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Chapter 119 – Flying Needle

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 119 – Flying Needle

    “You guys are looking to die!”

    Liu Ming stared at the two people ahead of him while feeling the threads of pain in his chest and spitting the words out one by one.

    Under normal circumstances, he would have Martial Aunt’s Glyph Armor to protect him. Even if the wind blades had broken through the vine armor mirage, they wouldn’t have hurt him. However, when Liu Ming was faced with the attack, his Fa Li was still in shock. Therefore, it was impossible for him to expedite his Fa Li into his Glyph Armor.

    A Glyph Armor without Fa Li was merely some fancy looking bamboo sticks without any defensive powers. The winds blades would be able to easily cut through the sticks and hit Liu Ming’s body.

    Now that his Fa Li was once again back to normal, all Liu Ming needed to do was push a tiny bit of Fa Li into the Glyph Armor to completely restore the wounds on the armor.

    Hearing Liu Ming’s cold words, the Firestorm Way and Hall of Blood disciple suddenly both smiled after looking at each other.

    “Hehe, kid, you are quite young yet your tone is very arrogant. Did you really think that you luckily dodging that attack would mean that you can fight us two? Immediately leave all the treasures that you have. If me and Junior Wu decide to be nice, we might leave you with your life.” The blood-robed youth walked next to the Firestorm Way disciple and made a vicious smile.

    “Looks like little brother has only started cultivating for three to four years. Even if you have incredible talent, how much fighting experience can you have? The reason why you were able to dodge our attacks was because of your slightly fast reaction. Do you really think that you’re our opponent!? Why don’t you obediently take out your treasures. No matter how precious your treasures are, can they possibly be more valuable than your life!” The Firestorm Way disciple giggled as she spoke.

    “Do you really think I’m a three year old child!”

    Hearing this, Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed. Suddenly, he threw out the short sword in his hand and placed his Fa Li into it. With a flick of his wrist, a misty green Sword Qi suddenly shot down below his feet.


    A fist-sized hole appeared in the ground. Instantly, a desperate hiss was made as a gush of blood shot out of the hole.

    As the surrounding dirt burst apart, a black snake that was a few feet long flew out. There was a bloody wound on its body that almost cut it into two. With a flick of the tail, it fiercely rushed at Liu Ming.

    However, Liu Ming seemed prepared for the appearance of the black snake. The green sword in his hand had already become blurry as he slashed at the air.

    After a cold light, the black snake turned into three segments that fell heavily. The snake blood instantly dyed the surrounding ground.

    “How dare you kill my Little Black!” The Firestorm Way girl was shocked at the scene for a moment before crying out in anger.

    Although the black snake seemed ordinary, it was actually a Spirit Snake that had a sliver of serpent-dragon blood. It was unknown how much effort the girl had gone to to buy the snake from a market. If it had been carefully raised until it was over a hundred, it would have had a high chance of entering the Spirit Master realm.

    Seeing her precious snake killed, the pain in her heart could obviously be inferred.

    When the Hall of Blood youth saw this situation, his face also darkened.

    Although the two of them seemed like they were trying to convince Liu Ming to surrender, they actually had let the black snake tunnel underground, preparing for another surprise attack. Thus, they had no intention of letting Liu Ming live.

    However, with the strong mental strength of Liu Ming along with White Bone Scorpion’s ability to tunnel underground, he was quite sensitive to any movement originating within the earth. The moment the black snake was about a dozen feet from Liu Ming, he had realized it, and he took the first strike without any reluctance.

    Then, when Liu Ming heard the Firestorm Way’s female disciple crying out with anger, Liu Ming didn’t even bother responded. He patted his Cultivating Soul Bag and immediately, a bright light came streaming out.

    With “gua gua” sounds, the White Bone Scorpion appeared within a cloud of purple gas. After a shake of its tail, it then tunneled into the ground and disappeared.

    “A ghost! Junior Wu, be careful. Let’s first take out this kid. Without a master, the ghost won’t pose any threats to us.” Seeing the White Bone Scorpion, the Hall of Blood youth gave a low cry and made a single-handed technique. Immediately, bloody mist came rolling off of his blood red robe and made him almost illusory.

    As for the Firestorm Way disciple, she snapped out of her loss when she heard her companion’s words. Throwing a gaze filled with hate and anger at Liu Ming, she also began to mutter and started to wave her short green ruler.

    Dots of green lights started to appear before a complete green light cover appeared in front of the girl. Then, she started to slowly float upward, finally stopping about seven to eight hundred feet above the ground. The height was probably to create a buffer against any attacks that the White Bone Scorpion could launch at her from underground.

    Then, with a single-handed technique, wind blades started appearing and floating before her. There were a total of seven to eight in mere seconds.

    “Complete Mastery of the Wind Blade Technique!”

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed. Without another word, he also made a one-handed technique and seven to eight Wind Blades appeared before him.

    When the Firestorm Way disciple that was still in the air saw this, her face changed a little.

    At this time, the Hall of Blood disciple that was hidden within the bloody mist made a large roar. His arm wielding the blood red blade moved and a tainted blood-colored light blade shot out with a sharp screech.

    In coordination, the Firestorm Way girl pointed at Liu Ming with her ruler. Immediately, the wind blades floating in front of her shot at Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming shook his sleeve and the wind blades in front of him instantly shot forward. With the green sword in his hand, he also made green sword qi shoot out.

    First, the wind blades collided together. However, the wind blades by the Firestorm Way disciple only made a green flash before they were completely destroyed into dots of light by Liu Ming’s wind blades.

    Liu Ming’s wind blades were still in pristine condition after the encounter. After a flash, they appeared before the Firestorm Way girl’s face.

    Shocked, the girl waved the short green ruler in her hand. Immediately, a green tornado rose up before her and sucked all of the wind blades into it.

    A sky shaking sound roared across at this time!

    The green sword qi and the blood red blade qi had crashed together.

    The green and red lights intertwined as they both started tearing each other apart. In the end, they both exploded in a muffled explosion, unleashing waves of pressurized air that expanded in a circle around them and forcefully tearing a layer off of the surround ground.

    Faced with such a sight, the Hall of Blood disciple was not surprised in the least. He immediately stepped heavily on the ground and with bloody mist surrounding him, he went forward into the pressurized air waves.

    Liu Ming immediately made another seven to eight wind blades that shot at the Hall of Blood disciple when he saw that the disciple was trying to get close to him.

    With “dang, dang” sounds, the Hall of Blood disciple waved his blood red blade and knocked away all of the wind blades. With another jump, he was merely tens of feet away from Liu Ming. Despite how close he was, the disciple stopped completely. However the blood red blade in his hand became blurry as he raised it above his head with both hands and started chanting some indecipherable words.

    Immediately, the blood mist around the Hall of Blood discipline surged into the blood red blade.

    The blood red blade that was originally less than three feet long became a huge, strange looking enormous blade that was almost ten feet long.

    At the same time, the aura emitted by him became extremely dangerous.

    The Firestorm Way disciple that had just used her tornado to sweep away the wind blades didn’t force an attack on Liu Ming. Instead, she crushed a white glyph and pointed her green ruler at the Hall of Blood disciple.

    With a white flash, a strand of white gas appeared and intertwined with the body of the Hall of Blood disciple.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face darkened. Without giving it another thought, he shook his green sword and another line of green sword qi shot out.

    In addition, the ground beneath the disciple parted and two giant black claws appeared and clamped down.

    However, the Hall of Blood disciple gave an arrogant laugh and with another flash of light, he actually managed to make three separate faint illusions of himself.

    Both the green sword qi and the two giant claws passed through one of the faint illusions, not connectimg with anything.

    At the same time, the giant blade from all three illusions came crashing down toward Liu Ming.


    Two of the illusions disappeared in a flash while a bloody light flew from the leftmost illusion. At first, it was only one streak of light but seconds later, the attack became so numerous that it was able to cover the sky.

    With the sky almost painted blood red, it was an extremely terrifying sight.

    For any normal person, when faced with such a sight, they would probably be in huge shock and try to retreat. However, a flash of determination appeared on Liu Ming’s face and he gave a long howl. Then, he put all of his Fa Li into his short sword and suddenly took a step forward.

    Three green inscriptions appeared on the surface of the sword before seven to eight thick sword qis shot out.

    While flying, the sword qis all became blurry for an instant before they combined together to become a green round moon shaped sword qi. With a spin, the moon crashed into the bloody attack.

    “Hu la!”

    The round moon and the bloody light intersected and smashed into each other. The impact immediately caused low and deep muffled bursts of sound to be emitted. Faintly, they actually each made a swirl and started to crazily suck in everything around them. Even the surrounding space was slightly contorted.

    At this time, a ripple formed behind Liu Ming and a faint image ghostily appeared.

    With a bloody flash, a blood red blade slowly bit toward Liu Ming’s neck.


    Liu Ming instantly sensed it and twisted his body. At the same time, his arm became blurry as one of his fingers flicked something.

    A seemingly dark light flashed from the tip of his finger as if something had shot out.

    With that, an extremely shrill scream sounded!

    The faint image slowly solidified. It was the Hall of Blood disciple. However, he had currently thrown down his blood blade and used both hands to cover his face as he fell.