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Chapter 122 – Monstrous Bird and Enormous Ape

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 122: Monstrous Bird and Enormous Ape

    When Chi Yang, Ling Yu, and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but be startled. Immediately, they respectively exposed strange expressions.

    “Among our ten disciples entering the sect this time, Fellow Leng Yue should have already looked over them. I don’t know which one of them caught Fellow’s attention?” When Murong Xuan heard her words, he was also startled, but instantly laughed and replied with a question.

    “I can’t be sure about your other disciples, but those two disciples with similar appearances seem to have cultivated a special Mental Energy Secret Technique, right?” Master Leng Yue indifferently asked.

    “That’s correct. I also took note of those two. Although their cultivation is still shallow, the mental energy fluctuations they emitted are absolutely not something a normal disciple possesses.” Martial Ancestor Yan said as his eyes flashed.

    “Haha, as expected, the abnormal mental energy of the Lan brother and sister wasn’t concealed from the various Fellows. That brother and sister pair truthfully aren’t normal disciples; not only is their mental energy strong, but they also harbor a Mental Energy Superposition innate gift. Therefore, they also cultivate our Fusion Sect’s most powerful Mental Energy Secret Technique.” Murong Xuan let out a laugh and a bit of arrogance was exposed on his face.

    “Mental Energy Superposition? That’s the legendary gift that allows the fusion of multiple people’s mental energies and allow one person to perform techniques much beyond their level!” Master Leng Yue’s face slightly changed.

    “Fellow Leng Yue really is experienced and knowledgeable; you unexpectedly know about the usage of this ability. However, this sort of ability can only be used by the two of them and cannot superposition with other people’s mental energy.” Murong Xuan faintly laughed as he replied.

    “This already is an extremely incredible gift. Those two disciples from your Fusion Sect had stronger than normal mental strengths; with the addition of being able to layer their mental strengths, once they cast their Mental Energy Secret Technique, a normal person of the equivalent level would be completely unable to resist it. No wonder Fellow Murong was willing to fork out such a price for this opportunity. I don’t know how your sect found such disciples with terrifying aptitude.” Master Ling Yu let out a sigh and seemed to be rather jealous.

    “Brother Ling Yu said one thing wrong: the Lan brother and sister weren’t found by my Fusion Sect, but instead are the direct descendants of an elder that was in our sect a few generations ago. They were holding a letter of identification and looked to join our sect. They haven’t been in our sect for a year and when they came they already possessed the cultivation of a peak stage Late Spirit Apostle; moreover, they easily entered our sect’s Top Ten Disciples.” Murong Xuan shook his head as he replied.

    “They independently sought out the Fusion Sect? Fusion Sect truly came across treasure!” Martial Ancestor Yan muttered and didn’t bother concealing the look of envy on his face.

    At this time, he couldn’t help but think of Jia Lan, this female disciple of Barbarian Ghost Sect who possessed an Aphrodite Body.

    If Jia Lan and her Aphrodite Body were to run into the two people from Fusion Sect, not only would it have no effect but most likely she would be restrained.

    “Hehe, it is only due to our sect’s prosperous luck that these sorts of disciples independently entered our sect.” Murong Xuan proudly replied.

    The other people looked at each other and most were somewhat worried for their sect’s disciples.

    Due to the Mental Energy Superposition Technique possessed by the Lan Clan’s brother and sister, if they were to perform a formidable Mental Energy Secret Technique, they would be able to harm their enemy in an incorporeal manner. Nobody dared to say that their sect’s disciples could resist such an attack.


    Two days later at the foot of the enormous mountain peak, underneath an extremely hidden cliff, Jia Lan expressionlessly looked at the Heavenly Moon Sect male disciple a hundred meters away. A purple awn continuously swirled in her eyes.

    That male disciple was clutching a long silver sword in one hand and motionlessly stood rooted to the spot while staring at Jia Lan; however, the expression on his face was an idiotic smile. After a while, he clenched his teeth. Sometimes, he would raise his sword, only to put it down again. It seemed as if two people were simultaneously in the same body.

    After another while, a drop of fragrant sweat appeared on Jia Lan’s forehead but after letting out a cold snort, the purple awn in her eyes grew even more vigorous. If one were to examine carefully, they would find that two grain-sized inscriptions were faintly discernable in the depths of her eyes.

    The opposing Heavenly Moon Sect male disciple’s body shivered and after the smile reappeared on his face, he finally did not return back to his other expression. Instead, he slowly raised the long sword in his hand and ultimately brought it to his neck.

    Jia Lan still remained expressionless but suddenly let out a low cry.


    The Heavenly Moon Sect male disciple’s arm used strength and he unexpectedly used the long sword in his hands to chop his own head off.

    The headless corpse instantly swayed before falling to the ground. As for the skull, it rolled a few times before stopping; a foolish smile was still plastered across its face.

    Jia Lan let out a long exhale but an abnormal dark shade of red suddenly appeared on her two cheeks. She hastily retrieved a small bottle and put a light blue-colored medicinal pill into her mouth.

    Subsequently, the purple awn in this girl’s eyes retracted and she once again turned into a normal pretty and delicate girl. Disregarding everything else, she sat down on the ground in a cross-legged position and began to meditate.

    The time it takes to have a meal passed and Jia Lan’s expression finally relaxed as she stood back up.

    Her gaze swept across the headless corpse and she shook her head. Next, her gaze shifted and fell on a golden yellow small piece of grass on top of the cliff.

    Earlier, the reason why this Heavenly Moon Sect disciple had immediately launched his attack without any discussion was because of this legendary Golden Spear Grass.


    Three days later, Liu Ming appeared on the hillside halfway up the enormous mountain. He raised his head and looked at the mountain topography which had suddenly turned precipitously perpendicular. He couldn’t help but crease his eyebrows.

    In these past few days he had incessantly been searching the lower half of the mountain for various Spirit Grasses and Spirit Medicines. Aside from a great harvest, he had also occasionally killed a few monsters and run into disciples from other sects.

    However, since both parties were wary of each other, neither had any intentions of attacking and they ultimately acted as if they hadn’t seen each other.

    It was clear that these people understood very well that there most likely weren’t any weaklings left on the mountain.

    If they didn’t have assurance, they naturally would not rashly issue a provocation.

    There wasn’t much time remaining and Liu Ming had just reluctantly left a small ravine containing a rather large amount of Spirit Medicines before he continued to climb upward.

    Since the upper half of the enormous mountain had five mountain tops, Liu Ming naturally chose the one closest to him.

    However, when he walked there, he was unable to continue walking forward. He would either have to use his hands and feet or the Soaring Sky Technique to keep moving forward.

    Liu Ming was in the midst of ponderance when a miserable shriek suddenly echoed from the mountain peak. After a whistling noise, a black object descended from the sky and seemed to be on course to smash into his body.

    His heart froze over and without thinking, his body moved and he retreated a few tens of feet away.

    Ultimately, a “hong” sound rang out and someone wearing Barbarian Ghost Sect apparel heavily smashed into the hillside of broken rock causing him or her to be badly mangled.

    A look of astonishment spread over Liu Ming’s entire face and he hastily glanced at the sky. He didn’t discover anything abnormal and quietly walked forward ten steps. He meticulously examined the corpse that had its face turned at the ground a few times and used one foot to kick it over.

    “Min Shou!”

    Although the face had been smashed by the rocks on the ground so that blood flew everywhere, he had instantly recognized the corpse’s host and couldn’t help but be extremely shocked.

    This Barbarian Ghost Sect Poisonous Spirit Faction disciple had recently spoken threatening words to him. Right now, he had unexpectedly met a violent death and appeared in front of him.

    Could it be that someone had launched a sneak attack on him up there?

    Liu Ming’s heart was somewhat overwhelmed with shock, but he quickly cycled through his thoughts while simultaneously examining the corpse.

    Although the corpse’s exterior was badly mutilated, it clearly wasn’t the reason for the host’s death.

    His eyes flashed and suddenly fell on the skull.

    On the head of the corpse, a rather large blood hole was apparent. A plethora of fresh blood incessantly flowed out from within.

    Liu Ming’s eyebrows creased; he suddenly stooped down and picked something out from the corpse. He then put it into his palm and began examining it.

    It astonishingly was a light black-colored feather. Its texture was incomparably sturdy and its fringes were eminently thin; it unexpectedly was as sharp as a knife’s edge.

    When Liu Ming finished identifying the black feather in his hands, his face couldn’t help but change.

    What lay in front of him was quite troublesome; the mountain peak unexpectedly harbored a monstrous bird.

    Although he didn’t know what this monstrous bird looked like, he seemed to be able to imagine its ferocious and powerful appearance as it clawed through Min Shou’s head with merely one claw strike.

    Otherwise, with Min Shou’s poison techniques, he wouldn’t have fallen in this state so easily.

    Monster birds were already the hardest monsters to deal with. Even if they weren’t a match for their opponent, they only had to start flapping their wings and the opponent could only helplessly watch.

    If he were to run into a monstrous bird that knew long-ranged attacks, he could only wish for good luck.

    Liu Ming shook his head and instantly extinguished the thought of continuing on. He searched through the items on Min Shou’s body and instantly turned the corpse into ashes with a fireball.

    He changed directions and walked toward an adjacent mountain peak.


    Four hours later, Liu Ming stood on a large tree and looked down from his vantage point at the nearby lively activity in the jungle. He couldn’t help but expose a dumbstruck expression.

    He saw a black-faced youth with silver wings on his back, wielding a thick, large golden stave, and fighting with an enormous ape that was dozens of feet tall, holding a large green tree.

    Of the two, one had an incomparably agile figure that transformed into layers of successive stave silhouettes when he swung the golden stave in his hands while the other was wielding a large tree that was over a hundred feet long. It only used a few simple strikes back and forth but each attack was earth-shattering and eminently ferocious; unexpectedly, it caused the opponent to continuously retreat.

    One man and one ape; everywhere they went, a plethora of trees were smashed or knocked apart. In an instant, an earthen pit within the jungle appeared with continuously changing dimensions. This caused onlookers to feel fear and trepidation in the face of danger.

    It was clear that no matter who approached a tiny bit closer, one would most likely turn into a pile of meat paste and die by the enormous tree or golden stave.

    Liu Ming’s gaze faintly danced around and he found that there were many people hidden in various other spots in the jungle.

    He didn’t know if they were the black-faced youth’s acquaintances that stayed in hiding, or whether, like himself, they had their own intentions.

    Just at this moment, the black-faced youth seemed to burgeon and he suddenly let out a wild laugh. He abruptly slapped an item on his stomach with one hand. Immediately, a wave of “kacha” sounds erupted and a blood-colored armor promptly appeared on his body. Simultaneously, over ten blood-colored bamboo needles suddenly protruded from the inside of the armor, and all of them lodged into the secret acupuncture points on the youth’s chest.