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Chapter 120 – Cyan Ganoderma

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 120: Cyan Ganoderma

    His body twitched a few times on the ground before he went completely silent and still.

    Liu Ming waved one hand at the corpse and the sound of air being split apart resonated; a slim dark green needle appeared out of thin air. After a vague movement, it disappeared without a trace into Liu Ming’s sleeve.

    It was the Jade Shadow Needle!

    The Hall of Blood disciple’s strength couldn’t be considered weak; moreover, he also harbored various strong Hall of Blood Secret Techniques. Only, he was overly confident in his close combat ability and didn’t realize that Liu Ming also possessed another Totem. On top of that, it was also one of the rarest totems: a needle type Totem. Only when Liu Ming managed to use the two Totems to catch his opponent off guard, was he able to take his life. The surprise attack allowed him to breach the defensive Fa Li and forcibly penetrate the disciple’s head, taking his life.

    Without anyone controlling it, the omnipresent blood light was engulfed by the round cyan moon and everything underneath once again reemerged.

    When the Firewind Way’s female disciple saw the young Hall of Blood disciple’s corpse, she involuntarily cried out and displayed an expression of disbelief.

    It was only natural this girl was like this!

    Just now, the Hall of Blood youth had clearly performed a strong Secret Technique and had clearly gained the upper hand; however, in the blink of an eye, the technique had been broken and he had been transformed into a corpse. The changes to the situation occurred so quickly that no matter who the person was, he or she would have no way of accepting them.

    Nevertheless, when Liu Ming turned his body back, he wore an expressionless face as he looked at the enchanting female.

    The enchanting girl’s pretty face instantly paled. She seemed to shake herself back to reality as she suddenly turned and transformed into a cyan light that was rapidly retreating.

    However, as she was retreating Liu Ming’s two hands formed a technique. He brought his two hands together before pulling them apart causing a five-foot-long enormous wind blade to suddenly manifest in front of him.

    His arm shook and the enormous wind blade transformed into a ray of cyan light, whisking through the air.

    The Firestorm Way’s female suddenly heard a shrill cry. She instantly swiped her short ruler in a frantic manner behind her.

    A cyan ruler figure that was tens of feet long became obstructed behind her.

    In the next second, a few snapping sounds echoed and the enormous wind blade severed both the ruler and the disciple’s protective cyan light apart. It then passed through her waist.

    The enchanting female let out a cry as her body transformed into two pieces that fell from the sky and heavily hit the ground.

    However, even in this situation, the girl didn’t immediately die; instead, with a malevolent expression, she retrieved a Glyph and instantly tried to crush it.

    In the next second, however, a swooshing sound echoed from the ground and a black streak rapidly shot out. In a flash, it pierced the girl’s skull.

    The front end of the black streak astonishingly was an abnormally sharp blackish dark green scorpion hook.

    This time, the girl only slightly moved her mouth a few times before the object in her hands fell out and her neck went slack; she didn’t breath again.

    At this time, the White Bone Scorpion crawled from the adjacent ground and pulled its scorpion hook out of the corpse.

    Subsequently, Liu Ming calmly walked over and eyed the object that fell from the hand of the girl. With one hand, he grabbed it and put it in his palm.

    It was a light cyan-colored Glyph!

    However, the exterior of the Glyph held traces of scarlet red Spirit Inscriptions. After using his mental energy to examine it, Liu Ming immediately discovered that an exceptionally berserk wind and fire Yuan Li was contained within it. It was clear that this was not a normal object.

    Liu Ming obviously took this clearly high ranked attack Glyph.

    To the side, the White Bone Scorpion moved its claws and brought two items from the surrounding ground to Liu Ming’s side.

    Liu Ming carefully and discovered that it was a cyan-colored jade ruler. Only, it had split into two pieces.

    It seemed that this item was a peak tier Practitioner Weapon and not a Totem. Otherwise, even if its ruler silhouette was destroyed by the enormous wind blade, it would not be enough to break the original body.

    Even though it was in this state, Liu Ming still took the two pieces and further rummaged through the Firestorm Way girl’s corpse to find another dozen or so Glyphs, a few bottles of medicinal pills, two mid tier Practitioner Weapons and a pouch filled with miscellaneous items.

    Within the pouch he also found a small and exquisite cloth bag; unexpectedly, it was another Sumeru Handkerchief.

    Liu Ming’s eyes lit up and he instantly weighed the bag in his hand. Subsequently, he muttered an incantation and his hand formed a few symbols. Next, he grabbed the bag and lightly shook it at the ground.

    A multi-colored light rolled out.

    A pile of items suddenly appeared on the ground; the items seemed to be ores and six or seven small boxes crafted from jade or wood.

    Liu Ming examined these ores with a quick glance before opening all the jade boxes. Subsequently, an excited expression appeared on his face.

    As expected, the items held in the wooden boxes were considerably expensive Spirit Grasses and Spirit Plants. Although they were incomparable to his Levitation Grass, two of the plants were not cheaper than his Mysterious Water Sunflower.

    Liu Ming put the items into his Sumeru Handkerchief in an unrestrained manner before walking over to the Hall of Blood youth’s corpse.

    At this time, the upper half of the enchanting female’s body had melted.l, and in such a short period of time, turned into a puddle of black and purple blood.

    When the other half of the corpse touched the liquid blood, it also began to quietly dissolve.

    The White Bone Scorpion’s tail poison was unexpectedly this formidable.

    Moments later, Liu Ming astonishingly obtained items of much greater value from the Hall of Blood youth’s corpse compared to the Firestorm Way’s girl disciple.

    Aside from the low grade Totem in the form of a long, blood-colored blade, he also found a Cyan Ganoderma he could swallow from the opponent’s Sumeru Handkerchief. It seemed to be at least three hundred to four hundred years old.

    Exalted, Liu Ming immediately picked out the Spirit Plant and proceeded to swallow it.

    When the Spirit Plant entered his stomach, a rush of heat instantly spread to his various meridians.

    Liu Ming used a fireball to transform the Hall of Blood corpse into ashes. He then made the White Bone Scorpion defend the outside of the cave while he himself once again entered the cave and began to meditate.

    After one hour, he let out a long sigh and once again reopened his eyes.

    Currently, the Fa Li in his body had increased by a large amount. It was the equivalent to a few months of normal bitter training.

    Moreover, this was after he had suppressed over half of the medicinal effects and had only refined a small portion.

    If he were to fully refine it, he would most likely gain the same amount of Fa Li as half a year of training.

    Although there were a few other Spirit Plant that also increased Fa Li among those that he collected, it was a pity that they were too impure and had to first be refined into pills. Otherwise, if he were to swallow a few, he would be able to enter the peak stage of a Late Spirit Apostle and wouldn’t have to buy additional Fa Li increasing medicinal pills after exiting the Secret Realm.

    Liu Ming let out a sigh before standing up and summoning his gray cloud. He hopped on it and flew out of the cave.

    In the time it takes to have a cup of tea, Liu Ming had already put the White Bone Scorpion away and slowly disappeared into the mountain forest.


    Half a day later, a male wearing Fusion Sect apparel appeared in the nearby area.

    When he approached the mountain forest, his pupils contracted. After he examined the area, he discovered the traces of the earlier battle. He also found the cave dug by Liu Ming.

    After hesitating, he flew a few times around the area and determined that no one else was in nearby before he jumped into the cave and hastily began to inspect it.

    However, when the seemingly scholarly male flew out of the cave and fixedly stared at the pool of blood that was the Firestorm Way girl, he sniffed the area and let out a solemn expression as he muttered, “What a terrifying poisonous power! I don’t know which sect this person hails from but, he or she managed to fight one versus two and further managed to kill both sect’s disciples. Whatever, since this person went up the mountain this way, I should swap locations. It would be better if I didn’t encounter such a monster.”

    The scholarly male shook his head and swiftly left in a different direction.


    Simultaneously, at the edge of the lengthy ravine, Yang Qian and a tall black-faced youth stood side by side.

    The black-faced youth’s eyes were abnormally bright and his body was covered in a shiny silver armor. In his hand was a light gold-colored, short rod.

    Not far across the ravine, was an astonishing area of surging lava. Clouds of blackish-red vapor spiraled into the air and dyed most of the sky in a blackish-red color. It was as if one could feel the direct surging heat.

    Through the red light of black smoke, seven or eight kilometers away, a large mountain peak still managed to catch the attention of the two of them.

    “It’s somewhat strange. We clearly walked in a perfectly straight direction but the compass pin in our hands still indicates that we’ve walked in a large circle. Without knowing, we’ve arrived here. Looking at this area, it should be the center of the secret realm. Brother Yang, what do you make of this situation?” The black-faced youth lowered his head and looked at the cyan-colored disk object in his hands and clicked his tongue.

    “The situation is as it is! Of course, since we’re already here, we should just take it easy. A few abnormal and peculiar activities occur in a secret realm. Contrary to what you might expect, finding the center is actually a glorious thing for us. After all, the majority of the secret realm’s treasures are in that large mountain.” Yang Qian seemed to be very familiar with the black-faced youth and indifferently replied.

    “Yes, this does make sense. Since this is the case, we should see who arrives there first out of the two of us.” The black-faced youth nodded his head before he suddenly let out a laugh. Subsequently, his shoulders trembled and the armor on his body made a “Gabeng” sound. It unexpectedly transformed into a pair of silver-colored wings that were few tens of feet long.

    The black-faced youth resolutely flapped the wings and his entire body soared into the sky as he arrogantly flew in the direction in front of him.

    Although his flying speed dropped by half when he flew over the ravine, not even a trace of strain appeared on his expression. In a short while, he had slowly flown to the other side and didn’t even bother stopping as he continued to fly forward.

    Seeing this, astonishment flashed over Yang Qian’s eyes; however, he let out a cold snort and slapped the dark green pouch on his waist. Instantly, a black gas surged out and after condensing, morphed into a twenty-foot-tall enormous bone ghost that had the head of an ox and the body of a human.

    TL: Minotaur


    Yang Qian performed a single-handed technique and expressionlessly gave a low roar.

    Suddenly, the ghost in front rolled and transformed into a ten-foot-tall enormous bone bird amidst surging black gas.

    This bird’s two phosphorus like white bone wings moved and soared into the sky while wrapped in the black gas; however, it made a revolution in the air before swooping back down and using its claws to grab onto Yang Qian’s shoulders. After lifting him up, it flew toward the ravine ahead.