Ming saw the result and shook his head before deciding to leave.

    Since such strong people already had their eyes set on this mountain, he naturally wanted to choose another mountain.

    However, at this moment, Yang Qian, who was in the dense forest, suddenly turned his head and looked at Liu Ming and raised his hand to wave.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming could not help but be somewhat startled. Just as he was wondering if the other person was waving at himself, he could suddenly hear a plain, detached message from Yang Qian.

    “It does not matter who junior is. There is no need to hide now, you can come out. Brother Yun and I have a few matters to discuss with you two?”

    “You two?”

    Liu Ming was a very quick-witted person. After hearing what was said, he immediately reacted and could not help but stare off into the distance with surprise.

    He did not know what type of communication method the black-faced young man had used. He soon saw that on the other side of the dense forest, there was actually a person who walked out from the nearby trees. It was also a youth who wore the blue robes distributed by the Nine Enlightenment Mountain, and seemed to have an extremely gloomy expression.

    “It’s him.”

    After Liu Ming saw the face of the youth clearly, he felt extremely surprised.

    The newly appeared youth was actually the genius disciple of the Nine Enlightenment Sect whom he defeated once, “Jin Yu”.

    “Hmph, what are you hesitating for? Do I need to personally invite you down!? Since I am asking you, there are naturally benefits for you.” Just when Liu Ming hesitated a little at heart, he heard the transmitted voice of Yang Qian once again. It seemed a little impatient.

    Liu Ming squinted but after thinking for a moment more, he jumped out of the the large tree, walking toward the group in the open.

    After a short period of time, he also appeared in the dense forest and stood in front of Yang Qiang and the other two.

    “It’s you, Bai Cong Tian!”

    After seeing Liu Ming’s face properly, Jin Yu immediately clenched his two fists tight and exclaimed loudly.

    “Even if Junior Jin is a former acquaintance of mine, there is no need to be so excited when we meet.” Liu Ming replied with an expression of smiling, yet not smiling.

    “What are you talking about? Although I messed up last time and was defeated by you, that was only because I was careless, not because I lack strength. Since we have met now, let’s have a match between us.” Hearing what was said, Jin Yu became very angry, and spoke rudely.

    “So it turns out you are that Bai Cong Tian often mentioned by Junior Jin, no wonder our young junior has such a big reaction. However, Junior Jin, this time Brother Yang and I have called you out not for you to fight, but rather to discuss some important matters.” After hearing what was said, the young black-faced man looked at Liu Ming’s face with an expression that revealed a sliver of surprise before immediately becoming serious again as he spoke to Jin Yu.

    “Yes, Senior Yun. Then let us wait for the matter to be completed before I settle my scores with this Bai brat.” Jin Yu seemed to revere the black-faced young man and seemed afraid of disobeying his orders, he immediately agreed against his will. Instead, he looked at Liu Ming with a few glances of ferociousness.

    “As you wish!” Liu Ming restrained his smile and replied plainly.

    Yang Qian instead had his arms folded and stood to one side. From start to end, he did not intend to join in on the conversation.

    “I do not understand the important matter that the two seniors have called us over for?” Liu Ming turned his head as he asked Yang Qian.

    “Do you want the resources and treasures of this mountain?” Yang Qiang asked with a small sparkle in his eyes.

    “What Senior Yang is saying…” Liu Ming’s expression changed as he trailed off.

    “If you help us get rid of the few remaining monster apes on the mountain, the two of you can come with us to search for all types of treasures later on. This mountain is so tall, even if the four of us share it, we still should be able to return with plentiful of rewards.” The black-faced young man gave a slight smile and followed up by revealing their idea.