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Chapter 117 – Levitation Grass and the Centipede

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 117 – Levitation Grass and the Centipede

    It must be known that the value of Wood Spirit Stones were among the top for the five elemental Spirit Stones.

    After all, in both the farming of Spirit Plants and many healing practices, Wood Spirit Stones were used heavily. In addition, the production of Wood Spirit Stones was much lower compared to the other elemental Spirit Stones.

    Thus, a single low level Wood Spirit Stone would be able to sell for up to twenty Spirit Stones. If it was a middle level Wood Spirit Stone, its worth would be about forty thousand Spirit Stones.

    Because of this, Liu Ming twisted his wrist without hesitation and his sword appeared immediately. After Liu Ming placed his Fa Li within it, it started to emit a half-foot-long, cold, green light. He then hacked it violently at the ground.

    Under the green light, the ground was cut away as if it were tofu.

    Liu Ming’s other hand grabbed at thin air and lifted up, throwing out dirt that was the size of a washbowl.

    At the same time, the White Bone Scorpion started wildly waving its two huge claws and started helping Liu Ming dig.

    Two hours later, there was a tunnel that was two hundred feet long and straight down. The dirt that was dug out even made a small mound next to the tunnel.

    Suddenly, the White Bone Scorpion stopped digging and, with a twist of its body, became green gas and tunneled downward.

    Liu Ming’s eyes sparkled as his green sword slashed down again. Suddenly, his slash made a “ka cha” sound and what he hit wasn’t soft dirt and instead a thick rock layer.

    Without another word, Liu Ming struck out another few times before he felt his body suddenly become weightless as he fell.

    What he landed in was a natural rock cavern. Although it wasn’t very large, at most hundreds of feet in both length and width, its gray-white walls were imbued with light green Spirit Stones and ores of other color.

    In the wall, some of the stones were the size of a fist while others were only about the size of a bean. However, they all shrouded the cavern with an aura of vibrant life.

    Liu Ming was incredibly happy and when he was about to walk near the cave walls to take a closer, a thick scent of vegetation entered his nose. After a quick scan, Liu Ming found emerald green grass in the corner of the cavern. Although it was only two inches long, it was almost transparent and covered by a white mist.

    “Levitation Grass”

    Liu Ming only needed to glance at the small grass before he exclaimed in surprise.

    He quickly took out the “All Inclusive Guide to Spirit Objects”. After scanning through it, he found a page that had a picture that matched what he was seeing.

    “Levitation Grass, a natural Spirit Object. It is very rare and only born in places of abundant wood attributed Qi. If consumed raw, it can make one’s body as light as a feather and help one develop immunities to some poisons along with the ability to calm one’s mind. It’s the main Spirit Ingredient in many formulas. The distinguishing factors are as followed….”

    Liu Ming quickly looked through the description in the book and matched it to the small grass in the corner. After confirming that they were exactly the same, he walked over without hesitation. Lowering his body, he touched the grass lightly with his finger.

    A cool feeling came surging onto his finger!

    Liu Ming then wafted the milky white gas next to the grass and sniffed it with his nose. Immediately, a thick fresh scent went into his nose as his spirit immediately freshened.

    “Good, it matches the description completely. It definitely is that Spirit Grass! Although such a good thing can be used in alchemy, it definitely cannot go into the outside world.”

    Liu Ming muttered to himself before he dug out the small grass. He then cast a water ball to wash the grass. Afterward, he at the grass whole.

    Liu Ming had thought that the grass would be quite bitter. Yet the moment the grass touched his tongue, it actually transformed into a sweet liquid that flowed straight into his throat.

    After sucking his mouth, Liu Ming realized that his entire mouth was quite sweet. After that, he stretched his legs and jumped a couple of times. However, he didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary.

    It seemed that the grass would slowly improve Liu Ming’s physique instead of it being a one time thing.

    Even if it was like this, Liu Ming was still very satisfied with his find.

    The Levitation Grass was incredibly rare in the outside world. Even though Liu Ming did not know how many Spirit Stones the grass would sell for, but to be called “extremely rare” by the book, it’s worth could be imagined.

    Liu Ming reminisced about the sweet taste and was about to check the ores and Spirit Stones on the cavern walls when the White Bone Scorpion next to him made strange screeches. Immediately, it raised its claws at a nearby wall and acted as if it was facing a strong foe.

    Surprised, Liu Ming looked at the wall and found that there was a slit a few feet long in the wall, and from within, purple gas was billowing forth.

    “This is…”

    Liu Ming’s mind thought of something, but before he could do anything else, he suddenly felt dizzy and a faint scent of blood came to his nose.


    Liu Ming let out a shocked cry and instantly stopped his breathing. His body shot back as he quickly took out a green bottle and placed a crimson pill that was within the bottle into his mouth.

    After he finished his actions, he finally felt the dizziness in his head lessen slightly.

    Liu Ming didn’t know that the purple gas actually was much more deadly than just dizziness and the pill that he had just taken wouldn’t have much of an effect.

    If it weren’t for the fact that Liu Ming had eaten the Levitation Grass and used the Marrow Washing Liquid to strengthen his body, he might have really died already without a sound.

    The White Bone Scorpion seemed to not really fear the purple poisonous gas. When Liu Ming backed away, it instead raised the stinger on its tail and the green flames in its eye sockets soared.

    At this time, a hoarse sound was transmitted from the slit and a huge amount of purple gas came pouring out. Then, a four-foot-long to five-foot-long centipede with incredibly long antennas. It’s entire body was green and it constantly emitted purple gas from its mouth. With just one glance, one could see that the centipede was incredibly poisonous.

    “Chi chi”, the scorpion’s back stinger moved slightly and a dozen of black lines shot out!

    The large centipede that had just climbed out immediately had a dozen black-red-colored holes cover its body as emerald green poisonous blood shot out of the holes.

    When the centipede felt the attack, it immediately became enraged. After coiling together, it jumped into the air and pounced forward, toward the White Bone Scorpion. At the same time, the small feet under its body moved to reveal a small purple-red spike at the end of each leg.

    The White Bone Scorpion shook and dodged the attacks of the centipede. At the same time, the black stinger of the White Bone Scorpion shook and pushed away the centipede that was still in the air. Afterward, in a “sou” sound, it turned into a ball of green gas that pounced onto the centipede. It then waved its front claws and snapped at the centipede.

    However, the centipede’s shell seemed to be abnormally hard. Even the sharp White Bone Scorpion’s claws could only make dents that were of varying depth without actually harming the centipede.

    However, the White Bone Scorpion’s back stinger was able wound the centipede’s body quite a few times.

    However, the centipede’s life force was incredibly strong and despite the many wounds that it took, it still had the strength to wiggle around trying to free itself. In addition, its small spikes made many scars on the ground while the poisonous gas that it spit out was even more dense than before. In a few moments, it almost made a huge ball of purple gas that encompassed the surrounding area.

    Even the gray rocks around the centipede started to crumble apart under the deadly poisonous gas.

    Liu Ming originally thought about helping but after taking two steps forward, he started to smell a bloody scent while his head once again became dizzy. With shock, he immediately jumped back.

    The White Bone Scorpion was completely in control. Liu Ming wasn’t too insistent on going forward.

    As for long ranged attacks, the giant centipede was in a deadlock with the scorpion and the purple gas was obstructing the vision of Liu Ming. Thus, in fear, Liu Ming didn’t do much extra.

    However, Liu Ming could only stand still for a few moments before his face darkened.

    Under the thick purple gas, the White Bone Scorpion, which was at a great advantage, hacked a few more times before its movements started to become sluggish. At the same time, the green flame in its eye sockets diminished by a visible amount.

    The green centipede took this chance to struggle free of the scorpion and fight the scorpion on even ground.

    In addition, abnormal light purple spots started to surface on the White Bone Scorpion’s originally deathly white body.

    The purple gas was so strong that even the White Bone Scorpion couldn’t resist after being exposed to it for a while.

    Liu Ming’s mind quickly spun as he decided used to use the Communication Spirit Technique to link to the White Bone Scorpion’s conscious.

    In the next moment, the White Bone Scorpion’s stinger vaguely waved and forced the centipede to retreat one step. The scorpion’s lower legs then moved and it immediately ran out of the poisonous cloud.

    After taking such a large flurry of attacks, the centipede was naturally unwilling to let the scorpion go. After a hiss, it chased after the scorpion with green blood trailing out of it.

    However, the moment the centipede left the purple gas cloud, Liu Ming raised his two hands and “sou, sou” sounds rang out. Seven or eight wind blades instantly shot forward.

    In shock, the centipede tried to slink back into the poisonous cloud but it was too late.

    After a green flash, all of the wind blades landed on the centipede without fail.

    After a “ka cha” sound, each of the wind blades impaled themselves about halfway into the centipede’s body before not being able to go any further.

    The centipede rolled on the ground from the pain and into the purple gas.

    A killing intent surfaced on Liu Ming’s face and after the twist of his wrist, a light green sword appeared in his hands. After a low roar, he slashed toward the gas.


    A line of green Sword Qi flashed out and sliced through the poisonous gas.

    In the next moment, hissing sounds within the purple gas intensified as green blood started to pour out. Afterward, loud “peng, peng” sounds echoed in the cave. It was as if the centipede was still trying struggle for life.

    Liu Ming’s brows jumped. Putting away the sword, he made hand signs with both of his hands and scarlet fireballs started showing up in his hands. After a flick of his wrist, five to six fireballs shot out.

    “Hong, hong.” The fireballs exploded within the poisonous gas and turned everything into rolling flames.