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Chapter 121 – Brother and Sister

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 121: Brother and Sister

    On top of the surging lava, Duan Can Zu stared at the similar featured boy and girl standing in front of him. His face was abnormally pale and the long robe draped around him was astonishingly ripped to tatters, exposing a bandage like yellow ribbon wrapped around his skinny body; moreover, there were over ten ribbons wildly dancing around in the vicinity as they transformed into a ribbon constructed world.

    However, even under such strict defenses, Duan Can Zu still exposed a hopeless expression as he spoke to the other two, “Do the two of you really want to kill me? If I were to disregard my own life, I might be able to take you down with me.”

    “Brother, listen to his howling! A weakling is just a weakling; he unexpectedly wants to use him risking his own life to scare us. Originally, I planned on giving him a quick death but right now, I don’t want him to die so easily.” The girl who looked around seventeen to eighteen years old was very cute, but when she sweetly giggled to her brother, she surprisingly spoke something that made one’s blood run cold.

    This girl and the neighboring male both astonishingly wore Fusion Sect apparel.

    “Hmph, there’s no time right now to let you have fun. Since this person discovered our secret, we definitely cannot let him live. Quickly make your move because if someone else were to arrive, it would be troublesome.” The adjacent handsome male let out a harrumph as he spoke.

    “Really? Ever since we left the clan, we haven’t had many opportunities to have fun; nevertheless, since it’s brother’s command, as a younger sister, I must obey it.” The cute young girl’s mouth formed a pouting expression. It seemed as if she wasn’t very happy.

    However, when the opposing Duan Can Zu heard this, his body shivered and he suddenly crushed a Glyph in his hands. A plethora of cyan light threads suddenly emerged on the exterior of his body as his body abruptly moved back. He transformed into a flying cyan light as he fled.

    “Ge ge, trying to escape in front of us brother and sister is wishful thinking.”

    When the cute young girl saw the situation unfold, she wasn’t the least bit worried and instead delicately giggled.

    Subsequently, a light blue Spirit Inscription suddenly appeared on the girl’s face; next, her body twisted and she transformed into a ball of blue light that made a sonic boom as it gave chase. Its speed was fast and in a few flashes, like the flash of lightning from the spark of flint, it had nearly reached Duan Can Zu.

    When Duan Can Zu saw this, his face flushed blood red and he suddenly let out a loud yell. The ribbons on his body abruptly went taut and they unexpectedly turned a light gold color as they wildly danced about.

    Wherever the ribbon went, a loud “chichi” sound echoed. It was as if there were over ten sharp blades violently swinging about without pause. This caused Duan Can Zu’s body to be enclosed by golden blade silhouettes.

    However, the cute young girl turned a blind eye to these sharp blades and let out a giggle. She then dived into the thick layer of blade silhouettes.

    A cold light flashed and instantly, a “pu pu” sound was heard. At least ten blade silhouettes instantaneously slashed ay the cute, young girl’s body.

    Nevertheless, a shocking scene appeared.

    A layer of blue light continuously circulated on the cute, young girls body as she nonchalantly bore all of the attacks; furthermore, not even a scar appeared on her body.

    Duan Can Zu was alarmed and hastily pulledout a short green saber from his sleeve and hacked at his opponents. However, it was already too late.

    In a vague movement, the young girl’s body brought about a fragrant wind as she appeared in front of him.

    Duan Can Zu only saw the world go black as he proceeded to let out an extremely mournful shriek.

    Two blood and flesh ridden holes astonishingly appeared on his face. In an instant, his eyeballs which had originally resided in his eye sockets had been forcibly removed by the girl in an inconceivable manner.

    Even though Duan Can Zu could be considered one of the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s outstanding disciples, after his eyeballs were suddenly removed, he suddenly became absolutely terrified. He could only risk his life and wildly swing the short, dark green saber in his hands in all directions.

    Successive Saber Qi’s crisscrossed and caused white markings to appear in the nearby empty space.

    However, the cute, young girl let out a laugh and errantly moved about, causing him to be unable to accurately pinpoint the opponent’s location.

    Duan Can Zu’s heart instantly sank.

    “Sister, you’ve taken too long. Whatever, I’ll personally get rid of him then.” At this time, the males cold voice suddenly rang in his ears.

    In the next instant, Duan Can Zu suddenly heard the sound of billows in the nearby empty space as an enormous force violently rushed in all directions.

    The dancing ribbons next to Duan Can Zu, after trembling, were successively suppressed and were made to retreat by the force.

    His body became heavier and he wasn’t even able to lift a finger.

    “You guys…”

    He let out a terrified yell and was about to suck in a breath and yell something else out, but the second he opened his mouth, a berserk Yuan Li poured into his mouth; unexpectedly, it stuffed whatever he was about to say.

    Not even a trace of blood was visible on Duan Can Zu’s face.

    If his two eyes were still there, he would be able to see that in the nearby empty space the cute, young girl was pouting behind the Fusion Sect male.

    As for the Fusion Sect male, his hands were in a circlular position and the long hair that covered his head fluttered in the wind. Simultaneously, his fair skin was covered in deep blue Spirit Inscriptions. One of his eyes had completely turned dark blue.

    The empty space surrounding Duan Can Zu was filled with sounds of water crashing, wave after wave. In addition, a continuous stream of light blue Glyphs rushed out from the space.

    These blue Glyphs surrounded Duan Can Zu and continued to flutter about. In the time it takes to have a cup of tea, they had completely wrapped his body so that not even rain or wind could penetrate.

    When the male saw this, his pupils flashed and his hands in a ring shape suddenly recombined in the center. He spat out the word, “Die.”

    Instantly, all the Glyphs abruptly crowded into the center. Duan Can Zu, who was trapped inside, slightly expanded before exploding with a muffled sound.

    Countless pieces of flesh splattered about and this Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple disappeared without a trace from this world.

    “Big brother, your Waterfall Technique is truly becoming increasingly formidable. It seems that in not even ten years you can return to the ***.” Upon witnessing this scene, the cute young girl started beaming with happiness.

    TL: Censored by the author.

    “Sister, didn’t I say that we cannot rashly speak of affairs concerning our clan? Earlier, if it weren’t for you talking irresponsibly, how would our secret have been discovered by that brat? If it were heard by someone else, it would cause a lot of trouble.” The male stopped his Secret Technique and his eyebrows creased as he spoke. Simultaneously, the blue Spirit Inscription on his face disappeared without a trace in a flash.

    “This place isn’t the external world and is composed of Spirit Apostle ordinary humans. At the very worst, we can just kill everyone here.” The girl used her pink tongue to lick her lips. She seemed to not care at all.

    “What nonsense are you spouting! Don’t even think about doing that; if only the two of us exit the secret realm, when the time comes, do you believe that those human geezers in the external world would let us go easily? Although we have used secret medicines in the clan from when we were little and under normal circumstances our history would not be discovered by others, if a Crystal Level human were to personally use a Secret Technique to examine us, we won’t be able to get away.” The male’s face changed and he reprimanded her in a low voice.

    “If this is the case, then what other point is there? Only with great difficulty were we able to come across a Natural Secret Realm like this. Don’t tell me that we have to politely share the various resources and treasures with the other human disciples?” The cute, young girl tilted her head and was still unconvinced as she spoke.

    “Did you forget the plan from earlier?! We’ll let it pass if the other resources in the secret realm go to the human cultivators but we must take the Spirit Scarlet Dragon’s corpse for ourselves. As long as we are able to obtain this dragon’s corpse, we will have done a great deed for our clan. When the time comes, perhaps we will no longer need to stay in Fusion Sect. With only this contribution, we can leave directly for ***.” The male finally let out a hint of a fervent expression on his face as he replied.

    “It would naturally be the beat outcome if we truly are able to find this scarlet dragon. However, we don’t know how big this secret realm is. In order not to attract attention, we further are unable to perform the clan’s Escape Technique to examine the entire realm. It will be hard to find this scarlet dragon, unless brother wants to…” The cute, young girl nodded her head first, but then began to blink her eyes as she exposed an expression of hesitation.

    “That’s true. Nearly half the time has already passed so it seems that I must use that item.” When the male heard this, he let out a soft sigh.

    “Big brother, you have to think clearly. That item is for you to use to arouse the strength of your bloodline when you attempt to enter the Liquid Level; furthermore, it was specially gifted by the clan’s elder. If we are to use it now, the clan definitely will not bestow it a second time.” When the cute, young girl heard the male’s words, for the first time, her expression turned serious.

    “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Although that bottle of pure Ocean Dragon blood is precious, how can it compare to an entire Crystal Level Scarlet Dragon? As long as we obtain the Scarlet Dragon’s corpse, we can rely on such a great merit to easily exchange it for another bottle of pure Ocean Dragon blood. Thinking about it the other way, if we aren’t able to use such an opportunity to obtain it, then it will cause me to regret it forever.” A trace of decisiveness appeared on the male’s face as he spoke.

    TL: Both Dragons are actually Serpent Dragons and not “real” Dragons

    “Since big brother has thought it through, as a sister, I won’t stop you. Are we going to perform the technique now?” The cute, young girl let out a sigh as she spoke.

    “We should temporarily take things slowly. That Scarlet Dragon has sustained heavy injuries and is most likely in that enormous mountain, using the dense Yuan Qi in that place to preserve a bit of its life. When we enter the interior, I will perform the technique and sense the Scarlet Dragon’s location in order to not waste the bottle of pure blood.” The male said in an extremely confident manner.

    When the girl heard this, she naturally did not express dissent.

    Thus, the two people retrieved the Sumeru Handkerchief from within the scorched pile of flesh and proceeded to fly toward the enormous mountain peak, side by side.


    At the entrance to the secret realm, Master Leng Yue, Ling Yu and a few other Crystal Level experts remained in a cross-legged position atop the stone platform. They continued to expedite the disk in their hands in order to maintain the stable condition of the secret realm’s entrance. In between them, identical Glyphs continuously rushed out of the enormous gold-colored cauldron without stopping for even a second.

    “Fellow Murong, since you expended such a large price to obtain a chance for your sect to enter this secret realm, I believe that there must be extremely strong disciples among the people you brought.” Master Aunt Leng Yue suddenly opened her mouth and asked Murong Xuan a question.